Friday, July 24, 2009

Stop child mutilation

Swedish regions (Landsting) are being told to perform the atrocious act of child mutilation. Something that should be completely outlawed

“Here you have a healthy young boy. Please cut of some pieces of his flesh. Why? Because it is said so in some book and/or by some priests that like young boys to be cut and sliced”

Just because some religious fanatics and some Mengele-types like to cut & paste some human flesh it is supposed to be implemented in Swedish practice. Many doctors stand up for human rights and refuse to perform this despicable act of depravity, which is good and all, but what about those butchers that do use this method of torture? Shouldn’t Haag be notified and Swedish jails be filled with these scumbags? How the fuck can anyone do such horrific acts to their own child? It is sickening on holocaust levels. Some pricks use the religion- and other culture crap “argument” as an excuse to cover up their own bloodthirst. If people coming to Sweden like to mutilate their Children, we should take away their children and put those out for adoption and throw the psychos back to whatever hell they came from.

Anyone supporting this scheme of useless circumcision that has no base whatsoever in either science or common sense should come to my house. I will cut off your ears and your left leg. Why? Because that is my religion, it’s to make bending down to God and hearing the divine spirit easier.

The future of ObamaCare?

Oregon, that provides state healthcare, doesn't, however, cover life-prolonging treatment unless there is better than a 5 percent chance it will help the patients live for five more years — but it covers doctor-assisted suicide, defining it as a means of providing comfort, no different from hospice care or pain medication. The tax payers that is paying for this scam do not even get a injection or some pills. So what happens when a bunch of terminally ill patients turned to their state for health care? They were denied treatment and offered doctor-assisted suicide instead. Isn’t this fun? I cannot help wondering if those FEMA-camps, those Obama youth squads or all those tens of millions of coffins being stacked up across America are for something of this nature. Maybe the Obamination has figured out how to solve the economic crisis? Through euthanasia.

Well the poor fellow need to get some momentum going losing support faster then any president in history, so maybe killing some voters can help that?

Shoot the bastard already!

I hope that the military or the police arrest and/or kill the horrifying socialist Zelaya as soon as possible. Something that should have been done from the start. Instead civil war now threatens this poor country, mainly thanks to western elitists supporting the dictator wannabe against the democratic administration right now governing Honduras. Every democrat, everyone with the slightest decency in their veins need to stand up and support democracy and condemn the Obamination, the EU and all the dictators saying that the totalitarian Zelaya should be reinstated.

Think for a moment, just considerer what we are being told from this story. If your leader breaks the law, repeatedly, tries to change the constitution to fit his power hungry needs, fires people that do not follow his wishes, is best friend with several dictators and when everything else fails take his supporters and break into government buildings to force his will upon the people against the law, against the constitution and against everything that is democratic and right. Would you want that leader to be supported by all countries on the planet? If your government can support such a man, they can support anything. The enemy class has never shined brighter…

The biggest lies ever told

The Swedish communists want Sweden to; “Save the environment” – presumably the world one can say. Me, I feel very fortunate to, during my lifetime, experience several of humanities biggest lies all at the same time. Not only do we have the scam of religion (which is numero uno of all time) but we have socialism being the in-crowd thing and the current depression is being covered up by every representative of the enemy class there is. But maybe the funniest piece of this lunacy pie is the notion of man-made global warming. This absolute madness has people jumping high every time an ice sheet falls down into the ocean or whenever some carnivorous white bears pop up. It cannot be mentioned enough times; there is no scientific evidence for man-made global warming. Not a single one! Zilch! Nada! Zero!

And I’m still offering £100 to anyone that can provide just one such scientific evidence that cannot be refuted. I have been issuing challenges like this for a couple of years now and never lost any money or anything else I put up for grab. I have talked to “scientists”, politicians, environmental freaks, back-to-nature idiots, journalists and countless others and not one single person has ever put forward scientific evidence for man-made global warming. Do you know why? BECAUSE IT IS A SCAM! IT DOES NOT EXIST!