Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Horrible figures from the US

As usual media is totally oblivious to what is going on. Why won’t they even try to check? It isn’t hard, some basic understanding of math and a couple of minutes to spare and you can see through the scam.

According to media two “good” news came out yesterday (2010-03-30) that lifted Wall Street.

The first was higher prices on housing. This isn’t good news, its horrible news, in fact it is the worst news we could get from across the Atlantic. Housing prices are still way, way over normal since the inflator policies started after the dot-com bubble burst.

There are three reasons for this. Firstly all the government scams with contributions thrown at house buyers. Secondly the banksters that continue to show profits when they in reality have totally defaulted. Their books have been cooked and banks are overvalued by somewhere around 30-40% if we look at the already crashed banks. They buy housing and real-estate from themselves to keep prices up and they continue to hand out loans to people that shouldn’t have ‘em. The third, and most ominous reason, is that those trillions freshly printed bills are finally hitting the market. This we don’t really know yet, but it is likely since it usually take 1-2 years before such inflation comes out on the market and they are starting to be due.

If the housing market were showing improvement and was healthy the prices would go down, way down.

The second “good news” was that confidence among U.S. consumers climbed in March as Americans perceived employment was starting to improve. This is a very convenient interpretation.

The Conference Board’s confidence index rose to 52.5, but the market's expectation was 55. And even though employment numbers have stopped falling so sharply, they are still going down. Down 23,000 in Mars early figures show. So how come people feel that the labor market is better? I would guess it is those government scams with tens of thousands of useless laborer doing useless tasks to hide the real numbers. Also, more and more citizens take themselves of the unemployment line, seemingly lowering the total amount when it in actuality gets higher.

And consumer spending, that make out around 70% of US GDP went up slightly, but since personal income is flat, and that's with the crazy government handouts, personal income is down for the second consecutive month (0.2% January and February), indicating that consumers are (again) spending money they don't have.

To conclude, nothing has changed. The bubbles are still there, real unemployment levels are still on depression heights, the system hasn’t been purged from toxic assets or derivatives, banks are still defaulting and debts continue to increase.

How in hell is this good news?

People are deluding themselves and media is perpetuating the hoax sold by government and the Wall Street mafia.

It is election year already?

The Swedish ‘Alliance’ government has earmarked hundreds of millions of kronor for a hike in child benefits for families with several children, as well as investment in summer jobs for Sweden's youth. Summer schools will also receive a 20 million kronor boost in 2010.

What? It is election year? Who said that?

I was listening to the radio while driving too fast and ignoring all traffic signs, when the Prime Mentalist explained that Sweden could afford this (no we can’t) since we’ve been better than many others. So while other countries cut expenditures and raise taxes, Sweden’s leadership can throw money around. To my knowledge it’s only the UK, the Czech Republic and Sweden that has general elections in Europe this year…

But the mentalist in charge do have a slim point.

Sweden’s government has been horrible. Imposing a fascist control-grid, wasting money on useless projects, helping the central bank to increase inflation and build more bubbles in the economy, the torture of the young thingy is a hoot, and the totalitarian Minister of justice is just icing on the cake.

But they are still better than almost all else out there. Isn’t that special?

Only looking at the public debt and contrary what the opposition would have done it’s a almost a heaven sent to have a government that sold off public companies and lowered taxes on the working man while decreasing the amounts you get while being sick and not working.

If the more true socialists had been in charge our public debt wouldn’t have been paid off with several tens of billions before the crisis begun and it would increase much more now. Sweden would probably be more in line with UK’s problems.

This world has gone very far down the crapper when you almost salute a government consistent of a semi-fascist center-left mish-mash of maniacs and control-freaks who all are members of the Church of Climatology. That’s how bad things really are in the world.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I want my Swede well-done please

A Swedish tourist has died after falling into the crater of an active volcano on the Indonesian island of Bali. The 25-year-old man slipped as he tried to peer into the crater on Wednesday after a dawn trek to the summit of Mount Batur. Apparently he was looking into the crater, slipped and fell 150 metres.

And since there wasn’t that much lava-flow at the site they are trying to recover the body. Should be quite a crispy corps otherwise.

The story doesn’t tell us if he was a virgin either. Chucking of a (female) virgin into the volcano is one of those popular movie stories and strange religions exists everywhere so one never knows.

A reason as good as any to deflower virgins.

Anyway, I cannot help myself laughing while reading a story like this. That probably means I will get killed by a plastic spoon or slip on a banana and break my neck in the future, but I cannot help it. It would have been even funnier if the guy had hit the lava bed, but we cannot get everything at once now can we.

The next excuse

The first step in the defending-the-totalitarian-justice-minister case was to diminish what she says and does. It wasn’t so bad, not really, fascist yes, but a nice one.

And it was taken out of context; we have all gotto realize that sitting in a seminar for which the Minister, who has been in politics her whole life, had many days to prepare for, well, then it is very easy to utter totalitarian opinions. Of course taking six days to come up with a very lame excuse that she later withdrew referring to the general election is very reasonable.

Also, she loves innocent children so much that she will force them into submission, strap them down, and while they are crying and protesting the ministers caring personality make her put needles into their tiny bodies and force them to pee in a coup. All being done while the parents know nothing about it and under the suspicion of somethingsomething (very vague).

After that we learned that it was the colors of envelops the minister wanted to send to suspected and innocent people that had upset a whole country. Yes, sure, indeed.

Now the next spin from the doctors at media has arrived. How can anyone think that our Minister of Justice wants to bring us unto a football field and shot us? Do bloggers really think that the minister is evil incarnate and has plans for neck-shots, Gulag camps and torture chambers?

Sort of implying that we’re overdoing it and taking it too far.

Of course the journalist whores do have a point. Many have taken it too far, at least in contrast to the old media and mainstream pundits. I’m guilty for that offence myself.

However, if we hadn’t, the Justice Ministers transgressions would have gone by pretty much unnoticed. Her totalitarian views had been buried very quickly and yet another nail in the coffin containing justice, fairness, democracy, integrity and freedom would have been hammered in without anyone complaining.

For a couple of years now Sweden has very rapidly been turning into an Orwellian nightmare. The acronyms are very well-known; FRA, IPRED, ACTA - just to mention a few. Everything we do, all communication whether it is by phone or online activities is recorded, saved and acted upon by authorities. Cameras are popping up everywhere; seemingly Britain is the country to follow. Private companies have police authority and can storm your home without a warrant and steal all your appliances.

The Justice Minister have been behind and involved in all of this, so when she says she wants to play dominatrix and brutally abuse our children and then utters the most chilling sentences ever said by a Swedish minister, of course people will lose it.

The only surprise so far is that people are still very calm about all this. They should be out burning down public buildings and storming the Bastille. That’s the reaction we should be seeing.

But to me the most frightening thing in this entire story is how little media reacts. A few independent journalists have been saying the minister has gone too far, but mostly they’ve come to her aid. Supporting her saying that; okay it was stupidly said by the minister, but let’s move on...

For me you cannot see the sentences and opinions uttered by our JUSTICE MINISTER by itself. It has to be put in a context. By itself it is bad enough, she should resign, get sacked or, preferably, get rolled in tar and feathers and get thrown out of the country. But if we look at what has been going on lately and if we put her totalitarian views together with the torture of children and the STASI-like society being built, it gets a lot worse.

Her opinions, that she obviously has - it wasn’t a fluke or a drunken spat – is yet another symptom of where we are heading. Our future looks very grim and if we let Ministers get away with crap like this, we’re heading for a horrendous society very fast.

And no, I don’t think the opposition will change things. If they do, it will be for the worse.

This is about preserving our last freedoms, our last remaining democratic rights. So even if none of us actually thinks the Minister in question have the genocide-genome, her statements and the general actions of the powers that be is certainly leading in that fascist direction.

Shouldn’t we speak up? Are we to shut up and bend over? Is that what journalists want? Are they really that pissed at alternative news and blogs that they rather see a totalitarian state then have ordinary citizens take their jobs away?

You’re an idiot and we need fascism

Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change from radically impacting on our lives over the coming decades. This is the stark conclusion of James Lovelock, the environmental non-thinker and independent pseudo scientist who, with his asylum thinking, developed the Gaia hypothesis.

"I don't think we're yet evolved to the point where we're clever enough to handle a complex a situation as climate change," said Lovelock and continued: “One of the main obstructions to meaningful action is ‘modern democracy’. Even the best democracies agree that when a major war approaches, democracy must be put on hold for the time being. I have a feeling that climate change may be an issue as severe as a war. It may be necessary to put democracy on hold for a while."

There you go. Our governments, the overpaid science clubs and the UN know what’s best for us. If we do not listen to the Church of Climatology it is necessary to eliminate democracy since this is a ‘war’ for climate.

And we all know what usually happens to heretics, don’t we?

To his defense he also concludes that all science needs skeptics and he’s not so found of the fiddling, lying and deceit within the UEA email scandal. The later probably because the fraud got exposed.

Scary shit you might think, but this guy is pretty harmless in comparison to the people that thinks babies are carbon monsters and that pets need to be killed to stop global warming.

Already today thousands are dying because of the regulations, the taxation and the totally mad schemes perpetrated by these spokespersons of eugenics. That is seemingly not enough and we’ll soon see a lot more of these Malthusians population control freaks, mark my words.

Stupid black people - and some fast food

The American Food and Drug Administration’s Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee will meet March 30 and 31 in Washington, D.C. to discuss background information about menthol cigarettes that could end up in a future report by the secretary of Health and Human Services.

Specifically, the panel will examine the use of menthol cigarettes among African Americans, and the potential health effects of the flavored smokes over regular cigarettes. Not too strange since The Congressional Black Caucus have been calling for changes to the House tobacco-regulation, demanding that the legislation place restrictions on menthol cigarettes, the type heavily favored by African-American smokers.

This is of course a very offensive bit of government paternalism. African-Americans need to be saved from themselves.

Remember how marijuana got to be illegal in the US? It was the horrible Negroes roaming the countryside, stoned beyond belief, raping white women and committing crimes that created that legislation. It would seem like that sort of racism lives on.

This anti-smoking crusade is as stupid as the war on drugs or the prohibition period. People know today that they get cancer, lower lung capacity and yellow teeth.

But of course the made-up enemies never stop coming. Now it seems like the Brits have found a new enemy…

From the ever qualitative Daily Mail we learn that Junk food 'is as addictive as heroin and cigarettes'. Yapp, apparently sausages, bacon and cheesecake are highly addictive and that once you've tasted them you will be craving them forever.

I wonder if people of color are in the crosshairs on this one too. Probably since people of African and Indian decent seem to be overrepresented within the fast food industry.

Leftie policies again

Sweden's ruling alliance said on Tuesday it planned to invest 482 billion Swedish Krona ($66.8 billion) over the coming 11 years in infrastructure projects.

The government, which faces a general election in September, said 417 billion of the spending would come from central government finances with the remainder from the European Union and local government coffers.

Isn’t this interesting? They already have a deficit and sky-high debts, but that’s not enough, they need to steal more money from the private sector to build their monuments to a higher price and with lower efficiency than the alternative. This is true socialist planning and if you ever wanted confirmation that the current Swedish government loath capitalism, this is it.

Don’t get me wrong, if they necessarily need to waste money, infrastructure is one of the least wasteful projects. It helps trade along, communication gets better and you often get a good trickledown effect. I prefer this before departments doing whatnot and their usual projects, but that’s not what this is about. They are not going to take the money from existing income, oh no, this will be borrowed and printed money together with the extra income they get from fees paid from traffic cameras and road tolls.

But the worst thing about this is of course government incompetence. As shown from history and previous similar ‘investments’ millions will disappear in departments, millions more will be wasted on meetings, expropriation of private property and wrong decisions.

If we instead let the market buy all roads and infrastructure that income could be used to pay of the public debt and the maintenance and investments of our infrastructure would come with a fraction of the price.

Arctic Summit sucks icicles

The Arctic Summit being held outside Ottawa. Iceland, a member of the international Arctic Council, has been left out of the talks, and has already voiced its annoyance over the snub. Sweden and Finland, members of the International Arctic Council, are also absent.

The European Union was recently blocked by Canada and others from gaining even "observer" status. The Inuit, who will have to live with the consequences of any new government policies, and other aboriginal groups, are also irritated by their exclusion.

The talks were supposed to be informal with discussions on how to explore "new thinking on economic development and environmental protection" in the polar region.

The Arctic Summit is being held just ahead of a two-day meeting of G8 foreign ministers, and one cannot help thinking there’s a thought behind this. When politicians meet beforehand and exclude certain others it usually means that deals are being made, shadowy policies drawn and some sort of consensus reached in order to have a unified voice in some following preceding.

Expedited investments in northern infrastructure by all five Arctic nations have been in the works for a long time as they prepare for increased activity in the region, including tourism, oil and gas exploration and trans-Arctic shipping.

Whenever there are resources up for grabs there will be a power struggle and while our economic calamities continues I see no reason why the elitists will not look for new areas to exploit, so the Arctic probably looks like a tasty buffet.

In other words this seemingly harmless exclusion and talks may actually be a prelude to something more sinister and serious.

The best thing that could be done here is to let the market buy and sell Arctic as it wishes. When government gets involved you know that they will screw it all up.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mexican government murders children

Ten students on their way to receive government scholarships were killed by gunmen at a checkpoint in the state of Durango, Mexico. The dead included three girls, ages 8, 11 and 13; the rest were teens except for the eldest, who was 21. Four of the dead were siblings.

Parts of Durango have fallen under the sway of drug-running gunmen called the Zetas, who are battling for control of market and distribution routes. Interior Minister Fernando Gomez Mont, said the kids were "cowardly murdered" by criminal gangs.

How right he is, but the real criminal gang is the one he himself belongs to.

The senseless anti-drug policies of America and Mexico rages onward leading to more deaths and more suffering, all curtsey of the government. The fact is that it is the laws that create the problems, not the mafia.

If the Mexican government (and any other on this planet) really wanted people to be safe, really wanted less dying from overdoses and gang wars, they would legalize all drugs. If they did, we would see; in an instance, that the vast majority of all income to criminal organization would disappear, people that really want drugs could suddenly buy them at supermarkets, cheaper, cleaner and much healthier. All the crimes being committed each day in the hunt for money and drugs would vanish almost completely. Terrorist groups everywhere would lose most of their income and the world would be a safer, better and freer place.

This is very simple folks, it has been tried thousands of times by virtually every government throughout history, and it has always, without exception, failed. Do you know what Einstein called the very essence of insanity? He said that insanity is: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

The Americans tried to outlaw drinking, it gave birth to the Mafia and, of course, people drank like they never did before or since. Even the communists in the Soviet Union tried it under the rule of that funny man Stalin, they failed miserably. If a totalitarian regime with close to total control of the populace with the threat of getting shot or moved to Gulag couldn’t stop people from taking drugs, why the hell does anyone think it ever can be done?

It can’t.

They will always fail because of two very simple facts.

Fact 1:
People want to take drugs. It can be alcohol, cocaine or smelling a pair of old socks, but people will do it. Always have, and always will. No matter the religion, no matter the regime or the penalty. And if some drug becomes hard to get to, for whatever reason, they just move on to the next.

Fact 2:

The more ruthless the punishment, the higher the risk becomes - and so the higher the profits and gains. And if the police get one or two thugs of the street, it only means that the profits grow for the ones left hence an open invitation for new competitors that will try to get some of that money. Close down one drug-factory and two others emerge. If the government successfully shut down one gang, there will be another one, or two.

Do you know why they still try it and why the propaganda machine with the spin-doctors still sells us this con? Because of control and power. The government gets a purpose, to fight crime. They get an incentive to take taxes to pay for this scheme. And you, the people, are scared, and where do you turn? To the very people that created the mess in the first place, the biggest criminals, the elected frauds of your government.

Since the Mexican government stepped up their useless and unwinnable war close to 20,000 people have died. Journalists and the government blame the drug lords and their underlings, but as said, the blood of those people lay on the hands of the Mexican authorities.

Either legalize all drugs and let people make their own choices or many thousands more will die. And we all know what path the insane will take so get used to these kinds of reports, they will never stop coming as long as the government is allowed to continue.


The Swedish Prime Minister had some talks with Xi Jinping, vice President of the People's Republic of China. During these talks (that most likely was about Volvo and their common Church – the Church of Climatology) the totalitarian cartoonish Swede is said to have brought up basic human rights (*giggle*) and how internet should be free from censorship… haha…

I’m sorry, I cannot help myself. This is so funny. In actuality the Chinese have a lot to learn from Sweden’s control-grid. Maybe the Prime Minister talked about selling our surveillance equipment? That wouldn’t surprise.

I know the Chinese dictatorship is more direct in their approach and the totalitarian oppression is more open and worse than that of Sweden, but at least the Chinese can take comfort in that their kids don’t get snatched up by government thugs forcing needles into them and binding down so they can pee in a coup against their and their parents will.

Also, I don’t think we’ll ever hear a Chinese official SAY that people are guilty before found innocent. They have such policies, am sure, but they know better than to admit it, something that, for instance, Sweden’s Justice Minister doesn’t know…

Anyway, I need to say thanks to the Swedish head-boy, got a very good laugh out of this one.

And to make the story even funnier, the Swedish tax payers are now going to pay for a $4 million anti-corruption agency in China.

Haha... you cannot buy this stuff at the local supermarket, very funny.

FBI is at it again

A Christian militia group was a target of at least one of a series of weekend raids the FBI conducted in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

The FBI said that it had conducted raids in the three states, resulting in at least three arrests. Federal warrants were sealed, but a federal law enforcement official speaking on condition of anonymity said some of those arrested face gun charges and officials are pursuing other suspects.

Remember Ruby Ridge? Waco? Are we about to something of the sort again?

The conspiracist in me says that authorities are either trying to provoke a response and so they get another reason to impose martial law or a more direct police state, or they are cleaning a bit and trying to install fear in the populace so they don’t get out of line.

A more reasonable thought is that there probably something behind this story not being told. Maybe they were building bombs and the FBI got some indications about a terrorist act or something of the sort.

And as we all know, government is highly stupid, something that is often ignored by conspiracists. NWO, lizard people, aliens, owl God’s and some such kind of implies long term planning and a high degree of intellect; something I hardly contribute government with.

UPPDATE: Nine suspects tied to a Midwest Christian militia that was preparing for the Antichrist were charged with conspiring to kill police officers, then attack a funeral using homemade bombs in the hopes of killing more law enforcement personnel.

The Michigan-based group, called Hutaree, planned to use the attack on police as a catalyst for a larger uprising against the government.

The charges against the eight include seditious conspiracy, possessing a firearm during a crime of violence, teaching the use of explosives, and attempting to use a weapon of 'mass destruction' i.e. homemade bombs.

In other words my inital thought seem to be correct. Bogus charges they may be, but not very likely.

On a similar note it seems that Obama is the real terrorist...

Major news is breaking concerning the White House visitors list. The log shows that several unsavory characters, at least 2 of whom Obama denied knowing personally, have been regular visitors at the White House.

The most eyebrow-raising of these visitors is none other than domestic terrorist William Ayers, who, along with his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, established and ran the subversive Weather Underground in the 1960s and 70s, which bombed federal buildings.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bombs away

A couple of bombs went off in Moscow and killed some people. Apparently it was suicide bombers, who, probably bored with the lack of good TV-shows, decided to murder a bunch of people to prove some political point or whatnot.

The Explosions tore through two subway stations at rush hour on killing at least 37 people. Moscow's chief prosecutor said the explosions were carried out by suicide bombers wearing explosive belts and Yuri Luzhkov, the mayor of Moscow, said that both attacks were carried out by female bombers.

This is kind of an interesting plot twist. Female bombers?

If they were Islamist separatists, which is likely, do they still get those 72 virgins waiting for them on the other side? And how do you test male virginity? Is there are penis-test that can be performed to test if it has been in usage? Or is it an automatic thing since we’re talking paradise and God (‘Allah’, whatever…)?

The other likely suspect we can find in Chechnya since the conflict with Chechen separatists is still unresolved.

Whoever and whatever their goals might be, it is interesting to note that during the summer of 2009, China and Russia held war-games together designed to counter a hypothetical threat from Islamist extremists or ethnic separatists that both countries insist look increasingly realistic.

‘Experts’ say Moscow and Beijing are concerned about deepening instability in former Soviet Central Asia, where weak local governments face a growing threat from drug smugglers and Islamist extremists emanating from neighboring Afghanistan. And so contrary to what western media seem to say and think, the risk of terrorism is ever present.

And the insurgency in Chechnya and neighboring states is a key reason Russia has been reluctant to support sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program; diplomats say the Kremlin is worried Tehran might retaliate by setting aside sectarian differences and backing the rebels in Muslim solidarity.

In other words, a conspiracy nut will probably have a field day with these bombings.

I would also like to point out that once again terrorists or so called “freedom-fighters” have targeted innocent civilians. I never really understood that tactic.

If you want some backing or draw sympathy from the world community, is it really in your interest to murder commuters going by with their daily lives? Why not blow up some government building or a police station or shoot some officials?

I mean if government is your problem and the key goal is to bring attention to a cause, why not do it right?

Okay, so innocent deaths may be more of headline news, sure I get that, but it will not really help. Even those that may think Russia and its corrupt authority can be blamed or should be attacked cannot really support any suicide bombings murdering ordinary citizens.

Me, I see this as a prelude, a minor thing to what’s to come in the near future. I’ve claimed for many months now that a huge terrorist attack is imminent and that my dear sheople will not kill a mere 37 or so people, and it won’t be in Russia either.

9/11 again

I’ve said it before, I don’t buy the conspiracy crap comes to 9/11, but this ‘pilot’ episode of the “The Lone Gunmen’s” series do get those thoughts going. The episode depicts a US government plot to crash a hijacked Boeing into the World Trade Center and the show aired six months before the real thing...

Oh what a horrible movie

Watched a movie yesterday and I just came to think of that while pondering on what the Swedish Minister of injustice is going to say and do next.

The movie centers on a person that picks up a prostitute to bring to a wedding as a date. Needless to say romance and wackiness ensues. A love movie and not a particularly good one. Isn’t this horrible? A person paying for another person’s body for sex and other despicable acts. How can they make such a movie?

Anyway as recent surveys show the gender of one’s most likely to sell their bodies is the same as the hooker in this movie, at least at a younger age. Strangely something that is ignored by media, as well as politicians everywhere. You see the prostitute in the movie was male.

Sweden’s Injustice Minister, Beatrice Ask, the totalitarian that she is, have been blaming everyone for covering up that young females are prostitutes. It isn’t her totally wacked statements or the fact that she wants to torture youngsters, which probably include several of the prostitutes she says she wants to protect, that is sort of overshadowing any prostitution. Oh no, it is blogs. The evil blogosphere is upset over fascist views far worse than any prostitution ring and so the Minister hates blogs.

And then there were the letters.

The Injustice minister wanted SUSPECTED individuals to be outed. If someone is suspected for any sort of sex crime then everyone around this person should know about it. The minister even said it would be a good thing if a daughter of the suspect noticed the letter and got to know what kind of horrid father she has.

Apparently, in true cover-up political style, people are upset over the color of the letters. Yeah! It wasn’t the statements or that innocent people would be outed as perverts or that the minister doesn’t understand why her authoritarian views upset us, of course not, it was the color of the letters.

And then, six days after she said those things at a official lecture she had prepared for, she partly withdraw her statements saying that she should know better - it is election year.

So we have the colors of the letters, hateful blogs and the fact that there’s a general election later in the year. That’s what this is about…

How can they get away with this crap? Where is the media?

I think it is a general switch in how we perceive justice that is on its way and if it wasn’t so bloody funny, it would be very scary. Let’s just take some examples.

FRA – you don’t even need to be a suspect for a crime for getting your electronic communication scanned and all content checked. (This is what we know, indications point to even worse…)

Tele communication storage – All Swede’s will have all their phone calls, text messages, email and internet connections registered. No crime needed.

The police nowadays also have the right to monitor and surveillance people without them being suspected for anything. The police can be watching you right now.

Add to this ACTA, IPRED, the European Union's new surveillance ideas and how everyone sharing ones and zeroes per automatic is suspected of file-sharing and if some of those ones and zeroes happens to be about something that arbitrary is regarded as “property” the thought police and private company thugs can storm your home, without a warrant, and take every piece of appliance they want and hurt you if needed.

With this, and much more, is it very surprising that a Justice Minister utters totalitarian views and don’t understand why so many is upset? And media; owned by corporate interests and the power elite and run by journalists that are too lazy to actually check facts, is it surprising they don’t do their job?

All this might seem bad, but it actually gets a lot worse.

If my predictions about a worldwide economic meltdown holds, and I see no reason why they shouldn’t, then comes soon a time where the world as we know it will change to the worse and if they haven’t imposed a total shutdown of our social and economic freedom before, they sure as hell will then.

A rant about a movie ('The Wedding Date') ended in Armageddon… how about that…

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gimme! Gimmie! a printing machine after midnight

A national lottery contestant in southern Sweden hit the jackpot on Saturday evening with a record 214.6 million kronor ($29.5 million) win.

I know some hope that money goes to someone already rich and well educated. Someone who knows how to handle money. In the right hands money can be doubled, tripled or more which would benefit us all.

Me, I’m hoping it went to some poor Schmuck who will squander that cash on TV’s, cars and other useless items he/she doesn’t need. Or, what I would do myself, to someone that moves far away and put that money to use in another country. Whoever that lucky bastard is, he/she better watch out and don’t let the kids get any of that money. That might trigger strange behavior and then the Justice Minister may stop by with armed thugs to draw blood and force the kids to pee in a coup.

In any case, I’m jealous and pissed that I didn’t win. Well, I didn’t play either, don’t like the odds, but I’m still pissed. Shouldn’t the government step in and give everyone such amounts? Just use the printing machine will ya, and give me, give me…

Follow the money

If any journalist (or anyone else for that matter) out there actually wants to know why one scandal after the other is surfacing surrounding the climategate affairs – follow the money.

It is very easy.

And I’m not talking about certain individuals like Al “I invented internet” Gore or the fraudulent Rajendra Pachauri who earn millions upon millions on easily duped idiots. And I am not talking about certain banks and steal companies earning billions on release rights and carbon swaps.

What I’m referring to is the science community.

For many years now all you needed to do as a researcher was to say you were to investigate how manmade global warming affected something or what impact it has on whatnot and you get founding coming out of your ears.

- So what do you need these billions for?
- I am going to investigate how carbondioxid causes longer fingernails and what impact this has on unemployment.
- Fantastic. Here you go. Just let us know if you need more money.

But even more important is how little (zero) money that has poured into the field of real science. Environmentalist freaks usually argue that big oil and huge companies throw billions at researchers coming up with evil conclusions contrary to that of the UN. That is not only wrong; it is the complete opposite of the truth.

Just look at any university, any science grant or what kinds of organizations that earns billions. Every country on this planet has taken ordinary citizens hard earned tax money and literarily thrown it at climate researchers. I’ve seen official calculations saying that at least $200 billion is tunneled into such con-artists pockets each year.

And what happens to those going against the Church of Climatology?

Well, think ‘Spanish inquisition’ and you get the general idea. Anyone standing up saying the truth is deemed a heretic and a “denier”. Such people get ostracized, bullied, fired and even worse. There are very few universities and science clubs out there that allow a “denier” to roam in their mist. Even death threats are very common.

Those supporting the scam have all the money, all the support and all the legislators on their side. The ones actually trying to do science is getting laughed at, they lose their jobs, get threats and have hardly any money and no support.

Even if you have bought the hoax and believe in manmade global warming, it is still not so hard to understand why so many faults are being made. They don’t need to do research or in-depth digging, it is not necessary. All they need to do is show a paper once in a while and they get millions, if not billions, thrown at them. Is that the sort of environment were science and facts thrive?

There are two things that immediately turns you into a “denier”.

Firstly follow the money. As said above, once you realize how much these tricksters earn and what they stand to lose if manmade global warming is outed as the hoax it is, you cannot believe anything they say anymore.

Secondly, pick one statement they have, anyone of them. Then follow the conclusions and check it against facts, geological history and the alternative view. If you find one single argument, one statement, a single thing the UN or the scary doomsayers says that can be proven, then I will eat my laptop, dance naked outside parliament and hand you £100 from my own money.

There is no such thing as manmade global warming, there never was and most likely never will be.

It is a scam and it is about money and control over our lives.

This is the biggest con-game in the history of the human race. Never before has so few earned so much money swindling so many on so little facts.

I can sort of understand people leaning towards socialist or religious ideas, and I even get why people get tricked by fractional reserve banking and the inflation scam. Every trick, every made-belief idiocy and all the governments cons throughout history I sort of get, but not this one.

The manmade global warming scare is so stupid it makes the “moon is made out of cheese” statement into that of wisdom.

How long are you going to allow them to steal your money and thrust this scam down your throats?

Thousands gather to protest against global warming…

Raining? Its internets fault

Internet is starting to take over the role that manmade climate change has had for a couple of years - anything and everything can be blamed on it.

The complete hoax of manmade climate change has been blamed for everything you can think off, everything, and that’s not in any way an exaggeration. Now it is internet we need to blame.

Pedophiles? Of course those exist because of internet.

Internet has also given birth to terrorism, fundamentalism and unemployment. Not to even mention such horrid things as hackers stealing your money and ruining your computer with viruses and worms. Oh, and let’s not forget the “blog hate” that spreads like a disease online.

Today in Swedish papers internet is partly (which means; “fully”) blamed for the psychotic behavior of a little town in northern Sweden wherein a raped teen got ostracized while the rapists was celebrated.

Apparently adults haven’t realized how internet has changed children’s behavior and without internet the bullying and thrashing of the raped girl would never have happened. One paper states that the internet hatred is so darn hard to control… Also, the rapists second victim would never have been raped if it wasn't for internet. Yeah, one Swedish paper claim that today.

When they take their unadulterated revulsion towards online activities and regurgitate in this manor, it gets too easy to see through. It is obvious reporters and journalists are true enemies of internet and take any reason to trash it, even something as farfetched as what have happened in one asylum of a town in Sweden.

This isn’t really news; I’ve said it many times before and argued for many years that the control-grid would grow and journalists would become increasingly against internet.

And they are by no means finished. They will not be happy until we cannot use internet without permission and we’re totally monitored when we are online and we get punished severely if we break the rules.

Me I am waiting for the combination of the blame-game.

Such as Manmade global warming causes worse internet behavior that in turn induces greed. Internet and manmade global warming is working together with pedophiles, terrorists and capitalists to destroy our world. Internet usage causes manmade global warming and so murder the innocent and increases poverty. The later has already been proposed so we’re well on the way.

Furthermore, I think Beatrice Ask must resign.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Swedish union accept cut in pay

Officially the wage increase is 3.2% over 2 years. Oh the smiles and happy tunes over them avoiding rallies and strikes.

However, seen to the inflation rate, that pay increase will evaporate already this year. In effect the union has just agreed upon lowering their member’s salaries.

Don’t get me wrong, I loathe unions. I pretty much think they are soul sucking thugs, a mafia with mafia methods almost always supporting more socialism. Never been a member and never will.

I also believe it is necessary for pay decreases right now. In order to tackle this depression (yes, it is) it is necessary to lower wages. Not private ones so much, but public ones. A 13% lower, across the board, pay cut as they did in Ireland would be a great thing right now. Or, rather eliminate all public employees completely. That would be the best thing ever.

But it is important that people know what inflation does to their ACTUAL purchasing power. What it says in your envelop (As long as it’s not a note from the Justice Minister outing you as a pervert to all around you) has nothing to do with it. If your income is 10,000, 100,000 or 1,000,000 have NO MEANING.

What matters is what you actually can buy for that money. It is the correlation between your pay and the cost of stuff at the store that matters. And since Sweden is a deeply socialized country you also need to check taxes and fees.

After you’ve paid 60-70-80 percent of your income in taxes and then what you can buy with what you have left. That is what matters.

Inflation is when our money loses value; it has nothing to do with prices as our enemies want you to think. REAL inflation in Sweden right now is around 3.2%, do you recognize that number? And it can only go up. This means that a year from now most, probably all, of that wage increase of two years is gone.

So when our Justice Minister sends thugs out to kidnap your children in order to put needles in them and force them to pee in a coup, your income is going down. Isn’t the world of leftie policies great?

Go to war! Come on! You know you want to…

South Korea's military scrambled naval vessels to the western waters near the disputed maritime border with North Korea late Friday after an explosion ripped a hole in the bottom of a military ship.

There was speculation it could have been from a torpedo from the North. The involvement of North Korea has not yet been confirmed.

The North more than likely wants a war. Now when they have nuclear weapons they feel a bit more secure and with millions famished and their socialist experiment being a total failure the pressure is on. The dictatorship would consequently welcome a slight skirmish, focusing their people on fighting and not starving. Maybe they could even get some thousand killed and get some agreement of help sent out of a future armistice; both prospects should look like a good idea for the socialists.

And you just instinctively know that if that deranged midget is desperate enough to do something this provocative, things must be getting pretty bad for the regime.

"Those who seek to bring down the system in the DPRK (North Korea)... will fall victim to the unprecedented nuclear strikes of the invincible army," // North Korea General Staff spokesman

Yah another war - the world economy is saved

Sort of…

The Americans are happy with their wars, it’s the only thing keeping GDP numbers up and the only “positive” thing in the economy during the whole of 2009. And the most warmongering president in US history probably has nothing against throwing some of those phallus thingies at tiny Koreans. Showing his manhood so to say. A new "Tonkin incident" perhaps?

The Chinese will probably put a stop to anything of the sort though, so don’t get your hopes up yet.

Talking smurf with a smurf about smurf

Sweden’s Justice Minister continues to amaze. She has still not a clue what the problem with her statement was. She has sort of retracted it (6 days after, and after she repeated the same stupidity) stating “it was a mistake” and the funny follow-up “it is election year, I should know better”.

Yeah… that’s how she feels about it.

The totalitarian views she expressed are secondary, well hardly worthy of mentioning really. Innocent people getting outed as guilty and getting a medieval treatment? Pfffff… that doesn’t matter. The blogosphere and the political opposition is upset because it is election year and her tiny little miniscule slip of the tongue has been blown waaaay out of proportion.

Today she said:
"- Jag har lärt mig väldigt mycket om att vara försiktig med att ge exempel. Det är lite sorgligt för jag tror att vi behöver politiker som deltar i en diskussion. Men man får göra det en annan gång än under ett valår."

”I’ve learned quite a deal about being careful about giving examples. It is a bit sad because I think we need politicians that participate in the debate. But that can be done another time when it is not election year.”

You see? She’s not sorry; she’s not against what she said before. She still thinks that innocent people can be thrown out to the public as perverts with the aid of government. All she thinks is that it was a shame she said it with cameras there and during an election year.

Apparently media is on her side in this.

I remember I once heard that journalism was supposed to be about protecting the little guy, to watch and monitor the powers that be and to fight for civil liberties and our democratic freedoms.

I wonder if that has ever been true.

This is the biggest scandal we’ve seen in years and probably the worst statement ever uttered by a minister in modern time.

When I was involved in politics as a youth (coincidently the same party as our fascist Justice Minister) I did hear one or two communists openly admit they would kill me if given the chance. I’ve also heard racist idiots saying stupid things about immigrants or Muslims. I do guess most of you have similar experiences, but we’re not talking drunken spats, or insults flung from one teenager to the other in the heat of debate. This is a minister during a seminar she had prepared for, our Justice Minister!!

Every paper in the country should have her face on the FrontPage for every day until she resigns. TV, radio and cable networks should be hunting her down, looking into her background, digging up every piece of dirt there is. There should be massive demonstrations, egg throwing and people leaving her party in hordes if she doesn’t resign.

The opposition is kind of quiet, and I get them, why would they want their open target to leave office? They get 1-2% extra voting for them if she stays.

I also got quoted in one of Sweden’s largest newspapers today. The journalist took this statement:

“I’ve never been in a rally my entire life, but if there are some people out there wanting to fill the streets and burn torches outside parliament until this horrific woman is thrown out, I’m there.”

And argued that me, and some other bloggers are examples of what the reporter calls “The blog-hate”.

Well, if the journalist had checked around a bit I’ve also said people should find a grassy knoll, I’ve demanded the justice ministers head on a plate and that people should burn down parliament. Whether or not such statements on this blog are in earnest or not, I leave up to you as reader to figure out.

However, it may shock this journalist, and some of my readers, that I actually like the totalitarian lady in question. You may not think so, but I do. She is one of the few ministers I can stand; she is a lovable person and a very good speaker. She has that honesty thing going and she has a wonderful smile. I’ve also met her on several occasions and had nothing but praise before she got her current assignment.

I’m still wondering what happened to her. Did she get that arrogance bug and a slight case of corruption? Did the post as minister go to her head? Have she started eating funny looking mushrooms?

I thought the torture-of-kids policy was the bottle of the barrel. How can any minister sink lower than wanting to strap down and forcibly put needles into children? But she could.

You see in contrast to media, this journalist that apparently don’t like my style of writing, most pundits and the Minister herself, I don’t let my personal feelings or any political color get in the way.

If a minister, no matter whom it is or what party she/he belongs to, says that a suspect for a crime should be outed to their friends, family and neighborhood, I will demand a resignation. If the same person takes 6 days to come to the conclusion that it maybe wasn’t the greatest thing to say and blame that it is an election year, the demand for resignation remains. She is not sorry she said it, that is obvious, she’s only sorry for the publicity.

And when you combine such a person with the policies of hunting down an entire generation, locking up people for victimless crimes and to top it all off the torture of kids thingy, how can you not be outraged?

To me it is an utter surprise that there are not parents on the street burning effigies of our ministers.

And that publicity would hardly have been if it wasn’t for bloggers like me. The old media does nothing!

Probably why the journalist don’t like me, and is also why the Justice Minister most likely will demand some sort of anti-blogging policy very soon.

If we do not demand a Justice Minister to resign over obvious totalitarian views and for wanting to torture our children, when do we do it? Is mass murder our limit?

Beatrice Ask must resign and anyone that do not think so is either bought and paid for or have no clue what a fair and modern justice system is all about.

Oh no… They are burning textiles

Apparently some Malaysian Muslims are burning the Swedish flag in protest against those cartoonish drawings of Muhammad.

Isn’t that a tad juvenile?

I kind of liked fire when I was little, not in arson kind of a way, but it is warm, you can burn stuff (okay, maybe there’s a tiny arsonist in me…) and you get light and energy from it.

But adults burning some fabric while dancing around shouting idiocies?

And a bit of cloth with some colors, are we really supposed to feel offended by it? Media seem to think so, why else is flag burning like the second biggest story and one of the most repeated stories you can find?

Maybe I would be a bit upset if Malaysians burned a dog (hey! Food!) or if was people. Well, depending on what people. A dog burning would always upset me, some banksters and politicians not so much.

Anyway, in some countries it is even illegal to burn textile with a certain color combination…

That is how far humanity has got during 250 000 years of evolution - the outlawing of burning certain cloth with certain colors on it.

Furthermore, I think Beatrice Ask must resign.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time for regular mail to be confiscated

As we all know by now email, internet traffic, online communities, our isp’s and pretty much everything else that has to do with our computers and what we do online is monitored, controlled, read, watched and acted upon by authorities. Even before we implement ACTA and the new all-out EU control-grid, we’re under surveillance 24/7.

Bloggers, Pirate Parties, technology geeks, libertarians, advocates of free speech and youngsters have been arguing against this Orwellian madness for a long time.

One of the arguments used has been to say that normal snail mail going via the postal office aren’t opened and checked in the same manor. Stupid as we were we sort of thought that our masters could be persuaded to think and stop their monitoring or maybe we thought that the common man would wake up if they realized how scrutinized and checked we really are.

But the British government has now taken action to see to it that any letter or parcel also can be opened and checked. Well, they’ve always had that option, but only under suspicions and with approval from higher authorities. Not anymore.

Maybe they thought that since they are closing down internet options and hindering the growth of technology, people would resort back to older ways of communicating. Maybe they realized that terrorists and pedophiles can use regular mail for communication. Maybe this is yet another way of controlling us.

In any case, another control-grid is now getting into place in Britain and it is just a matter of time before everyone else has it too.

I have an extra pitchfork, if you we’re looking for one…

Time for the torture

In Sweden a strange story is unfolding about some poor 14y old girl that got raped. Apparently the entire community where she lived turned against her and celebrated the admitted and convicted rapists. A rapist that later raped another girl and got convicted for that crime as well.

I’m not going to get into that story too much. Instead I feel it is time for the government to move in with their torture units. Surely drugs were involved here, and the two girls probably have been behaving a bit strangely afterwards. The entire community and, more to the point, their kids need to be investigated.

In accordance to the Justice Minister and her cronies any adolescent below the age of 15 can be picked up, forced down and be tapped for blood, urine and be made to suffer through different cohesive action against their and their parents will. All under the suspicion that drugs might be involved.

Surely drugs are a big part of this mess? Maybe the whole community is doing GHB?

The law in question hasn’t really been passed yet, but I would recommend they do so soon. We cannot have raped girls behaving strange, boys raping while classmate’s is cheering on. Very strange activities that need forcible investigation, so time for the torture.

Furthermore, I think Beatrice Ask must resign.

The Fatty about to lose it

Venezuela’s dictator Hugo Chavez has seemingly stepped up his paranoia and oppressive behavior. He seems to take it one step further for each month that passes. Not really surprising since the economy is destroyed, his socialist experiments are failing one after the other and his power hold over Central America and South America states has greatly diminished.

Sure his carelessly thrown about bribe money and directly controlled, by him, news networks are still working. Even western media are still picking up the dictators well planted stories.

But as is always the case with any leftie tyrant time is running out, and along with his growing weight he feels that burden.

It is just a matter of time before a) he starts a war. OR b) he starts death camps and knocking of his own people.

Right now the “b” alternative seems to be the most likely next step.
Former Zulia state Gov. Oswaldo Alvarez Paz said in a television program that Venezuela has become a drug-trafficking hub. Which is true, the number of Venezuelan boats getting caught with drugs is way up and an increase in detection of suspected drug flights from clandestine airstrips inside Venezuela, seem to support these claims that is also argued by many countries and independent sources.

The obese dictator however wants nothing of that uttered. Consequently Oswaldo Alvarez Paz has been arrested and locked up, seemingly indefinitely.

And we also learn that authorities have arrested the owner of the Globovision TV channel, one of the few remaining broadcasters critical of President Hugo Chavez. All the rest of such media has been closed down or threatened to silence. Among other Chavez has closed 33 independent radio stations.

And, as most government is doing nowadays, Chavez has said he would talk to the attorney general about regulating the Internet, which he said is "poisoning the minds of many people."

Thankfully for the Venezuelan people their kids aren’t getting tortured and forced into containment yet, as they soon will be in Sweden if our Justice Minister gets her way. But the guilty before found innocent policy is about the same. Maybe our government can look for more pointers from this dictator? They seem to be heading down the same path.

Anyway I’ve not seem so many salutes from lefties about the plump despot of Venezuela lately. This means that once he starts with the organized killings or goes to war, socialists will claim Chavez to either be doing the correct thing against imperialist Americans or that he has lost it and become a capitalist and fascist.

That’s how it works. When he was throwing stolen money around to the poor he was a good guy and a socialist hero, when he’s now locking up dissidents and starts murdering people he’s a right-wing nut. Funny how the leftie brain works, don’t you think?

Some wakeup calls – too late

I’ve noticed a couple of things lately, not only in British media, but in Swedish as well. For some reason journalists are starting to wake up to our distressful and very ominous situation.

Lately there have been several articles questioning the reasoning behind the manmade global warming scam. They have even let a couple of professors and real scientists come forward and say it is a hoax, something that was hardly possible only a year ago. Thank Beelzebub for hackers and bloggers I would say.

In Sweden more and more voices are heard about the gigantean housing bubble forming. Although most within mainstream media still are hiding behind so called “experts” claiming any bubble-talk is nonsense, we do have seen a slight change the latest couple of months.

But maybe the biggest turn-around is when looking at the financial debacle forming. Suddenly you can hardly pick up the paper anymore without reading about oily Greeks in trouble, how Japan is throwing their 75 (or so) stimulus into the fire, and that there are still worrisome signs in the world economy.

Today we learn that Italy, Bulgaria and Spain are having problems and that Portugal gave the markets a slight hick-up the other day with their new rating.

Nothing of the things mentioned here is news for anyone following this blog. I knew about the economic crisis forming already 8 years ago and just as others with an understanding of 4th grade math, nothing of this is a surprise.

Actually, looking at the economy, it is very easy to understand why we have ended up here and why it can only get worse.

Today Sweden has the highest housing prices in the country’s history. In fact, during last year which (according to mainstream pundits) was the peak of the economic crisis, prices continued up.

Think about that for a moment. We’ve just gone through the worst crisis since the Great Depression (in reality still in it), unemployment is still very high, companies in general are showing bad numbers, the repo-man has never had so much to do and the big banks are in big trouble. Financial markets are shaky and we have a Justice Minister that wants to torture kids. In the mist of all this housing prices are rising and have reached an all time high.

Doesn’t seem right now does it?

And if that isn’t enough for you, take a look at renting versus buying a home. Now, this measurement is a bit messed up in Sweden because of all the regulations, the central planning and so on, but generally speaking housing prices should reflect on the renting market and vice versa. Even today with today’s ridiculously low interest rates and very cheap money available on the market, it is often cheaper to rent then to buy. If you count your mortgage costs, taxes, and include a buffer in case something goes wrong with your home you will come to the same cost or (in many cases) much higher cost of living if you’re the owner of your home rather than renting it.

What this tells us is that housing and real-estate prices are way overvalued. Extremely overpriced. If it isn’t cheaper to buy, why do it? Because people, idiots as they are, think that prices will continue up, and the central bank does everything it can to shuffle people into buying stuff. The more stuff you buy, the better.

And to all this we need to add the fact that we have loose lending practices. Not as horrid as in the US or Spain, but many have bought their homes with very little down. Some have been able to borrow a 100% (or even more!).

This cannot last, it is a mathematical impossibility. If it doesn’t crash by itself, it will do so when the countries in much deeper danger go under and brings us down with them.

And looking at Europe and the sickness of fiscal irresponsibility, it is also very easy to understand were this is going.

During last year all of them, every single one, borrowed and printed money to pay for their stimulus scams. Now, all of a sudden (yeah, big surprise…) they are all in need of cleaning house, save money and get their economies going at the same time as they need to cope with extremely high deficits.

I wrote a year ago that the worst thing they could do is to throw billions upon billions to keep their sandcastles standing. Because all that would do is increase deficits and fix nothing of the problems. They could, temporarily, scam markets or the public with cash-for-clunkers programs or ‘investments’ in “Green Technology”, but when that money runs out I said they would be standing there with the same problems as before but now with even more debt and a deeper hole to dig themselves out of.

Well, guess what, most of those programs and scams are now out of money or about to reach their end of the line. The deficits are massive and higher then before and nothing has changed.

Unt now desperation is starting to creep into our masters.

Just look at Greece. They haven’t even started doing what is necessary and have hardly saved a penny yet; they need to do ten, twenty times more to reach reasonable numbers. And what happened with their minor effort? Riots, massive demonstrations, strikes all over and even bloodshed. Just imagine what will happen when they, as well as Spain, Italy and all the rest really, actually, and factually start to do what is absolutely necessary to do.

This will not be pretty.

And they know it. Why do you think they are doing everything they can to convince us about the ‘green shoots’ and why they are filling the news with the “all will be fine” –crap?

Apparently we’re going to see a bail-out of Greece in the near future. It seems that our European puppet masters are about to circumvent their own rules and break treaties just to save the irresponsible and idiotic Greeks.

Once they start down this path, there’s no turning back. They cannot throw billions at Greece but not at Italy, they cannot bail-out one failing Euro-country and not another. This will end the Euro.

Sure they are saying that IMF will step in. Ever wondered who pays for the IMF scams? Both Germany and the UK did throw in some extra billions into IMF last year, seemed unnecessary back then, but maybe they saw this coming eh?

We’re heading for a fall folks, a big one. How long, and how severe it will be is up to you. We cannot stop the depression, it is already here and it will continue many years into the future. Nothing can change that now. But if you start to listen to those saying and arguing the truth, maybe we can recover and maybe we can see to it that it never happens again.

Furthermore, I think Beatrice Ask must resign.

Why we fight

I was vacuuming just now and when I turned on ‘super-suck’ it struck me that this is what it means to be a libertarian - walking around life trying to suck up the badness hiding in the dark corners of our existence.

And as we all know it doesn’t matter how much you vacuum, sweep, and mop because there’s always another dust pile and another left-over bit of moldy candy. You could wrap your house in plastic, eliminate all furniture and never enter and still dust would form. Cleaning is really an endless Sisyphus task.

The same it is to fight for truth, liberty and justice – this fight never ends.

Actually we can probably never win. There will always be special interests, banksters, unions, and lobbyists fighting for their piece of the cake. And in opposite to us libertarians, socialists know they can “win”. It is easier, much easier, to convince people that they can get free stuff rather than to say they need to work for it.

Socialism, statism, collectivism whatever you want to call it, has several big advantages. They never need to explain anything, all they need to do is to promise a pink shimmering existence and sell that notion with ‘feelings’. Even easier it is for them to thrash any opposition to their ideas because anyone that don’t want the poor, elderly, young and handicapped to get free stuff is per automatic ‘evil’.

People in general are either too stupid or don’t have the time (lazy) to find out the truth so when lefties comes along with an all out solution; let the government think and make choices for you, most tend to listen.

But our uphill struggle is even worse than that. Have you ever consider what the libertarian promise to any voter is? We’re really only saying that if you work hard enough you might get rich, and in our world people would be free to explore their own potential and have free choices. That’s pretty much it.

We don’t promise them happiness, money, food, jobs, love or honor. We’re telling people that if they want those things they need to get it for themselves, work for it, sweat, and really put the effort in.

The leftie says he/she will fix it for us.

How can we compete with that? The sad truth is that we can’t.

So we cannot win, but that’s not why we fight.

This world is a cesspool filled with selfish greedy beasts, and in it we live, we eat, we shit and then we die. It will always be filled with corruption, murders, rapes and dictator wannabees, this no matter what we do.

So why do we fight?

I see the libertarian quest as that of a watchdog. We try to make sure they don’t take it too far.

Occasionally we convince enough people and make a slim difference. Sometimes we manage to wake people up, maybe not convert them fully, but at least make them see the man behind the curtain.

But the truth of the matter is that nothing works so hard for libertarian ideas as the socialists do. Every time they “win” and set up Gulag camps, creates holocausts, start wars and make people suffer for being foolish enough to vote and root for leftie ideas, they show what their ideology is really about. Hopefully, maybe, someday down the road enough people will see this and ponder on what the alternative is.

So we don’t fight to win or to gain enough votes, we fight so people, countries and the world can go in the right direction. We fight because it is the right thing to do. Just as with cleaning. We know we cannot win against dirt and dust, but we still do it because we don’t want to live in filth and sometimes you can avoid getting a disease if you live in a cleaner surrounding.

Is there a way, a road not taken, which would create a win? No.

But there is a small hope. If our technology advance far enough we can sooner or later start colonizing space. That is still a century or more into the future, so I will never live to see it. And it is possible we’ve destroyed ourselves along with this planet before we get a chance to, but if we were to collect all of the hundred thousand or so individuals on this planet that use their brain and go to a new place, start over, then maybe, just maybe we can call that a win…


Furthermore, I think Beatrice Ask must resign.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The totalitarian and the beast

The two chief puppet masters of Sweden’s largest political parties convened in a debate yesterday.

As usual the Social democrat leader, Mona Sahlin, a ‘female’ (sort of) argued that the “right”-government and her opponent, Prime Mentalist Fredrik Reinfeldt, are cutting taxes for the wealthy and its sooo horrible for everyone else. You know, starving people everywhere, babies getting eaten by rich guys in black hats, and the sky is falling - that sort of thing.

The Prime Mentalist on the other hand said that the social democrats want to tax everything and everybody, and that they will plunge Sweden into darkness. And since the social democrats are relying on communists and tree-huggers to gain power, a glowing fierily hell will be created and destroy the beautiful Sweden the Prime Mentalist and his cronies have created during the latest 3000… oh sorry, 3 years.

The political storyline between these two imaginary enemies is always the same. As a former active politician I can recite most in my sleep without watching any theatrical display.

The “right” claim to have cut taxes, maybe they have, but have any of you out there noticed it? I mean since they’ve increased taxation on fuel, tobacco, and alcohol at the same time as inflation rages on? I know my parents haven’t noticed any difference. I certainly haven’t.

And for the first time the leftie argument of "the right" destroying the economy actually holds. They always say that, normally it isn’t really true, but now with the fictively low interest rates, hundreds of billions given to the banking cartels that all should be bankrupt, the housing bubble growing and a rising deficit they do have a point.

Maybe that’s the idea? Let the lefties take over an economy in free-fall? Fuck the country, let’s show people how much the left can destroy Sweden if given a chance to rule in a communist-tree hugging-socialist way.

But worst of all; the current administration has imposed a truly fascist control-grid, they have a Justice Minister that thinks that the innocent should be punished and that very young kids can be tortured. Not that the lefties are complaining - now they only need to take over, not create such totalitarianism themselves.

The totalitarian:

And the “left” are even more useless. The "woman" and her henchmen seemingly think that jobs will be created if they increase taxes with a percentage or two at the same time as they conjure up more government departments. That’s so old and incredibly stupid. The social democrats have totally died idea wise and when it’s being argued by this woman that even many of their core-voters detest it falls flatter than usual. And have you seen this… ‘woman…?

The Beast:

And the thought of having true believing communists in the Swedish government make the skin crawl and you really start to look at charts to see where they would want to build their equivalent of Gulag camps.

So what do THEY really want then?

Well they both want you to vote, they want you to pay your taxes (plus minus one or two HUGE percent), they both want you to be a good little citizen running around in the wheel, they both want you to follow the law, they both want you to be silent and take it, and they both want to save the old, young, poor, unemployed and sick.

Will any of these to ‘alternatives’ change anything?

Oh no, no, no, only adjust, fickle a bit, cut a corner there, build something there. Both want to keep the same system, both want to have the same structure in place. When it comes down to it, the only real change in-between is who will be prime mentalist. I do hope it will be the current one in that case, his version of the stink-hole is slightly less smelly and at least he doesn’t make you regurgitate when you see him.

How much did they talk about the impending financial depression, the slaughter of Muslims in foreign countries, the fascist internet surveillance, and ideology? Very little. They did bring up the Justice Minister and her wacky totalitarian ideas, but otherwise not much of the fun stuff.

If you want to voice your opinion you should look for the alternatives that really will rock the elitist’s world. You see nothing frightens those in power more than to lose their place at parliament or have some pesky newcomer take their seat at any of their countless departments. Sure they will still get some complementary high position within the elitist agenda, but it is not really the same thing.

Vote for the ‘racists’? Sure, I hate those morons, but so do the politically correct and the elitists, so why not? They are evil you know, racist too, they are really “right”-wing, and racist. They are basically exactly the same as the rest, social democrats really, but racist. Oh and did I mention they were racists?

Maybe a vote on the Pirate Party? I don’t really like them either, and it seems like they could use new management, but they at least fight for something that none of the rest do -the right to privacy and individual freedom comes to new technology. They are also cool - ‘pirates’ - I mean come on, you don’t need to love Johnny Depp or watch a lot of porn to like that one.

We also do have a libertarian party. I think they got 400 votes, in total, during the last general election but hey, at least they know what’s what and are a real alternative. I will probably go and vote for them, if I get the time to drag myself from more important things then voting, you know like clipping my toe nails, watching paint dry, popping popcorn…

Peter Schiff explains – you should listen

I think I’ve posted this before in MP3 version, but this is a must see and a must listen.

If you manage to go through all these and still think we’re in a recovery or that things are dandy, I suggest you then lock in the phonebook after psychiatric clinics and admit yourself.