Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh no… They are burning textiles

Apparently some Malaysian Muslims are burning the Swedish flag in protest against those cartoonish drawings of Muhammad.

Isn’t that a tad juvenile?

I kind of liked fire when I was little, not in arson kind of a way, but it is warm, you can burn stuff (okay, maybe there’s a tiny arsonist in me…) and you get light and energy from it.

But adults burning some fabric while dancing around shouting idiocies?

And a bit of cloth with some colors, are we really supposed to feel offended by it? Media seem to think so, why else is flag burning like the second biggest story and one of the most repeated stories you can find?

Maybe I would be a bit upset if Malaysians burned a dog (hey! Food!) or if was people. Well, depending on what people. A dog burning would always upset me, some banksters and politicians not so much.

Anyway, in some countries it is even illegal to burn textile with a certain color combination…

That is how far humanity has got during 250 000 years of evolution - the outlawing of burning certain cloth with certain colors on it.

Furthermore, I think Beatrice Ask must resign.


  1. Traitor.

    Would you be offended if someone pissed on a picture of your mother ? Its just an image. Doesnt cause any damage.

    Images, flags, symbols etc are part of what we call CULTURE - one of the things distinguishing us from cavemen.

    Dont piss on culture.

  2. Hi

    It was a while since I visited your blog. I felt the urge to leave another comment on one of your blogposts. I come to think more and more that you and I view the world very similarely, though you have some more knowlege and experience then I have. Even though we don't look at left wing politics (I don't like it that much either, but I think it is way better than capitalism) the same way.
    I have noted that you've written "Furthermore, I think Beatrice Ask must resign" on several og your blogposts. I must say you have my complete sympathy in regards to how you feel about her. I myself made a blogpost about her about a week ago, which I think you would like, if you have time to check it out.

    I must say also, that I still have a little hope for people. I think that people are brainless mostly because they ar brainwashed into being that and that people still could wake up.

  3. @Anonymous
    Thanks, and not really no. As you say, it is just a picture. However in order to get that picture the offender would probably need to steal it first, and that would offend me. And the comparison is very faulty. A picture of a person means something; a piece of cloth with colors on it means nothing other than to warmongering fools and idiots.
    A flag has nothing to do with culture, it’s just a flag.

    And even if you do care, why care about some idiots in another country burning it? If that flag represent something to you, that cannot go away no matter how many pieces of cloth anyone burns.

  4. @Locutus
    Hi again. Yeah, I know. I sometimes visit you, when I see your blog and I know we have similarities in certain opinions. But I don’t understand why you like today’s world (socialist) when there’s a better alternative i.e. capitalism.

    Of course people have been brainwashed, but it is more than that. People don’t want to know the truth, it would hurt too much. And also, to admit you need to work for a living or actually put the effort in is harder than to listen to the ones saying people can get free stuff. It is easier to listen to and comply to politicians than to actually get up and do something yourself.

    And yeah, that totalitarian lady should resign. Cannot believe that so many is still defending her. She’s toast. If not for the statement in itself, so at least politically. Just as if the current leftie administration haven’t enough problems.

  5. Hi

    Yes, there are some things that we don't agree upon, but still I think we have a similar view of the world, even if it doesn't always lead us to the same opinions. I probably tend to get a little more emotional about certain issues as well (even though I'm practicing not to).

    When it comes to socialism, it is politically and economically far worse than the western neo-liberal capitalism. Why I favour socialism (I don't like socialism either) is simply because in general it apeals to better sides, emotions etc. within people. I think that giving fuel to the greed in the world, is probably the absolute worst thing we can do.

    And yes, I think people today are too comfortable with their consumerist lifestyles. I believe though that the free informationsuply from the internet has shoved some painful truths up into peoples faces. Just 15 years ago very few were aware for example of the privatization of the bankingsystem or the crimes of the multinational corporations, nor the implications their actions might have on the future of the whole world.

  6. Hi again...

    Came to think about something. Obout painfull truths. Do you have any tips about things to read, books or websites or documentaries?

  7. Most of the stuff I read and follow are to your right here on the blog.

    YouTube is filled with good stuff to watch. Just search for it.

    Anything in perticular you're looking for?

  8. Political corruption is a broad subject, but stuff related to that. The influence corporations have on politics. The development in the world. Anything really that gives a better view as to what is going on in the world. Mainly books to read or documentaries to watch. Maybe stuff to search for on youtube or googlevideo. I will also check out the blogs you have linked to a little more.