Sunday, January 31, 2010

Iranians got tha 'bomb'?

I don’t think this is true; it is probably only one of many thingies as a prelude to the American/Israeli attack on Iran - building up the sense of; “attack is a must” among the general sheople.

But I do however hope it is true because this can be fun on so many levels…

Mexican Government kills youths and police officers

Thanks to Mexican laws and the government’s expanding war on drugs and drug-cartels, three more incidents have occurred.

In Ciudad Juarez a group of armed men stormed a party in this violent northern border city, killing 13 teens and young adults and injuring about two dozen.

Violence also rocked the oceanside Mexican community of Lazaro Cardenas this weekend. Police in the southwestern city say that just after midnight Saturday, about 20 heavily armed gunmen riding in trucks with tinted windows attacked a police station with grenades and assault rifles, killing a police officer and two civilians.

Also this weekend, three women and two men, all identified as Mexican citizens, were murdered while driving in their van with California license plates near the western Mexican city of Navolato. The bodies of the five victims, including a 16-year-old girl, were found riddled with bullets.

So there you have it, death by government, adding to the body-count of several thousands in Mexico alone.

If they instead legalized drugs and legalized citizens free choice drug-cartels and mafia organizations would disappear almost overnight and people could instead buy drugs at any supermarket, scrutinized by the market and at lower prices. Much of the corruption would go away, and billions would be saved in less policing, less imprisonments and lower hospital costs to victims and their families.

But you see it is important for the government to induce fear in people and have someone to fight. Without a government created enemy, what would we need government for? Also it is good for government to have armed thugs fighting other armed thugs, it gives the people someone to ‘trust’ and also fear since government is the only one allowed to own and carry guns.

Tits, boobs and breasts

It is not easy being a female. Britain seemingly is going after females with large operated boobs because Alky Aida may have infiltrated such attributes with bombs or chemicals, and in Australia the Australian Classification Board (ACB) is now banning depictions of small-breasted A-cup breasted women in adult publications and films. Apparently smallish titties automatically conjure up pedophiles.

Presumably small breasted women taking photographs of themselves will now be guilty of creating simulated child pornography at the same time as women with big breasts are potential terrorists. Where are the feminists? This is the sort of thing I would like to see advocates of female liberty to pop up, but they are probably busy with their penis-envy and chasing some poor blond down the street…

One can also assume that Australia and Britain being so closely linked to each other through the commonwealth will have some sort of cooperation surrounding this? If so and if they take the next possible and very feasible step one cannot help to wonder which sort of females that will be allowed to travel from one country to the other…

And what about a woman that have recorded a sex tape with small breasts and then done a boob-job afterwards? Is she an instigator of pedophilia and a terrorist?

Is this how far we have come with evolution of our species?

--- A pedophile creator? -------------------------- A terrorist? ---

I love the beard…

Budget ax falls on New York

25 State Unemployment Funds Bankrupt; Credit Card Defaults at Record Levels;
Look on the Bright Side

Two Dozen States Unemployment Funds in the Red, Nine More Within Six Months

More and more states on budget brink

Massachusetts schools brace for deep cuts


Visited Englands Freedome, Souldiers Rights and read about how social workers stole a baby since the mother was deemed too unintelligent by authorities.

For me this is eugenics all over again and this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of a story such as this, but it really got my blood boiling.

The duty of the social services, if there’s supposed to be such a thing, should be to offer whatever assistance may be needed to help them on the road to family life, instead of passing judgment on them on very shaky grounds. And stealing the baby directly from the mother’s arms? Fuck!

This is one of those limit things. The last drop that overfills the glass. I can tell you all right now that if any government thug ever did anything like this to me or mine I would go on the mother of all shooting-sprees. I would go after the record.

And I cannot believe how hospital staff and others around just stand by when this was going on. What the fuck!? I would rather die than let any bureaucrat snatch a baby from its mother’s warm embrace. Couldn’t any doctor, nurse or other patient picked up a scalpel and made these two social workers into immediate 5 liter blood donors? What the hell is wrong with people today?

This is heartless totalitarian master-race crap and believe me, it’s coming to you and your family in one form or the other very soon.

Got a boob-job? No travel for you…

Apparently Alky Aida has already figured out how to avoid body scanners. According to British newspapers they are planning a new stage in its terror campaign by inserting ‘surgical bombs’ inside people and it seems that the body scanners cannot detect them.

A leading source added that male bombers would have the explosive secreted near their appendix or in their buttocks, while females would have the material placed inside their breasts in the same way as figure-enhancing implants.

Oh, so any silicon breasted female and male with to hard buttocks is a potential terrorist? And apparently anyone carrying a syringe should also be regarded as a suspect since these cleverly fiends use chemicals.

Too big boobs. Check.

Too well-shaped butts. Check.

Diabetes people. Check.

How are they going to tackle this one? How about grounding anyone except large ass, flat-chested healthy losers?

You see the terrorist will always find a way, it’s impossible to have 100% protection and there are literarily thousands of ways to bomb, crash or disrupt an airplane. Hell, I know from experience they let you onboard with small knifes and flammable fluids while tossing away your hairgel. And anyone knows that you can MacGyver together a nuclear device from a shoe-string and toothpaste, so why not ground everyone? Do we really need airplanes? Let’s stop all travel, communication and trade, what’s the diff? Right?

This is getting more ridiculous by the minute…

A terrorist?

The lying continues

Several funnies have emerged on the scene the latest couple of days, one more deceitful then the other. And as usual mainstream media refuse to do any sort of investigating work or question anything from the powers that be.

The U.S. economy grew in the fourth quarter of 2009, with 5.7%, at the fastest pace in six years, or so they say. Most within media only report this as another sign of better times ahead, but is it really?

Even mainstream economists and business owners in the US remains unconvinced that a full-scale recovery is underway or that substantial job growth would soon follow. A couple of papers have reported on this with quotations from economists believe that most of the fourth-quarter growth was driven by temporary factors like cyclical inventory changes and government stimulus that are likely to fade in the middle of this year.

For the elitists agenda the key question for the U.S. economy, seen to GDP, is the consumer and government. Consumer spending, which alone accounts for about 70% of U.S. economic activity, is the main target to keep fictive GDP-numbers up and sustain what cornflake economists call a solid recovery. Government on the other hand can also contribute through lots of spending, no matter on what which is seen on US military numbers, the only factor to consider is spending so GDP is going up.

But how do you keep consumer spending up when the American people are in-debt like never before, official unemployment is 10% (in reality close to 20%) and the number of producing hours is going down? Well, you can’t, not in the long run. However, excluding autos, consumer spending increased at a 3 percent rate last quarter, the most in three years, indicating the biggest part of the economy was gaining speed. But why? When things look so dire, people really don’t have money, how come they are still spending?

Well, that magic has several ingredients.

Firstly zero interest rates which make it very cheap to borrow and spend.

Secondly an increase in the money supply which make certain parts of the economy to throw notes around.

And thirdly; it all depends on how you count. You see the third-quarter GDP was revised from 3.5 percent (huge “green shoot” in its day) initially to 2.8 percent but it eventually landed at 2.2 percent. Can you say ‘scam’? There’s no reason to think that this will not be done for the fourth quarter.

And looking at the real numbers this potential revised level seems very feasible since the domestic purchases deflator rose 2.1% while the GDP deflator rose 0.6%, meaning that terms of trade adjusted GDP rose 4.2%, not 5.7%. And the very optimistic trade-deficit number also seems to be almost deliberately increased.
But it doesn’t stop there either. As much as 3.4% was because of reduced inventory reductions. Which means that it is a temporarily gain short-term, but may very well impact negatively long-term.

Can’t I see anything bright about this? Of course I can, and if everything else was okay I would even agree with our mainstream soul-killers that things are looking better, but as one of those people using my brain I cannot help considering in factors like a defaulting commercial real-estate and the trillions of borrowing and even more trillions of printing. Well, there are a lot of things about the US economy that points towards total break-down and a huge depression so some GDP numbers that most likely is both exaggerated and comes from temporarily gains shouldn’t rock any yacht.

In addition GDP doesn’t tell us what the real wealth creation level is, GDP only tells us about activity within the economy, any kind of activity. If they, oh let’s say shuffle sand out on sandy beaches, re-build bridges that don’t need re-building, throw lots of cash at the useless manmade global warming scam, spends lots and lots of money on the military and similar ineffectual and expensive hoaxes, well then GDP goes up.

Yet another lie to get you to get another loan and spend your last savings.

And so we enter the second act

A former police chief is suspected of rape in an expanding sex ring investigation in Sweden and a number of other well-known men are also said to be under investigation.

Göran Lindberg is the name of the man and he’s a former respected law enforcement official, among other things know for his commitment to feminist ideas.

Apparently Lindberg’s name came up unexpectedly in connection with the investigation of a suspicious death in the suburbs of Stockholm.

In July of 2009 a 60-year-old man mysteriously fell to his death from a balcony and police launched a preliminary investigation into the suspected murder. During the investigation, police confiscated a computer and a mobile phone which belonged to the deceased 60-year-old.

When investigators examined the contents of the machines and found the names of several men, they realized they had stumbled upon a new sex ring (including several rape of minors) and handed the matter over to the Stockholm County police force. However, it wasn’t Lindberg’s name that first caused a stir among the investigators, but the names of several other men. Makes you wonder who else is on that list eh? Of course the police have since then refuted any claim of other names…

Anyway, can you see one of the central themes of this movie-like development?

Okay let me continue the story.

You see the kiddy rapist had, together with his friends, this little sex-ring mainly online, of course. They used computers, internet and such to find each other and some (all?) of their victims.

Still not in-tuned? Well how about this neat little statement from our friend Göran:

“It is so easy to connect nowadays, everything is so excisable.” – meaning internet…

But this diminutive story doesn’t really stop there, because when looking around newspapers the latest days when above have played out, I think I never read so many anti-free-internet stories as during these days.

Only today you can read about how some email con-artist have stolen peoples identities, how the Swedish Film institute wants to combat web-piracy, how John Edwards sex-flick is floating around internet, and how easy any hacker can take control over your computer. And these are just a small portion of all the stuff you can find.

This sort of comes out as a conspiracy, it’s not. The elitists will however not waste any time; as soon as anything of the sort becomes news they will milk it with the same arguments, hammering them into the consciousness of the general public. And so little by little, step by step, they can implement their fascist ideas while the sheople might even thank ‘em for it, you know, we need to think of the Childreeeeen…

This will continue for a while, people are not yet ready for the next act wherein the PTB will take us into the total totalitarian state comes to information, so they need to sneak it in through the backdoor. And as with any rear-end usage they lube us with continuous caresses and kisses, saying everything will be okay, just think of the kids and how we can save us from terrorists. Bit down on the pillow please, it will soon feel better.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The central bank is lying – a pro union post

As a libertarian I am supposed to be the champion for big business and the rich ‘cause that’s how lefties tell it.

One of the best ways of attacking a certain point of view is to re-write history, turn an ideology around and attach certain less attractive attribute to it and then argue against this made-up version.

Throughout history this has been the most preferred weapon of choice for collectivists and socialists.

This is how they sell the public that closing down a daycare center, paying out huge bank bonuses or that the European Union is equivalent to libertarianism. Anything evil is equal to this fictitious enemy.

But as anyone paying attention knows; the ones that have been arguing against the bail-outs, the bonuses and how the banking sector is screwing us, from the very start, are those with the libertarian persuasion. If one read novels, opinions and libertarian blogs this becomes very clear as well as the fact that libertarians aren’t the allies of huge corporations, quite the contrary.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like unions either, but not for the reasons lefties argue. I don’t like unions because they never think long-term, they never think of the ones actually providing jobs and they definitely don’t think of the non-working member or potential member. Over time unions have also become very hierarchal and elitist in their structure, in effect possessing the übermench approach they accuse their made-up enemies of having.

However, I dislike lying and deceit even more and I’m here to give unions an argument in the coming salary negotiations. This is something that sometimes gets lifted in the debate, but never by anyone actually understanding the underlying structures or the implications. What I’m talking about is inflation.

All of you out there need to understand inflation, understand money manipulations and how our banking sector works. As long as you don’t you’ll get ass fucked with rusty appliances over and over again, and this no matter who runs the country.

99 percent of the people have no idea about how these things work, and this includes most economists, politicians, pundits and teachers. If you really, really knew, you would be out in the streets right now stringing up elected criminals in lamp-posts. IF you really, really knew, every last one of you out there would be eyeing that grassy knoll...

So when the Swedish central bank issues a claim that there’s no room in salary-negotiations for too high increases (preferably no increases at all), you need to understand why they are saying this and why it is a lie.

You see the Consumer Price Index (CPI) that measures changes in the prices paid for a representative basket of goods and services, came out the other week and it showed an increase of 2.7% for Sweden. This general increase in prices - all else equal and with interest rates at zero - needs to correspond to your salary increase otherwise you’re getting lower purchasing power hence lower salary.

And the central bank and those in charge equals CPI with inflation – that’s a lie!

1 UNDERSTAND THIS: Prices going up is the consequence of inflation!

the only entities that can cause inflation are the central bank and your government.

The central bank is saying you shouldn’t ask for higher salary because of inflationary worries. In the mind of these idiots (or ‘complacent tricksters’- take your pick…) higher salaries will lead to higher prices in an endless spiral. But since the central bank is the entity that actually creates inflation via the printing machine, this is an outrageous claim and you should call them on it.

Ever wondered why our grandparents could survive on one job per family while we today hardly can manage with two? They could buy a house, a car and live a pretty good life, of course not with all the same appliances and technology we have today, but they managed and they did so not only on one single salary (mostly), they also did it with a lower degree of debt.

We are more in debt today and our total work in-put is higher, but we’re not really earning more money. Have this never entered your mind? Ever wondered why this is?
You probably never really thought about it since your equivalent salary seen in the number of kronor/pounds/dollar is higher today. Whereas your ancestor earned maybe $1000/month you today have $5000. Seems higher doesn’t it? It is not.

You need to remember that money is useless pieces of paper we use as exchange-goods.

Whether the name is “idiot-money” or “dollars” has no meaning whatsoever and so hasn’t - if all else stay the same - what it says on the note. If the note say 10, 20 or 100 is irrelevant, what is relevant, however, is what you can buy with it.

3 UNDERSTAND THIS: what is relevant with your salary or the money is what you can buy with it, not what it says on the money or how much of it you have.

Inflation VS deflation
Many economists claim that deflation is the worst thing that can happen, which is, of course, totally false. Deflation - meaning lower prices - is a very good thing and a cornerstone in a healthy economy. If we produce more, faster, and better then prices should go down, even when adjusted for pay-increases and profits to stock-holders. Deflation – meaning the value of money goes up – is also a good thing since we need less money to pay for goods and services.

With this said; do you know what our enemies real concern is? Deflation may “prevent monetary policies from stabilizing the economy” because of a mechanism called the liquidity trap which essentially means that central banks and politicians lose control of the economy.

The “problem” economists (and their fellow criminals) see, and what also is one of the reasons for the massive bail-outs and stimulus packages being thrown everywhere, is that deflation is said to cause “credit-crunches” (really another word for liquidity trap). What they mean is that less money in the system leads to people buying less hence we end up in a recession, and/or GDP goes down because less money exchanging hands means lower GDP then if more money changes hands. This is, of course, not true.

In order to combat the horrifying deflation and get people buying stuff again, central banks and politicians have decided to use Gutenberg’s marvel; the printing press!

Basically what they are doing is throwing money into the system which, partly, according to above, is meant to get spending going again, but it is also partly to pay off debt (or increase income) and this in two ways.

The first way is that they use newly printed money to pay off loans. More specifically, in our situation, they are printing money to loan money on. Sounds strange don’t it? The government prints money and says; “Hey you, come buy our country’s debt”. Often they even buy that debt from themselves...

Putting aside, for a moment, the inflation growing from this bamboozle, it also means that all the money pouring in might trigger some illusions that get spending going. Since most of this money first goes to banks, financial institutes and the government it means, among other things, that - ta-dah! – Prices on stocks go up! Surprise then that many stock markets are overvalued with around 40 percent at the moment, don’t you think?

But the real deception isn’t how they trick markets with fictitious money printed out of thin air, oh no, not at all. The real scam comes from how the money loses in value. You see, whenever there’s more of something then before, each piece becomes worth less. If you double the money supply you’ll effectively reduced each note’s value with 50%. If we at any given moment increase the number of notes in the economy this happens, however, the taxes stay the same…

Did you get that?

Do you understand?

If the value of each note reduces in value it means that prices go up and we get the salary-price-spiral. But since taxation is based on prices and the number of notes you earn, it means that taxation also have increased. It’s a hidden tax, and this is the main reasons why our enemies, the politicians, don’t want you to know what inflation is.

Ever wondered why our grandparents could survive on one job per family while we today hardly can manage with two? This is why.

4 UNDERSTAND THIS: the government earns money on inflation because taxes go up!

5 UNDERSTAND THIS: inflation is an increase in money supply which leads to prices going up, not the other way around as we’ve been told.

And so, the conclusion for any union going into negotiations with employer organizations, especially the public ones, is to demand increases that at least equal that of CPI numbers. Since our GDP is on minus at the moment and interest rates are zero, unions could probably lay their claims even higher.

And then you all should demand that the government and the central bank stop injecting the economy with inflation (more money). As long as they don’t stop doing this, demand higher and higher salary until the level at least doesn’t mean a lost in income.

Some of you who know the basics of economy may argue I’ve simplified too much, but that’s the point. People need to understand and so let’s recap:

Prices going up is the consequence of inflation!

2 UNDERSTAND THIS: the only entities that can cause inflation are the central bank and your government.

3 UNDERSTAND THIS: what is relevant with your salary or the money is what you can buy with it, not what it says on the money or how much of it you have.

the government earns money on inflation because taxes go up!

5 UNDERSTAND THIS: inflation is an increase in money supply which leads to prices going up, not the other way around as we’ve been told.

Lastly I need to say that during an economic slowdown, salaries should go down, but they should be going down through negotiations and union understanding of how a company needs to show profits, not because of politician schemes and central bank trickery.

They are lying to you! They are increasing your taxes without telling you! Even a tax-cut may actually be the opposite because of inflation! The central bank that creates inflation wants you to have a lower salary!

If you’re not angry enough to be out looking for a good tree and a hardy rope by now, you haven’t grasp what I’ve just told you. Go to the beginning and read it once more.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let’s build this up a tad more shall we

What would you say if your country tried to develop a technology that exists in many other countries, a technology that could help you and your fellow countrymen, a technology which those that already have it don’t want you to have and goes to lengths to stop you from using it including sanctions, trade-stops and so forth?
Would you be happy? Would you feel it is justified for others that have this technology, to stop you?

And what if the same countries that are trying to stop you have armed military presence all around you? How would you react?

And what if the same countries are not saying anything or imposing sanctions towards your sworn enemy? Would you feel you’d been fairly treated?

Well, this is how western countries are treating Iran right now and since the Obamination now seem to get more power to impose more sanctions, were do you think this will end?

I see some terrorist act down the line that can be tied to Iran (probably made up, but also likely to be real) and I see more condemnations, more swords rattling and maybe some Israeli attack to knock out some Iranian facilities. More CIA paid for insurgences. And from then on there’s hardly any other outcome than another war. American authorities would probably welcome it because the only thing keeping American GDP numbers up at the moment is military spending, because it would draw attention from the economic worries facing US, and don’t you think there’s a score to settle here? 1979 ring a bell? Ayatollah Khomeini?

Crazy ‘Tin-foil’ hats have argued this for many years; that a War with Iran is in the cards about a year or two from now. But who listens to conspiracists?

The total picture looks worse and worse

The US coalition of criminals in the Senate have now voted yes to allow the United States to borrow another 1.9 trillion dollars, boosting the national debt ceiling to a historic 14.3 trillion dollars.

To put it in perspective, 1.4 trillion dollars is more than India's gross domestic product.

The wars, the socialist expansions, the fascist regulations as well as a massive injection of newly printed money has exploded government's spending while revenues have shrunk with the economy.

So while all public opinion polls say that the US public is angry at what it views as overspending by Washington the thugs do increase the spending rather than the opposite.

This news coincides with horrible numbers in regards to new orders for manufactured durable goods in December. Although an increase during the x-mas month, it was very slim and a big part of the increase was military orders and military shipments. Seen over the entire year of 2009 the only real positive year/over/year numbers was – ‘defense’, up 5.3% (orders) and 21.0% for shipments, respectively. Nobel Peace Prize my ass…

CPI numbers are on the rise, we’ve yet to see any improvement in unemployment numbers despite all the fictitious government “job-creation” and there’s no end in sight in regards to the wars, quite the opposite actually. Banks are hiding losses up to 60 percent, the real-estate market is still horrible (the commercial sector is yet to crash) and the stock market are overvalued with as much as up to 50 percent.

How can anyone see anything positive going on?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The worst possible thing that can happen

I’ve been contemplating on the worst case scenario comes to our financial predicament. And the worst possible outcome I can see is that the schemes actually, partly or fully, hold what is promised.

I don’t think this is the case, there’s no way they can hide away a couple of hundreds of trillions in debt, tens of trillions of freshly money printed and all the problems around the globe with real-estate and market disruptions.
Or can they?

As I’ve said before, there are two ways this can happen. The first one (very unlikely) is some kind of Alien intervention. Some benevolent creatures from outside our corner of space stops by and fix everything for us, gives us stuff and so forth and presto the calamities are gone. They may also be less inclined for peaceful talks and enslave us all; again the underlying economic worries are gone, well… sort of.

The second thing that could happen (also unlikely, but not unthinkable) is that some new invention(s) suddenly appear. Cold fusion or the Nicola Tesla ‘free energy’ thought might do it. Maybe some miracle drug that cures all diseases, a way of growing and harvesting crops ten times a year and free abundant water for all may also be the saviors we been waiting for.

Unless something of the sort happens, there’s simply no way out of this mess for many countries on this planet. The Math doesn’t tell lies. The ones in deep, deep trouble are UK, US, Spain, Greece, most of the Eastern European states, Japan, half of South America and most of Africa. And you gotto understand that it only takes some of these countries, not all, to falter and crash and the rest will follow, and so will yours, no matter where you live.

Many within the enemy class know this, of course. They know the game is up, but nevertheless they also know how easily duped the sheople are, so one last scam might be feasible. And that is what they are perpetrating right now. ‘Green shoots’ are everywhere; the slightest elevation of any market is taken as a fantastic sign of better times, and GDP numbers are quoted daily to reassure the common man that all is well. Nothing to see here folks, move along, buy a new house, and spend some, tralalala….

But let’s play for a while with the thought that this Keynesian nightmare and our Orwellian outlook actually plays out as those in charge are only keeping their thumbs for – they don’t actually believe it themselves.

What then?

Oh, this is surely the worst possible scenario.

Because if they ‘succeed’ and things really turn around, not only short-term but in over years to come, they have a perfect excuse to impose more of the same. We doomsday sayers were obviously wrong, government intervention is a good thing, and those deemed better knows their stuff, socialism have won a great victory. And since they have long before this crisis, during it and certainly will afterwards, blame capitalism and free unregulated market for the problems; we’ll see an upswing in leftie policies.

If this scenario becomes reality, I see “People States” popping up everywhere, probably following some Hugo Chavez or Adolf Hitler blueprint. We’re already seeing this comes to internet, but for a slightly different reason. Internet is free with information, people can educate themselves, find out truths and question mainstream media - that will simply not do, how can our masters play their games with such a nuisance available to everyone? So step by step, law by law, regulation after regulation they cut the corners and make Internet less free by the minute. The same will happen with countries if this economic scam ‘works out’.

So it is not only because of the hilarious disaster I see before us and would love to laugh at that is my point, I also believe that the hope of our future can be found within an economic depression.

Because maybe, just maybe, enough people would realize how screwed they’ve been and maybe they also will start to understand who to blame and what to do about it. We need this depression, people need to suffer once more, hopefully also experience the horrors of war and maybe a couple of holocausts. I know it sounds terrible, but it seems nothing else work. You idiots out there are so dumb that you actually believe in government planning, fascist control and the socialist way of life. So that is what you should get. Really get to know the fluffy pink gloriousness that comes with statism and totalitarian societies. You need it.

But if their plan has ‘worked’ and they can continue with the lying and deceit, then it will sneak upon us more slowly, and without most of you knowing it we would suddenly find ourselves in complete servitude getting born and getting to die by the hands of the state (just a step away today really…).
And worse, you will have voted for it, wanting it, screamed for it.

Very busy

In case anyone wonders, I'm highly occupied at the moment. Moving to another country (again) working, stacking up popcorn, hording suger, babysitting, cat-watching, birthdays and, of course, lots of vodka parties that need my attention.

I have however noticed that the scam of economic recovery continues to be told to the general public. I hope you idiots out there don’t fall for this hoax, whether things crashes this year, next year of 2 years from now is not the point, the point is that things will crash and it will make anything you’ve ever experienced before look like a walk in the park. History is in the making people, and you better wake up and smell the manure before the fan gets hit.

The Great Recession continues and just under the surface the biggest Tsunami wave of utter financial despair in the history of mankind lurks, waiting for that trigger that will plunge the world into darkness.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The collapse is closing in

As demonstrated by these videos and as I’ve said many times, the banks, the corporate interests and the government are hiding their losses, they are lying! And please remember this lying is what is supposedly fueling the American economy. Every single bank that has fallen has been written down with up to 60%! That’s how much fraud you can see in the system and it is unsustainable.

This is a giant bubble that can be hidden away for a short while, but it will burst and when it does it will not only be Vegas that will be devoured by the desert…

Rodeo Drive have many vacant commercial real-estate? Come on people, it cannot get much clearer than that.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Eruption Jazz

What would this blog be without more doomsday scenarios?

So I’m very happy to announce that Yellowstone continues to shake, rumble and cough. Over 1000 minor quakes swarming, the largest measuring 3.8 (it first they said 4.6…) in magnitude has hit the park lately.

This morning four 2.8 quakes has hit with very little in-between in time and all at about the same place…

About the same happened during 2008 and 2009, and then discarded as anomalies. Is it really?

The swarm earthquakes are likely the result of slip on pre-existing faults rather than underground movement of magma. Currently there is no indication of premonitory volcanic or hydrothermal activity, but ongoing observations and analyses will continue to evaluate these different sources.

Seismic information on the earthquake can be viewed at the University of Utah Seismograph Stations:

Seismograph recordings from stations of the Yellowstone seismograph network can be viewed online at:

Alert map over the world:〈=eng

I’m no geologist or volcanologist, but I guess I take the experts on their word that this is just another normal behavior of the supervolcano at Yellowstone, however, the only real memorable thing about the Movie 2012 should be watched because if this sucker blows, then it is goodbye America and Goodbye to most of humanity.

Although, according to all accounts, the Mayans didn’t know anything about Old Faithful… just for reference.

The only good thing

As readers of my ramblings know I don’t like the current Swedish government. Too controlling, too many leftie policies, only the fascism comes to communication is enough to despise ‘em, and they’ve adopted and are now selling swindle’s like manmade global warming, feminism and other mad schemes.

However, one thing they actually have done, at least partially, and in contrast to almost every other country in the world, was to ignore pleas for a government take-over and/or massive bail-outs thrown at an automaker, in this case SAAB.

Many tens of billions would have been totally wasted if they had listened to unions and the socialist opposition.

Now the company is about to be bought by a Dutch consortium and Swedish tax payers can be very happy that the repulsive Social democratic leader wasn’t Prime Mentalist during this period in time.

The deal hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the spin-doctors are running the story so I assume it is written down by now.

Only one problem though, both the Swedish central bank and the European investment bank is backing the deal with loans. So when this company crash and burn again, which it should, taxpayers will still pick up some of the costs, but this is still a better deal than anyone could have hoped for. Maybe some jobs will even stay in Sweden? Go figure.

The world has really gone down the crapper when you feel sort of satisfied over only a few billion in losses haven’t it?

I wish the Dutch morons good luck, if they really are buying. I have a hard time seeing SAAB turning things around, but if they close down some factories and build new ones in the Czech republic, conjure up some new designs, lower the prices or something of the sort, then maybe. Besides, a worse owner than GM is hard to find, so a slim hope that the company lives on.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

How Nancy Sinatra saved my libido

I usually wake up kind of horny. Not necessarily with a tent in the midsection, but still in the mood for some loving. Not this morning though. I touched my wormlike apparatus, no real movement and a slight shill went down my spine. Have I finally gotten so old? Time for those blue pills? And seeing the Swedish Social democrats leader in the headlines didn’t help either, talking about a mood-killer…

However, in order to wake up I turned on an American radio station and by accident it was an oldies station, Nancy was on. ‘Bang bang’ streamed out from my PC and I started to check for the woman in question online and oh boy was she hot.

Then I watched the flick further down and hellooo, there he was, my great companion awoke again.

Just goes to tell ya, don’t need hardcore gangbangs to fill those inches with blood, all it takes is a 60’s beauty skipping around in the forest wearing white boots and a cute outfit.

'Sesame Street' Understands the Economic Collapse

I thought this was kind of funny so let's end this day with some puppets

Scientology to the rescue

As a 5.5 earthquake hits Haiti I read that John Travolta is on his way.

Oh goodie.

I cannot write about this, its better you go to this post and check it out. I’m too busy thinking about whether I should vomit or laugh.

Thanks to Counting Cats in Zanzibar for this hilarious tip

Get a room will ya

The two chief puppet masters of Sweden’s largest political parties convened in a debate today.

As usual the Social democrat leader, Mona Sahlin, a ‘female’ (sort of) argued that the “right”-government and her opponent, Prime Mentalist Fredrik Reinfeldt, are cutting taxes for the wealthy and its sooo horrible for everyone else. You know, starving people everywhere, babies getting eaten by rich guys in black hats, and the sky is falling - that sort of thing.

The Prime Mentalist on the other hand said that the social democrats want to tax everything and everybody, and that they will plunge Sweden into darkness. And since the social democrats are relying on communists and tree-huggers to gain power, the lefty’s pointy horns and glowing fierily hell will destroy the beautiful Sweden the Prime Mentalist and his cronies have created during the latest 3000… oh sorry, 3 years.

Me, I watched it for about 10min, just to see if the supposed woman still gets caught by the camera and whether or not the Head-mentalist would have bought himself a new wristwatch (the one he had on the other day, kind of expensive, caused a bit of roar). The political storyline between these two imaginary enemies is always the same. As a former active politician I can recite most in my sleep without watching any theatrical display.

Why can’t they just hug, make up and get a hotel room instead? Well, okay, the prime mentalist has a beautiful wife, but I meant figuratively. What is the real difference between these two and their parties today? Anyone?

I know what respective party’s spokesperson say, and what any indoctrinated member or the four-winged soul killers sitting at Parliament for each party would argue, but really, what is the difference?

The “right” claim to have cut taxes, maybe they have, but have any of you out there noticed it? I mean since they’ve increased taxation on fuel, tobacco, and alcohol at the same time as inflation rages on? I know my parents haven’t noticed any difference. I certainly haven’t. And for the first time the leftie argument of "the right" destroying the economy actually holds. They always say that, normally it isn’t really true, but now with the fictively low interest rates, bail-outs to banks, the housing bubble growing and a growing deficit they do have a point. Maybe that’s the idea? Let the lefties take over an economy in free-fall? Fuck the country, let’s show people how much the left can destroy Sweden if given a chance to rule in a communist-tree hugging-socialist way.

And the “left” are even more useless. The "woman" and her henchmen seemingly think that jobs will be created if they increase taxes with a percentage or two at the same time as they conjure up more government departments. That’s so old. The social democrats have totally died idea wise and when it’s being argued by this woman that even many of their core-voters detest it falls flatter than usual.

So what do THEY really want then?

Well they both want you to vote, they want you to pay your taxes (plus minus one or two HUGE percent), they both want you to be a good little citizen running around in the wheel, they both want you to follow the law, they both want you to be silent and take it, and they both want to save the old, young, poor, unemployed and sick.

Will any of these to ‘alternatives’ change anything?

Oh no, no, no, only adjust, fickle a bit, cut a corner there, build something there. Both want to keep the same system, both want to have the same structure in place. When it comes down to it, the only real change in-between is who will be prime mentalist. I do hope it will be the current one in that case, his version of the stink-hole is slightly less smelly and at least he doesn’t make you regurgitate when you see him.

How much did they talk about the impending financial depression, the slaughter of Muslims in foreign countries, the fascist internet surveillance, and ideology? Nothing. At least not from what I watched or can read afterwards.

If you want to voice your opinion you should look for the alternatives that really will rock the elitist’s world. You see nothing frightens those in power more than to lose their place at parliament or have some pesky newcomer take their seat at any of their countless departments. Sure they will still get some complementary high position within the elitist agenda, but it is not really the same thing.

Vote for the ‘racists’? Sure, I hate those morons, but so do the politically correct and the elitists, so why not? They are evil you know, racist too, they are really “right”-wing, and racist. They are basically exactly the same as the rest, social democrats really, but racist. Oh and did I mention they were racists?

But I hope that enough of you out there cast your vote on the Pirate Party. I don’t really like them either, and it seems like they could use new management, but they at least fight for something that none of the rest do, the right to privacy and individual freedom comes to new technology. They are also cool - ‘pirates’ - I mean come on, you don’t need to love Johnny Depp or watch a lot of porn to like that one.

Too bad there’s no real alternative though. The ‘liberal party’ (libertarians) with their hundred or so votes will hardly make a ripple.

Me? I don’t vote. It’s immoral, and a waste of time. Besides I don’t plan to live in Sweden anyway. I’m getting the hell out, well, further away anyway.

Japan’s troubles continues

Japan Today report today that:

“Liberal Democratic Party President Sadakazu Tanigaki pledged Sunday to take on Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama’s government and his Democratic Party of Japan over money scandals, saying the LDP will fight against DPJ Secretary General Ichiro Ozawa’s ‘‘dictatorship.’‘”
“The annual convention, held at a Tokyo hotel, came in the wake of prosecutors’ questioning the previous day of Ozawa—widely seen as the real power in the DPJ—about alleged political fund report irregularities over which his former and current aides have been arrested.

‘‘It is truly unprecedented and bizarre that the DPJ’s top two leaders have been embroiled in scandals over political funds,’’ Tanigaki said in an address, adding that his party will keep questioning whether it is appropriate for them to be in charge of the government.”

This scandal have been brewing for some time and it seems that more and more people get dragged into it and although LDP is ceasing this populist opportunity, you cannot help wondering if they are right.

And if they are and if this continues down the same path, what will that do to the economics and politics of Japan?

This is pretty serious business for a country running a 200% public debt while still facing deficits and financial worries. And if it is serious for Japan, it us serious for many others as well. If Japan falter and goes back into a real decline, what do you think will happen with the world economy? Maybe this isn’t serious enough and it probably takes more to turn the fictive magical ‘green shoots’ into screams, but this is yet another nail in the coffin.

Oh, this is going to be a hilarious year.

The Secret to the Universe is 7129/6105195

I’ve been following Old Holborn’s (and others) ‘Freeman’ development for a while now. It is a good thing that more people have had enough and take a stand in a peaceful but clearly openly anti-establishment way.

His latest post got me laughing pretty hard. You should check it out here.

I have a slightly different approach but since many years back I’ve been ignoring pretty much everything I am supposed to do as citizen.

Every time you move within Sweden you’re supposed to report this to the taxation authorities, change address with creditors, and fill in forms about the electricity meter so they can bill you correctly and many other similar things. I never do any of that. When you live and work abroad, as I’ve done and do, you should fill out some extra taxation thingies and sometimes pay extra tax if you move back to Sweden too early. Never done that either. I have not paid a single parking-ticket in my entire life, and never will. I’ve never paid tax to ‘The TV Licence finances public service radio and television broadcasting in Sweden’ (nice short name eh?). Well, in the later case I have to admit I don’t own a TV; never watch that stupid tube, but I have had one in the past.

Other things I always do and can mention is to question everything that happens to come my way. Just like in the Old Holborn example above I send post back, well, all the time really since I don’t live in Sweden. And as soon as some census people call or anything of the sort I argue about everything other than that they want to talk about. And every time I’m at the airport and they ask for my passport I always ask why, how come? Why not enough with my driver-license? Don’t we have the Schengen agreement? Does it matter who I am? Shouldn’t it be enough if I’m unarmed and not a terrorist? Why should they check my passport?

Did I mention I travel a lot?

I could mention several other things, but let’s… uhm… skip that. Never know who is reading.

Yeah I know, I’m a rebel…

The point is that I am not alone; these sorts of people are popping up everywhere, and the more laws and regulations, the more this silence movement will grow. Most of you are probably already a part of it to some degree. Maybe not intentionally, yet. But maybe it is time for you to start?

Hold on for a moment

In northern Sweden a police officer came home Sunday morning and was meet with a couple of Molotov cocktails (or something similar). His house and his car caught fire but it was quickly put out.

The police now have three men in custody suspected of this crime.

In Göteborg another incident with a man shooting at police officers out of uniform took place.

Now, so far I’m guessing everyone is thinking about the same as I do. No matter if the fire-bombed guy is a member of the police force or not or whether the police was in their uniform or not during the shooting, this is serious crimes and what madmen could ever think of doing something like this.

But hold on, why think that? Isn’t possible that these guys actually had a valid reason? Just because someone is a member of the police force don’t exempt him automatically. Had the police stolen property and/or manhandled somebody? Had the police officer evicted them from their home because the bank stole all their money? Had he raped their sister or shot anyone? Nothing of this is unheard of and we all know that such events rarely get investigated. Ever heard of a police officer getting convicted for beating up some teens voicing their opinion? How many cops do get found guilty for shooting someone unnecessary?

So far the news doesn’t tell us the real reason behind the mentioned crimes this post is about – it’s under investigation. All I'm asking for here is a moment of thoughtfulness.

Before I continue to thrash the police you should all be aware of (especially you policing guys reading this), that I actually like the police. Of all the things our government throws money at I believe our justice system and those set to withhold said system are the most important. I can even concede that we should have more police officers. I’ve also known several police officers throughout the years and they’ve all been nice, professional and mostly good people. There are rotten eggs within the police, of course, but few occupations have so great people working within.

With this said, there’s one big problem with the police; they do their job.

I know it sounds kind of contradictory, but it isn’t. The police are there to withhold the law, to catch criminals and make our streets safer. The problem with this is that we have politicians and arbitrary laws that decides who’s a criminal and who’s not.

Victimless crimes like drug-use, moonshine making and driving without a seat-belt have been decided to be illegal hence police arrest, manhandle and lock up ordinary harmless citizens perpetrating such ‘crimes’. They have to, it’s their job. Doing their jobs just like the guards at Treblinka or the officers watching the Gulag camps.

I know I know, I Godwin’ed myself, but it is nevertheless a valid point.

In the aftermath of these incidents mentioned spokespersons for the police have already said that it was ghastly crimes against both the police as a person but also against the whole justice system and so against everyone, implying that any crime against any representative of the law is worse than an ordinary crime, although they try to make a point of saying that this isn’t the case...

Looking around at blogs and seeing how journalists write, they seem to agree on this. I don’t.

Sometimes ordinary people taking a stand and using force against an unjust system, overzealous police officers and authorities run amok is a good thing. Citizens that have had enough should react and act. Loud protests and even violence against those normally deemed better isn’t necessarily an evil thing to do.

Sweden today is very close to being a fascist country. Everything we do from the cradle to the grave is monitored, taxed and controlled. All communication is surveillance and we have so many unjust and totally wrong laws that if we applied this situation and went back a couple of hundred of years, then our ancestors would be rallying with pitch-forks and torches stringing up politicians in trees. We don’t do that; we’ve become too lazy and too compliant.

Our entire system is built around a status que were the elitist of the gramscoFabiaNazi enemy-class rule with impunity. Media, big business, large corporations, banks, politicians and pundits sleep together and pretend they listen, they don’t. We’ve gone so far down this road that it isn’t really about socialism versus capitalism, it isn’t about libertarians versus communists, not at this stage - it’s all about the elitist’s übermenchen against the common man. And in this fight the police stand with the elitists, that’s their job.

I’m certainly not saying this act of violence was okay or that aggression against the police or those that rule us isn’t a crime, no, what I am saying is that we shouldn’t automatically dismiss any such actions as that of madmen and criminals. Maybe these idiots should be trialed and locked away, but maybe, just maybe, what they did should be viewed as; some people have had enough.

And when that shit-storm of an economic disaster hits the famous fan the coming years, unemployment goes up, the elitists crack down even harder on internet users and ordinary citizens, then comes the real test for the police. Will they stand with the people or with the enemy class?

Look at my left hand…

The terrorist threats are taking turn pouring out in media. British alert levels rising and now the Gorgon have decided to send out drones to spy his countrymen, Yemen terrorists are suddenly one of the main topics, US passes more fascist laws, and now the fictional Bin Laden is spitting out extreme dislike again.

To a certain extent you cannot really blame that smoldering hatred many people are feeling since several western armies are committing war crimes and murdering tens of thousands of families in several different countries. Wouldn’t you fight back if you were on the resaving end of American bombs? And you cannot discard domestic freedom fighters either.

But I actually think there’s more talking than doing. Terrorists like to show off, makes them feel mighty special, media can sell papers so they are happy, politicians can impose more control and regulation so they are very happy as well. Terrorism is one of the best things a politician knows.

With these re-occurring jumps up and down in threat-levels they can keep us feeling exposed, building both fear and animosity towards made-up enemies.

Sometimes an attack need to be diverted or followed through, otherwise the scare isn’t working, and let’s face it, what has Osama done lately? The guy is a shameful excuse for a terrorist. There are children in Palestinian areas with more accomplished skills.

So the question is, will Alky Aida and their head-boy finally get out of their extremity filled caves and do something or is this just another way for our bellowed leaders to either hide some economic data or to pass more laws? A combination perhaps? Well, the future will tell us, but I would keep an eye on that right hand, the elitists may very well be up to something.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vodka - the beverage of life

‘nuff said…

Why guns and self-defense is made illegal

During the last seconds of this clip you’ll be aware of the real reasons why those in power don’t want you to be able to own and carry any sort of weaponry. But listen to the whole thing, this is a powerful story and it could have come from Columbine US or Jokela, Tuusula, Finland.

Thanks to Englands Freedome, Souldiers Rights for the tip

When guns are made illegal only criminals will carry guns. The moment you realize this and understand why the powers that be still don’t want you to protect yourself, I hope you immediately start looking for a shady character to purchase a gun. Government be damned. The politically correct be damned. Fuck ‘em all.

You have an absolute right to protect you and you loved ones, and whatever anyone, no matter how many or who they are, says, this right is and always should be absolute.

3 naked women and one man

A naked woman who wandered into a downtown Farmington bank, Minnesota, caught the attention of bank employees and customers earlier this week. The conclusion was drawn that the female had some psychological problems.

A nude woman, wrapped in a carpet, was found in the night on the natural history museum in Norway. According to reports this too was out of the ordinary and nothing seem to have been stolen, although I suspect that the strip-search may have been unnecessary, I cannot help wondering if she had some trinkets stuffed into one or two orifice.

A 33 year old PRC lady by the name of Cao Yan was jailed 4 weeks for drinking naked with clients in a KTV lounge, Singapore. She got the job by claiming on her resume that she graduated with a Bachelor degree in industrial management from China’s Nanchang University. However, investigations revealed that she had never studied at Nanchang University. Perhaps Cao was valued not for her “managerial” skills, but her “talent” for drinking naked with men.

And from Springfield, Virginia, we hear that Eric Williamson faces an indecent exposure charge after a passerby saw him in the buff in his own home making coffee. A woman and 7-year-old boy who saw him naked apparently had cut through Williamson's front yard from a nearby path.

I prefer porn myself, but some nakedness in the news is always a good thing…

What should have happened

A older couple awoke from sounds from the balcony and both the man and wife reached for their guns. They found some men trying to break into their home and emptied 4 clips each into the bodies of these robbers. Treated as heroes they then got honorary mentions in the news, a medal from the king and a free car.

This wasn’t what happened, of course. Since the government has outlawed self-defense and our homes are on rent from those deemed better than us mere mortals, such events hardly ever take place.

Instead, as many times before, a family in Sweden got robbed of their possessions while standing there helplessly. They could have been raped, murdered and hacked into pieces as well, but hey, as long as the thieves are okay…

Friday, January 22, 2010

Buy one politician, get two thousand for free

A lot of people have been rattled in Sweden because apparently the opposition leader and the Prime Mentalist have both been shopping expensive accessories. Oh, and so because of this the world is coming to an end.

You might think I would jump all over such lavish spending - isn’t this a sign on how detached the elitists are? Aren’t they living on tax payer money? But I actually don’t care that much. Most of the stuff people are arguing about was ugly tasteless things, which is how far my concern goes. The elitists have bad taste, what else is new?

Instead I do care about the rittle-rattle of the printing press, the hundreds of billions they’ve handed over to the banks, the deficit, the housing bubble and unemployment numbers.

If you want to hang our officials over their personal taste in jewelry or because someone bought a handbag that could have feed a hundred hungry Haitians, by all means, go ahead. I think it is good that people are spitting at our elitists scums, no matter what the reason. But if you really want something to be concerned about this is not really it. It’s rather a distraction – ‘look at what I bought with my left hand while I steal two hundred billion from you with my right hand and hand it over to the rich and powerful’.

These people are murdering people daily, they are stealing you money while they tell you what to think, eat, drink, drive, and smoke. While they are out saying they want to help the common man, they pick his pockets and send his money to banksters and other elitists. And don’t get me started with the internet regulatory fascist crap they love so much.

This are the things you should be worried about.

But hey as mentioned - if a handbag and some trinkets get you to lay down on that grassy knoll, by all means, I applaud you.

110 000+ unnecessary deaths

Haitian officials have confirmed that the death toll from the January 12 earthquake now stands at over 110,000, with 193,000 more people wounded and another 609,000 forced into temporary shelters.

What if the same earthquake would have hit a developed less socialist country like the US or Sweden? How many dead would it then have been? Some hundreds, a couple of thousands maybe? And looking at that alternate reality there would be very little need for catastrophe help, hospitals would have been able to take care of and save many more, more houses would have managed to make it through the quake and there would be food and water to help most without outside help.

And if Haiti would have embraced true capitalism and real freedom, they would more than likely been able to help themselves in addition to sending blankets to a million homeless people in America and send money to a defaulting Greece.

You see this is the real problem, not the earthquake. Haiti is a very poor, underdeveloped third world country because they’ve been living with fascist rulers imposing socialist’s ways of living.

If we really wanted to help these people, we would send a package consisting of a Gun with lots of amo, a couple of instruction manuals, a fishing rod, a bag of seeds, some tools, introduction to what capitalism is and a sign that reads ‘this is the last time you’re getting our help’.

Oh, protect us thou magnificent Gorgon you

UK's terror threat level has been raised from substantial to severe they have told us.

Oh this could be bad.

Well, not this semi- made-up threat, oh no, I’m talking about the one-eyed scot who runs the country and his army of twits. They’ve just been waiting for something like this. Talking about making mo’V’ies come to life... All they need now is to ‘catch’ some Allah worshiper walking down the street with too squeaky shoes and the stage is set.

The Prime Mentalist in question said earlier this week that:

“The first and most important duty of government is the protection and security of the British people”

Oh oh, huhu… And now this level of ‘severe’. Spooky isn’t it? Almost as if the Gorgon knew something was coming.

He also hissed;

“I would urge the public to remain vigilant and carry on reporting suspicious events to the appropriate authorities and to support the police and security services in their continuing efforts to discover, track and disrupt terrorist activity.”

Nice little way of turning the whole country into tattletales, don’t you think? Turn in your grandma and win a £15 voucher from Tesco.

I’m not saying they don’t have a valid reason for this, they probably do, murdering tens of thousands of Muslims will sooner or later lead to some kind of negativity. However, declining opinion polls and the evilness in the Gorgons one good eye shouldn’t be ignored either.

And as I’ve said before, as soon as this scare reaches higher levels with the new airport security thingies, total surveillance of all traffic, flight-bans for certain undesirables and so on, we’ll see a decline in travels which means a decline in trade and communication and that in turn leads to a worsening situation comes to the economy. All the empires and countries that have fallen throughout history have gone through the about same design and loosing traffic and travel is always one of the first really bad signs.

The terrorists are winning, and they don’t even need to do anything.

So will there be a terrorist attack in Britain? Probably, I’ve already predicted as much, but I find it more likely that some other seemingly harmless country will be struck first. If we listen to the conspiracists London is a prime target with Big Ben blowing up, but who listen to conspiracists?

The Chinese scam

I’ve gone through GDP calculations many times in this blog but I think it is time to do that once more. Why? Because of China. China is, together with the insane spending-spree of all nations, the main driving force behind the supposed recovery. Partly thanks to the Chinese buying stuff Japanese GDP and German GDP went into plus.

Although true that China is doing better than many other countries, but how much of it is really real?

Let’s resume some of the facts.

China is a totalitarian country albeit so, so free comes to the economy and certain expects of everyday life, the government still completely resides over economic data and make most of the planning. The government also owns several large corporations within the building and banking sectors, which are the main sectors within any GDP calculation. In other words the Chinese have the means to fiddle with the numbers pretty much as they please.

Yes, there are outside firms, other governments, the IMF and many others keeping a close eye on things so any manipulations cannot be over the hill - that would be exposed. Assuming of course that there’s no conspiracy or other factors making any outside observers complacent.

They could, with this in mind, add or subtract a couple of percentage but not much more.

But why would they?

Well, why would any government hide real growth numbers? They all do you know, all of them. And when I say ‘all of them’, I really do mean that.

There’s power in showing good numbers. More investments will likely follow, people (even the poorer ones) feel more secure and get a sense of a bright future and we cannot overlook the psychological power of positive thinking. A government showing improvement in the economy is far less likely to be replaced, or in the Chinese case, overrun by upheavals. And lastly they can point fingers at others saying how good they are which all in all gives them leverage in any negotiations. Economic power is just as good as any standing army.

So there are many good reasons for the elite to show good GDP numbers.

But as said, the couple of percentage they could manipulate will not really do it. In order to reach real heights and really slap the fingers of others around the globe more is needed.

Believe it or not, but here comes the easy part.

Any economist or really anyone with the slightest understanding of GDP calculations can increase the growth at any given time with tens of percent. The problem is that such action would only be very temporary so in order to keep it low-key you cannot go that far, but a couple, maybe four fem percent wouldn’t be a problem, at least not until several years or even a decade have passed. And if you attract new investments and achieve some real growth during that time you can expand the scam for many more years.

This is what the Chinese have been doing. Well, your government does it too, but probably at a lower rate or in another way.

Let me shortly explain.

If a Typhoon hits the Chinese cost it will most likely be beneficial for GDP. They need clean-up crews picking up debris; they need hospitals working harder, new buildings need to be built, new cars to be bought, insurance companies will pay out lots of money, banks lend to clients who have lost their homes, and so on and so on. The same goes for snowstorms, tornadoes etc. All in all, most, of not all, natural disasters are good for GDP.

But government cannot sit around waiting for such events, they need to go out and create their own growth. This they can do in a million different ways. They can tear up roads and build new ones, they can expand the military and build more nuclear weapons, and they can have people digging holes in the ground or collecting pinecones. Any activity within the economy CAN be used to increase GDP.

How many hundreds of billions don’t you think this town costs?

You haft to realize that the Chinese government is not only governing a large country with a very diverse populace, they are also facing huge wage dissimilarities (not good in the socialist world) where a large portion of the populace is still in deep poverty. In addition to this China has a problem with fresh water supplies and has very little oil. They are facing overpopulation problems in some areas and the complete opposite on others. They also have conflicts within and then not only the Tibetan situation. Independent surveyors have calculated that there were as much as 70 000 larger disturbances and riots during 2009 alone. Generally speaking, if it wasn’t for the economy growing, the problems may very well lead to civil unrest or even worse.

So when we are hearing about the Chinese miracle or our journalists tell us how great china is, take that news with a large shipment filled with salt. I’m not saying China is in big trouble, they are still moving alone despite the continuing fraud with GDP, but they do have their problems and sooner or later the bill for all this over excessive spending will be up for payment.

Many pundits argue that China will continue to grow and become the world’s leading power very soon, and although that may be true, I hardly see how it can last. Up like a sun, and down like a drunken Gordon Brown.

So is it a giant Chinese bubble? Oh hell yeah, but not any worse than much of the rest of the crap that is going on. They will crash and burn with the rest of us.

How Obama rule

Is it a coincidence that the warmongering super spending Pick-Pocket in chief announces harsher rules comes to banks and financial firms at the same time as Goldman Sachs shows one of the biggest profits ever seen on Wall Street?

Well, let’s look at some of the facts shall we.

Timothy Geithner, the US treasury secretary, is one of those behind the plot to save the bank of AIG, and one of those behind letting Lehman Brothers go out of business. This wasn’t strange or had anything to do making tough choices; it was pure greed-calculations, nothing else. Look at the people in the Obama administration, its pure Wall Street and do you know from what firm these lobbyists mainly come? Goldman Sachs. How about that?

Henry Paulsen, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, was the one that decided to let Bern Stearns fail, a major competitor of Goldman Sachs. Lloyd Blankfein, Chief executive of Goldman Sachs, together with Henry Paulsen then decided to bail-out AIG for $85bn, the biggest payout of $12.9bn from AIG after this bail-out went to… *drum roll*… Goldman Sachs! And this just a couple of days after the same people deciding to not bail-out Lehman Brothers, the biggest competitor of Goldman Sachs…

Steven Friedman, former chairman Goldman Sachs, now at Federal Reserve, had the task of overseeing Goldman Sachs. And do you know what Friedman did during his “overseeing”? He bought 52000 shares in this company he was elected to oversee, and earned $3 million in the process. Mark Paterson, Goldman Sachs lobbyist, is chief of staff of Timothy Geithner.

And the list just goes on and on!

But this scheme does not stop there, Goldman Sachs got a huge bail-out from the Government they paid back just months later, because suddenly, with less competitors and tunneled money from AIG they were making money again.

And this is just one example, there are many more and no journalists are writing or talking about it. This is theft, robbery, and systematic fraud. It’s the biggest bank-heist of all time and it makes a criminal like Bernard Madoff looking like a shoplifter.

You cannot make this stuff up, it goes beyond cartoonish. No arch-enemy of any superhero could have come up with a more sinister plan.

You might think this is bad, and it is, but the worst thing about this whole scheme isn’t the frauds or the thievery, it’s not even the fact that American taxpayers are writing the checks. The worst thing about this whole mess is that the basic faults, the very foundation of this crisis still remains.

There are still different swaps going on. Financial institutes are still buying troubled assets, exchanging defaulting housing loans and propping up each other’s stock values and this time around it’s much worse since all that money comes from the government and it’s only consistent of air. And this is why the stock market is going up! The American government has used the printing machine to bail-out their banking buddies and the banksters in turn are creating massive amounts of fictive values while the main problems still lurks behind the scene.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the US banks that have failed so far, over 140 of them by now. Every single one of those banks have been written down (sometimes with over 60%!) because there is no real value. A common practice is that people who are defaulting on their loans are still living in their homes for years because the bank will not evict them. Why? Because then they would need to write those losses down on the books!

And how many of these tricksters and fraudulent thieves are incarcerated? None of them! In the meanwhile the government is overcrowding jails with harden criminals like pot-smokers and file-sharers. To me it’s a wonder that the American people isn’t shooting officials, storming the capital and stringing up banksters on lamp-posts all along Wall Street.

So how will this next scheme work? Well, you can be sure it will benefit some banks and companies, but not others because that's the name of the game.