Sunday, January 24, 2010

Look at my left hand…

The terrorist threats are taking turn pouring out in media. British alert levels rising and now the Gorgon have decided to send out drones to spy his countrymen, Yemen terrorists are suddenly one of the main topics, US passes more fascist laws, and now the fictional Bin Laden is spitting out extreme dislike again.

To a certain extent you cannot really blame that smoldering hatred many people are feeling since several western armies are committing war crimes and murdering tens of thousands of families in several different countries. Wouldn’t you fight back if you were on the resaving end of American bombs? And you cannot discard domestic freedom fighters either.

But I actually think there’s more talking than doing. Terrorists like to show off, makes them feel mighty special, media can sell papers so they are happy, politicians can impose more control and regulation so they are very happy as well. Terrorism is one of the best things a politician knows.

With these re-occurring jumps up and down in threat-levels they can keep us feeling exposed, building both fear and animosity towards made-up enemies.

Sometimes an attack need to be diverted or followed through, otherwise the scare isn’t working, and let’s face it, what has Osama done lately? The guy is a shameful excuse for a terrorist. There are children in Palestinian areas with more accomplished skills.

So the question is, will Alky Aida and their head-boy finally get out of their extremity filled caves and do something or is this just another way for our bellowed leaders to either hide some economic data or to pass more laws? A combination perhaps? Well, the future will tell us, but I would keep an eye on that right hand, the elitists may very well be up to something.


  1. Wise words. One might also wonder why a 'muslim' organisation such as al quaida would choose a name that in arabic often is refering to the toilet....

    I'm afraid that we're gonna see some major staged terror events soon, 'cause without the fear and trauma of dead europeans and americans the lies are falling apart. More people are waking up to the fact that 911 was staged by cia and mossad.

    God must surely be crying over the wickedness of his creation.

  2. al quaida is a supposed CIA word they used for people when they smuggled guns and people into Afghanistan during the Soviet thingy. No official sources have confirmed it yet, but I wouldn't be surprised.

    Comes to 9/11, I’m not sure it was staged. I don’t think it was. It is however very plausible that some intelligence agencies and whatnot sort of ‘looked the other way’. I think it would be a too big of a risk to organize something like that, so I don’t buy that part of the conspiracy theory. But if they happened to do nothing… well… then they can blame incompetence or they had too few people, too few regulations…

  3. Hi

    Been following your blog from time to time, for quite a while now. Even though I consider my opinions to be more to the left side of the political spectrum, which I know is something you don't agree with, I sympathise with a lot of what you believe in. You have a rational view of things, are obviously well read and you are not afraid of questioning official truths.
    I think that you should try to fins a channel that reaches more people than your blog for your thoughts though. I think they deserve it.

  4. Hi Locutus
    I think more and more people will come to realize that right now, in our current situation many real socialists and many real capitalists (libertarians) and many of ordinary citizens have a common enemy; that of the current system.

    And when you really start to look at things, what libertarians are saying is mostly the same as lefties do, but from another standpoint with other solutions. I do think that communism is the most murderess ideology of all time, but right now we’re not fighting communism. It’s a sort of politically correct SocialistFascistStatism nightmare with small traces of capitalism. It’s hard to put a word on it; statism is probably the closest word because it’s not really fascism either.

    Comes to other channels, have been there, done that. Was a politician for many years, have been involved in student unions and different movements. But I grew up and realized that people are plainly dumb. This blog is a ventilation shaft and a way to learn better English, have no other real intention.

    "Resistance is futile"