Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Secret to the Universe is 7129/6105195

I’ve been following Old Holborn’s (and others) ‘Freeman’ development for a while now. It is a good thing that more people have had enough and take a stand in a peaceful but clearly openly anti-establishment way.

His latest post got me laughing pretty hard. You should check it out here.

I have a slightly different approach but since many years back I’ve been ignoring pretty much everything I am supposed to do as citizen.

Every time you move within Sweden you’re supposed to report this to the taxation authorities, change address with creditors, and fill in forms about the electricity meter so they can bill you correctly and many other similar things. I never do any of that. When you live and work abroad, as I’ve done and do, you should fill out some extra taxation thingies and sometimes pay extra tax if you move back to Sweden too early. Never done that either. I have not paid a single parking-ticket in my entire life, and never will. I’ve never paid tax to ‘The TV Licence finances public service radio and television broadcasting in Sweden’ (nice short name eh?). Well, in the later case I have to admit I don’t own a TV; never watch that stupid tube, but I have had one in the past.

Other things I always do and can mention is to question everything that happens to come my way. Just like in the Old Holborn example above I send post back, well, all the time really since I don’t live in Sweden. And as soon as some census people call or anything of the sort I argue about everything other than that they want to talk about. And every time I’m at the airport and they ask for my passport I always ask why, how come? Why not enough with my driver-license? Don’t we have the Schengen agreement? Does it matter who I am? Shouldn’t it be enough if I’m unarmed and not a terrorist? Why should they check my passport?

Did I mention I travel a lot?

I could mention several other things, but let’s… uhm… skip that. Never know who is reading.

Yeah I know, I’m a rebel…

The point is that I am not alone; these sorts of people are popping up everywhere, and the more laws and regulations, the more this silence movement will grow. Most of you are probably already a part of it to some degree. Maybe not intentionally, yet. But maybe it is time for you to start?

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