Friday, March 27, 2009

When I was young…

… a great man was president in America and I dreamt of moving there. Today America has a socialist harlot at the helm and I dream of leaving this planet. Good then that we still have Internet to reminisce from. Bless us all. We are going to need it.

You are going to die! Part XIX

Oh, this is so terrible. Because this tale is horrific on so many levels. I’m going to reveal the most dreadful thing conceivable. Yes governments and religion have killed more people and yes there are more deadly things out there, but the potency of this thing goes beyond everything. I have mentioned this in passing before but it is now time to fully reveal the most elusive hurter of humankind throughout history. Electricity and water – well documented killer in their own right – roam free within this. Knifes, axes, scissors and other deadly weapons can be found everywhere. Some of the most deceitful traps like steps, bathtubs and toasters are common here. The thing I’m talking about is our own homes.

Did you know that a majority of all rapes, incest cases and assaults take place within the “comforts” of homes? And the staggering amount of accidents each day goes further than what you can imagine. And to this we can add all the millions of crimes that are planed and committed in houses and apartments all over the world. But somehow we still don’t connect the dots. How come the government isn’t doing anything about this travesty? Sure they tax it and sometimes they evict you and steal it, but still. They can ban harmless internet functions or outlaw self-protection, but the most horrifying and harmful thing known to mankind they pretty much leave be. All illegal drugs put together in regard to death toll and harmfulness doesn’t even come close, yet they outlaw drugs, but we still keep living at home! This inconsistency cannot be explained. Don’t elected officials care about their voters? Aren’t citizens important enough to be saved from the horrors of owning their homes? Everyone owning a home should get extra taxes and be regarded as rich. People should not be allowed to have to much money, otherwise they might buy a home! Actually it almost seems like the only ones that have thought this thru are the communists and Nazis since their policies very much revolve around tearing down or confiscating ownership. And this is really the answer. Governmental housings adapted to minimize damage complete with constant surveillance and guards at all times so we don’t hurt ourselves. This will also create countless jobs of “watchers” and “guards” all there to make sure we do not fall down the stairs or have inappropriate sex. Another solution, popular among environmentalists, is to sleep outdoors, beneath the sky and in the open air.

Whatever the solution might be it is time we stand up and told our governments that we are fed up with this constant fear. We need padded walls, softer steps and none electrical appliances that still work as good as the old ones. We need bathtubs you cannot fall down in and governments should see to it so that all the things we buy is already cut, sliced and ready to eat which means we can get rid of all the terrible tools of destructions we have at home. And we want monitoring God damn it! Why haven’t the politicians put in cameras in every home yet!? This is horrible. The only ones feeling safe are the homeless and we cannot keep it that way.