Monday, June 11, 2012


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Following earlier wonderful suggestions, we now get THIS. 

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The fattest lady in history is about to sing the highest note ever heard!  

Ancient Alien theorem

If not by your government, then by us...

I have been watching a pretty good documentary series from the History channel lately called “Ancient Aliens”. Although most of the episodes are pretty unconvincing since the spokespersons of the ´Ancient-alien-visit-us-all-time-before-but-today-don´t-give-a-shit´ theory seem to find Aliens everywhere. Any strange phenomena, religious fairytale or myth is turned around into an Alien storyline.

Kind of interesting to see those guys twist and turn the tiniest of relics into a death ray from outer space, but mostly, as said, unconvincing argumentation sometimes bordering on pathetic.

With that said however the complete picture evolving is interesting, and not so easy to dismiss. There are a few things that modern scientist cannot really explain. Not that modern scholars unable to explain is something new, it’s probably just a matter of time before they do, but still the range from the Sphinx to Puma Punku, from depictions of “astronauts” in caves to mysterious disappearance of certain people, and from tribes in Africa knowing about stars for thousands of years only recently discovered by telescopes to the very sudden, in anthropological sense, emergence of Homo Sapiens gives an intriguing picture. 

And, frankly, Alien visitation is far more believable then God(s), so if there is any truth to ancient stories about God(s) we can in that case be pretty sure it was not invisible skypixes of the divine kind but rather extraterrestrials from beyond.

The first question that comes to mind here is; are we really alone? Of course not. Mathematically speaking our own galaxy is probably bursting with life. Intelligent life too probably – or at least I hope so since very little aptitude for rational and intellectual thinking exist on Earth.

If such an Alien race would be intelligent enough to develop space travel above the speed of light, find our little blue dot among billions and come over her for a wee chat once every millennia, well that is a different story. And not a very likely one.

Nah, I am more inclined to believe in other dimensions and that otherworldly dimensional creatures now and again find a portal in someone’s closet. Or in the idea that a pre-ancient highly evolved civilization here on Earth was destroyed by some cataclysmic event and that some of those people survived and helped our evolution with a few kicks here and there. Or perhaps they fled to Mars, went underground or still walk among us as normal folk and so still influence us today in one way or the other.

At least the latter idea seem to hold some ground since we keep finding and unearthing older and older structures and the general consensus among stubborn mainstream  scientist is challenged almost every day. Something clearly went on before what we today call “the dawn of civilization”, and if not Aliens (highlyunlikely) then there is at least a part of our history we have forgotten.

And what pisses me off even more than a smiling Aliens-are-everywhere nerds who cannot get laid inside a blow-up doll factory, are those smug self-serving, holier than thou, self-righteous inbreed fucks of academia dismissing any interesting idea and ignoring any argument for an alternative view simply because it doesn’t fit their cornflake education.

There are lots of interesting ideas that does not involve puckered pooper probing by sphincter loving Aliens from planet X. There are even more theories that actually makes more sense the orthodox viewpoint of taxpayer moochers. 

I tend to go with facts and evidence. Without those I have a hard time believing in something.

The conventional argument from mainstream scholars is just this; show me the evidence. And to a certain degree I do approve of that verdict.

Of course Alien astronaut theorists and Atlantis-has-been-found nutjobs should provide evidence and more than cute ideas straight from comic books, but the same should also apply for academia. Snowed-in professors whom rarely even leave their musky offices have the same standard, and sometimes they cannot provide definitive (or ´believable´ at least) evidence either.

Take the Sphinx for example. There are tangible and very believable evidence that rainfall eroded the statue thousands of years before it supposedly was built, and it has been almost 100% proven that the face depicted is not that of Pharaoh Chefren as the orthodox view claim. Add to this Nubian/Zulu stories of an earlier (and black) civilization on site, and other finding and theories with a more plausible explanation and it’s hard to take the mainstream idea seriously - but mainstream scholars still ferociously and unconvincingly defend their position. Not saying they are wrong, I am just saying it seems much more likely that one or two of the alternative ideas are more on the missing noose...

And the Sphinx is just one example. There are plenty more. What about Gobekli Tepe? One out of many recent finds around the world totally smashing the mainstream view of humans only being hunters and gatherers without a clue about complex building before the first Sumerian settlements. Or what about the Yonaguni temple complex? Although most mainstream scientist claim it to be natural formation, without even visiting the site I may add, there are plenty of formations and weird occurrences pointing to another explanation.

I could go on, but that is beside the point. The point is that even if science can explain one or two things or even the third or fourth one, what about the fifth? The sixth? Looking at many of these megalithic monuments science do have or probably will get reasonable explanations and perhaps we shouldn´t let our imagination run too wild, but clearly there were many things going on before what is regarded as “civilization” and much earlier than the common view claim.

Why not go and explore it? Why not, at least, prove the conspiracists and alternative researchers wrong?

No wonder many believe there is a cover up going on. It’s hard not to come to that conclusion.

Safe to say there are plenty of mysteries out there, and in many cases “Aliens” or other explanations seem more believable then the one being packaged and sold by mainstream scholars so perhaps we get some revelation on this pretty soon. Our masters of despair want us to think of other things then the looming Greatest Depression anyway, so why not?

But, as I said before, if there really are Aliens watching us, they are doing so on their equivalent to TV eating popcorn and laughing their tentacles off while making bets on what antics we´ll think of next. Probably based around Saturn sending out a signal across the universe telling everyone to either stay away from us human idiots or to place their bets on when WW III (“world war”; a choice of wording being laughable in its own right) starts.

Regardless I will continue to watch our more earthbound dealings where we actually see proof of how malevolent banksters and politicians plot our doom. Perhaps also slightly hoping for Alien intervention/invasion, because that seems to be our only hope for surviving The Greatest Depression.