Monday, August 31, 2009

Something big is about to happen - part II

I have said it before, but you better heed my warning. The markets have just gone from 3rd gear to 4th and now “Darling” have issued another £11bn to be thrown into IMF alongside Germany and France that’s doing similar things. Like the money that IMF-stupidity has isn’t enough... (In April at the London G20 summit, world leaders agreed to triple the IMF’s resources to $750bn to help emerging market and low income countries cope with the financial crisis).
At the very least many more stimulus are in the works. Please people, I have said this so many times now and I will continue to warn you until the shit have overflowed the fan. Go out, buy a gun, buy fuel, buy dried-up food-packages, candles, batteries, a long-wave radio, whatever you think is appropriate for lasting at least half a year. You are soon going to need it.

Fire to the rescue again

In California wild-fires roam around helping out keeping GDP up. This is another good sign of economic recovery. Also it seems like lots of housing is in danger, which is great! Hopefully we can get lots of injured people and that this fire keeps going for a long while since GDP is the most important part of any economic theory among cornflake economists and the political elitists.

In the real world this isn’t so, but for the enemy class its fantastic news that some fires, hurricanes or whatnot strikes now and again, just so they can use it to further manipulate economic growth. It wouldn’t even surprise me if some of our enemies start fires for the kicks of it.

Protection comes with blubber

As I have already said in this blog a long time ago, diets and thin people are NOT better protected then obese ones, in fact every statistic show the complete opposite. It seems like fatty hamburger-nibbling idiots are the ones that are most protected from the Swine Flu. Of course some studies will need be done on the subject but the statistic shows this to be true. In other words, if some doctor claim a diet may protect you, I would be highly sceptic, as anything else regarding this ridiculous swine thingy.

Isn’t it time to move on to something else soon? We need a mutated virus that has crossed with some puppies and other cute things so all we have around us is murderess animals and the conclusion will become to kill ‘em all. Hopefully we can throw in some crop-DNA as well, burn all those down, so we can die from starvation instead of the flu. That is what I keep my fingers crossed for.

And as mentioned, I will never get the injection, but not because I'm overweight, I’m not, it’s because I don't trust the system, the companies or any government to tell us the truth. Besides, I have full faith in my immune-system and my body's army could use some enemies to fight now and again, that’s how I stay healthy. In fact I cannot remember the last time I was sick, I actually think it was some flu about 20 years ago and I don’t live healthy at all. My diet consists mainly of kebab, pizza, vodka and other alcoholic beverages. I smoke cigars, do snuff and I hardly ever sleep and I never care about things like germs. I do work out, but doing some training now and again is the only thing about me that’s remotely “healthy”. I have also hugged and partied with lots of people the last couple of months that has or have had the swiney flu. If all those things they try to scare us with were true, I would have died years ago.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The World Ends

Well, I'm taking a wee break. Vacation and moving time... Have fun all and please remember: it can always get worse!

“I’m seeing the world move together at a speed and on a scale without precedent in modern times”.
/ US treasury secretary, Tim Geithner

Turning left...


They say I have freedom
I can do what I want
They say I have freedom
To speak how I feel

But how is it freedom
To be judged for my deeds
And persecuted for speaking
Revealing my thoughts

How is it freedom
To fear being called strange
To think different thoughts
To the people you call friends

I live in my mind
I hide in my brain
I don't dare to speak out again
And I'm free to be lonely
And misunderstood
I'm free to be hated and shunned

This is the freedom
This is not freedom
It cannot be freedom
To hide from the world

// Clover West

Something big is about to happen – time to leave

Walking home from work today, I started thinking through all what’s going on in the world, partly to see if I had missed something vital and partly just to make sure all the numbers add up to what I have been saying. And I came to release something, I have been wrong. Not about the predictions, but about the taming.
Firstly thinking about how Teddy “the murderer” Kennedy’s demise may impact on the equation since many in media is arguing it may impact on health-care reforms or Washington decision-making in general, and then it hit me; nothing, it will have no impact whatsoever. Political planning cannot rely on one man closing in on 80y with a diagnosed fatal illness. There must be a contingency plan or such events should already been taken into consideration from the start, it would be very bad thinking otherwise.

Secondly I thought about all the wrongs our journalists do, never reporting about the truth and only telling us about those so so good news ticking in. This, and other factors, contributing to the very good stock-market results we have seen recently. But equities have not really reached the required heights just yet, so what can make those go even higher? Really good news for one, certain political stabilizing factors can also contribute, but equity markets are very much about psychology so the main contributing factor will most likely be repetitive news about how things looks good. There have been so many reports lately (I have debunked several of those in this blog, most of them are actually bad news. Another one about consumer index in the euro-area came today, read it, it is not positive news as journalists claim) but people in general don’t really care about reading or understanding such news, and consequently rely on media and pundits to convey the content and results. In other words, if most people in the media, politicians and many “reliable” people who should know say the same thing over and over again it will mean, over time, that the message goes through, adding the sand-castle more and more.

Thirdly I went through all the events that have happened as far back as 20 years leading up to this moment. Iraq war *2, Afghanistan, the bubble, certain commodities and their prices, presidents, Labour in the UK and so on. All in all so many things that have lead to a certain point, cause and effect. All through this mess, so many people that should know better, economists, politicians and journalists and other power elitists that have insisting on doing the complete opposite of what is right and correct.

Fourth I considered how long the scam can keep going, and as stated before it is an absolute maximum of 2 years before the next much bigger crash strikes the world, but will it really take that long? The answer is no. If it was just up to some countries that haven’t been jumping overboard and are pretty well off at the moment, those “good news” may actually have a tad of truth to them, but there are too many faults within stock markets, there are too many big important countries for the world economy that is failing miserably and so far we haven’t seen a single attempt to battle either the looming hyperinflation or the structural liabilities that lead up to this crisis in the first place. In other words things will turn nasty long before those 2 years are up. And since there is already indications of a couple of new American in-house crashes and most of those supposedly “green shoots” in reality are very bad signs, the real mayhem isn’t so far away. But before that happens, the economies need to rebuild some and gain further confidence so the implosion will have that massive effect it is meant to. So the real question becomes, how long can the scam go on in the short run? And the answer is; not very long. Equities are way overvalued already, so the markets cannot gain much higher ground, a couple of points certainly, but not enough. Consequently we will see another month or so with “good news” ticking in all the time and the bad news will be ignored even more. I also see some political things up on the agenda that will also help boost the scam. In other words it is very likely that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict becomes resolved or similar events. Up to the next quarterly reports I think it is doable to keep this rolling, but then, no, probably not very further. So my earlier prediction about the next big crash happening in February/march 2010 is probably wrong, it will happen earlier. This is especially true if you consider the next thing I contemplated.

Because finally I started thinking why so many people that normally have about the same view on the world and things that goes on in this world, are so convinced that something big is about to happen. A couple has mentioned the Swine Flu turning very nasty; some talk about another big war breaking out, and others mention a huge terrorist attack. And here it hit me, that’s the point. The point is to build up a confidence, tear it down, build it up again, and then really tear it down. If this happens to coincide with a mutated Swine Flu pandemic breaking out around November or a nuclear bomb exploding in Washington city (Obama will not be there of course, we need a leader…) is really irrelevant, the effect will be massive. And just imagine if both things happens around the same time. Stock markets would plummet down to depression levels over night and the world will hold its breath over what’s coming next.

This post of rambling is linked to certain events, which makes it less accurate, but my gut-feeling says it’s a correct prediction. However, the scam can go on for another year, but it is hard to see how, something extraordinary need to pull us up, maybe some new inventions? Devine intervention? And there are many elections coming up, I hardly see how things wouldn’t progress straight down before those have taken place. In other words, it is time to move. I have now packed my bags and am leaving, hopefully for a distant island. I don’t know yet and consequently the next couple of post may actually be my last ones.

Please people, if you haven’t listen before, do it now. Buy dried-up food packaged, gasoline, guns, candles and other useful commodities before it is too late.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Germans, Swedes, a murderer and other idiots

If there was one bunch of people and economists that I thought had learnt their lesson, it would be the Germans. Apparently this notion is completely wrong. Earlier this year the German government nationalized a bank for the first time since the days of that funny Austrian painter. Then they got into their heads to offer their own version of ‘cash-for-clunkers’-programme and now there is serious talk about how the German banks refuse to lend enough money to the populace so the finance mentalist, Peer Steinbrück, have issued a statement claiming that the government might need to step in and provide “much needed credit”. EVER HEARD OF WEIMAR!?!? Stupid fuck…

In Sweden, as well as in other countries, the Swiney Flu is topping the headlines. Apparently it’s hard to get the vaccine out to local hospitals “in time”. Also, a couple of more people are seriously ill with the flu, and it has neeever happened before that people get the flu and get seriously ill in Sweden. That around 1500 people die each year from flu in my birth nation has somehow slipped through the cracks.

Of course people are going to die from Swine flu in Sweden, anyone thought different? And IF thousands or even tens of thousands get infected during the fall, who cares? The death-rate is miniscule, it’s less harmful than any normal flu and for many people it’s hardly noticeable. Most of the people I work with have already had it or been around people that have had it and there are no piles of dead people in my office, and no crows picking out eyes on corpses outside. The call-centre next door has hundreds of people sitting by the phone on the Swine-flu-hotline. Do you know what they do all day? Nothing! They get a maximum of 3 calls/day - all they do is sit around all day costing the tax payers a bundle and the British government have, again, put away some more people in a useless programme to cover up unemployment. So the Swine Flu don’t scare me the slightest, however, do you know what do scare me? The vaccine and all that comes with.

Ever heard of the International Swine Flu conference? I thought not, hardly any media has reported about it despite a massive turnout of 700+ health-officials, politicians and journalists from all over the world attending. If you want to learn about or read about something really scary you should check it out: - Website here, brochure here

The International Swine Flu conference took place in the US last week and among the topics were how to “control the people”, “how to effectively inoculate the populace”, how to “enforce quarantines”, “what to do with people that don’t comply” and other fun things. All in all, in reality, a conference how to best force people to do this or that, among other things, how to force people to get that needle stuck into the arm. How about that? And hardly a pip in the media! Add to this that the vaccine is still getting tested and that many cases from history shows us that vaccine can be just as or even more dangerous than the actual illness it is supposed to cure, and I’m thinking to myself: never! There is not a chance I will ever let any butcher or government cronies put a needle with vaccine in my arm and if they try to force me they better be prepared to die for it, because I’m not going down without a fight.

Speaking of the British Isles, it’s reported today that housing prices continues to rise. Of course the enemies of the people take this as a good sign. Me, I’m thinking to myself; how come that a country that has 340% of GDP in total debt, has an actual unemployment of +14% and is in worse shape than any other country, have rising prises on housing and real-estate? If you don’t understand why, throw a chewing-gum in the mouth and exhale into it…

And I have discovered that at least some newspapers are writing the truth about that killer senator that died the other day. Hopefully that poor woman Mary Jo Kopechne finally can get some peace now when her drunken assassin have left for a much warmer place with hot pokers. I’ll see down there later Teddy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Teddy Kennedy got a new job

Cadaver argument

Well, the womanizing, terrorist-supporting, and leftie killer of young females hasn’t even started to get cold yet before the mad scheme continues:

"In his honor and as a tribute to his commitment to his ideals, let us stop the shouting and name calling and have a civilized debate on health care reform which I hope, when legislation has been signed into law, will bear his name for his commitment to insuring the health of every American." // Senator Robert Byrd

Anyone surprised? Of course the Obamination and his cronies are going to use this corpse to sell their little plot. Well one down at least, many more to go, still the march of a thousand miles starts with just one step. RIP Mary Jo Kopechene.

Yet another lie (and many more)

Another fine little lie our enemies is spreading today is the Report on Durable Goods Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories and Orders for July 2009 (USA). According to several journalists, that does not read or care what’s actually in the report, is writing today that the surprising increase with 4.9% in total is another good sing that the crisis is halting or turning around. But you know what, IF you actually dig into that report (you can find it here) several interesting facts pops up.

Firstly, a large portion of that increase is thanks to the ‘cash for clunkers’-programme. This is little plot to make more people buy cars for borrowed money that gets subsidized by the government (also borrowed money) means that perfectly good cars get exchanged or even scraped for a new ones. This might sound good and dandy, but of course its not. All those cars that otherwise students or other people with low income might buy, is now getting tossed away. And people actually buying cars are the very same people that have been pondering on such a purchase anyway hence in the near future, when the programme ends; there is a very high probability of big drops in sales. Also, the government extra money is taxable, which makes it oh so funny, and means that people don’t get as much out of the deal as they thought. Sometimes it’s even doubled tax, both federal and state tax. And as said, this programme will come to an end very soon…

But maybe the funniest bit of this little scam is the 14.8% increase in defence orders. How about that? In fact, even compared to last year, when that warmongering Chimp was in charge, it’s still an increase! Obama is a peace loving man? Pffff….

I can go on with some other bits and pieces, but the facts are very clear people. Either it’s temporarily gains through government borrowing and spending, or its war material going to foreign lands to help “defend democracy”. And there is NO real increase!

But how about the lows? The dips? Where do we find those?

Oh, hilarious enough inventory continues down. Minus 0.8% in July. And unfilled orders also continue down. In other words, the important part of building a sustainable growth is showing worse results in the report than earlier months. Or to emphasize it further; the report is, for the larger part, A NEGATIVE SIGN!

How long are you going to let moronic journalist keep throwing this kind of stupidity around? When will you call our enemies on this scam? How long will you keep getting fooled?

There is no recovery, it cannot be, the math and reality doesn’t lie. 1+1=2 and 2-1=1, always.

The further our enemies are allowed to carry on, the worse it’s going to get, and its already past Great Depression bad. We are so royally screwed that we need to start to invent new adjectives to describe it, and that’s now! Imagine half a year or a year from now… oh my, oh my…


And so died the last little hope I had that the Swedish government would do the right thing. Instead of cutting expenses and putting money to good use through lower taxation, the "centre-right" (In reality socialdemocrats) idiots have decided to throw SEK 3,9 billion on useless “programmes” and SEK 4.5 Billion on pointless “extra” education. Education might be a good thing, but in reality all those with brains knows how most of those education places will look like and consequently another waste of tax money. And hurling SEK 600 million at unemployment offices? They can burn the money as an alternative, would be better for everyone.

Someone may argue that the money should go to hiring government employees instead. Although this might temporarily be a better solution since it is actually a job, we need to leave that sort of thing to the market. If their competence is needed, they will find a job. Also a government employee is often a liability and a cost so the contribution is very slim at best. In fact, one thing that is needed is to get rid of a couple of hundred thousands working for government institutions.

Despite some headlines recently, Sweden stands much better equipped than most other countries to tackle the depression, and by doing the right thing and really tighten the belt and prepare things would look very good, but instead the government fall into the populist trap. And, of course, the lefty’s crazy spokespersons cry for much more of the same loony wastefulness.

Ask yourself, where does the money that pays for all this come from? Santa? God? Every programme, every expenditure and every SEK meant to help the people are paid by the people. In the process, going from your pocket to politicians and back to your pocket, it feeds devouring bureaucrats and state officials. The state taketh away, and the state giveth some back.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Half lies and half good signs

The Swedish ‘Statistics Sweden’, a government agency meant to supply statistics for decision making, debate and research, announced today that Swedes total fortune have increased. Among other things the report includes numbers that say that at the end of June 2009 households' wealth in shares was worth SEK 412 billion - an increase of SEK 77 billion since the end of last year. And, during the second quarter, households' financial assets increased by SEK 348 billion and amounted to SEK 4 996 billion. The statement says that; the positive development on the stock market contributed to the increased value of, among other things, households' holdings of shares, equity funds and insurance. Households’ financial savings amounted to SEK 28 billion in the second quarter of 2009. This is a somewhat higher figure than the second quarter of last year when the corresponding figure was SEK 25 billion. Households had slightly positive net savings in shares, that is, they purchased more shares than they sold. Households' debts increased by SEK 57 billion during the second quarter. This a lower increase of debt than the same quarter of last year when the figure was SEK 62 billion, but it is the highest figure since then. In the three quarters in between, the increase in debt was between SEK 33 and 36 billion, which is a lower figure than others in the last four years. As usual, loans in housing finance institutions and banks comprise the largest part of the increase in debts; loans with these two creditors amounted to SEK 55 billion.

Now, this is highly interesting in several ways.

If we break down these numbers we have a couple of positive things, a couple of negative ones and a couple of very valuable advice to hand out. Although nothing of this says who actually got richer and which ones really have benefited - I would guess, among other things, that financial institutes are some of the main winners – but I also suspect many common people have some winnings to collect.

On the positive side we have higher levels of savings, which is great. Even despite very low interest rates many people have realised that they need to save for a rainy day. To bad the central bank baboons convey lower intellect then the populace and scheme to try to get people to borrow and spend. The higher value of the stock market is, properly handled, also a good thing, and here is were one advice comes in. Collect your winnings, now. Don’t wait. I’m absolutely sure that the stock market will continue to go up and down for several months more, so you could probably stay and collect more winnings, but that is risky business. If you really feel the urge to continue with this very volatile affair, invest in commodities like food - which will have an increase in prices in the near future. Gold and silver are still great buys; don’t believe in that crap about precious metals having reached their peak, they haven’t. I would also recommend oil. The next time oil prices dip down a bit, buy. Within a year the dollar will in all likelihood collapse which will throw oil-prices up towards $200 a barrel or even higher. But the best advice is really to sell, pay of any mortgage or loan, buy Gold and sit tight. The crash will, according to me, probably not happen until February/Mars next year, but better to be safe then sorry.

On the negative side we have higher levels of borrowing, mainly curtsey of the central banks idiocy. If you have borrowed to buy stocks or real-estate you are utterly fucked if you don’t sell very soon. If you have just spent the money on useless items then you’re an idiot, and you will be one of the main losers in the future. Prepare to beg for food, standing in line at the soup-kitchen and roam the countryside without any hope.
Since most of you seemingly have borrowed from housing finance institutions I hope you did so early on in this depression so you now can sell at a higher price. Having large chunks of money in assets like real-estate or housing is not really a good idea; there is a boom right now. If you really need to, at least make sure you have your mortgages at fixed interest rates, they are still low, so go do that if you haven’t already. I would also recommend buying seeds to grow your own crops and stock up on oil and similar commodities that will come with a higher price and be scarcer in the future. Banks should be avoided as much as possible. If you want to stay with a regular big banking institution, change to Handelsbanken that seems to have at least some economists with a working brain.

All in all, it depends what you do now. Advices aside, please go and check numbers and all the facts floating around out there. There is enough information and the math doesn’t lie. 1+1=2 and 2-1=1, always. So do not believe in me, or anyone else, find it out for yourself. Don't let any cornflake economist or politician dictate your decisions.

I might be wrong about the timing, but I’m not wrong about the end result. There is a very bumpy road in front of us and around a turn, just up ahead, is a deep chasm of depression-stupidity, please do not jump down the abyss. Well, for my amusement, please do, but for your own and your families safety; don’t.

Another one bites the dust

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the Massachusetts Democrat and liberal who was the last surviving brother of a legendary political family, died late Tuesday at his home in Hyannis Port, his family announced. He got to live as long as to 77.

Kennedy had been in declining health since having a seizure in May 2008. Subsequent tests determined that he had a malevolent brain tumour. As the standard-bearer for the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, "Teddy" believed in government's ability to help solve people's problems, and over the decades he learned how to wield power in the Senate to move the government in that direction. In other words a leftie nut-job.

I think I leave Obnoxio The Clown to cover this news in his own little way:

Obnoxio The Clown

Eddie's Teddy
From the day he was born, he was trouble.
He was the thorn in his country's side.
They tried in vain, but he never caused them nothing but shame.
He lost shame when they tried...

From the day she was gone, all he wanted
Was left-wing porn; to fund the IRA
Shooting up junk
He was a low-down, cheap little punk.
Taking Mary-Jo for a ride...

When Teddy said he didn't save Kopechne you knew he was a no-good kid
But when he threatened her life with a sinking car
When he died
Makes you smile
Und I did.

Everybody shoved him, I very nearly loved him
I said hey listen to me, stay sane inside insanity
But he locked the door and threw away the key...

But he must been drawn into something
Making him warn me in a note which reads (what's it say, what's it say?)
"I'm outta my head, O hurry or I may be dead.
They mustn't carry out their evil deeds..."

When Teddy said he didn't save Kopechne you knew he was a no-good kid
But when he threatened her life with a sinking car
When he died
Makes you smile
Und I did.

Rest in absolute misery, you murdering scum.

Obnoxio The Clown

Lies, lies, lies and a murderess

Today (or yesterday if you not live in Sweden where you consequently read translated stuff from English papers) it’s announced in several newspapers that Honduras interim government promises that there will be an election in November. This is, of course, very old news; the current establishment have been saying that from the very start. Throwing out the dictator wannabe Manuel Zelaya was according to the constitution and consequently a democratic move and already back then the parliament and the temporarily leader, Roberto Micheletti, announced that the coming election would be held and a new government to be chosen. The only reason our journalists write this crap now and in the way they do it, is to further throw suspicions over the peace loving Honduran people. It’s disgusting to see and read. How can journalists get away with not only ignoring their jobs, but in actuality hide and cover the actual facts?

We can also read that American households are getting more optimistic. This is taken as a good sign by our lovable journalists, further spreading the lie that the recession is easing off. However, if one actually read the report things look a bit different. The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index stands, according to the report, at 54.1 (1985=100), up from 47.4 in July. The Present Situation Index improved somewhat to 24.9 from 23.3 last month. This is what the idiots refer to, but looking inside the report (you can find it here) you notice that the amount of consumers expecting an increase in their incomes is only 10.6 percent. Slightly up, but is that really a sign of confidence? 10.6%? Wait, it gets better. The Richmond manufacturing index was expected to rise to 16 from 14, but didn't - it instead remain unchanged. You don’t need to be an economist to understand the implication of this fact. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, these increases all comes from the current “easing off” or “halting” of the depression. Since this temporarily “stop” is because of humongous government spending and the fictively low interest rates both which either is due to end or need further boosting (more bail-outs and stimulus). If it were to end now it would mean that it would totally wipe out the slight positivism shown in this report. In fact, the actual numbers, without the trickery, would in all likelihood be lower than before. All in all this is just another example of horrible bad journalism.

In a editorial article in one of Sweden’s leading papers, meant to be a contribution to the debate about road-taxation, a couple of inbred three hugging freaks argues that the Swedish governments suggestion not really saves the environment since the money is mainly meant to be spent to improve existing roads or build new roads. Both these groupings are, of course, lying. The whole thing is about taxation, period. The government knows it cannot increase regular taxation to pay for this scam and since the money being stolen through normal taxation needs to go to useful projects like art students pretending to be mad, government jets, fish-cultivation in the Baltic and increased wages for elected frauds; it does not leave enough money to cover something like new roads. Consequently this is just another way to bring in money to the treasury and has nothing whatsoever to do with the environment. But the biggest lie is the scaremongering madness they use as argument, namely manmade global warming - the biggest hoax there is of which there is not one single fact or scientific evidence for. The entire debate is subsequently pointless, but they got to be in the paper at least, good for them.

And finally, Annika Östberg seems to be close to getting released. This woman helped murder a couple of people in California and was turned over to Swedish authorities earlier this year. And, of course, the Swedish so called justice-system is about to let her out. It might be a good thing that the government have another person to throw welfare at, it would increase GDP slightly, but it is hard to call this anything else than murderess-import. Why should the Swedish tax payers pay for the trip, the temporarily incarceration and now, most likely, her rehabilitation and welfare? It makes no sense. She should have been left rotting in a Californian prison cell, but rationality isn’t on the agenda. Maybe her 28 years so far is enough and maybe she can contribute in some way, if so kudos to her, but this seems like just another mad scheme from the oppressive class.

Swine flu and GDP

I have been thinking about this horrifying, very scary, death-dealing, murderess disaster and main killer of all humans that is Swiney flu. Do you remember that some cornflake economist and some smug politicians mentioned that this could be bad for the economy? Well, that doesn’t need to be the case. Imagine that unemployment is very high, which it already is, and the only ones, or a clear majority, of those that gets the Hog pestilence have no jobs. It would be fantastic! Doctors and nurses with more to do, more staff needed, machines and equipment being bought, more soap being used, enforcing quarantines with police and military, reporters being sent here and there, politicians need to travel more, forced inoculations, more pills being eaten and so on and so on. If this is done for, oh, let’s say, borrowed money, it means higher GDP! And since all that the enemy class talk about, in regards to the economy, is GDP numbers as being the magical pixie dust needed to cure us from reality and basic math, how can anyone be against such a scenario?

Of course this is contingent on that most people getting sick are the none working ones or that the actual cost for treatment goes over the cost of the alternative i.e. welfare or working instead. The later, regarding price tag, shouldn’t be an issue, those machines and doctors are pretty expensive. So a welfare-case being emitted to a hospital just for a couple of days will end up as a big plus in government’s book-keeping, but even a hard working individual, just laying there for a while costing mucho dinero, can very well be a huge boost to GDP. All the government needs to see to is that the actual cost of keeping a certain individual is higher than the alternative, and, of course, see to it that the money comes from somewhere exiting like borrowing from China, taking people savings to spend it or making use of that oh so funny printing machine.

And maybe, just maybe, since the interest rates are unnaturally low at the moment hence cheap to borrow, the government could urge people to borrow lots of cash to pay for such treatment themselves. This scenario would also boost GDP, and it wouldn’t nibble on politician’s spending-pile so the politician can have a nice dinner, take a trip to the countryside or buy a new jet, all of which would also increase GDP.
Another good thing, that we could learn from the past - that also would be great for GDP, is to burn clothes or even houses where that awful plague have been. Those things need to be replaced, well not straight away, people can stand a little cold or stay at a shelter for a while, but rebuilding is fun and it would improve GDP.

Oh, I could go on for a long while giving more magnificent examples, but I’m sure one of those cornflake economists or some journalists can cook up another scheme just as efficient as any of mine, because, Satan knows, they have been fantastic at it so far...

What did you say? People dying? Well, that can also be turned into something positive. As long as the person in question ended up costing more than the alternative which means, in the short run, that GDP still would flourish. Of course, in the longer perspective, the person might have been a productive part of society, but when that shows up at the state accountant department, the government may have been replaced (they can blame the successors) or they simply borrow more money to cover the potential loss. Also, GDP is often referred to according per capita, per head, so one head less isn’t necessary a bad thing. A paraplegic you say? Fantastic! How much doesn’t such a person cost each year? So keep taking those injections, if you (the government really) gets lucky, you will be needing a nurse and constant care for the rest of your life and the longer you live in such a condition (better start as a child), the better for GDP.

All in all, properly handled, the Piggy virus can be a virtual gold-mine for our elitists. Remember I said it first; I’ll be waiting for that Nobel Prize they usually hand out to suggestion like this.

One movie U need to see this fall

Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama (Trailer)

Another day with more lies

It is almost like our journalists need to debunk every negative economic report they are “forced” to print/show, and this they do with 2 or 3 positive ones, all the while ignoring the truly negative.

The whole thing is really very easy. On one side you have lots of economists, financiers, bankers, politicians, journalists and other frauds. None of which predicted this crisis, none of which have had a single right so far. In fact, for these people every prediction, every expected number and the very depth and severity of this crisis has gone wrong. They were totally of the mark before this crisis, they have been way off during it, and so why on Beelzebub’s green earth would you listen to them now?

On the other side you have people that predicted this crisis many years before it happened. Most of which continues to get it right all throughout. In many cases it’s almost uncanny how some predicted almost to the exact number the value of Gold, the price of oil and so on. I do take pride in being one of those people. Although I’m perhaps a tad “out there” so you might instead wanna go listen to Gerald Celente, Marc Farber, Rand Paul or (my favourite) the Market ticker instead.

But isn’t the crisis turning around like all our enemies say?
No. What we are seeing is a boom and bust situation were lots of fiat money have been thrown to certain financial institutes that put those money to “good use”, were massive debt accumulations in practically every country on earth have lead to slight increases or halting of the fall of GDP, and it’s a situation were stock manipulations and investors increasing risk-taking (read this in LA Times) have altogether contributed to a temporary halt. In some cases, like France, Germany and Japan, trade surpluses also helps with the scam. You need to understand that people whom actually know what they are talking about is saying that many markets is so overvalued its almost impossible for them not to burst.

Our total situation is not getting better, in fact its lots worse today then it was a couple of years ago. Although it is true that some countries (Sweden for one), are better off then others, at least temporarily, but the coming crashes will not save those from going down with the rest. And if you really want good indications on how the economy really is going, take a look at the sex-industry that is supposedly ‘recession proof’ – the sex-trade have never slumped like this ever before, not during the Great Depression, never. Or have a look at the total figures on protectionism that is still on much higher levels then before the crisis, and take a look at the Baltic Dry Cargo index that hasn’t been this low since the bubble burst. Or look the number of actual pirates sailing the seas. These examples are not scientific proof, but they are hell of a lot more on the spot than any cornflake economist.

Think of our situation like this (this is fact, not an imaginative example). You are Swedish, and you have, yourself, borrowed and spent to a level that is equivalent of 150% of what you earn per year i.e. you are so deeply in debt that you hardly can afford to pay the interest, and that’s today at the fictive very low levels the interest rates are at. Unemployment is very high and very few are actually in a safe position, job-wise. Looking at the stock-exchange and all those big companies around you, you notice that they go up and down. Some companies show very bad results, some do pretty well (just follow the news ticking in, almost funny to watch. Every other company shows “surprising winnings” and others show very bad numbers). The stock market goes up to new heights one day and goes down the next. In such a situation, which we are in now, don’t you feel a bit uneasy? A bit worried? And do you really think that buying a house in this situation with the current and tampered low interest rates is a good idea?

But then throw a glance towards America and the UK, two of Sweden’s main trading partners, and there you will find even worse numbers and much more of the same uneasy tension you are feeling about Sweden. After that; take a look at China that supposedly has a growing economy, counted in GDP. China is the main drive force for everything our enemies are saying right now. They are the main lender to the US and without China Bernanke and the rest of the buffoons wouldn’t have money at all. China is the main reason for the increase in Japanese and German export numbers and China is also one of the main reasons why the stock markets around the world are doing pretty well at the moment. Do you have this scenario in your head now? Okay, now what you need to know is that China is about to tighten their protectionism further, and that one of the main sources of income, the government selling land to people, is not doing so well and falling. Got the picture?

Now, before we get to the conclusion, what is GDP?

This is how GDP is normally counted:

GDP = private consumption + gross investment + government spending + (exports − imports), or,
GDP = C + I + G + (X − M).

If you understand this simple equation, which 99% of our politicians, economists and journalists don’t, you soon realize that this can very easily be tampered with. Government spending for one – all the government need to do is to borrow and/or print a shit-load of money, throw them around and presto! Higher GDP! And what are our governments doing? That’s right…

On point after point after point, this equation, that is supposed to show economic growth, becomes idiotic at best. Higher GDP does not mean higher values! Higher GDP does not mean that we are producing more! Higher GDP does not mean more money in your pocket! It can show all those things, but most of the time it doesn’t. Now, take a look around again, watch, learn, listen, read and, from our situation above, where do we stand today? What does higher GDP really means for those countries that are “out of the recession”?

Maybe you come to the same conclusion as I do after this little session, but wait! It gets better! I haven’t even mentioned how the dollar is doing and what that will do to oil prices, the coming commercial real-estate crash in the US and many other things. ...Well... just put it altogether and I’ll see you out on that deserted island far away from this entire apocalyptical scenario. I may even give you a sip of my freshly brewed vodka and we can nibble on some popcorn together watching the sun go down while listening to the radio hearing how journalists, politicians and economists is trying to explain why we need another stimulus while the world is crumbling under them and people take to the streets with ropes they start throwing around lamp-posts. Yepp, come on over. We can have fun together.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Other pieces of the puzzle

China mines over 95 percent of the world’s rare earth minerals, mostly in Inner Mongolia. But a report from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has called for a TOTAL BAN on foreign shipments of terbium, dysprosium, yttrium, thulium, and lutetium. Other metals such as neodymium, europium, cerium, and lanthanum will be restricted to a combined export quota of 35,000 tonnes a year, far below global needs of those metals.

This happens at the same time as Asian stocks dropped on Tuesday 25th 2009, with China's main index tumbling more than 5%. Analysts say that investors tread cautiously after a series of gains and looked for more signs of economic recovery. Since there never was and never will any recovery, only temporary ups and downs, what they in reality is looking for is signs of certain “stimulated” areas or sure bets. Maybe some will, thanks to all that newly printed money, throw some investments into the fire in pure speculations and keep the scam going for a while yet.

And Dick Bove, a prominent US banking analyst, is issuing warnings. According to him an additional 200 US banks will fail before the recession is over adding to the 80+ already gone out of business. He is, of course, a complete optimist and seemingly only takes into account what can be seen today. Bove also added that US need to rely on bigger and stronger banks to “protect deposits”. Riiiiight…

Finally, media keeps spreading the scam that Germany is out of the depression. Our enemies are gathering...

We are just seeing the beginning

As I have said before on several occasions, the first couple of laws and authorities regarding internet was just the start. Almost every day we are meet by new restrictions, new taxes or new voices that wants to ban, outlaw or regulate certain areas of the online community.

In the UK it is now suggested that people who file-share will get their internet connection cut off. In the same suggestion it’s included that the government will take control over who targets and hunt illegal downloader’s. This is to “speed up the process”.

In Sweden some court has told an internet provider to cut out the Piratebay which, temporarily, lead to the site going down yesterday.

In other words everything goes just as predicted and while I keep nibbling on some popcorn our enemies will continue on this path to tighten control more and more.

I’m actually starting to look forward to that apocalyptic and economic meltdown, its going to be hilarious.

He'll be back

In the US of A the evil trickster Ben Bernanke is getting support from the Obamination for re-election as Fed chairman. Bernanke that has almost total support from those he has been helping and giving trillions of dollars of tax-money to - namely Wall Street - is probably getting to face some opposition but with the propaganda machine running wild and the Obamination stating his faulting reputation it’s a high risk that this lying bastard will get elected again. Consequently another piece of the puzzle for total economic meltdown is soon put into place.

Rejoicing Greeks

In Greece fires have consumed over 120,000 hectares of countryside and forest, killing wildlife and destroying hundreds of cars, homes and monasteries. As the prefect of Athens, Yiannis Sgouros, spoke of an "ecological disaster", increasing numbers of Greeks were resorting to local media outlets to call for help and vent their anger over bad government decisions. Thousands are in running from their homes and the fires are yet to be brought under control.

All of this is, of course, fantastic news!! As every cornflake economist and fraudulent politician of this world knows, this will increase GDP!! It seems like Greece will be the next country to “get out of the recession”. So all you Greeks out there dance and be happy, let the fire devour your homes, forests and fields and put a smile on your face. Oh happy days!

What have happend?

Your first line of defence against the lies

This is guy is unbelievably good. I have urged you all to visit before and I’ll do so again. The Market Ticker

If you don’t listen to me, Peter Schiff or anyone else that is trying to warn you about the looming disaster, maybe you will listen to this guy; The Market Ticker Although mostly abut the US, the same frauds are being committed pretty much everywhere and US of A is a very important player in regards to the world economies.

Free Anna Odell – and give the woman more tax money

One of my favourite people, Anna Odell, is standing trial in Sweden today. This little cutie has shown us all where our tax-money really goes; down the black hole that is government. She managed this feat by pretending to be mentally ill, “tried” to jump of a bridge, and got herself locked up and, apparently, did hurt some nurses in the process. According to some rumours she even tossed feces at the nurses. Then, whoopedido, she was sane again and could graduate from her art-class with this art-work as her exam, everything paid for by the tax payers. And yes, this little move is regarded as “art” by some morons within the Swedish publicly run school system.

Now, standing trial, I’m hoping she is let free, and even more so; we should throw tons of money at her, sacks of ‘em. Give the female a billion or two and let her waste it like she is a politician. Never in my adult life has anyone so clearly shown the Swedish citizens where the tax money really goes and who puts it to use. Well, there was that other art student who thrashed and pissed in a subway train (same school) also as an exam-project. That guy is also a true hero, but otherwise who could ever measure up to this piece of brilliant madness?

I also have a tip for her. The next project should involve her actually jumping. She was let out of the public mental ward, if she actually went that extra mile (all for art!) and actually jumped she would prove how badly managed that thing really is, she clearly was sick, how could they let her go free? Also, if she survives, she can see the inside of a hospital and, again, show how bad things are run at that publicly run place. A win win!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What Jewish papers write

Have spent the morning reading several articles and stories in Israeli newspapers and its really funny reading. Among other things I picked up a couple of stories in The Jerusalem Post. One quoted former Sweden residents, saying, among other things: “the anti-Semitism in Sweden is so deep-rooted that the people don't even know they're anti-Semitic." In the same paper you can read a story supposedly written by the former wife of the former Israeli ambassador in Sweden. This woman claims Sweden “abuses its freedom of speech” and recites a couple of incidents in this regard. I could go on and tell you about more stories like these, but you really should go and read them yourself.

Anyway, the stories have one common dominator; demonize Sweden and Swedes as anti-Semitic and further enhance the feeling of “us against them”. In doing so, really achieving the same level of stupidity they are accusing Sweden and the Swedish paper of having. I’m not saying all of the claims are wrong, of course not. There are lots of leftie idiots in Sweden, especially among journalists, which explain why they never do their job. There is anti-Israeli demonstration every year and it’s hard to walk down the street without bumping into a girl wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh. It is also true that there is a large Muslim population in Sweden wherein some elements are hard-line haters of Judaism. However, there are two facts that should be told. Firstly I would say that a vast majority of Swedes, at least in asked to chose a side between Israel or its Arabic neighbours, will side with Israel. Secondly, and this is important, nothing of this has anything to do with this diplomatic debacle. Nothing. It’s about freedom of speech, period.

It does not matter how many articles or stories the Jewish propaganda machine spits out, it does not change the fact that this was one journalist in one Swedish paper. I personally don’t care if the man is a Communist-Nazi and celebrate the Holocaust each year, it’s still his right to say or write whatever as long as its not pure threats. Why should the Swedish government, in effect the Swedish people, apologize or condemn one idiot’s ramblings in a paper no one with intellect cares about?

And again I need to question the lack of grey matter among the ruling elite in Israel. If the purpose is to try to stop the “anti-Semitic” ways in certain countries, then this is an utter failure of epic proportions. If the purpose is to strengthen the lefties propaganda and give more power to those who truly are Israel’s enemies, congratulations, it’s a success. Already we have seen several Swedish articles about other “side-issues” that tries to label Israel as a crocked racist state, and one can almost hear the chuckle in locked basement filled with skinheads wearing huge combat boots.

Once upon a time I walked into an anti-Israeli demonstration with a collect-box together with some similar minded friends and collected several hundreds from stupid lefties. On the box you could openly, and clearly, read: “collecting for the Israeli Army”. The money was later sent, if I remember correctly, to a Jewish foundation for war-victims. As a response for this and many similar actions I received venomous death-threats. I believe Israel has the right to exist and in many cases, although not all, I support the Jewish state. However, this issue is about free speech and even if Sweden is in no way perfect in this regard (fascist laws in regards to Internet for one), we who are believers in human right will always side with the freedom of expression. Even if this means we indirectly support a horrifying leftie journalist with a clear agenda of hatred towards Israel.

This is what it means to fight for freedom and democracy, even when it hurts and you really don’t want to, the basic rights most come first. For me, this goes all the way through regarding all rights, for others not so much. But for once the Swedish populace is almost in total agreement and this Israel needs to acknowledge before they do more damage on a issue that could easily been handled in a much better way.

Debunking more lies

A couple articles in Swedish newspapers today is talking about the current depression and how things are “turning around”. As usual without any sense of reality or basic understanding of math, so lets debunk those shall we?

1. Germany and France are out of the ‘recession’
Not true. You can read how I already have revealed that lie here. Basically what have been done are three things: One is that those governments have thrown billions at the car industry and since all that cornflake economists are looking for is higher GDP, they have succeeded. Not taking into account that this is a fictive run or that this means that people that soon might have bought a car anyway now wont. Another reason is that trade surpluses can be shown which makes up almost half of both countries GDP plusses. The third is lots of different useless government projects, mainly on borrowed money, that also increases GDP. All of these numbers are consequently manufactured, not actual increases in wealth. And what will happen when those government programs runs out? Although, granted, France and Germany is in better shape than many other countries, one cannot say they are out of the wood, that’s a lie.

2. Japan is out of the ‘recession’
Japan is living almost entirely on trade surpluses, mainly to China that, as mentioned, is living in a fictive world of boom and bust. You can read about my earlier debunking of that travesty here.

3. A fall in Real-Estate prices in the US
I don’t really know what they got those numbers from, although true that the prices has fallen slightly lately the levels are still way to high and as foreclosures and defaulting is reaching the highest levels in history at the same time as new developments never before have been this low it is hard to see the positives. You can read more about this lie here.
Also, as mentioned in that link, the commercial real-estate bubble is about to burst. With interest rates at zero and lots of cheap fiat money available the real prices are much much lower.

4. The psychological financial climate has changed
This is partly true. With trillions of freshly printed dollars in circulation the financial institutes are doing insider trading, and gambling on a rising stock market for future gains. Many banks are also showing profits for the first time in a year which further increases the madness. Here you need to know that many banks, almost all of the important US ones, are double-dealing and lying about their numbers. Every time a fallen bank has gone bankrupt, the value is written down 25%-30%-40% and even over 50% which means that ITS ALL A LIE! If there is this much overvalue in many banks, not just American ones, we have enormous bubbles developing. The entire situation is totally absurd. Almost all that money that governments and central banks have thrown into the system is going to financial institutes whom then (as before and during the crisis) fictively increase their own value and put much of that money to use at the stock market that increases stocks even further. This is the mother of all bubbles and if we were to crash from these levels down to depression numbers, which we in all likelihood will, it will make the “Great Depression” look like a walk in the park.

5. The credit crunch is easing off and people are borrowing.
This is crazy at so many levels its hard to know where to begin. First of all the total debts levels are reaching such heights its ridiculous. Many countries have total debts of well over 300% of GDP! Never before in history have such debt accumulation been seen. Not even if you put the first and second world war together we reach up to our current levels. Can you imagine that? If you really comprehend this madness you are probably laughing as uncontrollable as I am.
But, of course, it doesn’t stop there. Because most of the money we borrow is already borrowed and indebted since it comes from *drum roll* the printing machine! Looking at history, not even Zimbabwe started with these levels of printing. But even this isn’t enough. We have also the fun fact that interest rates are already desperately needed at much higher levels. In a real market economy the rates would be around 5-10% now depending on which country we are talking about. So what do you think is going to happen when interest rates eventually goes up if you look at all those suckers that has borrowed indebted money to buy things they in reality cannot afford? This scenario might be frightening and should make you start piling up dried-up food packages, but add to this equation what I wrote about banks further up and you will start to realize what I and many others have; we are soooo screwed that it dwarfs anything from human history. We have never been in this much trouble - things have never before looked this bad.

6. We can recover despite high unemployment
Some politicians have claim we have a jobless recovery. Wtf!? So unemployment levels in double digits aren’t a problem? People having no income in addition to further increases on welfare expenditures aren’t a problem? People not able to pay back their loans or mortgages are a good thing? More demonstrations or even civil unrest is fantastic? What world do these people live in? Idiots!

The final things you need to worry about are those things that haven’t happened yet. What I mean is what if oil-producing Venezuela ends up in a war with Columbia or USA’s military attacks oil-producing Iran? What if China has a real rebellion? What if a terrorist attack by nuclear or chemical weapons strikes London? What if Russia starts cleaning house among the old Soviet states? The possibilities for such events are endless and mark my words, one or several of the mentioned or similar ones are in the works at the very time you read this. And if such an event takes place, what will that do to the world economy?

Please take notes. Every journalists writing this crap and every economists that is trying to fool you should be on you future hit list. All our politicians, with very few exceptions, from left to right, are liable and should be hold accountable. There is no recovery, it cannot happen. Even if fictive numbers and temporarily gains can be shown - it’s all a lie! We cannot recover until we have changed the way we live and throw out the old order as well as the coming new order. We need a fresh start and that will not come from above, its up to you, the average man, you are the one that might turn this around. I don’t think you will because there are no heroes left in the world, but if you don’t, there will be no end to this madness.

Eating a none Israeli orange

It has been a very long time since one could have a sense of pride in regards to a Swedish government, but honor those that deserve it.

The current Swedish administration has been imposing fascist laws regarding the free media, heighten taxes on gasoline and tobacco, they have not cut expenditures enough and that stupid central bank is keeping interest rates so low it will ruin the economy, but still, I need to praise the Swedish government when they actually deserve it and now they do. Apparently those Israeli idiots keep quarrelling for a condemnation and apology from Sweden for what one journalist wrote in one leftie paper. Both the Swedish foreign minister and the prime minister have told the Jewish idiots that they are not the publisher of that paper and that there is such a thing as freedom of speech. Halləluya.

And it is very hard to figure out why Sweden, the Swedish populace or the government should apologize. It was one journalist in one newspaper, what have the rest done? Bought the paper? Not rooted enough for new settlements in occupied territories? Those Israeli idiots need to get real and smell their own stupidity. And what about those allegations? Surly they can be disproven? We all know that things happens in a war and it is likely that one or the other soldier have raped, shoot a kid or stolen some organs, it happens. Nothing really strange about it so say that if that’s the case, otherwise just disprove those claims and we can start ridiculing the paper and the journalist.

What the Israelis should do is to call for a boycott of that paper that, most likely, is spreading lies. That is also something people can do in a democracy, refuse to buy crap. But no, Israeli politicians are still posturing and arguing for a case they cannot win. It doesn’t matter even if the Swedish government eventually caves in; the only looser in this debacle is Israel. The winner? Of course leftie morons of the red, brown and black color that gets a real argument for a change.

But I need to admit, this is entertainment. So while am nibbling on a orange that is of the none-Israeli variety I’m hoping some Swedish politician lose it and start with the same name-calling as the Israeli idiots does. Or, better yet, puts a stretched and thin Challah on the middle finger and wave it up in the air in the Israeli faces. Fun fun fun…

Saturday, August 22, 2009

How to feel more secure

If you get attacked one day you have - if it’s not very surprising from behind - a couple of seconds to react. Sometimes even more than that. During this time you can run, cuddle up to protect your most precious bodily parts or you can fight back. The later is not easy, especially for a smallish woman facing one or two men twice her size. Not even a black belt might help in that scenario. In other words a female getting mugged or raped has nothing to do but to take it since government conveniently has outlawed self-defense. However, there is one thing that always equalize such situations; a gun. If you feel vulnerable or need to feel safe, buy a gun. Government be damn.

But if you like getting raped or you believe the political propaganda; you can always keep the streets safe for rapists and such.

The next thing is WAR

This is not listening for the faint-hearted, but again, as so many times before, I find myself saying and writing the exact same thing as Gerald Celente. And if history repeat itself, and again we will be proven right in our predictions, you’ll better be prepared. Especially pay attention to what’s coming next according to Mr Celente. I have myself written the same here and I also have gone one step further here

Please listen:

Saturday, August 22, 2009
Something big will happen before Christmas .The next thing we are looking to is WAR Gerald Celente
Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense radio 18 Aug 2009 The Revolution has begun :

Gerald Celente and The Trends Research Institute have earned the reputation as “today’s must trusted name in trends” for their accurate and timely predictions. Among them:

Predicted the “Panic of ’08” in November of 2007

Forecast the Recession of 2007 in 2004

Years before Starbucks was a household name, Gerald Celente forecast the popularity of gourmet coffee

Decades before Pepsi and Coke got into the water business, Gerald Celente predicted the “Big Boom in Bottled Water”

When gold was at $275 per ounce in 2002, Gerald Celente said the price had bottomed and in 2004 forecast the beginning of the “Gold Bull Run.” Since that time, with pinpoint accuracy, he said when, why – and how high – gold would go.

Gerald Celente coined the term “Clean Foods” in 1993 and predicted sustained growth in organic products in 1988

Nine months before 9/11, USA Today wrote, “2001 won’t be our year, trend seer says.” Gerald Celente warned that Americans wouldn’t be safe at home or abroad. (USA Today, December 14, 2000)

The Trends Research Institute and Gerald Celente were forerunners in the natural healing/alternative health movement

On the geopolitical and economic fronts, Gerald Celente and The Trends Research Institute are credited with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the last two economic recessions, the dot-com meltdown, the 1997 Asian currency crisis and the 1987 world stock market crash

Gerald Celente has forecast many real estate trends, including the big move to vacation spots and small towns, the growth in the second home market, a real estate "fizz" in 2005 ... plus hundreds of other social, business, fashion, consumer and entertainment trends.

visit Gerald Celente's News Blog here

International Swine Flu conference

Come across this surfing the net. Apparently a bunch of pseudo scientists, lawmakers and other so called dignitaries have had meetings this week talking about how to detain, mass-vaccinate and in other ways control the populace. All in all well over 700 participants from 40 countries. Of course it is regarding the swine flu thingy and of course it might sound worse than it is, but check this out. In the pdf-brochure from the conference (find that here) you can read, among other things, about the following:

(How to) Direct fatality management tactical operations
What? Okay, I might be jumping to conclusion here, but I certainly read something into this... don’t you?

(peoples) Unwillingness to follow government orders
I won’t take a flu shoot, never. What will happen to me? This is scary stuff. Much scarier than any flu. The government is supposed to know what to do with people like me? Oh my…

Prioritize antivirals & personal protective equipment for essential workforce
Oh, really? And who might this be?

Effectively undertake mass vaccinations
Oh my…

Enforce quarantines
!?!? Oh, I so need to move, now. Otherwise they will never let me leave...

Protect public works first responders from falling ill or being hurt in civil disturbances (+) Control and diffuse social unrest and public disorder

Civil disturbances!? This is the sort of thing “They” are discussing?

(How to) Transport ill students
Transport? Where? Under who’s authority?

Apparently it was attended by well-known emergency responders, heads of hospitals from around the world, and hog/swine industry leaders that spoke at this summit.
Hog/swine industry leaders!? Are they fucking kidding us?

During this whole flu scare media has been running around reporting the slightest little pip about it, but not this conference... It is hard to find any information whatsoever. This is scary if anything, so if journalist really want to sell papers, this is the sort of thing I aspect them to cover. Oh my oh my...