Monday, February 23, 2009

Konstfack students! Yeah! You go!

I absolutely love these guys. The Swedish people are a strange breed, when our politicians waste billions upon billions on nothing, we say zilch, but when a couple of art students trash the subway or fake a psychotic episode that costs a couple of hundred thousands, everyone goes mad. That’s why I love those students and their inapt and completely idiotic followers. They are showing the Swedish people what their tax money actually pays for and if people get upset over those little shenanigans’, they should go completely berserk and start civil wars over what really goes on.

So I truly hope that those brainless art student people keep doing these things. It’s great! It actually gets people thinking and not about the stuff the idiots do, but what it costs and why the normal populace should pay for the idiocy. So all you Konstfack students out there, go nuts! Please.

Kebab and beer...

… Is the food of the God’s.