Wednesday, February 10, 2010


At the same time as killed Swedish soldiers touched down on home soil and their true killers, those sitting at parliament still are free to walk around, people in Iran are chanting "Allah o Akbar", (God is Great) in the night before the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution.

The Middle East is a large battle ground at the moment and tomorrow the people of Iran are set to attend massive national gatherings to commemorate the revolution. Not that I particularly supported that revolution, but hopefully it can fuel protests tomorrow as well as pictures like this of Neda:

To no surprise it appears that Internet connections in Iran are apparently grinding to a halt ahead of upcoming anti-government protests. Officially, the Iranian government is blaming it on the fact that "part of the fibre-optic network is damaged."


Ever wondered why your own government wants to control, regulate and tax internet? Well, this one large reason, the other one is of course to control our mindset and the information flow in general.

copier machine game II

I guess I’m not the only one watching central bank people all over the world having so much fun and feeling a bit jealous about it?

They get to play with colors, numbers and hand out pieces of paper that people for some reason use to exchange goods with. So I’ve decided to create some pointers how to construct the exact same game.

First you need to go out and buy a copier machine.

Do not assume that buying a copier machine with tons of features means that you will be paying for unnecessary options. So many features are built into digital machines these days that the "extra" features may have little to no impact on price. Just make sure you stick to your requirements. You could also go for that computer you only need to press a couple of buttons on, but I find that a copier machine have more charming attributes.

After you’ve picked up the right machine, select some pieces of paper, preferably paper with nice colors. Always more fun with bright and shiny paper, but remember to have several different papers with a couple of different colors. Then figure out some cool name for your money. Let’s call our money “The Sheople’s money”, it’s just a name, don’t worry about it, you can call it whatever you like. Well, it could lead to some confusion if you pick names already taken, such as Dollar, Pound, Krona, Euro etc. but otherwise it do not really matter.

Then pick a couple of numbers to write on the pieces of papers you bought. Let’s write ‘Sheople 10’ on the red ones ‘Sheople 50’ on the blue and ‘Sheople 100’ on green ones.

Before you do anything else, go and join up with Hells Angels and create together with them a protection agency. After all, only you should be printing money and if anyone else print money, you need to “show them the right way”.

Now, let’s start printing!

When you have a couple of fine piles of those newly printed pieces of papers, hand them out in your neighborhood to people and use any persuasion tactic to get them to start using your paper as currency. Bikers standing by in the background, pointing a gun at someone’s head or burning down a couple of stores is usually enough to get friends and neighbors to accept your currency.

And now comes the first really fun part. Playing with numbers, colors and the printer is fun, but to continue doing the same is even funnier. Especially when you do it all the time, no matter what the problem is.

Prices rise on food? Print more money. People are losing their jobs? Print more money. People can’t afford their homes anymore? Print more money. And when your community “needs" to borrow money from another neighborhood, you can also print more money to buy those debts which means that once again your monopoly money saves the day. A copy machine to the rescue! Almost like a superhero isn’t it?

You can also take out a high salary for doing all this to your friends and neighbors. After all, you are the hero with some pieces of papers that has arbitrary chosen numbers on them.

But please also remember that in all neighborhoods there are troublemakers. Like that pesky shop owner at the corner who insists on raising his prices higher then you like, but cheerfully enough you can put him back on the right track with the help of some bikers. And then there are a couple of women that seem to be using gold instead of your pieces of paper. They are probably tired of using more and more paper and getting less and less for them, but hey, that’s not your problem. Send bikers on them too!

Now, you have a society deeply in debt with ever increasing prices and inhabitants that’s not really doing as they have been told. Some business has also gone down with more people not working as consequence and some of your neighborhoods debts owners are also having some problems. You have entered a recession.

What do you do then… let’s think about it…oh, I know! You print more money! And then you can use this new money to increase spending to hide any debts as well as use it to publically employ slackers and lazy bums. And while you are at it, remember to also borrow even more money from other neighbors.

We can call this the “Weimar republic”-game or “Zimbabwe showed us the way”-game.

It’s a great way to spend a couple of years. Especially when you also can play, at the same time, games like: “I know best what to eat, drink, and inhale” – game and that fantastically funny: “Let’s send more printed money to banks in the neighborhood but only to them”-game. In combination with making the best use of Hells Angels bone cracking skills, you have lots of fun ahead of you. Just remember; keep that smile on your face!

If you don’t get it, this is EXACTLY what governments and central banks are doing.

The Bubble Bobble game

Before reading, press play:

The signs and the math cannot be clearer; we are in the bubble of all bubbles, the mother of all inflated balloons ever seen.

When the markets crashed back in the spring of 2009 it was the bursting of several bubbles that lead to that situation. Very cheap credits in combination with artificially low interest rates and government intervention on many key markets had since the bubble crashed propped up markets to ridiculous levels. Debts had soured, wars had been fought, government entities like Fanny and Freddie had committed fraudulent deals, derivatives had emerged as the new thing, banksters had fooled markets, and Wall Street had got drunk - and so on.

And what did our saviors do to stop everything from crashing down?

They started up the printing presses in order to throw trillions out to financial institutes, they lowered interest rates down to zero, and they borrowed trillions from each other to spend, spend and spend. They bailed-out failing companies (carefully chosen ones…), they went out together to urge everyone to take out their money, raid that piggy and borrow like never before so people could be buying stuff again. All in all they sort of ‘succeeded’, and with that I mean they managed to inflate the bubbles one more time.

The crisis was temporarily diverted, but now the debts are bigger than ever before, the commando currencies has never been shakier, markets are overvalued by as much as 50%, housing prices have been going up in most countries when they should be going down, protectionism haven’t been this bad for many decades and inflation have started to tick away.

The hero of this cornflake-induced economic idiocy, Robert Mugabe, knows what’s next, but the question is; do you?

In the meanwhile our banksters are throwing bonuses around like nothing has happened. The criminals of the banking cartels should in many cases stand trial, but instead their actions are expectant by political decisions while the same politicians officially are saying they will crack down on the same bonuses they themselves have been encouraging. And most of you sheople out there seem to be buying this hoax.

In the end the math doesn’t tell lies.

The fundamentals aren’t sound, wealth creation is on its way down and the mother of all bubbles has been inflated to a point of no return. We’re facing a depression on such a scale that we will need to look in the book of revelations to find proper adjectives. Tens of millions of people will die from starvation, riots and civil unrests, and that’s only the first stage. The crashes that will occur sooner than you think will dwarf anything ever seen on this planet.

Are you prepared?

If not, take a look at Greece or Iceland, that’s what’s in store for most of the world but on a much grander scale.

Any believer left?

They are running scared. Their plans for installing a world wide web of lies from which they could tax, regulate and control people have been exposed so many times now that anything the elitists say fall flat.

Climategate, Himalayagate, Pachaurigate, Glaciergate, Hurricanegate, Amazonasgate and NOAAgate — it’s hard to keep up with all the revelations and allegations buzzing around some of the biggest names in climate science. Hardly a day goes by without their frauds getting exposed.

And their reaction? Well they tried to call a press conference in Washington recently. The conference by NOAA was supposed to be about “earlier snowmelt and extended ice-free seasons”, but it had to be postponed because of the heaviest snowfall in decades…

It’s hard to make this stuff up.

Remember how delegates outside the Fraudenhagen talks were freezing their feet’s off while mumbling between frosty clouds to some reporter and stating how global warming have increased temperatures?

Okay, I need to admit, the fact that we are facing the coldest and snowiest winter I have ever experienced in my life doesn’t say that much. Just as a couple of very warm years doesn’t say anything either. You see in order to measure real climate changes and really get good data one needs to look at geological, biological and historical data over thousands of years. To only look at the latest 120 years or so (as the climate frauds are mostly doing) isn’t science, that’s guesswork at best. Any real scientists studying this planets climate can tell you that anything below thousand years in data is pretty useless.

But that’s not what the tricksters are saying now is it?

Still, even with this in mind it is hard not to laugh at the overpaid, bought for and deceitful government hired ‘scientists’ when they get caught lying over and over again.

Many years ago I figured out what the real agenda is, all on my own, only reading and making my own conclusions. No oil-company paid me to search for any form of validity, no big business gave me stuff to follow scary claims to their origin, no heartless rich banker in top-hat hired me to look into what UN and other entities have said.

You know what I found?

– That not a single one of the alarmists ideas or claims holds, not a single one.

I still haven’t found a single argument that holds, there’s no fact supporting the notion of manmade global warming, there’s no evidence, no science, nothing, nada, nil, zilch.

I challenge you to try. Pick up one of their claims, anyone of them. Go out and look, read, search, Google, whatever. Just try to find proof, scientific facts and irrefutable evidence that proves them right. You will not find anything, because it doesn’t exist, but please do try.

We actually do know what affect our climate. It has been scientifically proven and it is a well tested fact that THE SUN is the main culprit to a degree of about 99%. Even the most scary doomsday alarmist with their arms around a mahogany tree will admit this. We also know that cosmic rays and the oceans make up most of that additional 1%. And we also know that volcanoes spit out more carbondioxid and other gases each week than all factories and cars on the planet do during a year. If the powers that be really were concern for the environment and greenhouse gases being let out in the atmosphere they would hurry to outlaw volcanic activity.

I cannot really see how they can keep this scam going. The manmade global warming idea is the biggest hoax of all time and they cannot hide that anymore. Much of the credit for exposing this fraud goes to internet and internet users, which is yet another reason for the elitists to crack down on the free information flow.

Another thing I would like all you still believing out there to do is to follow the money. I would argue that the manmade global warming hoax is mainly about power and control, another way for the elitists to be in charge of everyday life, but it is also about money, lots and lots of money.

If you check out how billions upon billions have been diverted to ‘scientists’ researching this scam. If you fully understand that certain banks and a couple of big corporations have invested so much money and stand to gain so much more on this scam. If you really get to know the entertainers parading in front of the cameras and fully understand how deep their pockets are. If you really follow the money, you’ll soon realize what’s at stake here for the enemy class.

And third thing I would like you to do is to keep an eye out for their next scam. Remember the Ozone layer and how it was supposed to have killed us all by now? Remember how they believed just a couple of decades ago that we were heading for a new ice-age? Y2K anyone?

Believe me, even if the manmade global warming trickery have been exposed, they will soon find another scenario to scare us with. Maybe it will be Aliens, asteroids hurling towards earth, Magnetic polar shift, Yellowstone erupting or any other number of fears, but you can count on them finding such claims and selling it to easily duped sheople.

My only question is; why does anyone believe anything coming from the elitists?