Saturday, February 27, 2010

The banking hoax

If you want to know how a central bank works, let’s look at the American situation whereas $100 in 1810 had the same purchasing power as $80.54 in 1913- which is the year Federal Reserve (the US central bank) was created.

Did you notice that the purchasing power went up? During one hundred years Americans got richer and their money became more worth.

But what happen thereafter? Well, $100 in 1913 is the same as $2234.76 in 2009…

After introducing a central bank into the equation the purchasing power have gone down at an incredible speed, and the money value have diminished and is today over 22 times lower than 1913. If it wasn’t for the rapid development of technology Americans would be a lot poorer today than they were 100 years ago.

How about that?

And this isn’t a unique US situation; the same goes on in every country.

What you need to understand is what this means, were this leads and how it affect our way of life.

You see, this is what’s called inflation. The diminishing value of money or rather, more accurately, the expansion of the money supply without increasing the productivity at the same rate.

Inflation is when money loses value. IT IS NOT an increase in prices as the powers that be wants you to think. Prices increase because of inflation, not the other way around.

This means that what we’re being told from media, pundits, politicians and cornflake economists isn’t true; in fact it is the complete opposite of the truth.


Why? Why don’t they want you to find out what inflation is? Because if you knew, you’d also know who creates it and from there you can probably also find out the answers to a lot of other questions. Answers to questions that are meant to remain secret. Things you shouldn’t know.

The central bank creates inflation. This they do by printing money. The more money they print, the higher the inflation.

Some will argue that via trade we can import and export inflation. This is true to a certain degree, but it still goes back to the central bank in each country. What is not true, however, is that pay has something to do with it. Unions demanding higher salaries are sometime told that too high pay increases may cause inflation, that’s a lie!

Another lie you gotto know about is why our politicians save the banks all the time. They always say that they will never save them again, but this time it is different somehow. We need to save the lending in order to keep GDP up. We cannot let the too big to fail, fail.

But why is it so important to save the banks? Because the entire GDP-scam is contingent on people borrowing money they shouldn’t have in order to buy things they actually don’t need.

In the world of cornflake economics GDP is what matters. We’ve been let to believe that GDP somehow measure wealth and as long as GDP goes up we’re getting richer. Although this may be true sometimes, it is not always the case. In fact GDP can go down and we can still get richer, GDP can be going up while we’re getting poorer.

I’ve gone through the GDP-scam on multiple occasions, but what’s important to realize is that GDP can be manipulated in any number of ways. One way is to have people borrowing money (which doesn’t really effect GDP negatively) and then buy stuff which increase GDP.

Did you get that? If you borrow to spend you’ll increase GDP. And the more you borrow the bigger and the more important banks becomes.

So what would happen if lending institutes stopped lending out money? - GDP would go down.

There’s another reason why it is so important to keep the big banks around. They are the ones that get the inflationary money first.

When the central bank wants more money in circulation they (to make it simple) hand it over to commercial banks. The commercial banks in turn use this money in three ways. They buy stuff, mainly assets at stock markets, they lend it out to the general public, and they save it at the central bank at higher interest rates you as taxpayer pays for. The two first is a big part of the scam that is GDP.
This is also essential in order to keep the inflation-scam going. To control our economy. To control you.

Without this step-by-step hoax they cannot control what’s going on, financially. Without it they cannot inflate bubbles to hide away recessions and without it they cannot make our money less and less worth.

So they cannot let the big banks fail, the entire plan depends on saving the banks. The commercial banks know this, of course. They know they will always be bailed out, so they can go out shopping and gambling. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they fail, but they always win because if the gambling doesn’t pay out, the central bank and the politicians come to the rescue.

Anyone calling this capitalism is an idiot. This is the opposite of a free market economy. This is deliberate and malevolent planning by dark figures in leather chairs rubbing their hands together going Muhahaha while you, the ordinary citizen, lose no matter what.

They’ve been robbing you blind and they are still doing it.

As I’ve said before, if people really knew what’s being done to them they would be burning down bank-buildings and stringing up central bank people.

Chile quakes

After the big one earlier this morning several aftershocks have hit around the same area. The government reports 76 dead and warns that the toll will rise. The jolt flattens buildings, downs phone lines and creates a "state of catastrophe" in central Chile.

Even if the death-toll rises, compare this with the quake that hit Haiti earlier that was much weaker. This is the difference between a very socialized country with warlords running the show and a slightly less socialized country with a so so democracy. A truly capitalist and free country with a populace that knows they live in an earthquake country would hardly have any casualties at all. Yet another reason why leftie polices doesn’t work…

And if you haven’t got the Quake Alert add-on for your browser, you should. It’s really funny to imagine that people are running for their lives right now from after- shocks and a potential tsunami. And you get to find out before almost all others.

Find the add-on here: Quake Alert add-on

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