Friday, April 29, 2011

Travel masturbation on molestation Saturday

It’s time again. Time for me to move to yet another country and as during previous escapes I will avoid the euro and try to stay away from ugly people.

One thing that’s hard to stay away from however is getting horny during travels. I don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem, but I do curse being a man sometimes travelling while hard and pointy. A woman, if having a similar problem, could always get by if she bought any form of vibrating toy – an electric toothbrush would do. But even if using fingers a feline can easily avoid detection.

Me, in need of bringing that one-eyed snake out in the open, have a slight problem. Especially while doing busses and planes - although I have been known to fornicate in, and on, both. Trains are a tad easier. With a bit of folding of tha clothes or choosing a strategic position a train can be turned into a regular wankfest.

Since I’ll be on the road for about 24hrs and will use almost every transportation known to man, I will have plenty of opportunities to spread my ejaculation juice across the European landscape.

It is possible I’ll use Kate Middleton in at least one fantasy. She’s a hottie, isn’t she? I actually haven’t paid attention at all to the fuss about this British marriage, but last night I did saw the couple in front of one of those child molesters giving them their last rites as un-married. First I noticed Prince William, getting the looks of his father more and more as the years go by, and so a future cause for divorce. Still pretty handsome though, for a Britt anyway.

Kate on the other hand is really stunning. ‘Masturbation-worthy’ was actually (I’m not lying) the first words that came to mind. A real woman I wouldn’t mind dipping my meatstick into.

Anyway, that costly side-show aside, I do have a genuine concern about travelling by bus, train, flight, train again, and then flying some more before taking a tram or a buss where I’ll live for the near future. Hopefully women passing by will be married to their refrigerators and have down-to-tha-knees-breasteses, but with my luck I’ll probably bump into a bikini-team looking for a therapy session.

Throughout the years I’ve heard one or two women complain about how me men always treat them as fuck-toys and that they cannot walk down the street without getting that undressing-I-want-to-get-into-your-pants-look from males. So? Would it be better if you didn’t turn heads? If I were a woman and didn’t get cheers and eyes while walking by a construction site I’ll probably consider suicide. Seriously, no woman is ugly enough so that she cannot get that feedback. If you don’t, please don’t blame anyone but God, your parents DNA or your government. We’ve got too many feminists as it is.

For me, travelling, I see potential ‘wanna-meet-in-the-toilet’-females all around me. Ugly, old, young, it doesn’t really matter. I may even consider one or two males if I’ve been watching Eurovision pre-travel. So if you see me, yes, I will be picturing you naked and I will be doing very nasty things to you in my head - probably involving handcuffs, whips, a dark cellar and me wearing a mask.

Maybe this extra boner-inducing during travelling has something to do with vibrations, or perhaps I am only a dirty man with penetration-angst? Maybe it’s psychological, or perhaps it’s a good way of making the journey more interesting? A train going in and out of tunnels...

In any case moving means that blog-postings will be far apart.

So for a time, probably for a month or two, don’t expect that many insights from here. Besides, I’ve already said most of it. All that is left is to repeat old songs and say “I Told you So” whenever a funny happens.

In the meantime you can picture me in a train franticly trying to masturbate while, at the same time, trying to avoid upsetting bourgeois families and elderly couples.

By for now.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Making fun of retarded people

One of the things that make a person who just don’t care have a more interesting life than others is that we can laugh at pretty much everything. To a certain extent this is of course a sociopath’s behavior, but on the other hand, who cares?

Retarded people for example are really fun.

Not only do they drool and talk funny, they are also fun if you imagine them performing certain tasks. For example: fornication, working as a train operator or flying planes filled with families going on their dream vacation.

Not that retards necessarily would do a bad job, many tasks they are fully capable of doing, but only to hear that slobbering nonsense voice declaring that “there´s turbulence ahead”, and then imagine peoples’ faces when parading in front of the crew to get out of the Airplane in Istanbul and their Captain for the last couple of hours is saying “gooodbyezh, have a nicccee day in London” while his caretaker is telling him not to play with himself in public.

Performing certain tasks such as a government job or moonlighting as a journalist reporting on daily events would of course be an improvement to what we have, but still very funny.

Obviously there’s stigma here. You cannot make fun of retarded and the mentally challenged. Doesn’t that make you a Nazi? At the very least it’s bad taste and morally questionable, but that is actually part of the fun as far as I´m concerned.

Anyway, real retards are excused. They may not know better and have a certain handicap when it comes to everyday life. “Normal” folk however should not be excused.

You see making fun of actual retards isn´t the point of this post, it just started out that way since I´ve got too few hateful comments lately.

This post is actually about you - the real idiot of the story.

In a world dominated by collectivism people in general are totally clueless. Our masters of despair have recently carried out history’s biggest robbery, robbing you. This they did while giving abundant cash to the very banksters and finance oligarchs plotting our demise. In performing this act of pure malevolence they openly, and very obviously, lied to you. Among other things they claimed that borrowing shitloads, printing another load of crap, and giving it to “the too big to fail’s” while handing you the tab were the only way to save us from a debt crisis. If I claimed to be a flying spaghetti monster it would have been more believable, but somehow they got away with it.

Another story sold to you with even less credibility is the Manmade Global Warming scam - a story which is by far the biggest lie in the entire history of this planet. There’s no evidence for the claims, on the contrary, almost all real science seem to point to the complete opposite of what we´re told. And the entire thing is so transparent that I cannot understand how you can let them get away with it. It’s about you paying extra to government while handing over your life-decisions. Nothing else. If you really follow the money the oil-industry is a tiny little petite player, instead its government, the UN and all the institutes and universities dependent on money and grant from government and the UN pushing for the scam. All designed to make you pay up and obey.

Every “scientist” and “environmentalist” getting the word out is either directly hired by government and/or will lose grants if pushing the “wrong” view, and/or a complete loon with a Malthusian agenda. Every single one of them.

I can sort of understand people believing that there’s an invisible man watching their every move and that he will send them to a fierily pit if they fuck outside of wedlock. I can also sort of excuse anti-intellectuals seeing some kind of light in a blood-soaked socialist tunnel. I could even forgive people for thinking that government is the answer to all prayers. But when it comes to Manmade Global warming there’s no excuse. No sickness, no argument, nothing except a true retardation of massive proportions can excuse a person fallen for that scam.

And when we put it all together - all of the madness; all of the lies; all of the tricks and all of the scams - if we do so, can we come to another conclusion than that people are totally and hopelessly lost in a made-belief world far, far away from reality?

Captain Capitalism seems to be asking the same question. And so does The Market Ticker in regards to the Obaminations latest trick.

The continuous lies don’t haft to be big ones. There are plenty of: “Saddam has weapons of mass destruction”; “I did not have sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky”, “Well I smoked, but I didn’t inhale” –stories all around us. In Sweden a politician caught running to strip clubs paying strippers with a government credit card had no clue that he where at a strip club. How should he have known..? In the UK we recently had a big MPs’-scandal with almost every single elected fraud caught paying for double living or buying houses and apartments for wife’s, girlfriends and children, all paid for by Britain’s duped populace.

Or take the elitists favorite pastime; “to wage war”. Not necessarily actual armed conflict, although that is always on the table, but rather ‘war against drugs’, ‘war against trafficking’, ‘war against unemployment’ and so on. Every single one of these stupidities creates worse problems than we had before. For example the ‘war’ against drugs leads to higher prices on drugs and so increases the profit margin and so gives birth to mafias. Another consequence is that drugs become more diluted and you need to buy ‘em from a shady character and of course higher prices forces addicts to do burglaries, robberies and steal what they need. Thousands, tens of thousands of people die every year because of the ‘war on drugs’, not because of the actual drugs. The same can be said about prostitution, alcohol or whatever else the elitists want to fight.

Our entire way of life is a big lie, and what do you do? You watch TV, you eat processed food, drink beer and maybe, just maybe you complain at the dinner table.

What could you have done? Well for starters you shouldn’t vote for soul-suckers in suits time and again. You should know by now that whether the oily salesperson is ‘left’ or ‘right’ have very little or no meaning. You should also have demanded to be free without rules, laws, taxes and supercomputers controlling your every move. At the very least you should have paid attention and learned something from history.

But to me the worst thing about you is that you obviously don’t care a damn bit about your offspring. Not only did you let them take your money and your future, you also, without hesitation, let them mortgage your kids and grandchildren. As if that wasn’t enough it seems that you have no problems letting government hired thugs inject your kids with toxins, or even let them take the kids from you if a government hired amoeba thinks it’s the right thing to do.

I concluded many years ago that the sheople of this world are beyond saving. Not that all of you are idiots, but because almost all of you have made a choice to be. And in a time wherein the information actually is available to all it says something.

There is only one way out of this mess: that you actually make an effort to learn, that you pick up a book, that you read blogs, alternative news and that learn from history. Not only from a far away history, but from the story we’re living right now. You see things are about to turn for the worse and what likely is mankind’s most defining moment is right now. IF we get out on the other side with some kind of decency knowledge is very important because otherwise we’ll only repeat the same mistakes again and/or make things even worse...

…remember: this is a world filled with weapons of mass destruction…

Monday, April 25, 2011

Why we´re heading for War

... and so depression

We´re living in a time filled with the stuff of nightmares. Not only because of debt-mountains, not only because of derivatives or because of impending hyperinflation. And it is not really because of an increase in protectionism or the increase in horrific policies by our benevolent leaders.

No, the worst thing out there has been the lazy complacency of voters. The Sheople of this world have failed. Remember; you voted for it, you did not stand up and said “enough is enough”, you’re the one at fault because you let it happen. This laidback attitude and apathy is about to change – sadly it will not be for the better.

You see when people have nothing left to lose, they lose it. And when they lose it they are not thinking, they are not rational and as a consequence they will listen to hysterical solutions brought forth by hysterical tiny men with collectivism and conquest on their agenda.

Historically speaking and psychologically interesting we know where this is heading; towards nationalism, upheaval and then comes totalitarianism. Our smug suits above have no remedy except imposing more and more of controls, more and more laws, and more and more of the very same that brought us to this situation in the first place.

From their perspective they have no choice. They cannot, from their viewpoint, abolish themselves. They cannot rely on people making their own choices, and they cannot stop rolling out the surveillance society and stop bailing out banks. If they did, they would lose their seats, their income and their power. So from our masters’ perspective only ‘hope’ remains. Hope that a couple of fantastic inventions pop up to bring prosperity to all, hope that some divine intervention will come to the rescue.

I firmly believe that most up in the higher hierarchy are fully aware of where this is heading. They know they cannot borrow, print and spend anymore. They know they cannot fix all or even a small portion of this mess. They also know that all of this is about to explode - exploding into the Greatest Depression. WHEN that happens they are all in trouble. True, people will turn their attention towards Jews, Muslims, and gypsies and “the rich”, as they always do in a search for someone to blame, but leaders ruling us will not be spared. I see plenty of lampposts with dangling carcasses wearing suits in the near future, and I do believe our masters do to.

This is why they are rushing to buy supercomputers that can monitor and control the people. This is why they are forcing through law after law that reduces our civil liberties. This is why they are imposing naked scanners. This is why blogs and alternative news sites are under constant attacks. This is why hackers, political activists and WikiLeaks are regarded as public enemies. They want to keep order, control and, most importantly; they want to keep grasping for that power fix.

To me this isn’t a master plan set into play by the Illuminati or the Bilderberg group to usher in world governance. This isn’t an Alien conspiracy. I simply don´t believe there’s any sort of malevolent conspiracy behind it all. However the end results and the consequences are pretty much exactly the same as conspiracists have argued for decades. And with worldwide panic, violent rallies everywhere, sky-high permanent unemployment and hyperinflation countries will sooner or later end up in war.

Just think about it for a moment. What have they always done before, looking at history, when all else have failed? When there’s no out, what have leaders of men always turned to as their last (and sometimes ‘first’) option?


War is a great way of banding people together against a common enemy. War opens up an option for the unemployed to enlist and have something to do. War shifts the focus from economic and political turmoil towards the enemy. War forces even hardy opponents of those in power to buckle up, bit down and make an effort to save the country. War also brings out our basic and ancient inherent behavior of looking after our own clan. Even when the ones leading are apparent madmen with policies we detest, most will fight with and alongside those leaders to save families, save our way of life, our country and to protect our own group, our clan. And if war goes well it comes with made-up gains such as loathed riches streaming in, more lands to settle, and prestige.

Make no mistake, this is the option left. This is where we´re heading.

Take the European Union as example. Inside the EU we have a political class forcing their will and visions upon an unwilling populace while unelected bureaucrats are hell-bent on following 5 or 7 years plans while increasing their own influence and collect as much money they can.

Stability, peace and prosperity are among the most common words used to defend the EU-project. Although those thoughts may have held a certain weight directly after WW II, they are today reduced to useless punch lines thrown at anyone questioning what trickles down from above.

If you wish to put an end to the idiotic agricultural subsidies the European Union throws around; then you´re against prosperity. If you complain over the intrigues and behind-the-scene dealings of the EU parliament you of course want Hitler to make a comeback. If you´re against the euro you want to destabilize Europe. It’s the opposite-game whereas a view or opinion means the complete opposite of what is actually said. All designed to protect the sphere of power.

In many member countries things were reaching a boiling point even before the euro-zone started to crumble. Popular referendums are either ignored or not brought forth at all (remember how they bullied Ireland). Political scandals with EU parliamentarians getting caught in a web of lies are today so common they’re hardly news anymore. Refugee and immigration issues are headline news in pretty much every member state and have already given birth to several very shady political movements across Europe. Permanent unemployment with numbers around 15-20% and empty treasuries are starting to be the norm in several countries while other countries seemingly have come out of the recession. The enormous differences in culture, language, religion and production have come into play.

There were many of us that saw this coming a long way. We warned about asymmetric chocks, we warned about the huge differences between countries within the EU, we warned about the euro-project and said that this, from above decree, cannot last and will crash with horrific consequences. No one listened. Of course not. Here you had several new political bodies with countless of opportunities for bureaucrats, lobbyists and other soul-sucking entities. Why would they stop to consider any alternative when all these riches, all this power and all of these opportunities exist for anyone with political savvy?

And people in general were already fucked by their domestic elected frauds, and so only complained a wee bit when another entity of politics, far away in another country, emerged.

As mentioned above; this is all about to change.

The bail-out of Greece was the beginning of the end of the Euro. Ireland, Portugal and whoever comes next are only a continuation of that first bail-out. Once they started to go down this road they, in effect, gave the euro-project its death-blow. It may take 1 year or 10 years, but the end will come. This because once they bailed out one country they cannot say no to another. How would that look? So Spain, Italy, Belgium and many others stand in line for their piece of the cake. And those already bailed out, will they actually change their ways and never need additional help? Please, if you believe that you might as well put a gun to your head now.

There’s no way out now except - according to those that rule us - to let the European Central Bank (ECB) continue to buy 60-70-80% and sometimes close to 100% of the indebted countries treasury bonds. The only way ECB can do this is to print more money which leads to inflation which in turn leads to higher prices which leads to more unemployed and so much more problems (in exactly the same way as the FED is destroying the U.S.).

Although the fat lady is about to sing they will cling to this project for as long as they can. It will take many years before the EU and Euro projects are totally abandoned, and so they will increase our troublesome situation.

The Greatest Depression is just around the corner - we´re talking months now - but the European Union and its advocates will try, for as long as they can, to withstand breaking up. They do this because the European Union is the wettest dream ever produced by politicians. Within EU walls they can feast on an endless buffet of goods and services while wielding almost unlimited power. They will never give that up.

But when the next oil-crisis strikes, or when the derivatives scam crashes, or when the debt-mountains no longer can withstand reality, or when another war breaks out, or when a propped up market crashes, or when the dollar collapses, or when any of the other deck of cards blows over and the shit really hits that famous fan and so the GREATEST DEPRESSION picks up speed again, then, if not sooner, countries will start to leave the Euro-project and very possibly leave the EU. When that happens all that protectionism, all that nationalism and all that aversion to all things that has to do with EU and similar from on up high imposed madness will boil over into complete catastrophes. In essence the existence of the European Union has created the very situation it is said to guard against.

This is when our benevolent leaders will either step down and face the music or look for that final out and you don´t need to be a fortune-teller to predict which way they´ll go…

The aftermath, if we´re thinking a tad positive and ignore nuclear- and world wars, is that the European Union will break up in smaller entities. I see a Nordic Union, possibly together with the Baltic States and Germany. The Iberia peninsula may unite into one entity; Great Britain may be revived, and so forth. Such development will probably not be a heavenly solution either but at least it will be a much better situation than that of today.

However, I am not really an optimist in this regard. The end of the European Union and the end of the United States alongside many other world changing events may very well also hold the key to end life as we know it. In worst case scenario a couple of freshly hatched dictators will start throwing nukes around, and if so we can say goodbye to half of the world’s population.

In any case we´re living in history right now. Our time will give birth to unprecedented world changing events. The invention of fire, the Agricultural revolution, the fall of Rome, and the Black Death and the quest for the new world were minor events in comparison, so my advice to you all is to enjoy it as much as you can. There´s an amusement built into this entire mess and once you find that hilariousness you can enjoy it as much as I do.

Finally I would like to give you all some advice. I’m fully aware that few of you agree with me, even those out there with a similar political view seeing the same as I do don´t agree with me comes to the scope, length and severity of our situation. But even if you see me as another crazy drugged-up tin-foil hat, there are some minor things you can do.

Having candles, batteries, cans and dried food packages at home is prudent. A black-out or a natural disaster can happen regardless of my ramblings and so having basic aids at home is a good thing. And at least consider your way out, just in case I’m right. Spend a couple of minutes contemplating what you would do if war breaks out. Will you run to the hills? Band together with your neighborhood? Is there a food and water source nearby that can be used? Will you enlist? Only consider your option, that’s something you can do no matter what you think of the future.

Me, I am enjoying the decline. Most of you fucks out there deserve whatever you get, and if I can enjoy the mayhem with vodka and popcorn I am happy. Hopefully some of you will join me. I always have my door open and an extra glass ready. Please stop by, we can watch the news and laugh together.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why Hyperinflation will happen

Every time in history when a government, or a financial oligarchy, or a financial oligarchy together with a government had the power to expand the money supply, at will, those systems and/or countries, without exception, always collapsed. Often enough because of (hyper)inflation that destroyed the system from within.

I am here writing in general terms and mostly on a worldwide scale. There’s a reason for this; the entire system, worldwide, will collapse.

There are three things going on, each one more than likely to cause (hyper)inflation by itself.

1. Who will pick up the tab for tens of trillions of debt?

And even more important: who will cover the losses of tens of millions of useless derivates? Ever heard the words: “toxic assets”? No matter what they call them: Auction rate securities; credit default swaps; collateral debt obligations; mortgage backed securities; or any other fictitious useless name only meant to confuse, its only paper on paper. It holds very little or no value.

“Normal” debt can be repaid; even the worst and biggest debt mountain in the history of mankind – that of today - as much as 200-300-400% or 500% of GDP can be repaid. And most of the debt is borrowed from other indebted fuck ups. Our governments either borrow from each other, or they give money to banks and then the governments borrow the same cash from the same banks in order to increase the debt. In the heart of it all is you (!): the taxpayer.

For a layman this is very confusing, and I haft to admit that I to sometimes get confused, but what you need to know is:

a) The entire system is built upon debt so if no-one borrows and spend the system defaults automatically.

b) By borrowing, spending, and printing money they keep GDP up. And this is a total fraud! GDP is totally fictitious, totally arbitrary, and so easy to manipulate that it should be completely ignored. But for media, pundits and The Powers That Be the scam of GDP is the magic trick used to sell idiocies worthy of the craziest of inmates of a 1920’s asylum built on Indian burial grounds.

c) “Normal” debt goes around in circles from banks to other banks, from banks to government, from government to banks, from banks to financial institutes, from financial institutes to governments and so on in an endless circle.

This far mainstream cornflake economists and other enemies of the people have it right, debt isn´t so bad (“Bad” here in comparison with other problems and problems in combination with debt.).

If only looking at the “real” public debt things aren´t as bad as to give us a reason to talk about financial Armageddon. But this isn´t the only problem and to the “real” debt we need to ad personal and corporate debt plus the debt that comes with “toxic assets”.

There are countless of names for “toxic assets”, I usually only call them “derivatives”, as a collective name. This isn´t really correct, but the result of all of these scams is the same so I don´t see any problem with giving all of it a unison name and title. You can call it crap, we´re-all-fucked assets or loony accounting if you want. It actually doesn’t matter.

Many cornflake economists will demand that you call these things with their correct name and/or argue that there are differences, but they are either lying or have no clue what they´re talking about. These debt-obligations or “derivatives” are all the same and should be bunched together.

What these ‘derivatives’ are is paper on paper, its debt upon debt, its borrowed money borrowed on borrowed money that in turn is borrowed upon mortgages.

Think of it like this: you borrow $100 from your friend and you give him an IOU (I owe you) in exchange. This friend then sells the IOU to his neighbor, the neighbor in turn reforms the IOU to a regular loan with interest to his friends. Those friends transform their loans into bets on commodities - essentially betting on the future value of oil, rice, steel and so forth. The entire system generates thousands of dollars, maybe even tens of thousands, all built upon the initial $100. This system sort of works as long as long as there is lots of money in the system that can change hands (which is one of the reasons bail-outs go to banks and financial institutes) and it works as long as people and banks involved don´t go bankrupt (which is the second reasons bail-outs go to banks and financial institutes).

No one knows how much of these derivatives there are, but a reasonable assumption is that the “value” is in the vicinity of $100 trillion dollars. But almost nothing of it actually exists in the real world. There’s NO VALUE.

So if we´re going into a Depression, or another recession for that matter, with such a debt-scam hanging over us; do you really think there´s a way out? Can we repay any of these fraudulent idiocy-piles of Derivatives?
There is only one way governments seemingly could repay both the “real” debt and these shameful made-belief derivatives; through the printing press!

2. That warm feeling of pee dripping down your leg

To a certain degree you need to excuse politicians and their henchmen. They live in a world where their entire existence is dependent on votes. If they don´t collect enough votes they will lose some or all of their power and, horrifically for electable frauds, they may even lose their seats and so their income.

Most professional politicians’ don´t know of anything else then to make up stories to keep their constituencies happy while they rob the same voters through taxation. In a truly capitalist world most politicians would be unemployed or work with the most degrading tasks imaginable. They are an utter useless bunch of misfits, and deep down they know it.

In this world of ‘getting votes or die’ they need to lie, they need to come up with false-flag attacks, they need to sleep with the enemy, they need to conjure up new problems that they themselves can fix, they need to trick, dupe, bamboozle and they need to hide, cover up and sweep things under the carpet. If they don´t, another politician that do will win the votes.

In essence; what you vote for is what you get.

And looking at it this way, which I often do, you are to blame, and whatever you get for it you deserve. So the millions of people soon to die from starvation, wars and socialist solutions, they die because you don´t understand, because you don´t read, because you don´t know how things work. And frankly, you don´t care that you´re ignoramus either. Yeah, have another beer; I think American Idol is on…

Anyway, in this world the ‘easy fix’ is the way to go.

Anytime a politician can think of a program, a tax, a law or anything of the sort that sound really great and can give them votes, that’s what they´ll do. This is also, coincidently, why so many of our benevolent leaders are advocates of socialism.

Socialism sounds really, really good. Feed the poor, help the young, more cash to the elderly, jobs for all, free education and cute kittens to everyone. Socialism comes with heart, with feelings, and the idea is sold with a pink shimmering sky. To a person rather watching TV and not caring so much, socialism is very easy to take to heart. No need to think, no need to argue or understand things, all you need to know is that the poor and the working class need more stuff and the ones that will pay for it are an elusive group called “the rich”.

But no ‘easy fix’ is as fantastic as inflation!

With inflation you get more stacks of money! Thousands, tens of thousands, millions (!) of newly, freshly printed notes in piles. Surely all of that cash comes with a piece of heaven because suddenly loans can be paid off, you can increase public salaries, and as a bonus taxation increases without the need for another tax legislation. For the elitist sphere there is even an additional bonus; they get the cash first i.e. inflation don´t hit them as hard as it will hit regular Joes’.

Inflation benefits the elite and is essentially a way of making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

In the long run inflation will increase all the problems it was meant to solve. If they print money to save banks, then the banks will only build another house of cards. If they print money to reduce unemployment prices will go up and increase the costs for the employer which means more bankruptcies and so more unemployed. And, worst of all, if they print to save defaulting systems, as the derivatives-scam mentioned above, all they do is inflate the bubble which in turn leads to an even bigger bang when it all crashes.

But you cannot disregard the psychological effect more cash has on people and societies. This is what the entire premise is built on; a psychological effect. And the effect is…

…more money is spent!

Financial institutes, banks and governments that get the inflationary cash first will spend some or all of it. This means that prices on stocks and commodities will go up. Stock markets seem to be in a recovery! House prices don´t fall as much or may even go up. All of it sends out a signal that we´re going forward, that the crisis is over. They may also use some of that cash to increase salaries or hand out bonuses that certain people will use to buy more stuff. All in all “value”, “prices” and (OF COURSE!!) GDP will go up.

The magic of inflation have come to the rescue!

In the next step and during the height of this scam they will encourage the populace to…

…take another mortgage on their house and shop ‘til they drop!

Loans aren´t bad, they are great, you can buy another car, or another TV, and don´t you need more stuff? Cameras, phones, shoes, perfume, trips, champagne, wine, your own midget for tossing at parties, a new set of plates, hookers, hamburgers, beer and stuff, lots, and lots and lots of stuff! Buy now! Borrow, spend, it’s all good.

As long as they can keep borrowing, and keep you borrowing at the same time as they print money and at the same time as they tap into, or totally empty, future obligations such as pensions or Medicare our masters of despair can play Santa’s’. The problem arises when we get to the end of the line where debt ceilings are reached and the vault of future obligations is totally empty. Belgium, for example, has 400% of GDP in future debt (not showing up in most statistics) since they don´t have any money left for pensioners. They took that money and then they borrowed upon it several times, so not only is the initial cash gone, they´ve also borrowed upon that cash that don´t exist! The same can be said for France, Italy, UK and the U.S. Pretty much every country out there have done the same.

Today, however, they cannot do this anymore. Most, or rather all countries have reached the limit. The only thing left is the printing press and it’s such a fantastic thing…

3. No one wants to be the last out on the field

When you inflate the money supply you can, initially, use some of that cash to pay off debt. It takes a little while before the scam is detected by markets and the people. A brief moment whereas, especially if you´re first, they can use freshly printed piles of notes to pay off loan givers.

Everyone high up knows that printing money out of thin air creates inflation, even if they don´t want you to know about it. But if they can do it first they can, temporarily, trick other governments, banks and countries (their loan givers) that the money is good. In normal times this isn´t so bad since they have an endless supply of treasuries (you!) to pay for it. And if you aren´t enough they can always mortgage your kids and grandkids. Taxes always come in.

But what if it’s not normal times? What if the Debt Mountains are so huge and all that can be done has been done?

This is when ‘first to the printing press’ really matters!

He who prints first seemingly loses the least!

Soon, very soon, the cartel they have will crumble. You see when our benevolent leaders went out on their epic adventure of Quantitative Easing (QE) – which is another way of saying: “Print money” - and bail-outs they all did it at the same time. It was so important that they all did so, because if not the scam would show as certain currencies will drop in value against other currencies. If all of them print and borrow and spend it sort of looks as if the status que remains. The relationship between currencies holds at about the same level as before. In essence they wanted to hide inflation and the real effects.

Seldom have our benevolent leaders been so cooperative with each other. All of them dropped rates, all of them printed billions, all of them borrowed billions, all of them spent billions. Injecting cash everywhere, inflating stock markets, keeping prices up. This was the biggest robbery of all time, and almost none of you out there understand it.

But here’s the thing; it didn´t work.

They didn´t fix the fundamental problems and they didn´t address the regulations, laws and taxes at fault. The entire system that was about to topple over into a depression is still there, now partly painted over and hidden under the rug. But still there.

All they really did was increase inflation and in-debt us further, but without fixing what was wrong.

In a situation where things are about to crash again, they cannot do the same thing. They will most likely try, or at least pretend to try again. But behind the curtain I can assure you that they are looking for a way out and the only way seemingly available is to press those buttons before anyone else does…

More than likely all of these scenarios will come into play and so inflation will go over into HyperInflation. If you thought war, an overzealous government and the European Union was bad, you´ve seen nothing yet. Hyperinflation is the worst thing imaginable, and on a global scale it will end life as we know it. You can buy gold and silver and run to the hills, but truth to be told; you, me, all of us, are truly, utterly, and magnificently fucked beyond comprehension.

IF this scenario plays out, as I believe it will, our worst nightmares will come true.

I for one cannot wait; this is going to be the entertainment of a lifetime!

Friday, April 22, 2011

The truth is out there

I have said it before, although I myself don´t really believe it will happen, but there's really only one way out of our current financial mess seen from the Powers That Be’s perspective: an extraordinary event of such a magnitude that it will overshadow the worldwide economic collapse.

The revelation of Alien beings, ships visiting us or an outright invasion would be such a thing.

I wrote 1,5 year ago that the Internet was buzzing with stories about how Obama were about to come forth with some Extraterrestrial news. My immediate thought was just this; they may very well use it as an excuse to keep holding on to power.

Just imagine. The whole world is crumbling, governments everywhere is about to be toppled and politicians are facing angry mobs. With no end in sight, with no hope, with an elitist sphere fighting for their very lives, only something like this will save the current GramscoFabianNazi system from imploding. People will be far less likely to start civil wars and exchange their government if this were to happen. In times of crisis and threatened by an outside force people band together, they stand behind their government.

I don´t see this happening because I´m not a believer in E.T. but maybe they can use it as a false-flag attack and/or as a way of hoaxing the populace. It wouldn´t surprise me one bit.

Finally I do hope there are Aliens and that they do invade. I hardly see them doing a worse job in governing than we do. And if not, at least take me! I would love to be abducted. Anal-probes would be a huge bonus…

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Government at work

I will eat the unemployed

Apparently this is how you solve the unemployment problem...

Fuckin hilarious!

Next they will try to fix the problem with the collapsing dollar by offering government founds to anyone inventing a new way of flying. Remember where you read it first!

The interest rate screw-up and more lies

As per usual our masters of despair continue to lie to the general public. Today in Sweden we´re reached by news that the central bank, Riksbanken, raised the base repo rate by 0.25 percent to 1.75 percent. Although this is the correct way to go it’s not only too little too late, it is also accompanied by very strange arguments.

For example the continuous lie unions (and everyone else for that matter) should see through and react to. What I mean is that the Riksbank observed that: “while underlying inflation remained low in Sweden, it is expected to rise as the rate of wage increases accelerates and spare economic capacity declines”.

This is a total and malevolent lie. The entire statement is so wrong is laughable.

First of all inflation in Sweden is high. Price increases, that happens because of inflation, is kept lower than expected but continues upwards since inflation takes time to reach the entire economy. And when these cornflake economists and mainstream pundits talk about inflation they talk about prices or CPIF or CPI, not the actual inflationary number.

Secondly inflation has NOTHING to do with wage increases. This is by far the worst lie for any laborer.

Wage increases can and should increase over time with better production and new inventions at the same time as prices goes down, and so this has NOTHING to do with inflation. The only considerable reason why they continue to spread such a blatant lie is to hide what they are actually doing. To hide what inflation really is. Because if you don´t know what inflation is you also don´t know what it does to you and how robbed you´ve been.

The wage-price-spiral taught in schools and that of which these four-winged amoebas seem to talk about is a total lie. In fact it’s the complete opposite of what is true.

Before you continue read this older post.

Since only libertarians and their acolytes actually acknowledge what inflation is, what it does, and how to fix it, it means that only this group stands on the side of the poor and the working class. You´ve never heard that one either I guess?

Socialists argue they are the defender of the poor and the working class since they want to hand out benefits and offer imaginary government jobs, conservatives and the rights say they are the defender of the poor and the working class since they want to keep government smaller and so the general economy gets better as if it’s a magic trick. But only libertarians really fight for the poor and the working class since libertarians are the only ones that want to stop inflation and stop the lying. NOTHING, no taxes up or down, no law, no government entity, no bank or bureaucrat is worse for the poor and the working class than inflation, and if you haven´t figure this out you simply don´t know what inflation is.

Going back to the initial lying you also need to understand that interest rates of today should be around 5-6% only to, in accordance to mainstream beliefs, keep inflation in check. To curve the massive housing bubble in Sweden and stop the overspending by a stupid populace we should add another 2-3%. So to be on the safe side interest rates should be over 10%. That is today, before the worldwide crash. Soon we´re more than likely talking three or even four digits.

Journalists, banksters and puppet masters ruling us say or imply that interest rates need to be kept down in order to stimulate borrowing and spending. In essence more debt and more stuff we don´t need is the answer to all prayers.

Consume today, pay tomorrow.

He who has the most stuff when he dies wins.

Don´t worry about debt. Debt on a certain level is good for the economy.

I even saw a bankster in a paper the other day claiming that Sweden’s deficit, which is closing in on 20% of GDP, is too low. We can spend again. Such idiots should be on the very top of your hit list. Make a note of anyone saying anything so loony. He or She should be, in a near future, weighed in for a hardy rope and a proper lamppost.

Have you ever seen or heard mainstream cornflake economists be correct?

Before the crash of 2007-2008 everything was dandy, so was also all’s well before the dot-com bubble bursted, and as well before the “Great Depression”. They´ve never predicted anything correctly. Never.

The Swedish central bank, just as all central banks, is the enemy of the people. Their only purpose is to make the rich richer and cover up government failures. And soon, very soon, you´ll see the real fall-out of our current policies, and the ones that will suffer the most are the poor and the working class. Sadly those groups will turn towards socialism and/or “a Great Leader” as they always have before, all while we libertarians continue to be 100% correct and predict accurately what happens next... Go figure...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A wee history lesson before the Four Horsemen comes by

What did you think the Four Horsemen would look like?

Throughout history there are signs and events as easy to follow as a pair of D-cups in kindergarten. History really does repeat itself and time and again we can follow the decline one step at the time.

It goes something like this:

First the people and its leaders become complacent. This can manifest itself in many ways but common traits are: protectionism of certain merchants and/or parts of the economy, slaves start to do all the work, and citizens get “free stuff” from the government. The people were also offered shows, gladiator games, theatre and other amusements for “free”.

After that the wars and extravagant spending by the Powers That Be create a situation that empties the treasury and so taxes seemingly need to be raised, but since Kings and Pharos knew - just as our contemporary smug suits know; raising taxes isn´t popular so instead they chose to dilute the money supply. Instead of pure gold or silver or copper in their coinage they started to decrease the purity with other metals - in effect creating both inflation and a hidden tax.

After this comes a period of upheaval, both from within and from neighboring countries/tribes seeing the vulnerability and smelling the blood in the water. Usually the first waves can be withstood thanks to mercenaries, harsher penalties and tighter control of the populace, but sooner or later the losses of land and riches start to take its toll. When this happens there is only a matter of time, and since a complacent people have to intention of bucking up and start making an effort again, everything crumbles and withers down.

There are different degrees of this and some dissimilarity depending on culture and such, but generally speaking this can be seen from Rome to Persia, from Egypt to the Ottomans, from the Byzantine Empire to the Moguls, from China to Spain. And it does not stop with empires; almost every country on the planet has seen a similar development at one point or another.

Today we can see the exact same development throughout the world but probably most telling is that of the U.S. The only state of today with empire-like qualities has her language and culture spread everywhere and although direct annexation of others land isn´t really present, they are fighting wars on two continents, have hundreds of military installations across the globe and flaunt their diplomatic and economic power everywhere they can. The American public has become dependent on welfare and has developed a government-can-fix-it attitude so familiar to any historian. The U.S. Dollar has since long time been nothing but paper and is today backed by nothing other than being the world reserve currency. Worse still is the manic printing of new notes that creates massive inflation and devaluate all that what is/was America.

A growing anti-government sentiment among many of its inhabitants coupled with an even larger call for more “free stuff” is already creating succession movements, massive demonstrations and pure rebellion-like groupings. Countries like China and Russia have stated they will no longer trade in the dollar and it’s only a matter of time before others follow.
Basically the only two things keeping the U.S. afloat at the moment is its military that keep both GDP numbers up (yepp, it’s a lie) and – still - frightens the rest of the world; and secondly a fake prosperity mostly built around their declining currency. Borrowing trillions and mortgaging the future of its children America is today rapidly becoming another scrapheap of history.

Not that others are any better. In Europe the wet dream of bureaucrats, The European Union, is helping out with the downward spiral while oily Greeks, moronic Spaniards and other spend-it-all-collectivists drag the sinking ship further down the abyss. The Chinese is building entire cities no one lives in (again to keep fake GDP numbers up), Japan is into its 57th stimulus with no light in sight, and Russia is on the verge to civil war. Political turmoil is rocking the Muslim and Arab world, In South and Eastern Africa famine catastrophes is only one step away and when speaking of civil war Africa is the continent of abundance. In South America extremist lefties and growing animosity between countries is about to start wars.

Again you may think: yeah, so what else is new? But you see things are a tad different this time. There are a convergence of events, each one horrific in its own right, coming together in the biggest and badest Tsunami wave of financial Armageddon you can imagine.

A globalised economy propped up with tens of trillions of derivatives and fueled by printing machines throwing out money Zimbabwe-style; a financial sector, in every country, dependent on government subsidies; the biggest debt-mountain in history growing exponentially; and a totally fake number of measurement (GDP) is lied about on a daily basis.

The Great Depression (soon to be known as “The Minor Depression”) happened because of a few problems and those problems were on a much smaller scale than those of today. Although very easy credits, banking cartels robbing the people, growing protectionism and too much socialism were the main problems, those problems aren´t even close to what we have in our time. And today the problems really are global. I cannot think of a single country not printing money, not borrowing like crazy and not having structural problems getting worse by the second.

When this thing crash life as we know it will change forever.
It will not only be a break-up and total collapse the only Empire-like entity, every country on this blue rock will suffer, wither and quite possibly die. What could possibly be even worse is the aftermath and its consequences. Before in history similar upheaval and turn of events were followed by a total backlash in every area leading to a decline culturally, socially and politically. This was then toppled by the rising of dictators and then, or during, came the wars. If that happens this time, and I cannot see any reason why it shouldn´t, we have something today that no Huns, no Nazis and no murderess horde had: we have weapons of mass destruction…

This collapse cannot be stopped. It can´t, not anymore. The crash will happen now, nothing can stop that. However we can limit the effects and instead of decades of turmoil and horrific events we could turn it into a five-six or seven year depression that actually could lead to something even better than we had.

This can be achieved by taking back real money, through the elimination of all centralized banking sectors, and through a total 180 in politics. This would mean that things like ECB and the FED would dissipate entirely, politic power would become obsolete and the individual would truly become free. Since this also means that millions of bureaucrats would lose their jobs and that the “free” buffet offered to the general public would be no more, you can probably figure out that this will never happen.

Arab rebellions can be seen as preludes, not unique events. The approaching famine catastrophe that even ‘experts’ are starting to warn us about is, at its heart, nothing more than a symptom. Even the, according to media, gloomy economic outcasts are just breezes foreboding the hurricane.

Out doomsday may very well be here. It will not be because of some Maya calendar or impact from planet X, it will not be aliens invading us or a super volcano erupting and it will not be a nuclear war – even though it may come to that as a following consequence.

Instead it’s our inability to see our enemies constructing the perfect economic shit storm. A storm that will overshadow anything imaginable and make the fall of Rome, the sacking of Thrace and Mongol invasions seem like nothing. This is the invincible armada times ten approaching our shores on a nice sunny summers day. This is conquistadors bringing us smallpox at the same time as they bring with AIDS, the Black Death and Al Gore to our lands. We are about to enter the most destructive and most overturning period of human history, and most of you have no clue what I am talking about.

History is in the making and centuries from now our surviving relatives will write essays, make their equivalent of movies and have very intense arguments about what we did wrong, how we couldn´t see it coming and why we didn´t do anything about it.

Until about a couple of years ago we were still able to stop it. Today that is no longer possible. All we´re talking now is time. Time in the sense of “when” and “how long”. It is not a matter of ‘IF’.

I could point out all the economic signs and lecture you on the A to Z of economics, I could argue the case of banksters robbing us and governments covering it up, I could show statistics and graphs that would show you how bad the outlook really is, but that’s not the point of this post and I´ve done so before and for the ones not lazy it’s easy to go back and ready my earlier posts or search online for others that say the same thing.

The point of this post is rather to rattle that brain of yours, to make you go out and search for yourself. Truth to be told, I cannot convince you of anything, not even if I wanted to. But if I can get you to at least try to prove me wrong you may get that epiphany-moment you need in order to survive the coming years. Not that I hold any hope in this regard, most of you are idiots and even the ones not asylum worthy cannot or rather don´t want to see actual facts.

Most of us live comfortable lives; most of us are not starving and most of us have more stuff that only a generation ago couldn´t dream of. This has made us complacent, lazy and less likely to take up arms against our masters. And when all is lost and the end seem like its near and you actually grab that pitchfork you will, more than likely, do it for the wrong reason supporting the very idea or persons that got us into the mess in the first place.

The end of life as we know it will happen soon, very soon. Are you ready for it?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Buying eggs for the Lama

The face of Evil

Woke up and felt my celestial testicles boiling, or maybe it was a sudden case of diarrhea? Anyhoooow, had a great sexual encounter in my dreams and a beautiful little thing were still imprinted on my cornea while I in a semi-awaken state opened up my computer this morning. A day that could have started out great suddenly became chilly and my dick became so sickly pale that it’s almost translucent and that horny feeling went away like bailout money in the hands of Goldman Sachs banksters.

Apparently the dictator wannabe and horrible spokesperson of one of history’s worst regimes landed in Stockholm this morning. This despicable little man is holding a lecture at one university and is going to visit a museum. One may assume when such a Hitleresque character arrives that demonstration would be filling the streets, cars would be set ablaze and applications to said university would plummet to record lows. However this isn’t the case, instead he’s greeted as a wonderful celebrity. His well documented hatred against women, his celebration of beheadings and the notion of re-imposing the Tibetihan dictatorship is apparently secondary. What is important is that Richard fucking Geer and other misfits likes the guy.

As usual when mainstream pundits and average Joes’ hear someone tell the truth about this serial killer in the making they react with the ‘you´re-an-Chinese-stooge’ –argument. Just as criticizing Israel makes you an anti-Semite and defending Israel makes you fooled by the Israel lobby, this is the reaction that awaits.

If you have that reaction, please read what this horrible petite soul-sucker actually stands for, what he wants to do when in power, how things looked before when his kind actually were in power. If you do you will have the same reaction as am having right now: you´ll go to the supermarket to buy eggs and travel to said lecture for an egging. Or, perhaps, you´ll find a grassy knoll with a nice view…

Saturday, April 9, 2011

How they fool you – Part IV

We die for you

To me some lies are not only more obvious, they are also far more likely to be picked up for the lies they are and so make people react to them. Sadly this notion is wrong.

During the latest couple of years we´ve not only seen an unprecedented increase in economic trickery leading up to ‘The Greatest Depression’ that will soon hit our shores, we´ve also seen one of the biggest and most see-through vaccination scams in history.

Remember the Swiney Flu? Oh, it was so horrible... Puppies were going to die in their own vomit, dead children would be piled up on trucks, the elderly would defecate 24/7, no one would be spared and the end was near.

A media campaign only surpassed by the manmade global warming scam took hold on the general public. Many from the Sheople horde were stampeding to get to the pharmacy to buy disinfection thingies, others were wearing masks over their faces on public transports as if pointing out how good little asylum attendees they are. Governments everywhere did their very best in enhancing the scare, sending out medical cronies to warn and tell the public were the closest clinic was. Oh, the horror!

The few sane voices that tried to get through warned about the untested vaccine, stating that it could lead to more problems and could even kill more than the actual disease. Others tried to point out statistics that clearly showed how completely harmless (in comparison with normal flu) the Hog Flu was. Real scientists, a few actual working journalists and a few bloggers tried their very best to educate, with very little success.

Strangely not even parents listened. Most didn´t even try to find out the facts, they just listened to a smug storyteller sent out from the Powers That Be to convince them how great it is to get needles stuck into their bodies, and that was it. Tens of millions of children across the globe got injected against what; we already back then knew were a very harmless flu.

All throughout my life I´ve sort of understood people. Most of you are morons, but most of the time I get why. Religion can be comforting; massive campaigns to convince us how horrible detergent and cars are can, over time, easily break down intellectual defenses; and it is easier to believe in government than to think for yourself. I understand why you don´t want to read about and understand what inflation is, I understand why you don´t want to put in a couple of hours to understand how the banksters are robbing you blind, I understand that most of you are too busy during a normal day to pick up a book and read about history. In essence; most of you aren´t idiots, you just chose to be. Because it’s easier, and to be fair most of us have decent and pretty comfortable lives, so why stir up the hornets’ nest?

Apathy is the solution.

If you don´t want to know and have very little incentive to know, why try to learn? And as a person capable of adding one to one and as an individual seeing the man behind the curtain, I can honestly say that it isn´t easier to know. On the contrary. When you know what is going on and you are informed, things don´t get better, they get worse.

Ignorance really is bliss, take my word for it. And I do think that most of you know this, unconsciously in the back of your head you have that little voice saying; “give in. Nothing good comes from knowing this. Keep working and one day you can buy another car and pay for prostitutes without tapping into your savings. Relax, have another beer.”

So generally speaking I get it.

In one aspect, however, I don´t. And that is when it comes to children.
Children are not only the main argument when it comes to government intrusive ideas; they are also used as battering-ram every time any lobbyist organization wants something. Smoking kills, but it murders children indiscriminately. Yes, global warming will kill every woman and man, but you need to think of the chiiiiiilldreeeen! Internet is fully packed with pedophiles; think of the chiiiiiilldreeeen! Terrorists are hiding behind every bush; think of the chiiiiiilldreeeen! Oh no! The government is cutting expenses; think of the chiiiiiilldreeeen!

This may fool one into believing that people actually love their young.

Also you may think that evolution and the human consciousness have made us very protective of our children and that we would love them above all else. But comes a harmless Piggy Flu and all bets are off.

How could so many, most without even reflecting on it, bring their offspring to an inoculation butcher? To me very strange and the only explanation I can think of is that most people actually don´t love their kids.

To no surprise whatsoever narcolepsy, different forms of brain diseases and strange ticks have befallen thousands of children after taking the injection. Several strange deaths have also been linked to the inoculation, although mainstream ‘scientists’ refuse, most of the time, to make that connection…

This is how much you love your kids?

1) During the height of the Boar Flu, 2009-2010, it actually was the mildest flu season in recorded history
2) ‘scientists’ and prominent members of WHO are pocketed by the pharmaceutical industry.
3) The (A)H1N1 strain is extremely harmless, probably the least deadly flu in human history
4) Contrary to media Fat People are much LESS likely to die from Swiney Flu
5) Official statistics (which means a very low number) show that hundreds of people have died from the vaccine; mostly the deaths were from severe allergic reactions to the egg protein or other ingredient in the vaccine, but other - unexplained - deaths have been found.
6) it’s much better to have a mild flu instead of taking the vaccine

These are proven and actual facts even confirmed by the same mainstream bought and paid for agitators that persuaded you to get injected.

Me, I thought, and still think that anyone who comes near me or mine with any form of forced inoculation, which was discussed in summit meetings and in mild manors imposed on several locations, better prepare to die. This is a limit I will not let anyone cross. I don’t care if it’s the police, a doctor or the freaking king himself, I’ll kill you. And no, this is not a joke. And if I had children and they were exposed to something like that, oh my, I would go Rambo on your ass.

Sadly most of you don´t agree. How come so many of you stay calm even after the proven fact? Why get kids if you don´t love them enough to protect them or take revenge if they die via the hands of liars?

We should be seeing doctors being stringed up by mobs, we should see politicians being stalked by crosshairs from grassy knolls, we should see WHO headquarters going up in flames, and every location any inoculation took place should be getting needles filled with TNT sent to them.
If we lived in a good world filled with free-thinking people that actually love their young, this is what we would see. Instead most of you have already bent over your kids to force them to take the next rusty pipe up the rear without lubrication.

If this lie that harmed children and were soooo exaggerated can be sold to you, I cannot see anything that you wouldn´t buy. And this is preciously why the world is going to hell.

How they fool you – Part III

I ruled you

Another very common way of tricking you into believing in fairytales and the complete opposite of what is true is to rewrite history to fit the agenda. The examples are pretty much endless. Everything from blaming the ‘Great Depression’ on capitalism to arguing that Alky Aida had ties to Saddam Hussein.

A few stories surpasses the ordinary lying and becomes more than that, they become part of folklore, part of society and a part of who we are. Religious beliefs are the most blatant example of this; the manmade global warming scam is well on its way to be one to, albeit things have recently taken a turn in the opposite direction with that lie. They´ve also tried to do the same with smoking, fatty food and salt, with a decent success rate.

However I will here tell you another story, that of the evil Imperialistic despot Abraham Lincoln.

The story we get told in school and what is public “knowledge” is that Lincoln fought for U.S. unification and fought against slavery. He has been popularized by movies, papers and has his own statue in Washington. A hero.

This is a horrible and malevolent lie.

Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant, nothing else.

Don´t believe me? Of course you don´t, your entire life the lies have been feed to you, why would your brain all of a sudden accept something that is the complete opposite of what you think is true?

From here: Lincoln illegally suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus and imprisoned tens of thousands of Northern political critics without any due process; shut down hundreds of opposition newspapers; deported Congressman Clement Vallandigham of Ohio for criticizing him; threatened to imprison Chief Justice Roger B. Taney for issuing the (correct) opinion that Lincoln’s suspension of Habeas Corpus was unconstitutional; censored all telegraphs; rigged elections; imprisoned duly elected members of the Maryland legislature along with Congressman Henry May of Baltimore and the mayor of Baltimore; illegally orchestrated the secession of West Virginia to give the Republican Party two more U.S. senators; confiscated firearms in the border states in violation of the Second Amendment; and committed a grand act of treason by invading the sovereign states of the South (Article 3, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution defines treason as "only" levying war against the states, or giving aid and comfort to their enemies).

This is only one of many articles, books and reports showing the truth about a truly evil man, it is all dismissed and never talked about. And above is by no means all. It is on record, and very well documented, how deeply Lincoln disliked Negroes. He wanted them out of the country and time and again showed that he didn´t care one bit about the slavery issue. He was also pro-colonization and on several occasions expressed a liking of empire building, which is, more than likely, the reason why he, against the law and constitution, waged war against the South.

As he got into office, he launched a military invasion without the consent of Congress, which is unconstitutional; declared martial law; blockaded Southern ports, which is unconstitutional without declaring war; and he suspended the writ of habeas corpus and committed plenty of other atrocities along the way before finally a man stepped up and on April 14, 1865, and ended the life of one of the worst leaders in western history. I do agree that calling John Wilkes Booth “a hero” is to take it too far. Booth had several shady reasons for his act; however the end result, with a dead Lincoln, should be celebrated.

Lincoln was no hero; he was a despicable man and one of the main reasons why U.S. politicians started to ignore the constitution, which in turn has lead to a warmongering state of financial madness soon to crash and burn as all other empires before.

I have just revealed a lie to you. Feeling confused? Still don´t believe me? I suggest that you find out the truth for yourself, don´t take my word for it. In this case, as in most cases, the truth is easy to find, it’s just been tucked away and then we get the stories feed to us in a way that makes us not go and look for the truth ourselves. It’s hard to read, search and actually think for yourself (not really, but it is much easier to buy the lies), which is just what they count on…

How they fool you – part II

We shoot at you

Sweden’s bloodthirsty public and the trigger happy cannon fodder of the Swedish military are at it again.

Sweden is set to purchase 15 American Black Hawk helicopters and the first of the “new” machines may be delivered within a year, according to Swedish Defence Mentalist Sten Tolgfors. According to mentalist Tolgfors this will allow Sweden to increase its military presence in Afghanistan from 2013.

So apparently the conflict which has nothing to do with Sweden, where we´re fighting “enemies” that has never done anything to us, will drag out for years to come, leading to an ever increasing body-count of Swedes coming home in caskets. This while the Swedish military are spending many millions on ads like this:

The general public, most of which are cheering on the slaughter of Muslims on the other side of the globe while, more than likely, doing drugs that stream out of said country in an increased rate, seem to have no problem with this.

Have you noticed the headlines and how journalists are writing about the Afghan war? How many words like “blood”, “raped”, “murdered families”, and “suffering children” have you read lately? How many articles have you seen pointing out that women are hurting as much today as 9 years ago? How many news reports have you seen about the exponential increase in drug trade? How many pictures, videos and articles have you seen about blown-up children or beheaded families?

Not many eh?

And one dead Swedish soldier is clearly a “tragedy”, the feeling among the other soldiers is “sadness”, and politicians are feeling ”sympathy” and “sorrow” for the soldier’s family. Very soft and comforting words. These are mixed with statistics on how the horrible Taliban have stepped up their attacks seemingly killing the innocent and, of course, murdering brave Swedish soldiers fighting for freedom and puppies everywhere.

This is brainwashing, nothing else, nothing less.

To a point it is also understandable brainwashing. From our masters point of view they need us to be complacent with how things are. From a military standpoint they of course need both public support and motivated soldiers. Journalists cannot really write that Swedish soldiers are helping with the slaughter of tens of thousands for no reason whatsoever. Wouldn’t sound that good now would it? And ordinary citizens partly have an inherited defense mechanism telling them that ‘the others’ are always the bad folk, and partly they feel more for a young Swede killed than hundreds of Muslim families butchered.

So it is slightly understandable, but nevertheless frightening. Well, kind of humorous to.

Ever heard people around you questioning how so many Germans could stand idly by when trains went to holocaust camps? Or why so many, almost voluntary, let Soviet death squads execute them? Well now you know why. You would have done the same. All of you out there who are buying the crap they are feeding us and swallowing the brainwashing, you are exactly the same sorts of people that would have stood idly by when Jews were thrown into camps.

Most of you reading this will of course dismiss my writing - you’ll feel you’ve been Godwin-ed. Also a perfectly understandable reaction. But if you feel it necessary for young Swedish soldiers to fight in a conflict that has nothing whatsoever to do with Sweden, against a supposed enemy that has done nothing to us, half across the world where there’s absolutely nothing for us to gain, what would you call it? Insanity perhaps? Maybe you just want lots, and lots of dead Muslims?

And if we really are there to help, why do we protect a regime who wants rape to be legal? Why are we letting drug kingpins in Afghanistan grow stronger for each day that passes? Why are we watching house after house getting destroyed while handing out food rations that hardly would feed a rat? Why are we helping out invading and controlling one country when there are hundreds of others with the same or worse regimes?

And the unison decision to send fighter planes to Libya is just as funny. What happened to neutrality? Why aren´t we bombing Bahrain? Saudi? Is it the oil or is it only to follow the Nobel Peace Prize winning (haha…) Obamination?

Please understand that I have nothing against the Swedish military, on the contrary. If we end up in a defensive war or if we have another situation similar to that of the 1930’s and 1940’s, I would gladly support the military. More than likely even join up myself. Actually I am even an advocate of a strong military. We need a well trained and well equipped military, probably bigger and stronger than it is today.

This is, however, not my point.

The point is that not only do we fight in foreign wars which are very shady from the start, and we do it in countries and against an “enemy” that has never done a single thing to harm us, we´re also being feed lies. The lies are important because once they get rooted and become common, they will only increase and fester over time. We need to see through the lies and demand that media actually dig for stories instead of only reporting what they are told.

I am not only talking about the obvious lies such as “they have weapons of mass destruction” or “they have ties to Al Qaida” or the ever so funny “They are evil, and we are good” –argument. No, what is even more important is what they don´t say at all.

Warmongering have reached across the pond and infested my birth-nation and I don´t like it. Frightening enough most surveys done seem to tell us that a vast majority of Swedes support both the Afghan debacle and the killing of Muslims in Libya. Why? Seriously; why?

Sweden has no riches, land or prestige to win. We have no reason whatsoever to being involved, and the lies being feed to us are so ridiculous that any fool should see through it. Are we really that thirsty for blood, mayhem and slaughter?

Friday, April 8, 2011

How they fool you – part I

we fool you

The budget stalemate that semingly gripped the U.S. ended just before a midnight deadline Friday 8th of April as four-winged congressional leaders and the Pick-Pocket in Chief agreed to a package of spending reductions to avert a federal government shutdown. Sitting in comfy chairs eating and dining on the people’s money and working soooo hard around the clock, Republican and Democratic negotiators emerged from a tense day of behind closed-door champagne and biscuits talks with a deal that would cut about $38 billion from domestic programs across America for the remaining six months of the 2011 fiscal year. The cuts are said to be $500 billion over a ten year period.

"When we say we're serious about cutting spending, we're damn serious about it," Said House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) in a comment.

For you reading this and seeing comments in newspapers or hearing what is stressed from knowitall ‘experts’ on TV-programs, this may seem like much. It may also seem like this entails draconian cuts on woman shelters and, of course, republicans got a proposition through that means that abortion clinics get less or no founding in the U.S. capital. The Obamination said that this was “painful cuts”, and pretty much everywhere you look the focus is on either the huuuuge cuts or the horrible republicans getting their way in certain areas.

The entire thing is ridiculous and is a clear and obvious illusion they are trying to sell you. And be honest with yourself, you bought this entire spectacle didn´t you?

The actual facts are kept behind the curtain, peaking out – but you don´t see them do you?

You see $500 billion over a ten year period is NOTHING. It’s a drop in the ocean, a fart in a Hurricane, its one tiny grain of sand in the Sahara’s. IF they had said $500 billion this year, $500 billion next year and/or $500 billion each year for 5-6 years to come, then we would come close to what is necessary. $500 billion over a ten year period is a joke, and a really bad one at that.

The U.S. has a debt of $14 000 billion, and it increases with about $1500 billion each year. A cut of $38 billion will not even cover the losses of April!

The actual debate between Democrats and republicans were if the public debt - excluding future promises - would increase to $15620 billion or to $15580 billion. Never seen that in the news have you?

They have fooled you again.

And did you really think that these smug tricksters would let the federal government to shut down? Pffff… if you believe that, you´re beyond help, please kill yourself now.

Media would like you to think this was a hard discussion and that the country was close to shutting down, and the soul-suckers in suits definitely wants you to believe that. That’s so stupid it’s mind-blowing. There´s no way two political entities looking for power and being totally dependent on the state would let that happen. No fuckin’ way.

It’s a show, a fantastically choreographed show with only one true purpose; to show a difference between parties and, as a consequence, show political will to do something. Media is of course eating it up and selling it to you with no other reflection than a focus on how certain people are “losers” in this budget.

The DemoPublican party wins, as always.

Even worse than not making a single cut to the budget – which they didn´t do, no matter what media is feeding you – is that they didn´t tackle the regulations and totally mad situation on the housing market, they didn´t overlook or cut in any military expenditure, they didn´t change any rules or regulations comes to the financial market, they didn´t do anything to curve inflation and the looming hyperinflationary situation. Basically the only thing they did was to come to an agreement. Nothing else.

It is imperative that you start seeing these lies for what they are, because if not we´ll not only face history’s worst economic disaster with no public knowledge, we will also when, or rather ‘if’ the situation can be resolved, you will not understand what actually needs to be done. And if you don´t understand the problem or the solution to the problem there will be only one other alternative in most peoples’ eyes: a totalitarian government.

Of course most of you are asylum refugees so I don´t expect an understanding, but do you really want to be a fool? Do you really what The Powers That Be to treat you like a retarded child? If not, at least try to see through the scam.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Portuguese debacle - and other funnies

Well, well, well. Who could have foreseen that the Portuguese would seek a bailout from the European Union? Huge surprise…

The third euro-region country in desperate need of a rescue, and by no means the last one, is slightly different than the other two since Portugal actually has a manufacturing base and didn´t fix and trick with their numbers as much, so the Portuguese crisis is actually a more real one, and on the surface not as bad. Real in the sense that there we actually can see most of her problems. Oily scheming Greeks and fucked-by-the-banks Ireland tried to hide, and have still hidden away, most of their crap.
But Portugal is also different in another way; they are very dependent on the Spanish economy. The two Iberian countries are very intertwined not only geographically, but also financially. In fact much of the Portuguese dilemma can be traced back to problems in Spain, and since Spain hasn´t really crashed yet (just a matter of time) the worst problems for the debt stricken and politically volatile Portugal is yet to come.

Financial markets have long priced in the idea of a Portuguese bailout, so the downgrade in their ratings have been a prelude to this. And the whole story is familiar isn’t it? Remember how the Greeks and Irish handled the same situation? Noooo…we can handle it ourselves. we don´t need a bailout. We can handle it And then woops; oh actually we need money, please give us some…

Portugal is aiming for a package that may be worth as much as 75 billion euros (probably more in the end). That is another huge loan, albeit with pretty good, for their situation, rates. And again, and this cannot be said or stressed enough, ordinary citizen will take the hardest hits. Remember how they fooled you into believing that borrowing and printing trillions to hand over to the already rich and wealthy was a great idea? How great it was to save the “too big to fail’s”? Well, now you´re gonna pay again, both for the austerity measures and the new loans taken.

Having fun yet?

At the same time the ECB is forecast to raise its benchmark rate by a quarter point to 1.25 percent, to counter the inflationary pressures they themselves have created. Again forcing ordinary folk to pick up the bill! This is of course not only very shady but also too little too late. Such an increase together with future rate raises will not help the in-debt countries, and our benevolent leaders´ favorite fake info-number, GDP, will not benefit either.

So what is next? Of course markets will temporarily be “calmed” by this bailout, and of course banksters, tricksters and soul-suckers in suits will claim, once again, that they´ve handled the crisis and that things will soon pick up.

Does anyone really buy that anymore? I mean, even you idiots out there should smell the rottenness by now.

Next up is probably Spain, although I wouldn´t count out Belgium or Italy either. And another crisis(‘s) emerging in any number of Eastern European states is also very likely to occur.

Spain for example has an unemployment rate in excess of 20 percent and a housing market dominated by variable-rate mortgages. Mortgages that are taken on the premise of higher returns of, what actually is; useless multi-billion housing- and real-estate projects. Instead entire cities stand empty and over a million homes are impossible to sell along the Spanish south cost alone. The Spanish banks are sitting on so much debt (guaranteed by the government) that this situation by itself is enough to plunge this EuroZone member into a new dark age. And were Greece, Ireland and Portugal are small fishes Spain is a giant wale which can, and should, tumble the entire Euro-project.

According to IMF numbers for 2009, the gross domestic product of Greece was $331 billion, Ireland was $221 billion, and Portugal was $233 billion, but Spain’s GDP in 2009 was $1.468 trillion. Roughly twice Greece, Ireland and Portugal combined.
If we go by Greek and Irish percentages, then roughly a third of the estimated €450 billion price tag to bail out Spain would be shouldered by the IMF—and here´s a fun fact; the U.S. puts up 20% of IMF money.

So the U.S. would be on the line for around €40 billion—to save Spain. Will the new U.S. Congress put up with that? Will the American regular Joe put up with that? Not very likely, and if so the IMF’s participation in a Spanish bail-out will be severely reduced, if not marginal. Therefore, bailing out Spain will be almost entirely a European affair.

Does Europe have €450 billion to bail out Spain? That is, does Germany have €450 billion to bail out Spain? And if we continue to play with numbers, will Germany and the IMF have another €400 to bail out Italy? Another €100 to bail out Belgium?

And even if that money can be conjured up, most likely via the printing press, nothing has changed. Does anyone really believe that Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain all of a sudden will fix their problems just because they get hundreds of billions?

Our elected domestic frauds together with the non-elected tricksters of the European Parliament will of course stand by their assumption that the Euro is a good idea, even when the entire continent is drowning in despair, so there will be no political decision coming any time soon that would dampen the situation - in fact they will most likely try their very best to worsen it via, as mentioned, the printing press.

Again I feel obligated to draw your attention to what happened the last time we Europeans were in a mess like this. In actuality, the crisis of the 1930’s and the following World War of Pranks II, were a minor one compared to what awaits us now.

As I´ve said, argued, written and tried to explain for over ten years now we can look forward to many years of massive demonstrations, great upheaval, “terrorist”-acts, and governments changing more often than normal person changes underwear. And somewhere in this mess totalitarian ideas, religious nuts and hilarious tiny men with long pointy shadows offering hysterical simple solutions to a people in distress, will emerge and grow strong.

I don´t think you can imagine how bad this is going to get, but I can and I cannot stop laughing.

This is going to be the entertainment of a lifetime. I highly recommend vodka, popcorn and a comfy chair. The funnies are just getting started, stay tuned and make sure you don´t miss the real mayhem.