Saturday, April 9, 2011

How they fool you – Part IV

We die for you

To me some lies are not only more obvious, they are also far more likely to be picked up for the lies they are and so make people react to them. Sadly this notion is wrong.

During the latest couple of years we´ve not only seen an unprecedented increase in economic trickery leading up to ‘The Greatest Depression’ that will soon hit our shores, we´ve also seen one of the biggest and most see-through vaccination scams in history.

Remember the Swiney Flu? Oh, it was so horrible... Puppies were going to die in their own vomit, dead children would be piled up on trucks, the elderly would defecate 24/7, no one would be spared and the end was near.

A media campaign only surpassed by the manmade global warming scam took hold on the general public. Many from the Sheople horde were stampeding to get to the pharmacy to buy disinfection thingies, others were wearing masks over their faces on public transports as if pointing out how good little asylum attendees they are. Governments everywhere did their very best in enhancing the scare, sending out medical cronies to warn and tell the public were the closest clinic was. Oh, the horror!

The few sane voices that tried to get through warned about the untested vaccine, stating that it could lead to more problems and could even kill more than the actual disease. Others tried to point out statistics that clearly showed how completely harmless (in comparison with normal flu) the Hog Flu was. Real scientists, a few actual working journalists and a few bloggers tried their very best to educate, with very little success.

Strangely not even parents listened. Most didn´t even try to find out the facts, they just listened to a smug storyteller sent out from the Powers That Be to convince them how great it is to get needles stuck into their bodies, and that was it. Tens of millions of children across the globe got injected against what; we already back then knew were a very harmless flu.

All throughout my life I´ve sort of understood people. Most of you are morons, but most of the time I get why. Religion can be comforting; massive campaigns to convince us how horrible detergent and cars are can, over time, easily break down intellectual defenses; and it is easier to believe in government than to think for yourself. I understand why you don´t want to read about and understand what inflation is, I understand why you don´t want to put in a couple of hours to understand how the banksters are robbing you blind, I understand that most of you are too busy during a normal day to pick up a book and read about history. In essence; most of you aren´t idiots, you just chose to be. Because it’s easier, and to be fair most of us have decent and pretty comfortable lives, so why stir up the hornets’ nest?

Apathy is the solution.

If you don´t want to know and have very little incentive to know, why try to learn? And as a person capable of adding one to one and as an individual seeing the man behind the curtain, I can honestly say that it isn´t easier to know. On the contrary. When you know what is going on and you are informed, things don´t get better, they get worse.

Ignorance really is bliss, take my word for it. And I do think that most of you know this, unconsciously in the back of your head you have that little voice saying; “give in. Nothing good comes from knowing this. Keep working and one day you can buy another car and pay for prostitutes without tapping into your savings. Relax, have another beer.”

So generally speaking I get it.

In one aspect, however, I don´t. And that is when it comes to children.
Children are not only the main argument when it comes to government intrusive ideas; they are also used as battering-ram every time any lobbyist organization wants something. Smoking kills, but it murders children indiscriminately. Yes, global warming will kill every woman and man, but you need to think of the chiiiiiilldreeeen! Internet is fully packed with pedophiles; think of the chiiiiiilldreeeen! Terrorists are hiding behind every bush; think of the chiiiiiilldreeeen! Oh no! The government is cutting expenses; think of the chiiiiiilldreeeen!

This may fool one into believing that people actually love their young.

Also you may think that evolution and the human consciousness have made us very protective of our children and that we would love them above all else. But comes a harmless Piggy Flu and all bets are off.

How could so many, most without even reflecting on it, bring their offspring to an inoculation butcher? To me very strange and the only explanation I can think of is that most people actually don´t love their kids.

To no surprise whatsoever narcolepsy, different forms of brain diseases and strange ticks have befallen thousands of children after taking the injection. Several strange deaths have also been linked to the inoculation, although mainstream ‘scientists’ refuse, most of the time, to make that connection…

This is how much you love your kids?

1) During the height of the Boar Flu, 2009-2010, it actually was the mildest flu season in recorded history
2) ‘scientists’ and prominent members of WHO are pocketed by the pharmaceutical industry.
3) The (A)H1N1 strain is extremely harmless, probably the least deadly flu in human history
4) Contrary to media Fat People are much LESS likely to die from Swiney Flu
5) Official statistics (which means a very low number) show that hundreds of people have died from the vaccine; mostly the deaths were from severe allergic reactions to the egg protein or other ingredient in the vaccine, but other - unexplained - deaths have been found.
6) it’s much better to have a mild flu instead of taking the vaccine

These are proven and actual facts even confirmed by the same mainstream bought and paid for agitators that persuaded you to get injected.

Me, I thought, and still think that anyone who comes near me or mine with any form of forced inoculation, which was discussed in summit meetings and in mild manors imposed on several locations, better prepare to die. This is a limit I will not let anyone cross. I don’t care if it’s the police, a doctor or the freaking king himself, I’ll kill you. And no, this is not a joke. And if I had children and they were exposed to something like that, oh my, I would go Rambo on your ass.

Sadly most of you don´t agree. How come so many of you stay calm even after the proven fact? Why get kids if you don´t love them enough to protect them or take revenge if they die via the hands of liars?

We should be seeing doctors being stringed up by mobs, we should see politicians being stalked by crosshairs from grassy knolls, we should see WHO headquarters going up in flames, and every location any inoculation took place should be getting needles filled with TNT sent to them.
If we lived in a good world filled with free-thinking people that actually love their young, this is what we would see. Instead most of you have already bent over your kids to force them to take the next rusty pipe up the rear without lubrication.

If this lie that harmed children and were soooo exaggerated can be sold to you, I cannot see anything that you wouldn´t buy. And this is preciously why the world is going to hell.


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