Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today’s two biggest morons

Gordon Brown, the prime minister of Great Britain visited United States and among other things held a speech at the Congress. This grinning fat bastard has in oh so many ways fucked up UK that its former glory is totally gone in unemployment and demonstrations and everywhere you look there is a camera recording you. His solution? Borrow money to keep the fictive spending running. And when that doesn’t work? Go to the printing machine. Guttenberg’s invention makes it easy to print more monopoly money and keep the charade up for a while longer. And when that doesn’t work and some banks go down? Then we do both! We borrow and we print. Happy shiny people dancing!

And his host - the one who soon will start a civil war - Obama Bin Laden, he doesn’t want to be less. He is going on the mother spending spree of all spending sprees in history. America’s problem is that fictive interest rates and huge governmental loans have been keeping the American people in a bubble of spending money that doesn’t exist. And the solution that keeps coming back is to print more money. Now the idiot are going to spend more money that doesn’t exist to inflate the bubbles to temporary keep the theater going for one act more.

Peter Schiff, Marc Faber and several others have been warning for years, only getting titled “Dr Doom” or some other cute epithet to make them into goofballs. But you don’t need to be a genius or even know that much about economy to get it. All you need to do is to not be an idiot, which is very hard for most humans. But think about it like this; if you have 10 000$ and someone tells you to give them 4 000$ and just by giving them this money you then can buy a car and a house for 5000$ instead of the real cost which is 20000$. Wouldn’t you be a bit suspicious? Where did the rest of the money go? And if this goes on and on and on over years, don’t you think that it comes a time when you need to pay one way or the other? That’s were that nice little apocalypse comes in. As I have said before people, start buying canes, candles and get your own crops. You are going to need it.

You are going to die! Part XV

I have already written about the most common ways to get killed, by the government or through religion. I have also mentioned lots of other stuff that might kill you, but one thing has so far eluded me. Well I have even mentioned it, but still it wasn’t really on my mind. This is also one of the most common ones to make you into worm food, namely “old age”. For those of you who are “lucky” enough to live in a country or in a time when your own politician isn’t actively trying to kill you and religion isn’t really the hip thing to believe in, old age is actually the most likely way to go. As long as there are no huge plagues hitting us that is. I also believe that the main reasons why I hardly even thought about this before now is because none of us wants to think about it. I mean suddenly we cannot run, jump, fight or drink as much as before. Our eyesight becomes terrible, we cannot hear what our grandchildren are saying (thank God) and we need to get up to the toilet 5 times each night. And then it only gets worse and then you die. Not really a good notion now is it?

We all know we are going away and somewhere inside we actually know we are going to die, but growing old? No way! Women are most firm and loveable around 15-16 years old, they are sexiest around 18-25 and then it just goes downhill. Women instead develop saggy tits, stretch marks, bad teeth, floppy arms and increasing bitterness over losing their beauty so they complain and become outraged over those porno’s and belly buttons they too would love to have been a part of if they were younger. And men are not a bit better. We keep watching football, playing videogames, drinking beer and watching those 15-16 year olds like we never got older. We get to be sick miserable old bastards that cannot look at a fountain without pissing and wants to drive a Ferrari even if we cannot see the road in front of us. We lose our hair, our muscles and our sexdrive but we still pretend like we are the hunk of the Mediterranean.

But the funny part of dying old isn’t the idiocy of operations, none aging pills or some other crap we believe in. No the fun part is to be so old you need a nurse to change your diapers and some young woman – who you really want to fuck - is cleaning your scrotum and you cannot even get a stiffy. Your loved one has abandoned you accept on Christmas when you get a “get well card”. No one needs you or wants to be around you except other old farts who want to learn how to play Chess. This is it the time when you wish that your politician had been a communist idiot who would have killed you before. This is the time when you don’t even have the money or strength to buy PCP and go nuts one last time. You are just withering away, one old person among millions, soon to be forgotten. And then what do you do? Well most old idiots turn to the thing that really is going to kill you, religion. Others just rot away slowly. Either way isn’t death fun?


I read about some “big” news today from Sweden. Apparently some politicians tried to rent out his house for large amount. First I didn’t get it, what was the news. Was it a rat infested dump with no windows and did he try to sell it to some blind people? No, not at all. I actually scratched my head for a couple of seconds before I realized that you cannot be rational or think logically when it comes to the human race. What he has done was to try to get as much money as possible out of the deal. No force involved, only an ad which you could say yes or no to or just ignore like most people would have. But you see this guy also happen to be a politician. Don’t get me wrong, every time a politicians is getting stringed up or thrown to the wolfs is like a birthday to me, but this guy didn’t use the enforcement of the police, he didn’t impose a law to force us to rent his house and he didn’t even use his political connections to market the place, so the only thing he did was an idiotic attempt to rent his place to some sucker. No one did take the bait, but now this politician in question is getting keelhauled and rinsed. Why?

For once you have in one case an honest politician that not only gives you a choice but also don’t use the destructive force of the state to force us, and he is getting punished for it? Have you no common sense at all you bloody idiotic phlegm sucking bastards!? They are sending the police to take your things and money and maybe even kill you, but that’s no problem. They are stealing over half of your salary and you don’t mind. They decide everything in your life from birth until death but that’s just passes you by. But some poor longhaired idiotic politician’s tries to rent you something in the open and without any strings and you get mad? Who are you idiots and what the hell are you doing on my planet?

I truly love Anna Odell

This woman is kind of cute and have a certain “do me” feeling to her, but what I really love about this humus pile of a woman is that she, of all people, have got the Swedish average Joe to think about taxes and why he/she is paying them. It’s incredible! Here politicians do their best to literary toss away hundreds of billions each year and no one even care, but then comes a little art student pretending to be crazy and everyone goes nuts (isn’t that irony for ya?). If I have known about this I would have travel all over Sweden committing myself to every hospital I could find, wasting millions upon millions and claiming it to be art. Maybe it takes art people to get things going and wake people up? Once upon a time there was an Austrian painter who did show us some socialist arts and now we have Anna.

So you go girl, I’m truly hoping you continue this quest of yours and maybe next time you can burn a Jew and stuff him in the ashtray? That would be great art worthy of your good Austrian painter ancestor. I love you!

Give the royals a break

I don’t know why people don’t want the tax payers to pay for the crown princess wedding, maybe they don’t know that they are going to pay for it no matter if the king or the government signs the check? Either way, here is a good solution; throw 2 full time politicians into the nearest river and don’t replace them. In the long run even a big plus!