Monday, May 25, 2009

Waking-up music

While the economic crisis is getting worse and some tiny North Korean smurf builds nuclear phallus thingies, it is good to have some stuff like this. Not really my favorite genre but some aggressions in the morning always keep me a bit happier.

great weekend and a hellish bus

What’s the best thing you can do after bench drinking 10+ bottles of wine during a couple of days while hardly eating anything? Of course the dream is to sit on a bus that has no toilet. I get very easily car-sick so having a huge black guy sitting behind me smelling like he just crawled out of his grave is just icing on the cake. So dehydrated, still sort of drunk and feeling sick from the inner-ear stupidity and smelling something hideous behind me I spent 9hrs without having anything to drink and no toilet to go to. And reaching Glasgow, what do I do? I sit down on another bus for 1,5hrs going in and out of every little shithole in Scotland. For a while there I was begging for a crash or that some terrorists would attack, just someone or something that would put me out of my misery. Now at home, I’m feeling as bad as one can and I cannot remember being this miserable before. Still, I would do it all again. Had a fantastic weekend in London and would love to go back even if that meant sitting on the same bus.