Monday, September 20, 2010

Some people voted racist eh?

The general election in Sweden is over. Well, sort of. Media is still milking every little none-story. The big talk is of course how so many people could be foolish enough to vote “racist”. A populist party making it into parliament for the first time is horrible. Isn’t it?

And again mainstream media and the established parties are scratching themselves pondering how a party they drum out to be ‘racists’ can gain support. A party that to a large extent is frozen out from general debates has very little money and has a hard time finding office space shouldn’t be able to attract voters. The righteous elitists have done and continue to do everything they can to label these horrid foes with the vilest epithets imaginable. Still the Swedish Democrats (SD) keep climbing the polls and the established parties seems to have no countermeasure other than continue the bashing.

Both the government and the opposition have solemnly declared that they will never form a coalition with the “racists” and that they will cut them out as much as possible. In the meantime journalists are competing in the game of who can trash and ridicule SD the most.

They still don’t get it.

You see it doesn’t matter if journalists find criminals within SD, which party hasn’t criminals as members? Aren’t they all criminals? What if some article or pamphlet is riddled with holes? How many of the elitists aren’t lying to us each day? Are we supposed to care more because one party gets “caught” lying but not the other one?

I need to tell you that this post isn't actually about SD. It is not a post in support of the SD nor is it a post attacking the SD. This is about what is happening to the SD and why they get voters so look again, and ask if it could happen to you.

Would your government take a view opposing yours and silence you, and those who would speak for you, and refuse to countenance any debate at all that would let you have a say? Would your government use lies and deceit to override anything you might want to do or say? Would your government use the law against you, demonise and punish you, encourage others to treat you as subhuman, for no other reason than they just don't like you?

Do you smoke? Drink? Drive? Are you a little on the portly side?

Can you see why the SD support is growing? It's not because people are all suddenly racist, it's not even because people are all suddenly in tune with SD because they have pretty much the same policies and opinions as all the rest of them. The only real difference between SD and the rest of the political sphere is a slightly more bigoted focus on immigration issues.

People have seen the way the government are working on SD and they are thinking about that while they shiver outside for a smoke, while they queue in those bars for a overtaxed drink that comes with warning labels, while they hear talk about speed cameras that don't flash so you don't know whether you're fined until the letter arrives. They are reading about fat people beaten up for being fat, they are watching the information campaigns sending hateful messages against smokers, they are consoling children scared to death by the drowning puppies of the global warming religion, they are wondering why their government thinks they are all pedophiles, they are wondering why the government needs to poke around their computer and read their emails.

People aren't looking at the treatment of the SD and thinking 'They could do that to me'.

They are thinking 'They have done that to me'.

The elitists tell us that SD are evil racists. Well, they've already told me I am evil because I use tobacco. I'm even more evil because I like a drink. I'm yet more evil because my salt and fat intake is nowhere near the recommended amounts. I'm a crazed 'global warming denier'. I will not take the vaccine, and I, oh gosh, don’t vote. Can you find a more evil person than me? Looking at the list of things this government calls me evil for being and doing, Satan had better watch out for his job. So when they call SD evil, I'm supposed to consider that a different type of evil or something?

At the very least people instinctively feel this and they have reacted to it.

Secondly you have to stand in aw over the complete lack of understanding for how people, that exists in our time and space - which is far, far away from the world of politics - are bloody tired of the political correctness that oozes out from the righteous sphere. When did it become “racist” to wave the flag? When was the popular vote on banning church on graduation? Why can’t we be proud of being Swedish, English, American or whatever? Why can’t we celebrate our old traditions or sing the songs of our ancestors?

People get a fine for having a flag on the balcony, people get labeled as xenophobes because they like listening to country music, and people that are having a problem walking past a bunch of black kids at night are racist.

Why is SD gaining momentum again..?

But the thing our puppet master does get and why they hardly do anything about these problems is because of power. The power of fear.

Maybe it is an unconscious choice for many politicians, but for some of them it is a very real and very powerful tool to have – you afraid.

A frightened populace is a controllable populace.

Why do you think they are selling the Orwellian surveillance society with notions of pedophiles and terrorists? Why do you think they are scaring you with images of starving or hurting people every time they want to pass legislation?

They want you to fear those that aren’t like you. If people have another religion, culture or color they are dangerous. Right? Muslims want us all dead - this we know. And this is not knowledge acquired from supposed racist parties; we get this knowledge from the established ones. The same goes with hackers, smokers, fat people and male teachers. People are evil and the only ones that can save the people from evil people are the people that govern people.

So why is it such a surprise that SD got voted into parliament? They are selling the same thing: Fear. Why wouldn’t people listen? Because this “fear” isn’t real but all the other scary things sold by the establishment is real?

Some “thinkers” have argued that SD gain support because they play the sympathy card and are anti-establishment types. Well, duh! That’s like arguing that the sun rises in the east. Of course this is the case, but if you really want to know ‘why’ I have just told you.

There are millions out there who have been demonised and been labeled by the righteous elite. So, again, why would they not vote SD?

SD is here to stay and they will continue to grow in the next election four years from now. You don’t need to be a fortune teller to know this, all you really need is a brain.