Monday, February 8, 2010

Death by government

While the American killing-machine rages on, journalists are trying their very best to keep the Swedish people thinking it’s a good thing for Swedish soldiers to die in a conflict Sweden has nothing to do with.

For some reason it is great that Swedes die on the other side of the world. Probably because, after all, they are protecting a corrupt non-democratic women hating regime and supporting the never ending struggle to murder families and making hundreds of thousands into orphans. How can you not love that?

Or how about the flourishing drug trade that never before has shown such profits? Gotto support that, right? How about the fact that during the 7+ years the world’s strongest navy/army/air force with the world’s most comprehensible intelligence service has ONLY manage to do one thing; create more enemies!

As usual mainstream media are devoted to what the elitists want them to write and say.

Do you know how many wars that have been declared between companies? Between black and white people? Between Women and their children? The answer is; not a single one.

Throughout history the people, not matter who they’ve been, has never declared a single war. You know who has? Government. Government alone has the power to instigate violence against other races or another country. Government alone also is the only entity that has the power to instigate violence against its own citizens.

Death by government – historically speaking, this is the most common way to die

This is also why lefties complaining over the Afghani conflict are only covering up what they really think. Socialism is per definition a government loving ideology. Socialism means more power to authorities and since government is the only entity ‘allowed’ to start wars… well, you probably see were I’m going with that one…

And so the Swedish government has again helped out with the murder of two Swedes. Anyone surprised by this? Our government murders people every day through too high taxation, too overzealous regulations, anti-drug laws, through the manmade global warming scam and countless of other schemes said to protect and help us. As usual politicians only show one hand while hiding the darker, more sinister murderous hand behind their back.

Yes, I know these soldiers volunteered for their assignment and as it seems it may even have been Afghani police that killed them. Those Afghani officers seem to be shooting at everything that moves and reports stream in all the time about civilians getting killed by their own. But does that really matter? It is the Swedish government, with aid and support from all within the elitist agenda that has found it suitable to send soldiers to help US troops slaughter hundreds of thousands of Muslims.

Death by government – why won’t people ever learn?

And even the so called peace-activists that appall any warring have nothing against violence and people getting murdered by authorities. The very same people who say it is wrong to send troops into Afghanistan and is against all form of conflict were two armed opponents are fighting don’t mind to send government thugs to people’s homes in order to jail , hurt and sometimes kill unarmed countrymen.

How many citizens haven’t had their houses confiscated, been shoot by the police or got incarcerated for victimless crimes? Many thousands have this done to them each year just because government is armed, but the normal inhabitant isn’t.

If you don’t believe me, try to stop paying your taxes, refuse conscription or say no to all the mad traffic laws. I mean really stand up for yourself - do you think for a second that your own government has any quandary over beating you down, locking you up and/or hurt you? And if you resist, you can get killed. All of us live under this threat every day, at any second government hired gangsters can storm your home and do whatever they want with you and your property. This is a fact and if you haven’t got that, you live in a different universe far, far away from reality.

Death by government…

My question is; is it worth it?

How many of your countrymen are supposed to die in foreign lands or get murdered by government before you had enough? Is your welfare check so precious to you that you have nothing against the government robbing and maybe kill your neighbor for that money?

It all comes down to the fact that every time you argue for government intervention, no matter how small or how righteous you think it is, you’re really saying you want the government to steal, plunder, hurt, and possible murder for the sake of your opinion. This is the very essence of any moral question ever asked.

Should we mourn the dead soldiers? Absolutely. Should we support their families? Completely! And as long as they are there our soldiers should have the best equipment possible. But that doesn’t change the fact that their blood is on the hands of the politicians that rule us. Sure it may have been an Afghani holding the gun, but if it wasn’t for political decisions, they wouldn’t have been there in the first place.

And let me ask you this: if your only source of income is taken away from you by foreign troops that are, at least indirectly, supporting the war against many of your own people, wouldn’t you be inclined to kill? If your family may die and several of your relatives are hurting, starving, losing limbs and it can to a large degree be traced back to the soldiers said to be there to ‘help you’, wouldn’t you be a little pissed?

We do hear good sounding arguments for us being there, the powers that be always conjure them up, but if those reasons are the ones that made us go there, why aren’t we in China? Sudan? Why aren’t we sending troops to Venezuela? To Mozambique or Indonesia?

A mad Texan religious chimp asked us to go there, and a Marxist lunatic bent on destroying the world economy wants us to stay, is that good enough for you?

Not to me, not in my name!