Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Humans of earth! Bow down tooooo meee…

The cockroach is a formidable animal. They are known for being able to survive on limited resources like the glue from the back of postage stamps. Some can go without air for 45 minutes.

Is has been suggested that these creatures will "inherit the earth" if we humans were to blow ourselves up. However, what such scientists refuse to recognize is that they already have.

Let’s look at the facts.

They feed on human acquired food and can leave an offensive odor. Check.

They can also passively transport microbes on their body surfaces including those that are potentially dangerous to humans, particularly in environments such as hospitals. Check.

Because of their long, persistent association with humans, cockroaches are frequently referred to in art, literature, folk tales and theater and film. In Western culture, cockroaches are often depicted as vile and dirty pests. Their size, long antennae, shiny appearance and spiny legs make them disgusting. I know of several just like this so; check.

Although some features aren’t compatible, I see no reason why not to think that many of these things are walking among us, posing as humans, but in reality plotting our demise with mad schemes such as ‘public healthcare’, ‘religiosity’ and ‘wars’.

The ones I am talking about are of course politicians.

Have you read Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis? In it a man is transformed overnight into a cockroach-like creature. He views himself as repulsive in his new identity and I can certainly relate.

When I entered politics many years ago I did so with a pretty dim-witted naive look at things. Of course I knew already back then that the world was messed up and that politicians in general were evil incarnate, but I had no idea how bad things really were. Worse still is what politics does to you as a human being.

You see politics is partly about what the elitists call “compromise” which in reality is another word for finding the right coalition by bribing, threatening and in other ways convince others of your idea and then make them vote to support you.

Partly it is about doing almost the opposite i.e. thrash-talk or stab those you don’t like who are in the way. Sometimes the stabbing part is literal, but mostly it’s about finding some negative thing about their past, character or views you can exploit to your advantage.

When acting out these characteristics of politics step by step your soul gets sucked out and if it goes on long enough sooner or later that person looking back at you from the mirror is a stranger - a vile beast that will sell his mother for a couple of additional votes.

Someone might argue that this is sort of common practice in all jobs and that ‘politics’ is the same no matter what you do. This is wrong.

Ever seen a really hardcore soap opera like Falcon Crest or Melrose Place? Intrigues everywhere, everyone is sleeping with everyone, there are murders, frame-jobs etc. etc. That’s nothing. Take one of those shows, the worse one you can think of and multiply it with thousand and maybe, perhaps, take out the murders and that’s politics.

What do you think such an environment does to a person?

I would even go so far as to say that sociopathic thinking, anti-human behavior and inferiority complex are the cornerstones of any ‘good’ politician. The higher up in the food chain you get, the more your lifeblood drains away and the more that despicable cockroach takes over. To be a famous and very high-profile politician means, per automatic, that you’re one of the most evil people around.

Maybe I am a bit too condescending towards cockroaches; you can actually find good things to say about them if you look hard enough…

The sad part is that I actually where a very good politician… However I almost never compromised about my beliefs, even voting against my own party on several occasions. This, as anyone ever been in politics knows, is the cardinal sin - the worst atrocity possible is to not follow the stream, and especially horrific it is when it comes to elitists benefits. I got a whole government body to say no to a lavish excursion and several days of feasting at a castle one time, oh the looks I got from my own party members would have made Medusa proud.

Needless to say the bullying was massive for many years, but had nothing to do with me eventually leaving. I just got fed up with ignorant enemies of reality thinking they are someone just because other idiots have elected them.

And you cannot really do anything or accomplish a single thing without walking down the soul-sucking lane. You need to be despicable and be able to do whatever it takes in order to change that which is despicable. I didn’t want to be that person or take that many years out of my life for the goal of maybe change things a little.

Ever wondered why so many youngsters leave political parties and politics in general and instead focuses on single issue like the environment, animals or freedom of speech? This is why.

I think it was on the TV-show ‘Bones’ one of the scientists said that if there are aliens out there, they are far more likely to have cockroach-like qualities than be similar to us. That is probably true, but if you want to go and look for such qualities in a humanoid look no further than to your local government.

Taken from above, this might be one of the best descriptions of a politician ever written:

They can also passively transport microbes on their body surfaces including those that are potentially dangerous to humans, particularly in environments such as hospitals.

What truly makes a woman equal

Wanna rape me?

Organized rape is a tactic used to denigrate and repress political prisoners and victims of war and it is often under reported due to the stigma attached to being a victim of this crime in many parts of the world. Rather than existing as a side effect of war, in countries such as Darfur, Pakistan, Peru, Serbia and Rwanda mass rape has been systematically used as a tool for ethnic cleansing, to spread HIV, extract information and to terrorize rival tribes, movements and dissidents.

This isn’t something new, history is filled with slaves from wars and females being raped or submitted to unspeakable horrors at the hands of conquers or, as is also a persistent factor, by their own men.

One thing has actually changed this...

Not that rape will ever stop existing, there will always be rapists - female and male rapists. Always has and always will. Nothing will change that. However the main reason why women are more susceptible to rape is a physical disadvantage.

I know there are a lot of feminists out there claiming it’s a man’s world and so women are automatically prey. To a certain degree I need to agree with that basic assumption, but that actually goes for all humans, of both sexes. Actually men are much more likely to be beaten up, murdered, killed or be subjected to a crime than women.

But talking about rape it is much more common that the offender is male and the victim is female. And as said at the start, often this is used as a ‘tactic’ in wars and ethnic cleansings.

Since a couple of hundreds of years back, and certainly today, one thing has change the disadvantage women has against men. A tiny female can do nothing against a pair of big hairy thugs, right? Wrong!

Self-defense classes? Please. If you’re a woman you need a black belt to fight of one attacking man if he’s a lot bigger and stronger then you. Sure a lucky punch in the right place or dislocating the knee with a kick will do it, and it happens that even the tiniest of creatures can fend themselves against a much bigger attacker, but is that really the kind of odds you like to play? And what if there are two of them? What if there’s seven of them? No black belt or training in the world will help you then, no matter what the movies tell you.

Having training and by avoiding being alone, drunk, and stumbling around in high-heals in a dark alley at 4am will go a long way. That would make you more confident, and maybe, just maybe put you on pretty equal terms with one attacker.

I know of a couple of women that has never even been faced with unwanted sexual advances. Such females are actually, and sadly, not so easy to find. Most women do get attacked, taken advantage off or ends up in an unfortunate situation one time or the other. What is clearly the common traits for those women I do know that has avoided such things are self-confidence, self-reliance and a clear aura of “don’t try anything buster or I will bite your dick off” –attitude. Also, it should be pointed out, none of them are feminists.

However, attitude, some training and not jumping into the van because someone offers you candy isn’t always enough. And it certainly isn’t when there’s a war going on.

There is however one thing that makes all humans equal, something that will make a single petite woman much stronger than any two hairy thugs.

A gun.

I promise you all, if every woman on this planet had a gun or was allowed to carry a gun the number of rapes would go down dramatically. Even the potentiality is enough to scare of most attackers, which means that not all women need to actually have a gun. So if you’re scared of them or don’t want to own one, fine, but as long as some do and it’s legal any would-be rapists need to think very hard before doing something.

But wouldn’t this lead to some shootings and dead folk? Well yes it would, yet another reason why rapes would go down in numbers. Rapists are often multiple offenders, shoot one dead and its very likely future victims will be saved.

And this argument holds true all throughout. The people of Ethiopia or Haiti don’t need money, they’ve got aid coming out of their ears, never helped before, and it won’t help now. But give all the normal people a gun each and watch the status que change overnight. I am not saying guns would save the starving, no, of course not, but it will make their oppressive leftie governments to think twice before raping, pillaging or taxing them and that in the long run will help.

This isn’t a universal solution. I know this is an easy argument to make and it won’t solve all problems, not by far, but it will save lots of women (and men).

And, as said, a gun makes us equal, strangely then that those women-rights activists aren’t proposing and advocating gun rights. That has an explanation too, you see most such groups are formed by socialist ideas and the thing a socialist fears more than anything is if the people are armed. It is much better to have lots of raped women than a populace confident enough and armed enough to actually say no to government.

You are going to die! Part XXXIV

I always get so pissed when watching TV-shows and movies when someone dies and immediately they have some epiphany or religious experience walking around on clouds, meeting some dead relative or seeing their waiting 72 virgins licking each other (okay, that’s my fantasy…).

Yesterday I watched some old episode of Grays Anatomy were one of the lead actresses died. Of course she woke up seeing whatever, experience some other and pffff… There I was, actually feeling tears nearing my eye, and then she dies and… wakes up… seeing whatnot with whoknowswhat in some happy fluffy thingy. So stupid. I changed the channel…

Remember ‘Lilja 4-ever’? A fantastic movie about the sex trade between the former Soviet Union and Western Europe. Really great, and you have tears in your eyes all the way through, but in the end that underage girl (the main character) needs to run around on rooftops with wings. WINGS! WTF!?!? Completely destroying a fantastic movie with a couple of minutes of idiocy.

Another thing that is highly stupid on the same theme is when a lead character dies and sort of ‘come back’ i.e. walks around the survivors “talking to them” as in they are remembering that person. Probably meant to be a smooth going away goodbye of that character, but only makes it ridiculous.

Like in NCIS when Agent Caitlin "Kate" Todd in one of the most shocking moments in TV history, gets shoot in the head and dies. For TWO whole episodes her ‘ghost’ is hunting the other main characters. What could have been absolutely TV-magic suddenly turns into disaster because some softy director or useless producer likes to show a religious endgame.

And it’s almost always in American movies and shows this happens. Probably because so many idiots in that country embrace creationism, but regardless, it’s stupid.

Not to say other countries or cultures are any different. Remember ‘The Seventh Seal’ by my now deceased countryman Ingmar Bergman? But at least in many of those examples death or any afterlife is sort of part of the story. If the tale is about religion, Jesus or death I sort of get it, it’s part of the story. That’s not what I am talking about.

What I mean is when some hard-line character in a detective movie or action plot filled with alien headhunters from Venus and the movie/show incorporate lots of nudity, violence and rock-and-roll and suddenly someone dies and… goes to God..?

It just doesn’t seem right.

Washington Mutual

The failed bank Washington Mutual made subprime loans it knew were likely to go bad and then packaged them into risky securities, investigators say.

Is that manure I smell my dear Watson?

Before Washington Mutual collapsed in the largest bank failure in U.S. history, its executives knowingly created a "mortgage time bomb" by making subprime loans they knew were likely to go bad and then packaging them into risky securities, a congressional investigation has found.

Nooooo… really?

A new consumer financial protection agency, has been proposed by Obama has proposed as part of his regulatory overhaul, to stop lenders from preying on borrowers.

Well, they are going to keep Franny and Freddie and who many out there thinks that the administration that is literarily overrun by Goldman Sachs people will ever check out the tentacles of that bank?

And the main problems with insanely low interest rates, maniac printing of new notes and extra government cash thrown at new buyers of housing are still there, still increasing the debt bubble, still building on that financial disaster.

The truth is that Washington Mutual isn’t the first or by any means the last bank going out of business here. Everyone of them, EVERY SINGLE ONE, have after bankruptcy shown a 30-40 and even 50% in overvalue thanks to the scams. We’re counting 150 banks so far. If there’s no exception for this among the so far failures, raise your hand if you think the rest are really solvent…

We’re talking trillions, many trillions of dollars and the federal government has either already bought them through Franny and Freddie or promised tax dollars to cover the losses. You think last year was bad? Wait ‘till you see what this brings…