Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh my God, the death gas will get us!

"My CO2 level is too high!"

A study has shown that near-death experiences, “such as seeing life flash before one’s eyes” or “intense feelings of joy and peace”, may be linked to levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) or, as it will be known from now on – the death gas.

The researchers believe that CO2 may alter the chemical balance of the brain and trick it into seeing lights, tunnels or dead people…

The study was carried out by Dr Zalika Klemenc-Ketis and colleagues from the University of Maribor in Slovenia. It is unclear who funded the research, but suspects include the Illuminati and Iraqi insurgents. The study was published online in the peer-reviewed medical journal Critical Care.

To my astonishment the UN have so far been silent, no doubt more careful with trusting ‘scientists’ after all the ‘gates we’ve seen lately.

But this is huge! Come on! Here you have a gas that in best case scenario causes hallucinations, in worst can be responsible for people dying in the first place. And this is the same gas that is melting polar caps, killing white bears, causes hurricanes and wildfires, gives us acne, creates poverty and possibly murdered Michael Jackson.

There should be an uproar over at the UN with pseudo intellectuals too busy counting the potential billions in new funding to even notice how their gold implanted desks are filling up with drool.

And where are the ones screaming about the chiiildreeen? CO2 is clearly a drug of sort, and still legal! I bet you can even buy it online!

War crimes and a firing range

Survivor of a US war crime

WikiLeaks, probably soon to be upgraded from an enemy of US to ‘terrorist organization’, have released more details about one of the warcrimes committed.

You can now see pictures of the children the US military fired upon when their parents tried to rescue wounded.

This news and similar events (remember the Paktia incident? The tossing of the live rabbit-thingy or how they are destroying property just for the fun of it?) are still hardly mentioned in US media. If the American people want to uphold some dignity these mercenary military thugs should stand trial, preferably in Haag.

However, to no surprise, US mercenaries are not the only ones having fun on the expense of Muslims. British soldiers are training to blast Mosques.

Well, I could make long lists of terrible offences committed in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. But the important thing to remember here is that the wars themselves, the foundation and reasons for them, are highly questionable in the first place. And the second thing to remember is that with somewhere around 1 million dead Muslims and another couple of millions turned into refugees, and with hardly any positive things coming out of the deal so far, there will be consequences.

I expect a chemical attack on London, a nuclear explosion in New York or something of the sort in the near future. And this time around it is hard, very hard, not to see that as a fair payback for the atrocities.

The sad thing about that is that such retaliation will lead to further escalation, maybe an attack on Iran. And then we can start saying hello to many more wars with many more millions dead.

Don’t you just love government?


It is apparent that whenever authorities are promising jobs, benefits and welfare, a socialist never feels the government is doing enough, never. There are always more jobs to be created, more benefits to be handed out and more welfare checks to be written.

When I hear politicians say such things I see taxes going up, I see regulations increasing and productivity going down. Maybe a few citizens can, very temporarily, gain something, but the government can never do anything without first take the money it needs. Very often, almost always, government steals it from the very same people that after the circle-around-thingy get some (not all) of that money back. This is the fact the socialist never acknowledge. '

The strange thing is that when a government cut expenditure and lower taxation I still see the exact same thing, only in reverse. A leftie however see their income, or women’s income, or the poor’s income go down but not how it is going up on the other side. In effect, in the mind of the socialist, if we lower taxes it takes money away from those that needs it (welfare) and then it just goes poff.

Well, of course some rich white folks in suits will feast on some of that money that actually belonged to the ones that government gave it to after stolen it from the same people it gave it to.

This is probably the strangest part of the socialist agenda and then I do not mean the policy itself, no, that is obviously taken directly from the asylum; I mean that people in general, the voters, actually believe in it.

It’s not even a magic trick where you look at one hand while the other does something. Here it is in the open. We know they steal that money from us so they can hand it back to us. We know they take our purchasing power away in order to increase it for us. We know they take our money so they can fly in private jets and live in lavish mansions while telling us what to do. It’s not a secret, but somehow it works. Somehow this socialist mind game holds true for almost every human on the planet.

Socialists themselves have through drugs, electric shocks, alien abductions or pure lunacy convinced themselves that this is how the world works. And then people vote for them.

Very strange.

"I, the almighty politician have a magical tree on which it grows wealth, vote for me and I hand you some of that wealth. All I expect in return is to rule over your lives.

If someone comes along and say he will take that free wealth away from you it will vanish forever. Mwa ha ha…"

Are people really that dumb? Well, yes they are George, and if you open door number three you’ll find a nice free oven to make cookies in.

Wanna get high?