Thursday, May 31, 2012

Famous Zombie Jew in the shower

When I tell friends that I have sort of given up on the human race, they always sort of look at me weirdly and wonder why.

Now and again people also ask me how I can say such nasty things about others and complain so much over a stupefied populace.

Well, the next time I will just send them this link:

Oh, by Ba‘al Zəbûb, our awaiting Financial Armageddon cannot start soon enough…

Nude Zombie apocalypse cometh soon

Since I wrote this post I´ve been researching this Zombie thing for a couple of days and Lord and behold my findings! 

You see it has always bugged me how sockpuppets within media can keep heaving out lies and how bloated pompous, ludicrous, obviously inbred, creepy little worms of the political sphere can get away with wrecking country after country while smirking happily at cameras. Shouldn´t either someone call their bluffs or, at the very least, prosecute one or two for obvious defrauding and counterfeiting?

And banksters after bankster, people of profound decadence and absolute immorality, can cheat, steal, rob, kill, inflate and grow obscenely rich by stacking up losses without even a smudge of accountability.

Europhiles and world governance totalitarians refuse to explain how it is going to look post crisis bailout, which is a little worrying, indeed considering trillions more need to be printed and borrowed upon the backs of our children and grandchildren. A person might think that there would be a great deal of detail being open to scrutiny, to see if it targets and mechanics are working, as proposed. As we now know their schemes of ye old didn´t pan out as the Keynesian mania suggest, why would today be any different?

And yes we are allowed to held referendums on the Eurovision Song Contest but holding a popular vote (if being European) on ECB bonds, EU-membership or why and how to bail out oily Mediterranean’s is, of course, out of the question. 

Again and again we are asked to bend over and grab our ankles so unelected bureaucrats and deceitful collectivists can thrust that rusty pipe, without lubrication, further in. And no one seem to care that much. Sure a few protesters here and there, and sure at times the occasional body part get sent to those deemed better but in general, and as a whole, most just take it - at least as long as that corroded pipe, soon reaching our uvula, comes with ´free´ garbage collecting and a few vouchers.

There has to be some sort of explanation.

Stupidity is of course the obvious choice. But how and when did the dumbness set it? Looking at history it was probably always a part of human consciousness. But as we today have access to all the information necessary and have times gone by as a blueprint of what not to do, we should be less inclined to believe deceptive clowns.

That is however not the case. In fact we seem to getting dumber and dumber.

Is there something in the food? Have they contaminated our water supply? Do we get subliminal messages from our bellowed flat screen TV´s? Are cellphones emitting waves that disrupt our synapses? Is there a weapon created perhaps?

When facts and truths are right there in front of us and all we really need is a basic knowledge of plus and minus to see through the lies but we still refuse to acknowledge what is what, then something is clearly going on. 

A zombiefication has occurred.



And, perhaps most intriguing, by whom? The umbrella corporation?

If we are more like zombies then bodies with conscious souls people will of course turn full out zombie once the apocalyptical financial situation created by, sent forth by, and enhanced by The Powers That Be explodes during the coming months.

If so it can be good for those of us behind the shotgun to understand why the soulless creature before us turned. Well, perhaps you will care more about reloading for the next double tap, but regardless I will tell you anyway.

You see our minds have been constantly bombarded with the notion of collectivism for decades now. And the very core of collectivism is to frown upon all forms of individual thinking. A free thinking individual with his/her own ideas trying to live his/her life as he/she seems fit best, is an abomination. A person wanting to keep the fruit of labor is an outcast, and anyone questioning the all-knowing decrees of the progressive SocialFeminist central planning sphere will be prosecuted by the fullest extent of the law.

Day after day bought and paid for journalists report that all is well in the world. Although indignation sometimes arise when a glorious head of state spend $60 million a year on taxi fares, such reporting are however always followed by how splendid it is to spend $290 billion to exchange light bulbs in public building and this we are told by interviewing an “expert” stating that we now will save one Polar Bear every 5 years.

It’s good to pay tax, it’s honorable to stand in line at the hospital and it’s marvelous to be educated by gramscofabianazi teachers quoting government approved books stating that; zombie is the way to go.

 A lazy unemployed person winning the lottery is put on the pedestal of human morality. A well-educated inventor working 24/7 and creating jobs to thousands should be put on trial in Haag for exploiting people who otherwise could be watching soap operas while munching on chemically processed snacks.

 In such a world zombification will occur.

And a dumbed down populace already prone to unsteadily stroll down the street chanting nonsense over and over again are of course highly receptacle to things of THIS nature.

Not that parasites or government induced inoculations are necessary when people, in general, are totally clueless how to get food, water and shelter once this world crashes down the abyss of financial despair.

Cannibalism and flesh-eating mobs will, more than likely, be a common sight a few years down the line.

“nude?” you say and referring to my headline -- Nah, that’s just to attract readers, but its neither unlikely that people unable to get new clothes and with no idea how to use a pin and needle will become bare skinned as well.

Naked slow-moving brainless teens roaming the countryside doing anything for food...? Uh… perhaps this zombie apocalypse isn´t such a bad idea after all…