Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How the world ends

As 2011 comes to an end I cannot help looking back to the past decade that saw a convergence of events leading up to our current predicament. The Greatest Depression - no longer just assured, it also increases in strength and length for each day that passes.

Although we´ve seen a rude awakening lately whereas media have started to sound a bit sceptical about our future, and politicians have started to warn slightly about another recession, banksters are again calling for more cheap credits, and pundits say its correct to lower interest rates and print money to curve the downward spiral, it’s not nearly enough and the real crisis mentality has yet to set in.

Even our friendly neighbourhood tin-foil hats and most of the ones who did predict this shit storm are way too optimistic.

To see where this is going you haft to remember history and realise that never before have the human world been in this much trouble.

Remember history you should because think about it; what has happen before in times of great upheaval? Think about how the conquistadors and colonization changed the Americas, think about how the Mongols swept Asia and Eastern Europe. Think about the black death, the fall of Rome, the minor depression in the 30´s and what that led up to. Think about the American and French revolutions. Consider what these events brought forth and how they changed the world.

And when you have given those events a thought; bunch them all together and add nukes to the equation and then you basically have the coming years laid out for you.

You need to understand that it’s not only a financial collapse of massive proportions, it’s not just hyperinflation, it’s not only the Orwellian surveillance society, it’s not only Al Gore, the wars, famine or terrorism. Its all of it, and its everywhere. There´s no country to run to, there is nowhere to hide. And what used to be a shining beacon of hope, the U.S of A, is about to crash down into successions, fascist dictatorship and very possibly civil war.

I cannot tell you the exact details or who, what or when but I can tell you this:

Will there be more wars? YES

Will there be more terrorist attacks? YES

Will there be more mad shooting sprees? YES

Will we enter The Greatest economic depression of all time? YES

Will we see hyperinflation? YES

Will the World change forever? YES

Will tens of millions die from starvation? YES

Above I see as absolute certainties now. How long this will drag on, if it will roll over into WW III and what the end result will be is actually up to you. If you don´t realise what happen, why it happen and how to fix it I cannot see the end of it. The sheople has to wake up, otherwise we´re talking decades of totalitarianism, war and famine. And since most seem to be idiots and being all too happy with living in serfdom...

The most optimistic future is also a very bleak one. In the scenario whereas our great leaders actually slightly change their ways, people slightly wake up and we take a turn for the better, in that scenario things still haven´t really changed.

Can we assume that the banks will stand back and accept the process of parliaments reducing budgets and if economics improve, will suddenly become honest about their reserves and resolve never again to return to risk-taking and the manipulation of fiat money and sovereigns? No.

Can we assume that politicians, eager to get re-elected, will stop promising gold and luscious fields for everyone? No.

Can we assume that people, stupefied by reality shows and decaying schools, will suddenly see the light and reject progressive movements? No.

Can we assume that central banks will stop printing money? No

Can we assume that media suddenly becomes honest and earnest about their reporting and never lie about anything? No

So, even in the best of scenarios we will sooner rather than later, end up in the exact same situation again. For the elitist sphere this is hardly a problem since they can manipulate, steal and cheat their way into more riches and more power, but for the common man...

Happy 2012 everybody, enjoy life as long as you can.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The GramscoFabiaNazi tragedy

Lefties everywhere should rejoice. The world they created is about to collapse and people will (again) turn towards the very creators of The Greatest Depression for salvation.

Riots, Greece, skyrocketing unemployment, and crashing systems? Pfff... you have seen nothing yet. Remember I have been warning about this for over a decade, so have many others. We saw this coming, we have predicted every step of the way, and we are saying now that life as we know it about to change forever. Still, we also know that most of you idiots out there will never listen to us, you will instead listen to smug salesmen offering hysterical solutions.

Collapsing financial systems, trade wars, currency wars and escalating inflation comes next. After that the “blame-game” and much more of the same crap that lead us to this point in the first place. After that it is very likely civil wars and perhaps even world conflicts will ensue.

All because so many of you refuse to listen to people like me and continue to vote for the same crappy soul-sucking entities you always vote for.

The Greatest Depression is here, have been here all along, and it will last for many years (possibly decades) more.

Another voice of what await us:

And if you haven´t seen this yet:

Friday, September 30, 2011

Ze Germans helping out destroying Europe again

The German people didn´t want to, hardly any people, no matter the country, really wants to, but our elected frauds continues with the charade. Germany's parliament has now voted with an overwhelmingly YES to give more powers to the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) so that yet more German taxpayers' money can be poured into the bottomless pit of Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Belgian, and...(insert ´whatever´) debt.

I mean who cares what the people think when the most precious political project of the generation is at stake? Who cares that more money just add fuel to the fire? Who cares that no matter what The Greatest Depression will hit us now and all our benevolent leaders are doing will worsen and prolong the pain?

There´s only one way out!

Winners being allowed to win, losers being allowed to lose, bankruptcy for the insolvent (at little to no expense for the taxpayer), transparency in accounting, honesty in transactions, no toleration of 'off balance sheet' shenanigans, forcing paper instruments (CDO's, etc) onto an exchange, where they are vulnerable to market price discovery and nightly margin calls, by stopping the vampire squid banks from ruling supreme, a return to the Rule of Law, remove the whole strata of unimaginably corrupt and stupid career politicians (how on EARTH have we ended up with such a density of morons in politics?), we need capitalism, and we need to use lots and lots and lots of handcuffs, and so that will cure this crisis.

Stop the Looting! Start the Prosecuting!

Only this will turn things around.

And yes, doing this will crash the markets and throw us into The Greatest Depression, but it’s a necessary pain and the longer we wait the worse it’s going to get. You see the Depression CANNOT BE AVOIDED! It’s impossible. The math doesn’t tell lies, and the math tells us that things have never looked worse.

We will crash and burn.

The world will go down a drain.

The only questions needed to be asked is; for how long? How bad will it be? And what consequences till this have for the world?

Since most of you are idiots and since it seems that not a single soul on this planet seem to learn anything from history I think we can go back to the minor depression of the 1930´s with all the funnies that brought with and take that times 10 and then we probably get pretty close to what awaits us. Most of you will turn towards hysterical solutions and buy into all the leftie crap the righteous elitists already are trying to sell us.

I can already hear the sound of large combat boots echoing outside... can you?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Very late the sinners are awakening

No? Can it happen? Please don´t tell me so...

Sorry to be absent of late. Binge drinking, whoring, smuggling tobacco and erotic webcam sessions have occupied my time. Also there are no new news to tell really. The world is still heading off a cliff and our benevolent leaders are still lying. However there is one thing I have noticed more and more of and that is what this post is about.

Because finally the depth of our dilemma and the crisis mentality is starting to sink in.

Journalists are starting to write about our impending financial Armageddon, and the very same pundits that couldn´t predict anything and are highly responsible for the mess we´re in race to be first out on the field handing out new malicious advice, and when even politicians are warning about our near future well that´s when you know we´re in trouble.

Of course all this is way too little and waaaaaaay too late. If only these übermench would have listened years ago we would have avoided all of this, but it was far more important to lie and create artificial bubbles to get re-elected and spread the lies in order to sell papers than to think of the future.

My birth nation Sweden is actually (well, almost, they are still semi-fascist idiots) the exception that confirm the rule. My countrymen´s (I refuse to live in that horrible country) current left-leaning government is almost doing the right thing by pulling the break and arguing we have dark clouds up ahead. They get hammered for it. Actual fascist, communists, tree hugging freaks, cornflake economists and other moronic fools want to spend! Spend! And borrow and print and, of course, Spend! Even so called “right-wing” pundits are saying that the government is saving too much and need to throw money to throw on this or that.
Comes the greatest depression the current Swedish government will be vindicated and probably stand out as one of the most prudent and best governments on the planet (and remember; they are idiots!). So even if the crisis will be full blown and the world will be going up in flames during the next election, I think they will get re-elected.

But even though a slight revelation has occurred, there is still a couple of things that totally elude those deemed better. Or at least they want you to ignore it.

a) Things are a lot worse then they say. Even the worst doomsayers of the press and even the most apocalyptical know-it-all´s are way of the mark. Our economic fundamentals have never before been this bad. And you need to understand my true meaning of this word; NEVER. Not before the ´great depression´, not during the black death, not during the oil crisis of the 70´s, not during Mongol invasions, not after the fall of Rome, not during any of the world wars. NEVER. We have never been this much in debt, we have never had so many trillions of useless derivatives, we have never had the entire world collective going in the wrong direction. This time it’s truly is a global crisis and the problems are so many, and so big that my English isn´t sufficient enough. I cannot find the adjectives to describe how deeply screwed we are.

b) Since most idiots of the press, pundits and politicians alike either ignore “A” or don´t understand it, they still seem to think we can borrow, print and spend our way out of this mess. We can´t. Not only is that a faulty premise to start with (and the main reason for the collapse), but the fact is that we have already reached the end of the line. Our Masters of despair have no outs anymore. There are no remedies or magical illusions that can stop the decline. The borrowing and printing has already peaked. Interest rates are already at zero. The only thing left is to either do the right thing or wait for divine intervention, and I hardly see any God(s) coming to the rescue.

Finally, and most important; we need markets to crash; we need a depression. And we need it now. The only thing pundits on TV, cornflake economists and very scared politicians are doing is everything they can to avoid taking bad tasting medicine. That´s why they came up with the bail-outs, the stimulus packages and all the other schemes. We should have entered a depression already back in 2007/2008, but they “saved us”.

What you need to understand is that there is no avoiding it. The Greatest Depression will happen. If we had let it happen a couple of years ago we would already be out on the other side – now, today, we´re not talking about a few years of depression anymore, now we´re talking decades and it is all thanks to them “saving us”. They made things worse, not better.

This is actually the only thing sort of true mentioned in media. If we don´t keep propping up the system, if we don´t keep borrowing, printing and coming up with new schemes undreamed of, then the system will collapse. So in a sense the Keynesians, the lefties and moronic conservatives have it correct, if they don´t do those things we will enter a depression.

But you see, all they can do is postpone it, not hinder it. All they can do is worsen it, not stop it.

And the further down this darkened hellish road we go, the worse it’s going to get. We´re already looking down the abyss of absolute despair and if you let them go further life as we know it will not only change forever, it may even size to be.
They will of course do more. A few countries still have a little juice left and they will soon spit it out. But for most countries there´s only two things left; protectionism and the printing press. And so currency wars and trade wars will ensue, all while the world keep slipping into madness.

Hyperinflation in many countries is not only possible anymore, its assured.

And when it is all said and done, when total upheaval have reached our streets, unemployment continues to skyrocket, and when all seem lost; then people will lose it. As before in history most of you will listen to a smug salesman saying that the Jews, the rich, Muslims or whoever, is to blame.

Totalitarianism is fun, isn’t it?

And when all that as failed, they will pull that final rabbit out of their hat; WAR!

All because YOU refused to recognize reality and because the righteous elite continue to lie.

We are about to enter the most changeable period of time in human history and only a small handful of people, who did see this coming miles away, acknowledge it. You see, you can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality

In other words; suck it up! You deserve it!

If you want to know why this happened, what to do about it and how to never end up in this situation again (presuming that we can come out on the other side decently intact) well then you can go back and read my older posts or listen to any number of other people who have been warning about this for years. I have documentation from the late 90´s and early 00´s where I predicted EXACTLY what is going on now. So anyone saying that “no one saw this coming” is lying to you because I was in no means alone...

Now you can go back to your little pathetic life until you´ll be very angry and disillusioned and so will join up with the brown- black- red- or blue shirts to kill others just like you.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The lying that we do-do

I am home sick and so watching this made me spin into a laughing-coughing circle not good for me. So be warned, this is journalism at its very funniest, and if you ever wanted proof how media tries to scare and control you, well look no further...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend at Bernie´s

I´m so wasted, can you borrow me some cash?

It was a Friday and so of course the news delivered by the money-printing master Bernie would be ”bad”. Instead he seem to imply that it is the federal governments turn to spend, spend and spend – like they haven´t been doing just that.

Now this is a comic situation and if I know Bernie, as I think I do, he´s placing calls to his bankster buddies right now inviting them to a meet and greet to discuss whether its time for them to actually use all that freshly printed cash they´ve been hording both within their own institutions and with the Fed (for interest!). At the same time MaoBama, Bernie´s bestest pal, will of course go out on a spending spree in one way or the other.

And so expect a few banks to place huge buying orders and the Odumbo administration to announce a stimulus or some sort the coming weeks. Also actual bad news like this or this will be more and more suppressed as the righteous elite wants you and markets to calm down.

Such actions will keep the market afloat a few more months but either the European situation will escalate or the markets will remain unconvinced and so not too far into the future Bernie will again appear and this time it won´t be on a Friday because this event he actually want to have a real impact, so possibly on a Tuesday he´ll be announcing QE3.

That future not-yet-happen-Bernie-lunacy will again prop up the markets and send a slight chock of positivism into the world. The last time it lasted less than a year, it will be much less this time, but it will probably work its magic over x-mas and a month or two into the next year. After that is done, and the final scams have been exposed and the stimulus money again has run out, well then it’s good night my sweetheart, good night.

I think if the U.S. of A. will be the first huge pile of crap going up in smoke you can set your time after Bernie´s soon to be QE3. When that stupidity is over, so is the world economy. Then comes Mad Max, Resident Evil, Apocalypse Nowish, Ragnarök, Armageddon, or whatever you wanna call it.

Another consequence of Bernie´s inability to press that printing button at this very moment will be that other countries will haft to step up on the plate and take action. Isn´t it Britannia’s turn to have a QE2? And the froggies have been fairly quiet through this shameful ordeal. But let´s see, it’s almost impossible to foresee what turn is the next one. I know what awaits at the end of the line, but the road there is slippery and filled with schemes undreamed of.

In the meanwhile The Greatest Depression continues to grow beneath the surface building momentum for each day that passes.

Oh, this is going to be so much fun!

I have my eye on a comfy chair now. Slightly over my budget, but it will be worth it to have a nice place to sit munching on popcorn and drinking vodka while the world goes to a hot fiery place of eternal damnation.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Free people exist!

I cannot write this better so I´ll just copy and paste from Old Holborn.

Our world is going to down the crapper and so this is the way to live. This is my new goal. I want to be one of these people. And so should you if you have any sense of decency or moral.


The UN is shocked, shocked I tell you that there are people still wandering around without “statehood”. They estimate that between 12 and 15 million people are currently free range as opposed to part of the flock. Apparently, the don’t exist (on paper).

They have no access to “bank accounts, are unable to legally marry and cannot register the birth of their children. They have no rights”. Well not with the State anyway. I‘m quite sure they get along just fine without the “necessary paperwork” to buy and sell, fall in love and make babies. Every other species on the planet manages it (all 8.7 million of them) perfectly well without permission from the people who issue bits of paper.

It will come as no great surprise to readers that I crave statelessness and reject borders. The geography of my birth is of no importance. Rights issued by the State are meaningless and opaque. What the State allows me to do today, it may ban tomorrow. It dictates how I must live my life and plunders my bank account for the privilege of ruling me.

I return to the analogy of the farmer and his herd of sheep. Sure, since the farm became one big European Co Op, we may wander to other parts of the now enlarged pasture (as long as we are pure breed. Half breeds like Romanians and Poles must stick to the hogweed infected corners) but branded and stamped we remain. The property of the farmer. Labeled, measured, taxed and controlled. This is why the UN is concerned. There are free range sheep, managing perfectly well without er…the UN.

Round them up, brand them, vaccinate them, check their teeth and issue them with their papers. Immediately. For their own good. Before they spread.

Once again, I write

To be governed is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so.

To be governed is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished.

It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest, to be placed under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed; then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonoured. That is government; that is it's justice; that is its morality.

I will be putting that on T- Shirts. Available soon. Now get back to work.

I feel soo sorry for the U.S. military

Where did those trillions go..? Banks you say..?

This may come as a surprise to a few of my readers, but I don´t have anything against the U.S. military. On the contrary I think it is both prudent and necessary for Americanos and the world that U.S. of A. do have a strong military.

However horrible the outrocities and war crimes have been, I cannot help seeing those despicable acts as primery the fault of politicians and the military establishment.

First off the war in Iraq that never should have happen in the first place. There were no reason whatsoever for that invasion. Sure the world is now one dictator short, but hundreds of thousands died in the process and more Americans have died in the Iraq war than in all demolished skyscrapers put together. The entire spectacle was based on lies and propaganda and destroyed much of U.S. reputation around the world. Totally unnecessary. And the real shadowy reason(s) for that war will hunt the American people and the Middle East for many years to come.

Secondly Afghanistan. Here you could almost argue that there were reasonable reasons for all those dead. Not that I do believe the official storyline, but if one does you could make fairly good arguments for it. Here however I see the same stupidity that stopped U.S. from winning in Vietnam; they didn´t actually want to win. I can say this with absolute certainty because if the world biggest and strongest and completely technologically superior fighting force actually wanted to kill those ten thousand or so Taliban’s, they could and they would. And in a very short time frame. I promise you all that if the U.S. military had gone all in and with the intention of winning, the war would have been over in weeks and not drag on for 10 firkin years. Very possibly to a less cost and less loss of lives as well.

Looking at all this, and Yemen, and Libyia and Sudan and (x-insert-x), I feel very convinced that most U.S. soldiers aren´t very happy about it. Not at all. They are far away from home fighting in either unvinable or ethically questionably wars and getting spat at by almost every country and pundit in the world and what do the U.S. establishment do? They refuse to give them the means and orders to actually win so they can come home.

No wonder Ron Paul gets more money from military personnel then all other republican candidates combined and even beats the pick-pocket in Chief, something unheard before. A sitting president getting less support from soldiers fighting in wars than a fridge libertarian? Now that´s gotto sting.

And then we get things like this: No Farting!


No wonder young men (and a few to be raped women) sent off in a foreign land fighting for bloodmoney without the full support back home and with stupid things like this befallen them commit war crimes. I am suprised it dosn´t happen more often.

Come on! I mean what the hell is this crap?

And these are the guys that are supposed to protect the elitist sphere once The Greatest Depression hits with full force? Yea, I can hardly see that happening. Can you?

And so I can almost feel sorry for these hired guns, if they only could realise what they are doing and turn on their masters - now there´s a popcorn worthy event I would pay for...

Lies, greed and corruption

Did you notice that the CEO of S&P (who recently downgraded the US credit rating) has been fired and replaced with the thief from Citibank who received a large bailout from the Fed?

You might argue that the Odumbo administration is really a front for the International Village Idiot's convention or that moves like this comes out of the blue. No conspiracy here. Nothing to see here.

If you do I suggest you should start believing in unicorns and accept as true that every blond stewardess want to perform sadomy with any sleazy hooked-up-on-Big Mac´s that comes along.

The same "don't see, don't hear, don't speak"-belief can be mention when it comes to the price of gold. Four-winged soul-sucking entities within public offices and certain shadowy pundits would like you to think that gold is overvalued, that it is a bubble and that its only a fluke. Ever heard that story before? I have, many times, which often get recited on this blog.

Since the late 1990´s gold been steadily going up and it will continue up, especially priced in U.S. dollars. There´s a perfectly logical and obvious reason for this; gold is inflation proof.

It’s not actually (at least not only) gold going up in price and value, it’s our money that is deteriorating. Sure you can argue that gold right now is slightly overpriced because of a run to this commodity, and that would be partly correct, however the price will continue to rise. Firstly because much of that money-printing our bellowed great leaders did (and are still doing) haven´t really reached out in the system yet. Banks have also hoarded much of that cash (or saved it within central banks for interest! Hahaha... cannot make this stuff up!) and they are about to realise it soon. If they haven´t started it already seeing how markets are going up again.

Priced in U.S. Dollars Gold will reach far above $3000/ounce before this is over. I´ve seen people arguing that $10000/ounce is a real possibility, but I think the dollar will crash and burn long before that happen.

Oh, and let´s not forget today’s crisis summit meeting. Executives from Facebook, Twitter and Research in Motion Ltd. are meeting the British government and police today to discuss how to prevent social networks from being used to plot violence.

A Home Office spokeswoman said there was "no suggestion" the sites would be closed down. However she also mentioned that the meeting would be about:

"whether and how we should be able to stop people communicating via these websites and services when we know they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality."

I cannot be the only one seeing images of the movie “V” for vendetta flashing by...

This is very scary stuff, but on the other hand fully predictable. The elitists know that the recent London riots are only the prelude. They know that the world economy is about crash. They know you will take to arms and that a outright rebellion will ensue. Since they know this they want to take control over and impose restrictions as much as possible. This is the real reason for our Orwellian society and CCTV cams everywhere.

It won´t help though. Once The Greatest Depression is here, no measures taken, no army, no police, no laws and no restriction will help. Almost every single one of you will go berserk, you just don´t know it yet.

When people have nothing left to lose they will lose it. And when the same people with nothing left to lose see their Great Leaders continue lying and continue eat, dine and shot at them thanks to founds the same leaders have stolen from the people.... well, you figure it out...

Our leftie GramscoFabiaNazi nightmare is about to end, and the righteous elitist sphere will burn in hell.

The only question is if we head further down the road to totalitarianism or if we finally will turn towards rational thinking and capitalism. Well, my stockpile of vodka and popcorn tells where this is going...

...just need a comfy chair now and I am all set for the funnies to begin...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another one for the folder of; ”I Told You So”

Politicians hate me!

Swedish media are starting to catch on that Energy-saving light bulbs have been going up in cost and that they are about to make a leap in price. The telegraph sort of announced this over a week ago, but let´s instead take a look at what happened during the latest years.

First EU banned old style light bulbs, and then Sweden outlawed mercury, and then China, having mines producing over 95 percent of the world’s rare earth minerals, mostly in Inner Mongolia, called for a TOTAL BAN on foreign shipments of terbium, dysprosium, yttrium, thulium, and lutetium. Other metals such as neodymium, europium, cerium, and lanthanum will be (or already have been) restricted to a combined export quota of 35,000 tonnes a year, far below global needs of those metals.

Combine all this with the Manmade Global Warming hoax and the taxation that comes with that madness, and what do you get? I mean think very hard now. Is it… lower prices?


Journalists seem utterly surprise by this news. When will any of them actually do their job? I mean this stuff isn´t hard to find or figure out. What´s the matter? Did all you journalists out there take a degree in journalism so you could eat doughnuts?

And you morons who keep voting for, rooting for and cheering on this gramscofabianazi nightmare of absolute lunacy, what you going to tell your freezing children in the future when there´s no electricity anymore?

“Aaah.. too bad baby, mummy like candles anyway, and she voted for soul-sucking demons when she was pregnant with you.”

Let´s recap a few of all these ”I told you so”:es.

I predicted the current Greatest Depression over ten years ago, and with the exception for the exact date when all hell will brake lose I´ve been spot on throughout. I saw the real-estate crash in the U.S. the bubble, the price of gold souring, banks crashing and cheating the system. I saw Greece and the other PIIGS years before any country bail-out; I predicted exactly what the central banks are doing right now. I saw the riots coming, I predicted almost to the letter what would be said, done and what action taken in regards to the swine flu. Col Gaddafi was a fotnot. I wrote about the impending famine disaster in Africa almost 3 years ago warning that we (TODAY!) would squander savings on the starving. And now light bulbs.

I could go on of course; there are plenty of these throughout the years. Remember, I am no fortune teller, I am not Nostradamus. It’s simple deduction, very basic math and knowing a few absolute undeniable truths. That´s it. You can be renamed to Sibyl to, no problem. Just imagine politicians always lie, that journalists never work, Banksters want to rob you every day and that our world is filled with morons, and presto; Oracle are you now!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Inflation! Because the poor love it! Yey!

I guess I’m not the only one watching, with a sting of jealousy, how much fun central banksters are having?

They get to play with colours, numbers and hand out pieces of paper that people, for reasons unknown, use to exchange goods with. So I’ve decided to create a few pointers how to construct exactly the same game.

First you need to go out and buy a copier machine.

Do not assume that buying a copier machine with tons of features means that you will be paying for unnecessary options. So many features are built into digital machines these days that the "extra" features may have little to no impact on price. Just make sure you stick to your requirements. You could also go for a computer you only need to press a couple of buttons on, but I find that a copier machine have more charming attributes.

After you’ve picked up the machine, select pieces of paper, preferably paper with nice colours. Always more fun with bright and shiny paper, but remember to have several different papers with a couple of different colours. Then figure out some cool name for your money. Let’s call our money “The Sheople’s money”, it’s just a name, don’t worry about it, you can call it whatever you like. Well, it could lead to some confusion if you pick names already taken, such as Dollar, Pound, Krona, Euro etc. but otherwise it doesn´t really matter.

Then pick a couple of numbers to write on the pieces of papers you bought. Let’s write ‘Sheople 10’ on the red ones ‘Sheople 50’ on the blue and ‘Sheople 100’ on green ones.

NOW! Before you do anything else, go and join up with Hells Angels (or the local mafia, drug lords or whatnot) and create together with them a protection agency. After all, only you should be printing money and if anyone else print money, you need to “show them the right way”.

Now, let’s start printing!

When you have fine piles of those newly printed pieces of papers, hand them out in your neighbourhood to inhabitants and use persuasion tactics to get them to start using your paper as currency. Bikers standing by in the background, pointing a gun at someone’s head or burning down a couple of stores usually is enough to get friends and neighbours to accept your currency.

When this is done, please remember that printing money is always the solution. And prices should always go up anyway, so say all cornflake-economists, and you should listen. Prices going down is bad because it means you cannot play as much with your new toy.

In other words;

Prices rise on food? Print more money. People are losing their jobs? Print more money. People can’t afford their homes anymore? Print more money. And when your community “needs" to borrow money from another neighbourhood, you can also print more money to buy those debts which means that your monopoly money saves the day. A copy machine to the rescue! Almost like being a superhero isn’t it?

You can also take out a high salary for doing all this to your friends and neighbours. After all, you are the hero with some pieces of papers with arbitrary chosen numbers on them.

But please also remember that in all neighbourhoods there are troublemakers. Like that pesky shop owner at the corner who insists on raising his prices higher then you like. Cheerfully enough you can put him back on the right track with the help of some bikers. And then there may be a couple of females using gold instead of your pieces of paper. They are probably tired of using more and more paper and getting less and less for them, but hey, that’s not your problem. Send bikers on them to! And confiscate their gold!

After this you´ll have a society deeply in debt with exponentially increasing prices and inhabitants not really doing as they have been told. A few businesses has also gone into bankruptcy with more people unemployed as consequence, and a couple of your debt-owners are also having the very same problem. You have entered a recession.

What do you do then… let’s think about it…oh, I know! You print more money!
Then you can use this new money to increase spending to hide any debts as well as use it to publically employ slackers and lazy idiots. And while you are at it, remember to also borrow even more money from other neighbours. Debt is good for you!

We can call this the “Weimar republic”-game or “Zimbabwe showed us the way”-game!

Such a game is a great way to spend a couple of years. Especially when you also can play, at the same time, games like: “I know best what to eat, drink, and inhale” – game, and : “Let’s send more printed money to banks in the neighbourhood but ONLY to them”-game. In combination with making the best use of Hells Angels bone cracking skills, you have lots of fun ahead of you. Just remember; keep that smile on your face!

If you don’t get it, this is EXACTLY what governments and central banks are doing. Well, to be fair to Hells Angels and other similar organisations, they would probably do a much better job with their part, but otherwise this is a perfect shortened description of what our money masters and our elected frauds are up to.

Fun isn´t it?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The coming Laudanum weeks

Do not pay any attention to what´s going on.

Having no way out even though certain moronic cornflake-economists suffering from a clear case of delusional penisitosis argues differently, the elitist sphere is in a pickle. They cannot borrow since debt-levels are at all time highs. They cannot lower interest rates anymore since they are already way too low (zero). They cannot continue spending money they don´t have and the structural problems that lead to our financial mess are not only unresolved, they are worse.

Bank stocks worldwide are collapsing, with some threatening their 2008/09 lows and a few already exceeding them.The US market as a whole has lost nearly 20%, nearly straight down, with four straight weeks of losses. The entirety of the "gains" since QE2 was announced are now gone - a year of market advance destroyed in less than four weeks.

The fundaments have never been worse and if we add in all the derivatives, all market manipulations and all the side-scams the entire mess is closer to apocalypse than anything else.

Basically the world’s financial sphincter is perforated and leaking fluids while tiny devilish gnomes hired by banks are nibbling on the flesh of humanity.

Worst of all however is that the sheople refuse to wake up. Partly because of the constant bombardment of lying and propaganda, but to deal/talk with the credulous is also to enter a realm of unreason and irrationality where what they punish is intelligence and what they love is faith-based feeble-mindedness.

However our Great Leaders will try again – and that´s really what this post is about.

There are a couple of countries still able to borrow; there are still a few exploits they could aim for, and there´s still that ever so hilarious printing press.

I want you all to pay attention to the coming weeks because those deemed better will drum out good news after good news in order to keep the scam going for another set of months. This they will accomplish with help from spin-doctors and a collective bought and paid for media circus.

You´ll see how they send out reports (later to be rectified) saying what wonderful numbers we have here or there. There will be cries for a tighter and übermench controlled ECB in a more federal state. Oppositional parties will promise more and more. There will be QE3. They will expand the police state. They will be sending out support troops stating that things aren´t so bad. They will be arguing that we need more regulations and more of the same crap that brought us to this brink in the first place. They will be feeding you stories of how your $2 saved a tiny baby in East Africa, this while millions of others are starving to death.

That any action taken now just blows a smokey plume of ash and soot up to the ceiling and that it then kind of fizzles out, is ignored. They haft to act or you will riot or perhaps even string them up.

Of course you will do that anyway, sooner or later, but by then it will more than likely be too late. We´re entering the middle part of the Greatest Depression now, which is the part that will determine how part three will play out. If you don´t start paying attention, read, and actually try to understand how rolled around in manure we´ve been, then there´s probably not any hope left.

Yes, it is that bad.

Think about it. What have they always turned to when all else have failed? Looking back at history, what is the one thing The Powers That Be always rely upon to bring their sheople together and lay focus elsewhere?


It could be other scams coming our way of course, possibly before and possibly instead, but don´t kid yourself; war is on the table and if you don´t understand that fact the world will be flushed down - straight to hell.

Examples of other major scams are; a fake Alien invasion, an asteroid hurling towards earth, a huge staged religious miracle, a ridiculously cranked up Manmade Global Warming story, and possibly any other things even I haven´t thought of. More than likely a combination of above together with earlier mentioned lunacy.

And so the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA) will together with world Banksters and government employed social workers start to have international conventions on the topic of “Techniques for the distillation of laudanum and other opiate-based tinctures.”

All in a last ditch effort to fool you yet again. ONE. FINAL. TIME.

Please take notes. All those elitists about to come out of the woodwork and all that slime clawing its way up from beneath are the very same enemies you should put down on your list.

Things could continue down and crash already this week of course, the signs are there to support such a claim, but I don´t think so. They still have a few more tricks, a few more cards to play, and they will start to play the Weimar Republic game very soon. Also there are plenty of potential scape-goats, not only the common choice of Jews, Muslims and immigration, but also the rich, other countries, the market and of course Nickelodeon.

Either way I think the nearest weeks will be the funniest since Gordon Brownie solemnly declared he and the surrounding marry band of world leading kleptomaniacs were about to put trillions into worldwide founds in order to “save us”.

Well time to go to bed and fantasize about a naked Dutch stewardess armed with an anal probe.

Enjoy the coming weeks folks!

Friday, August 19, 2011

NASA want you scared of Aliens

NASA fear me!!

Well, well, who would have ever thought that the elitist sphere would pull this rabbit out of their hat? Apocalypse nowish did of course.

So after people started to see through the total maddening scam of Manmade Global Warming, of which there´s no scientific proof, they drum this one out.

I actually thought it was a joke first but of course reality, as usual, surpasses fiction.

I´ve several times pointed out how absolutely cartoonish our world have become. Banksters created fictitious and totally bogus schemes and then government approved it (even in hindsight!) and when it crashed, government handed THE VERY SAME BANKSTERS trillions of borrowed and freshly printed cash that normal people paid and will pay for – this so those zombie institutions could go out and buy stocks, bonds and competitors. This is worse than anything ever thought up by any supervillain. It was the biggest robbery in the history of mankind, and hardly anyone complained.

We live in a world wherein government oppression is the norm and that fact is celebrated by everyone from communists to so called conservatives. A world wherein Orwell’s 1984 is coming true.

And so letting NASA (Nationalized appropriation and Sponge Administration) tell us that if we don´t recycle and protect ferocious man-eating white beers that are actually growing in numbers, well then Aliens will surely invade and murder us all.

And here I thought Krugman took the loony price.

Been a lot of these “Alien invasion” stories in the news for a couple of years. Almost impossible to turn on the discovery channel without faced with alien invasion as a potential threat, and who can forget everyone’s favourite freaky computer voice warning us about ET´s invasion force.

As I wrote in this post from a year ago there was a lot of buzzing online about how MaoBama was about to reveal they´ve made contact with extraterrestrials. To be honest something like that wouldn´t surprise me at all. The Powers That Be have painted themselves into a corner and have no means of getting out of it, and so desperate measures will be taken. I suspect that hyperinflation and war and such funnies are the main courses, but ET as a side-dish when all else has fail? Sure, why not?

With today’s technology and the general stupidity of the sheople lead me to believe that they probably could pull it off to. Why not a story about an alternate dimension from where a scientifically developed human-sheep emerged? Or a Duck-looking fellow? Or a cockroach? Probably loaded with scary stories of how those other guys soon will invade us to steal our potatoes.

As said, wouldn´t surprise me at all.

In the meanwhile you can search the net, read books and ask around in order to try to find any evidence that Manmade Global Warming is real. I have never found anything, and believe me I´ve tried.

If you do find any such evidence my offer is still viable. I offer $200 (yea, am poor, otherwise I would offer millions) to anyone that can post just ONE single scientific proof of this manmade global warming hoax. So far no one has won that money, and as you soon will find out if you actually do some research; no one ever will.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Feeding the vampires – you love it don´t you?

A few more drops please...

For over ten years I´ve been sending out warnings. Writing editorials. Sending letters to government officials. Putting forward proposals before city councils and other government entities. For the last 6 years I´ve been writing blogs and trying to educate my close ones. Almost 3 years ago this blog saw the day of light and even since then I´ve been, in my own little way, trying to force the truth out in the open.

This to no prevail.

And I am by no means alone. I could name dozens of real economists, countless of libertarians and of course Ron Paul who´s been saying, arguing and warning about the same damn thing. No one listen. Worse, mostly we hear claims that no one saw this coming...

Why would the high and mighty listen? As long as their pals over at the Vampire Squid Banks are safe and the elitist fraudulent deals can be hidden from the vast majority, as long as they can keep you bought and paid for through entitlements and lying spin-doctors, which you yourself pay for, the scam will continue.

But you see; the game is up!

There´s is no way out anymore. Paul Krugman can wish Aliens invaded and killed us all as much he wants, it doesn’t change the fact that this is the end of the line.

They have no means of coping anymore. In fact they never had - only temporary fixes, but now those have run out to. Interest rates are already at zero, the debt ceilings have been reached and surpassed a long time ago, printing machines are already heated up to a glowy red, the manipulations are running out of steam and all those shadowy deals are popping and bursting everywhere.

This is it, this is the Greatest Depression.


Enjoy it - You are as guilty as our overlords.

Once and for all you haft to understand what they have done to you. This I don´t think you can be fully blamed for and so pay attention.

They created bigger governments, larger entitlements and an ever increasing debt-burden so they could bribe you! That´s right. In order to get your vote, your sympathy and your consent they “gave” you stuff.

That you had already paid for this ´stuff´ and that they borrowed cash from your kids and grandkids so they could win you over today you didn’t pay attention to and so didn´t understand.

They then slept with vampire banks, turning themselves into bloodsuckers while undermining the fundaments of our economy.

And so when the first crash happen they needed to save their bloodsucking bankster friends since if they didn´t we would enter a depression – and, horribly, you wouldn´t vote for them! This much is true, probably the only true thing said from the Powers. They actually “saved us” from a depression back in 2008-2009.

But if they had let the too big to fail´s actually fail, the depression would have arrived, but it would have been short-lived. One, two years tops, and we would be out of it and much better off.

Don´t kid yourself, most up high knew this fully well. They knew they created another bubble precisely as they knew they created the and the housing bubble. They did this to tunnel money over to their bloodsucking bestest pals; the banks (and certain big corporations).

You didn´t get any bail-out money, the poor didn´t, the unemployed didn´t, the local stores didn´t, actual productive companies saw nothing of that cash. It all went to either the government themselves or to fraudulent zombie banks filled with vampires ready to suck more blood from our veins.

In the real world there can only be attempts to blow new bubbles to cover up the old ones, which will either fail or worse, create greater instabilities. There can be no recovery until the insolvencies are flushed out and recognized. And we can never go back to a sound healthy economy EVER again without acknowledging reality.

We can never solve our debt problems, our FIAT-currency problems or our structural problems with more debts, more printing of money and more regulations.


The fact remains that you can only play "vampire" until you have a corpse and the blood is exhausted. Then you have to stop, and you will - one way or another - simply because your supply of "new blood" is exhausted.

They´ve sucked us dry. But not only us, today, they´ve also put a straw into the future and sucked the life out of our kids and grandkids as well.

Every single country on this planet is either insolvent or close to it. The same goes for the banks, many big businesses and also many of you normal people out there.

There´s simply nothing left to steal. No blood left to suck out to shower the system with. We´ve reached the end of the road.

Remember; they knew they were doing this to us! You should have known, but they did.

And now?

Now cometh austerity measures, ´forced´ politics and the tear dropping scheme of playing the sad, sad Santa so you won´t string them up.

Remember; you paid for the bail-outs. You, your kids and your grandkids paid for it. As thanks you got higher inflation, the super rich got even richer and we got the mother of all bubbles and so we got: The Greatest Depression!

Now they want you to pay for it again. It was necessary to hand over trillions to vampires and now it is necessary for you to pay for the fall-out.



Selling non-mortgage backed securities as if they had mortgages in them is fraud. Misrepresenting what's in the securities you sell is fraud. Overstating appraisals and incomes is fraud. Concealing the true value of loans on a balance sheet is fraud. Whether someone makes those frauds "legal" via extortion of regulators does not change the essential character of what happened.

They lied to you! They are still lying to you!

You pay, and then you pay, and then you pay some more and then they come back to hook you up to an Alyx machine to drain you of the last drops of blood you have.

I know most of you are starting to get an inkling what has been done to you, and maybe some of you even realize your part in this disaster, but I also know that once people have lost it all they will lose it. If you idiots out there were irrational before, you´ll definitely go off the chart once this crash happens.

London you say? Athens? Chinese uprisings every week? Pffff… open up the book of revelation and check the adjectives there to get a clue what will happen very soon.

There are over one hundred trillion of derivatives floating around out there! NONE has any value! Our debts have NEVER been higher. The fundamentals were fantastic back in the 1930´s compeer to today. And we have two, maybe three generations grown up on social welfare and on the notion that big government will fix it for us. So IF I am right in assuming that the greatest depression is about to hit us full force, can you see any light on the other side? Can you see us coming out of this without bloodshed, upheaval and war?

I can´t.

"Extend and pretend" has been the rule of the game thus far. That is, pretend a loan is performing and meets covenants even if it doesn't, and extend maturities instead of forcing an actual roll, when the default would come out into the daylight like a vampire forced into the sun, immolating itself into ash.

Bond markets are living on printed money curtsey of government. The big banks are “solvent” because government allowed them to hide their debt and fiddle with derivatives. Markets hasn´t crashed yet because governments (in unison – across the board) borrowed shitloads of cash and threw it into the system.

They will try again of course. You´ll see QE2, QE3 more bail-outs, more regulations, and they will want you to blame the market – or the Jews – or Muslims – or the poor – or the rich ones that actually had nothing to do with it. They will play their very last cards now and you better buckle up, pay attention and prepare.

Their last resort, their very final attempt, is about to start. They will crank up the printing machine even further, those that still can will borrow more, and all that cash sitting within big banks are about to hit the market.

In one last attempt to prop it up.

We´re entering the final death-rattle of the vampires, and they will pull out every last ounce of manipulation in the book to keep you from blaming them, and they will try to inflate our global bubble economy.




If you let them do this to you, despite all the warnings, you deserve to die and so remember to vote on my latest poll to your right.

Is there any way out of it?

Well, yes and no.

The Greatest Depression will hit us now, nothing can stop that. However we could diminish its effects and come out of this ordeal with a better world. That’s if you, the people, finally see what history, math and reality teaches us; that you cannot get anything for nothing and that 1+1=2 and that progressive leftie policies are nothing but a ruse to win your vote.

If you idiots out there finally wake up and see what´s just in front of you we can make it, otherwise I see this;

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A blissful wonderful start of the day!

How about some fantastic news to pick you up in the morning?

Venezuela, which holds 211 tons of its 365 tons of gold reserves in U.S., European, Canadian and Swiss institutions, will progressively return the bars to the central bank’s vault, the fatty dictator Hugo Chavez have said. This may seem like a harmless move, but considering JP Morgan sits on lots of that gold and that the entire staff of MaoBama comes from banking cartels I can see another war brewing. Brother Oduma actually doesn’t want to attack his obese friend, but if wall street and the money masters say jump the pick-pocket in chief will start jumping up and down until he collapses.

Paul Krugman – another failure of the Nobel committee - has now not only made the vague suggestion that another war could potentially be good for the economy, but has now taken a step into the absurd, by suggesting that what we really need is an alien invasion. Apparently in the mind of this absolute nutcase an Alien invasion would let us print and borrow money at such levels that the recession would be no more. And if we add in all the greatness that comes with billions of dead, millions of cities destroyed and our newfound caveman state – we could rebuild and rejoice that the economy is back on track again. How they even let this idiot out on the stage is beyond cartoonish, but there actually are people who listen to this warmongering maniac, so watch out...

China Daily, which is a pretty influential party propaganda machine, have called for China to use its financial strength and its ownership of trillions of dollars to force U.S. to stop selling weaponry to Taiwan. Yes, because that will end well...

I could go on, but why not steal a list from another blogger instead? I wonder how many bloggers and economists with education not found in a cornflake package it takes before people finally wake up? Well, in the meanwhile you can read this list which I stole from here.

20 Signs That The World Could Be Headed For An Economic Apocalypse In 2012

#1 Back in 2008 we saw major rioting around the world due to soaring food prices, and now global food prices are on the rise again. Global food prices in July were 33 percent higher than they were one year ago. Price increases for staples such as maize (up 84 percent), sugar (up 62 percent) and wheat (up 55 percent) are absolutely devastating poverty-stricken communities all over the planet. For example, one expert is warning that 800,000 children living in the Horn of Africa could die during this current famine.

#2 The producer price index in the U.S. has increased at an annual rate of at least 7.0% for the last three months in a row. We are starting to see huge price increases all over the place. For example, Starbucks recently jacked up the price of a bag of coffee by 17 percent. If inflation keeps accelerating like this we could be facing some very serious problems by the time 2012 rolls around.

#3 The U.S. "Misery Index" (unemployment plus inflation) recently hit a 28 year high and many believe that it is going to go much, much higher.

#4 Jared Bernstein, the former chief economist for Vice President Joe Biden, says that the unemployment rate in this country will not go below 8% before the 2012 election. In fact, Bernstein says that "the most optimistic forecast would be for about eight-and-a-half percent."

#5 Working class jobs in the United States continue to disappear at an alarming rate. Back in 1967, 97 percent of men with a high school degree between the ages of 30 and 50 had jobs. Today, that figure is 76 percent.

#6 There are all kinds of indications that U.S. economic growth is about to slow down even further. For example, pre-orders for Christmas toys from China are way down this year.

#7 One recent survey found that 9 out of 10 U.S. workers do not expect their wages to keep up with the rising cost of basics such as food and gasoline over the next year.

#8 U.S. consumer confidence is now at its lowest level in 30 years.

#9 Today, an all-time record 45.8 million Americans are on food stamps. It is almost inconceivable that the largest economy on earth could have so many people dependent on the government for food.

#10 As the economy crumbles, we are also witnessing the fabric of society beginning to come apart. The recent flash mob crimes that we are starting to see all over America are just one example of this.

#11 Some desperate Americans are already stealing anything that they can get their hands on. For example, according to the American Kennel Club, dog thefts are up 32 percent this year.

#12 Small businesses all over the United States are having a really difficult time getting loans right now. Perhaps if the Federal Reserve was not paying banks not to make loans things would be different.

#13 The U.S. national debt is like a giant boulder that our economy must constantly carry around on its back, and it is growing by billions of dollars every single day. Right now the debt of the federal government is $14,592,242,215,641.90. It has gone up by nearly 4 trillion dollars since Barack Obama took office. S&P has already stripped the U.S. of its AAA credit rating, and more downgrades are certain to come if the U.S. does not get its act together.

#14 Tensions between the United States and China are rising again. A new opinion piece on is calling for the Chinese government to use its holdings of U.S. debt as a "financial weapon" against the United States if the U.S. follows through with a plan to sell more arms to Taiwan. The U.S. and China are the two biggest economies in the world, so any trouble between them would mean economic trouble for the rest of the globe as well.

#15 Most state and local governments in the U.S. are deep in debt and flat broke. Many of them are slashing jobs at a feverish pace. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, state and local governments have eliminated more than half a million jobs since August 2008. UBS Investment Research is projecting that state and local governments in the U.S. will cut 450,000 more jobs by the end of 2012. How those jobs will be replaced is anyone's guess.

#16 The U.S. dollar continues to get weaker and weaker. This is renewing calls for a new global currency to be created to replace the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency of the world.

#17 The European sovereign debt crisis continues to get worse. Countries like Portugal, Italy and Greece are on the verge of an economic apocalypse. All of the financial problems in Europe are even beginning to affect the core European nations. For example, German industrial production declined by 1.1% in June. There are all kinds of signs that the economy of Europe is slowing down and is heading for a recession. French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are proposing that a new "economic government" for Europe be set up to oversee this debt crisis, but nothing that the Europeans have tried so far has done much to solve things.

#18 The Federal Reserve is so desperate to bring some sort of stability to financial markets that it has stated that it will likely keep interest rates near zero all the way until mid-2013. The Federal Reserve is operating in "panic mode" almost constantly now and they are almost out of ammunition. So what is going to happen when the real trouble starts?

#19 Central banks around the world certainly seem to be preparing for something. According to the World Gold Council, central banks around the globe purchased more gold during the first half of 2011 than they did all of last year.

#20 Often perception very much influences reality. One recent survey found that 48 percent of Americans believe that it is likely that another great Depression will begin within the next 12 months. If people expect that a depression is coming and they quit spending money that actually increases the chance that an economic downturn will occur.

There is already a tremendous amount of economic pain on the streets of America, but unfortunately it looks like things may get even worse in 2012.

The once great economic machine that was handed down to us by our forefathers is falling to pieces all around us and we are in debt up to our eyeballs. The consequences of our bad economic decisions are hurting some of the most vulnerable members of our society the most.

Ron Paul – now an actual contender!

... Ron Paul you said..?

I posted a couple of days ago my outtake on the U.S. presidential election and the main candidates for the presidency. In that post I said that Ron Paul probably would beat MaoBama, but would never get the nomination.

I think I actually spoke too soon.

Of course the Media keep ignoring and keep trying to push Ron Paul aside, or making him out to be a nutty professor who´s unelectable. It’s starting to backfire.

I´ve seen plenty of pretty hardcore democrats saying on their blogs, on Youtube and on Facebook that they are now paying attention to Mr Paul and are actually considering supporting him. And as usual Ron Paul supporters are out commanding the internet and so drumming out the message that here´s the only real believer in freedom and that the elitist sphere is afraid – and media have, unintentionally, poured gasoline unto this fire.

Just look at this clip from the Tonight Show:

Or this one:

Even if the people reading and hearing about and starting to take notice who Ron Paul is and what he stands for don´t agree with his politics, they are so tired of the Statues Que, so tired of the power-hungry Washington elite that when media do things like this they may just vote Paul out of spite and to actually get some real change and a real politician not flip-flopping at every turn.

Georgi W-chimp actually promoted himself as a peaceful president in liege with the constitution before his first term. And the Obamination would bring home the troops, he would obey the constitution, there would be no tax increases and the torture at Guantanamo would stop. He went back on EVERY. SINGLE. PROMISE. Only the ObamaCare screw-up sort of become reality, but that to was a compromise and a watered out suggestion in the end.

With Ron Paul you know what you get. He´s never faltered, never flip-flopped, never voted against the constitution, never voted for any war. He has a track record going back decades of standing up for his beliefs and never making deals.

This will resonate very well with many American voters, once the word gets out - and Media just handed the Ron Paul campaign a golden goose!

This is going to be highly interesting. One of the last hopes for the U.S. of A. - and also the world - has taken a huge step towards an actual nomination which I thought would be impossible just days ago.

I wish I could go over and help out on the campaign trail and give all my cash to this true hero of the people. Sadly I cannot, but I hope that I at least can help out bringing more attention to this guy.