Thursday, August 25, 2011

I feel soo sorry for the U.S. military

Where did those trillions go..? Banks you say..?

This may come as a surprise to a few of my readers, but I don´t have anything against the U.S. military. On the contrary I think it is both prudent and necessary for Americanos and the world that U.S. of A. do have a strong military.

However horrible the outrocities and war crimes have been, I cannot help seeing those despicable acts as primery the fault of politicians and the military establishment.

First off the war in Iraq that never should have happen in the first place. There were no reason whatsoever for that invasion. Sure the world is now one dictator short, but hundreds of thousands died in the process and more Americans have died in the Iraq war than in all demolished skyscrapers put together. The entire spectacle was based on lies and propaganda and destroyed much of U.S. reputation around the world. Totally unnecessary. And the real shadowy reason(s) for that war will hunt the American people and the Middle East for many years to come.

Secondly Afghanistan. Here you could almost argue that there were reasonable reasons for all those dead. Not that I do believe the official storyline, but if one does you could make fairly good arguments for it. Here however I see the same stupidity that stopped U.S. from winning in Vietnam; they didn´t actually want to win. I can say this with absolute certainty because if the world biggest and strongest and completely technologically superior fighting force actually wanted to kill those ten thousand or so Taliban’s, they could and they would. And in a very short time frame. I promise you all that if the U.S. military had gone all in and with the intention of winning, the war would have been over in weeks and not drag on for 10 firkin years. Very possibly to a less cost and less loss of lives as well.

Looking at all this, and Yemen, and Libyia and Sudan and (x-insert-x), I feel very convinced that most U.S. soldiers aren´t very happy about it. Not at all. They are far away from home fighting in either unvinable or ethically questionably wars and getting spat at by almost every country and pundit in the world and what do the U.S. establishment do? They refuse to give them the means and orders to actually win so they can come home.

No wonder Ron Paul gets more money from military personnel then all other republican candidates combined and even beats the pick-pocket in Chief, something unheard before. A sitting president getting less support from soldiers fighting in wars than a fridge libertarian? Now that´s gotto sting.

And then we get things like this: No Farting!


No wonder young men (and a few to be raped women) sent off in a foreign land fighting for bloodmoney without the full support back home and with stupid things like this befallen them commit war crimes. I am suprised it dosn´t happen more often.

Come on! I mean what the hell is this crap?

And these are the guys that are supposed to protect the elitist sphere once The Greatest Depression hits with full force? Yea, I can hardly see that happening. Can you?

And so I can almost feel sorry for these hired guns, if they only could realise what they are doing and turn on their masters - now there´s a popcorn worthy event I would pay for...

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