Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lies, greed and corruption

Did you notice that the CEO of S&P (who recently downgraded the US credit rating) has been fired and replaced with the thief from Citibank who received a large bailout from the Fed?

You might argue that the Odumbo administration is really a front for the International Village Idiot's convention or that moves like this comes out of the blue. No conspiracy here. Nothing to see here.

If you do I suggest you should start believing in unicorns and accept as true that every blond stewardess want to perform sadomy with any sleazy hooked-up-on-Big Mac´s that comes along.

The same "don't see, don't hear, don't speak"-belief can be mention when it comes to the price of gold. Four-winged soul-sucking entities within public offices and certain shadowy pundits would like you to think that gold is overvalued, that it is a bubble and that its only a fluke. Ever heard that story before? I have, many times, which often get recited on this blog.

Since the late 1990´s gold been steadily going up and it will continue up, especially priced in U.S. dollars. There´s a perfectly logical and obvious reason for this; gold is inflation proof.

It’s not actually (at least not only) gold going up in price and value, it’s our money that is deteriorating. Sure you can argue that gold right now is slightly overpriced because of a run to this commodity, and that would be partly correct, however the price will continue to rise. Firstly because much of that money-printing our bellowed great leaders did (and are still doing) haven´t really reached out in the system yet. Banks have also hoarded much of that cash (or saved it within central banks for interest! Hahaha... cannot make this stuff up!) and they are about to realise it soon. If they haven´t started it already seeing how markets are going up again.

Priced in U.S. Dollars Gold will reach far above $3000/ounce before this is over. I´ve seen people arguing that $10000/ounce is a real possibility, but I think the dollar will crash and burn long before that happen.

Oh, and let´s not forget today’s crisis summit meeting. Executives from Facebook, Twitter and Research in Motion Ltd. are meeting the British government and police today to discuss how to prevent social networks from being used to plot violence.

A Home Office spokeswoman said there was "no suggestion" the sites would be closed down. However she also mentioned that the meeting would be about:

"whether and how we should be able to stop people communicating via these websites and services when we know they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality."

I cannot be the only one seeing images of the movie “V” for vendetta flashing by...

This is very scary stuff, but on the other hand fully predictable. The elitists know that the recent London riots are only the prelude. They know that the world economy is about crash. They know you will take to arms and that a outright rebellion will ensue. Since they know this they want to take control over and impose restrictions as much as possible. This is the real reason for our Orwellian society and CCTV cams everywhere.

It won´t help though. Once The Greatest Depression is here, no measures taken, no army, no police, no laws and no restriction will help. Almost every single one of you will go berserk, you just don´t know it yet.

When people have nothing left to lose they will lose it. And when the same people with nothing left to lose see their Great Leaders continue lying and continue eat, dine and shot at them thanks to founds the same leaders have stolen from the people.... well, you figure it out...

Our leftie GramscoFabiaNazi nightmare is about to end, and the righteous elitist sphere will burn in hell.

The only question is if we head further down the road to totalitarianism or if we finally will turn towards rational thinking and capitalism. Well, my stockpile of vodka and popcorn tells where this is going...

...just need a comfy chair now and I am all set for the funnies to begin...

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