Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Openly showing their fascism

I finding it very strange that so many countries and organisations so openly are showing the world their true colours. It is like all of them suddenly decided to play in the open and be what they all are; enemies of the people. What I’m referring to is of course the current events taking place in Honduras. One totalitarian, Manuel Zelaya, have been removed from office in full accordance to the law and the constitution and with full backing of every political body in Honduras. According to surveys about 2/3 of the population is behind this decision. Everything so correct and democratic it can get. But out in the world every power hungry politician are condemning this situation and demanding that the dictator wannabe Zelaya should be reinstated. Why? How come this sudden shift towards open fascism from the world leaders? I think it has to do with fear. The world is in a deep recession soon to be depression and the pressure is hard on elected criminals. So if people act against one of them it becomes an attack on all of them. This especially goes for that horrifying black guy in America that is doing the exact same thing as his socialist friend Zelaya; ignoring the constitution, lying, cheating and trying to instate socialism. The US constitution actually gives people the right to rebel and string up those Washington thugs in lamp posts so the Obaminator needs to show how awful it is with democracy and consequently it is not surprising that he backs Zelaya.

The enemy class would probably not act this openly and in such unison without a good reason so it might mean that things are coming to a conclusion. The end is so near I can smell it and I think it is time to buy popcorn before the real mayhem and bloodshed starts.