Monday, October 19, 2009

The most harmless flu in recorded history?

Apparently as many as 7 out of 10 Swedish MPs are going to vaccinate themselves against the Swiney Flu. A horrifically high number and I hope the Swedish people aren’t that dumb.

Every day we are reached by more reports that argue against this vaccine and it’s not hard to find doctors and nurses who will blatantly refuse, even if it means they will lose their jobs. I personally, and I’m by no means alone, will not only refuse the shot, I will kill anyone that comes near me and mine with any needle. And as I’ve said before, that statement is not a joke.

Of course those in charge have pulled out the “solidarity” argument out of their hat. This claim is as false as it gets. The solidarity thing to do is to refuse the vaccine. Not only for today’s people (the flu is as harmless as it gets), but tomorrow’s. Your immune system needs to go to work sometimes. If you catch the flu, fantastic, good for you. Next time you will stand a better chance of not attracting it and have a better defense against it.

In London I happened to come across so called “swine flu party”-notes. People come together and meet up with people that have the flu, party with them and hug them in order to catch the flu on purpose. This is solidarity and I think that is something to follow instead of taking a vaccine that has NOT been properly tested (don’t let them tell you different! It hasn’t been tested enough).

We also know from history and lots of independent sources that vaccine can cause harm, in some cases worse harm then the actual disease it is meant to prevent. And this particular vaccine contains several poisonous things which are up for debate how dangerous they are. Why risk it with a vaccine when you know the Hog flu is the most harmless flu in recorded history? At least I cannot find any statistic that shows any flu that is this harmless. Please go out and look for yourself. This pinkish shimmering thingy is ridiculously risk-free in comparison with any seasonal flu.

That’s the question you should be asking yourself. No matter the scaremongering from either direction, no matter what I say or any politician argues - why the hell risk it with a vaccine when you know the Hog flu is the most harmless flu in recorded history?

Prophecy Of the Apocalypse

I just got a very uneasy sickening feeling.

I wonder I wonder...

Interests rates will go up? No way!

Another couple for “warnings” today from Swedish media about the central bank and commercial banks going to increase rates in the future. Apparently many people are living above their means, not taking into account that interest rates will go up. Hardly anyone saving or preparing.

Again I need to say: no shit Sherlock!

How can journalists, cornflake economists, politicians and the lenders and borrowers be so utterly clueless? How stupid are you people? I said this would happen even before the central bank lowered interest rates down to zero. People are not used to work for a living; they are not used to harsh times or thinking a couple of years into the future. It’s all about spending now, things will work out, and the central bank will never do anything hurtful. Idiots. And this is also what our enemies are counting on. Getting all you baboons to go out shopping in order to keep GDP up is their mad plan, and it has partially worked. Well, the government is also doing a lot of spending, covering up that the populace isn’t doing as they are being told. But all in all, the scam has sort of worked. The “green shoots” are being hurled around like signs from the heavens; pundits are urging us to go into already way over-priced equity markets, and mainstream cornflake economists say the recession is over. You are being fooled, but it seems most of you don’t care.

The Swedish central bank is well on the way to destroying the economy. We are in a recession (in reality a depression) but housing prices are still going up. Unemployment is very high, the financial market is shaky, several main trading partners are showing horrific numbers, but housing prices are still going up. The economy is mainly based on consumption and services i.e. low production, but people are still borrowing and spending.

What you need to realize is that we have just hit the iceberg, water is pouring in, but the band keeps playing. The captain says everything is fine; the crew encourages us to play more roulette, and we are chopping up the life-boats for firewood to light the promenade where all the shops are. Buy more, spend more, and borrow more. And you, the clueless morons, you drink, spend, gamble and borrow some more thinking someone will fix the leakage. And that slight change in elevation and the fact that people are starting drown further down in the boat doesn’t concern you. Oooops, there floats the machinist and the technician out to sea getting nibbled on by fish, but who cares... Let’s roll the dice once more.

Interest rates are not going to go up 2-3% as journalists write or the banksters are “warning” about now and again, they will go up much more. If we are not in the double-digits in 1,5 years from now I will be very surprised. So if you have been stupid enough to take a loan, especially if you have bought a house or real-estate, and if you haven’t fixed your mortgages, you’re in big trouble. But hey, so is the general economy, we are all fucked, so keep on doing what you are doing. In either case I will have a very fun time watching the whole ship go down. Hopefully most of you will still be at the poker tables and keep shopping until you go boubleboublegouble - now that would be entertaining.

Commercial real-estate crashing, anyone?

How fun it’s going to be when this crash cometh.