Monday, October 19, 2009

The most harmless flu in recorded history?

Apparently as many as 7 out of 10 Swedish MPs are going to vaccinate themselves against the Swiney Flu. A horrifically high number and I hope the Swedish people aren’t that dumb.

Every day we are reached by more reports that argue against this vaccine and it’s not hard to find doctors and nurses who will blatantly refuse, even if it means they will lose their jobs. I personally, and I’m by no means alone, will not only refuse the shot, I will kill anyone that comes near me and mine with any needle. And as I’ve said before, that statement is not a joke.

Of course those in charge have pulled out the “solidarity” argument out of their hat. This claim is as false as it gets. The solidarity thing to do is to refuse the vaccine. Not only for today’s people (the flu is as harmless as it gets), but tomorrow’s. Your immune system needs to go to work sometimes. If you catch the flu, fantastic, good for you. Next time you will stand a better chance of not attracting it and have a better defense against it.

In London I happened to come across so called “swine flu party”-notes. People come together and meet up with people that have the flu, party with them and hug them in order to catch the flu on purpose. This is solidarity and I think that is something to follow instead of taking a vaccine that has NOT been properly tested (don’t let them tell you different! It hasn’t been tested enough).

We also know from history and lots of independent sources that vaccine can cause harm, in some cases worse harm then the actual disease it is meant to prevent. And this particular vaccine contains several poisonous things which are up for debate how dangerous they are. Why risk it with a vaccine when you know the Hog flu is the most harmless flu in recorded history? At least I cannot find any statistic that shows any flu that is this harmless. Please go out and look for yourself. This pinkish shimmering thingy is ridiculously risk-free in comparison with any seasonal flu.

That’s the question you should be asking yourself. No matter the scaremongering from either direction, no matter what I say or any politician argues - why the hell risk it with a vaccine when you know the Hog flu is the most harmless flu in recorded history?


  1. Lovely comment! And I agree totally. Especially when understanding that only 400.000 world wide are infected. This is nothing for a grade 6 pandemic!! I just cant understand the stupidity of our politicians and media.....supported by each other... And of course the pharma industry taking the opportunity.
    Just don´t believe it!

  2. Yes dumb they are !

    "Report suggests people who get vaccinated are more likely to catch H1N1"

    Ann-Cathrin Engwall (born Svensson) a Swedish PhD in molecular cell biology has suggested that the reason for these findings could be that cell-mediated generated immunity will not be as well developed with continous flu vaccination programmes which tend to prevent natural immunization by infection to occur. Natural immunization gives a much broader protection than the one caused by vaccination.

    Several, also inner, components of different influenza viruses may be recognized as similar or the same in different influenza viruses and may thus cause a cell-mediated immune response even if the actual virus - such as the A/H1N1 swine flu virus - is categorized as "new". This would well explain why people in Sweden born before 1980 as a group so far seem far less (< 1/4-1/6 or so) likely to catch the swine flu. They have often encountered the Asiate and/or Hongkong flues during the 1950´ies and 1960´ies, whereas the younger age groupes have not. Even if these influenzas were of different A/HxNy-types (which the vaccine manufacturers have to focus on) the inner virus components may to some extent be the same or similar with A/H1N1 according to Ann-Cathrin Engwall.

    This is also why a mass vaccination programme is suboptimal for a generally healthy population assuming influenza viruses cannot be totally exterminated from earth. As a group the mass vaccinated loose more protection in the longer term than they gain in the short term. The herd natural immunity thus will diminish compared to if there was no mass vaccination programme at all. Therefore an optimal influenza vaccination programme probably should focus on the high risk groups with people that have a special underlying desease that make them highly at risk if they get infected by the influenza virus.

    This is of course not what the pro mass vaccination propaganda people want to hear. Therefore even in Sweden where the authorities want to vaccinate the whole population they try to "hush" inconvenient conclusions like this one.
    In Sweden some 1000-4000 die in seasonal flu every year and so far only a few deaths in A/H1N1 have occured, both with an underlying severe desease.

    There is interestingly enough also an older american study that confirms the suggested explanation by Ann-Cathrin Engwall.

    These findings could suggest that the same mechanism of the cell-mediated generated immunity or rather the lack of it in vaccinated people as briefly explained above could be the reason.

    One may add that since the influenza virus changes fast mass vaccination against that type of virus (or against the common cold) naturally is less efficient than in e. g. the polio case where it of course is appropriate.

    The suggestion or theory, which is based on commonly known scientific evidence, that Ann-Cathrin Engwall has proposed may seem too simple but it matches with experience and also seems to do so with both of these cited studies

  3. The Swedish are used to doing what they're told. The political establishment has little by little taken away their ability to think for themselves. Luckily enough, the younger generation seems to be better at thinking for themselves. Only a third of the people under 30 wants to get the flu shot. Generally im Sweden approximately 50% says they will take the shot. I won't, and no one in my family will either.

  4. Tyvärr finns annat som pågår och är värre en theflu...

    Deaths caused by communicable diseases this year--- 10 000 000
    Deaths of children under 5 this year ------------- 8 800 000
    Abortions this year ------------------------------ 36 000 000
    Abortions due to a risk to maternal health ------- 1 000 000
    Deaths of mothers during birth this year---------- 500 000
    HIV/AIDS infected people ------------------------- 32 000 000
    Deaths caused by HIV/AIDS this year -------------- 1 600 000
    Deaths caused by cancer this year ---------------- 6 000 000
    Deaths caused by malaria this year 800 000
    Cigarettes smoked today ----------------------- 2 450 000 000
    Deaths caused by smoking this year ------------ 5 300 000
    Deaths caused by alcohol this year------------- 1 400 000
    Suicides this year ---------------------------- 850 000

    Road traffic accident fatalities this year ---- 1 000 000

    ca siffror från

  5. Nötter och foliehattar på denna blogg. Ni kanske ändrar åsikt om era barn hamnar i respirator.

  6. Du menar respirator ungefär som Jim Carreys barn som fick Autism av en vaccination?

    Vet du vilken folkgrupp som klarar sig klart bäst av alla i hela världen med avseende på autism och liknande sjukdomar? Amish. Och hur många vaccineringar tar de?

    Fakta talar i vår favör, men precis som jag skriver, spelar det egentligen någon roll när detta är den mest harmlösa influensa vi någonsin sett? Varför ta en risk, oavsett hur stor eller liten, med ett vaccin när influensan är harmlös?

    Surfa runt lite på nätet innan du avfärdar de som faktiskt har läst på.