Friday, May 1, 2009

The third biggest fear of the enemy class

Out of everything I have written and ever will write on this blog, this is probably the most important. I hope you understand this and I really hope you understand the ramifications of it. Part II. Read Part I here.

He who controls the flow of information also controls the world - this I do believe most of you out there understand. Still most of you sit quite and say nothing when the flow of information get tightened more and more with restrictions and regulations being imposed almost on a daily basis. And those that are supposed to monitor the power elite, journalists, does hardly nothing. I promise you all that there are lots of fun stories to be found if you just search a little. An old lady being stalked out by the secret police for writing “Hitler” in an email or some poor smuck being black-listed for reading about bombs online and without knowing it hardly ever getting a job again. Things like this have already happened or are happening right now. Promise. How can I be sure without having proof? Because this is how the government and its thugs “works”. Not only are “mistakes” like the ones mentioned going to happen, sometimes they will be intentional because agencies and the surveillance system needs to show results. If they cannot find any terrorists, they need to show they are putting the money to good use so they don’t get less founding the next year. As I have written before, this is one of biggest absurdities of our entire system. A governmental entity needs to show it is doing stuff, show results and needs justification towards other entities and the best way to do this is to waste money.

IPRED; ACTA and FRA and other laws to control information is just the start, no person in their right mind will believe anything else. Firstly “mistakes” will happen, those need to be “corrected” hence not only correcting within the governmental entities doing the prodding and monitoring, the laws also needs readjusting. Secondly technology evolves therefore new laws will be required. Thirdly the economical crisis will continue, maybe even worsen or maybe even real terrorist attack will happen and from that we need harder punishments and more laws to “protect us” and so on. And lastly, and most importantly; He who controls the flow of information also controls the world.

This is what’s at stake when we are talking about Piratebay, file-sharing, 1984-society or anything else you might read about. It is not about some thief’s trying to watch a movie for free; it is not about catching terrorists or finding child-molesters. It is about control. No matter how anyone tries to explain it, no matter how many lawyers or entertainment executives say’s anything different, it is about control. Think about the latest swine flu thingy or any other news with potential to be “scary”. If you cannot visit certain sites, if all information that comes is from government, how will you ever find out the truth? And even if you still do, do you have the guts to write it? You domain might be closed down, a sudden new law might make you liable for slander, or just the fact that agencies might be reading and visiting you might be enough to keep you quite. There are already voices being heard that want to outlaw certain bloggers and/or certain opionions online. Do you really think those voices are the last ones?

Even if you think all this sounds like I’m one of those believing a giant hedgehog is stalking me, imagine all the laws and all these new/enhanced agencies and then imagine a economic depression with all the political turmoil that comes with it or that some well-spoken totalitarian gains control at the parliament. And then imagine all this surveillance in those hands and situations.

The third biggest fear of the enemy class is that people thinks for themselves, that you, all of us, have access to free information and can formed opinions faster than the propaganda can tell it’s version. And it is a justified fear because informed and well educated people are far less inclined to believe in what journalists or governments tell them. Don’t let them take this away from us. And to you journalists out there, start digging, use your mandate and go do your job, you will find fun stuff, promise.

Africa starving - crisis continues and some swine's

Anyone else noticed the subtle and slow turnaround in the media coverage of the swine flu? Slowly but surely one journalist after the other comes crawling with nicer words saying we might wanna take it easy. Also notice how the news about the swine flu have started to go down in size from several pages to one or two and on the papers Internet sites the news are not always the first you see/read when going to the URL anymore. They are still milking it of course, but you can notice a difference. And CDC/WTO suddenly tries to dampen the hysteria, before doing everything in their power to increase it. I also have noticed several bloggers, mainly from the left flank, that earlier blamed the Swedish government for not doing enough and said we should prepare, now all of a sudden they are talking about how everything is blow out of proportion. What happened? If you use the internet to find news, also try and use it to find alternative view-points and check what have been done before during similar newsbreaks.

Governments everywhere is trying to restrict, bound and control the Internet, just for preventing us from finding out the truth about things. If it wasn’t for the Internet, even more people would be running scared and those several pages of propaganda would still be in our faces. Is it surprising governments want to control this waste information channel? It is power. Use it, while you can.

One very neglected place and what this entry really is about is Africa and what is going on in several countries in Africa at the moment. There is actually rising poverty and increasing hunger fears at levels equivalent to the economic crisis. While mainstream economists, governments and even stock-brokers is starting more and more saying that the turnaround is here, that the crisis is easing off, the curves in Africa is not pointing upwards (which they aren’t in our part of the world either). This is because in the real world the crisis isn’t turning around, it is just temporarily halted. Thanks to fictive bubbles created by money printing and enormous state-loans the market is “tricked” and thru governmental take-over’s unemployment is kept down a bit demanding even more loans and more printing of money. Also remember that rates are very low which means that people earn more money spending them than saving them, keeping the scam rolling. What will most likely happen now is that we are going to stand still for a half a year or so, markets going up and down from day to day. This until all the inflationary money really hits the markets or some event triggers a new downwards spiral. If you take a look at the corporate loans and bonds markets in America for example the defaulting (people not paying back the loans) is growing and if the speed takes off, that’s the next bubble that will bursts and then; hello depression!

So on the day of collective thinking, or the day after, depending on your time zone, take a couple of seconds and look at these countries and really see all the millions of dead-people-walking soon to be the victims of this crisis. Africa isn’t really that effected by “our” depression, but it will be enough for most of these already living on the edge.

An estimated 50 percent of the country’s four million citizens are living below the poverty line on the equivalent of $1 a day. The calorie intake of 39 percent of households is lower than the minimum daily recommended level of 2,000-2,500. Twenty-six percent of children under five years of age are chronically malnourished; 33 have iron deficiency. Some 13 percent of the population has an iodine deficiency, while vitamin A deficiency is running at 47 percent.


Alarming levels of malnutrition are being recorded in children between six and 59 months old in the north-eastern region of Mandera, which is grappling with successive droughts, high food prices and a scarcity of water.

Three consecutive years of drought and meager harvests have put thousands in the southern areas of the country down on the slippery slope to hunger, and the children usually go first. And the political situation doesn’t help either.

And these are only three countries that are suffering because of protectionism from richer countries and in-house authoritarian policies. When this crisis goes on, which it will, and when (not if) it turns over to a full depression these people are going to die. If I’m right most of these people have a year, at the most, to live. The enemy class is responsible for this, but you are too, not only have you voted for those in charge, you also don’t even try to understand or know what’s really going on in the world. For most of these people it is already too late, this depression will happen, no matter what you do, but maybe there will be a next time and maybe then you have learned something.

Ancestral hangover food

What did our ancestors eat when they had a severe hangover? I mean did the caveman woke up and got himself some tasty salty Woolly mammoth thigh? I’m finding it hard to believe humankind could evolve without pizza and kebab.

1st of May, the celebration of Gulag camps

Many millions of people are singing and doing rallies today in order to support a system that never has and never will work. Most of the worst crimes of history have been accompanied with the same songs and the same ideas. One of those crimes was the Gulag camps, mostly forgotten by people since socialists everywhere always see to it that they bury the dead and then don’t talk about it. The same thing would probably happen to Hitler and the Holocaust if it wasn’t for the convenient turnaround making National Socialists “right-wing” and with that label they of course need to be spoken about as often as possible.

What was Gulag? “GULAG” is an acronym for the Soviet bureaucratic institution, Glavnoe Upravlenie ispravitel’no-trudovykh LAGerei (Main Administration of Corrective Labor Camps) that operated the Soviet system of forced labor camps. Gulag camps existed throughout the Soviet Union, but the largest camps lay in the most extreme geographical and climatic regions of the country from the Arctic north to the Siberian east and the Central Asian south. Prisoners “work” was typically unskilled, manual, and economically inefficient. The combination of direct shootings form the guards, extreme climate, hard labor, meager food rations and unsanitary conditions led to extremely high death rates in the camps. It is hard to accurately calculate the exact number of dead within the GULAG, but the toll is in the millions, most likely tens of millions.

We should never forget this crime as well as the madness of Pol-Pot or the biggest killer of all, Mao Tse Tung. But somehow these rallies on the 1st of may still go on today, in many countries they are even national holidays. National holiday to celebrate the main killer of all ideologies; socialism. Isn’t that nice?

The second biggest fear of the enemy class

Out of everything I have written and ever will write on this blog, this is probably the most important. I hope you understand this and I really hope you understand the ramifications of it.

Money was once upon a time connected to objective value (gold, silver) and was used in order to trade gods between people. Instead of exchanging crops for virgins or buying apples with the corresponding amount of fish, you had money that was accepted as currency by both parties. Naturally people choice something tangible and valuable as money namely precious metals. This was so for the reason that gold (for instance) could be melted down and made into jewellery but also because the commodity was in short supply. Gold was sought after not only for its ability to transform into other objects, it was also beautiful and it came in smaller supply, hence it has a direct value attached.

During time and with Guttenberg’s invention this gradually changed. Firstly banks created notes that in reality was I-owe-you‘s that corresponded to the amount of gold the bank held for you. Sometimes banks printed more IOU’s than they had gold for, which seldom worked out very well. But later on came government banks, central banks, and said; “we are in charge and we will decide how many notes there are in the economic system”. Still they kept to gold as a measurement though and consequently couldn’t print as many notes they wanted, they needed to stay within the confines of the gold standard. This is course was not doable for governments needed extra cash for wars and more money for those crying masses that had started shouting for more “free stuff”. So the gold standard was phased out and the government kept the gold… Politicians now had a very powerful tool in their hands; the printing press. This is probably the “greatest” political victory of all time and politicians everywhere are still rejoicing and celebrating having the power over money. Now day’s money is only notes, they are not even IOU’s anymore; they are just worthless pieces of paper not even suitable to wipe your ass with. The only thing attached to money now is the “good word” of the state. As long as the government doesn’t overstep its boundaries the notes can be used for exchanging gods, but there is no value in coins and bills.

What you need to know here is that the power to print money comes with subtle taxation. Let’s say that the general tax is 40% and the government prints a lot of more money. What happens? Since the amount of money increases in the system, the ‘value’ of each coin/bill goes down, but the tax stays the same. Do you see what happened? Your tax is suddenly higher! Nothing seemingly changing, the tax is still 40% but your money, your bills and coins, are worth less hence you have just got an increase in the ‘value’ you are paying to the government. This is why the enemy class love this! Everyone, even communists, knows that you cannot tax people over a certain level. But with a printing press (today pressing a key on a computer) you can increase taxes without anyone noticing it. This is why you can get higher salary and still get less for your money! This is why you can work harder, better, faster and more effectively but still cannot afford things!

The day people in general figure this out, big governments and representatives of the enemy class will have a much tougher time. And to bring back the gold standard or even real money in the form of gold-money and such, that would mean the end of government’s biggest and most malevolent weapons. Nothing (with one exception) would make these people cry harder than if this happened.

If this extra taxation was the only “negative” thing about this scam, we would still be pretty okay. It is bad and it keeps production and the willingness to work down a bit, however it is not the end of the world. But in steps the next fun chapter in this saga: The bubbles and the strange price signals! Basically you get strange high and lows on the market when more money becomes available and prices goes up seemingly without any real reason. In combination with peoples less willingness to work since their efforts don’t get them anywhere, this means that you create fictive values on some companies; stock markets may go up without an increase in productivity and so on. And when this happens again and again you inflate the bubble, just as you exhale into a balloon, and just as a balloon it can break.

I hope you now understand that increasing the money supply within an economic system this way, as described, is one of the most dangerous things a government can do, the more money and the shorter the timeframe until the money hits the market, the worse it gets. And what are governments all over the world doing to get us out of this current crisis we are in? Yeah, you guessed it…