Friday, April 9, 2010

Today I'll buy Polish vodka

A plane carrying Polish President Lech Kaczynski has crashed. Mr Kaczynski was on board along with his wife Maria and several senior government figures including the army chief of staff Gen Franciszek Gagor, central bank governor Slawomir Skrzypek and deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Kremer.

They were in Russia to mark the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre, when the communists killed thousands of Poles. One of hundreds of massacres and mass graves littering the Russian landscape curtsey of socialist policies.

So a president (and Eurosceptic) seriously disliked by Russian authorities is together with the army chief and other dignitaries on his way to commemorate lots of dead Poles by the hands of leftie Russians, they flew a Russian plane (Tupolev 154) and they end up being crispy corpses themselves on Russian soil…

So it is not unlikely that conspiracists will be watching this right now cooking up some plot about shape shifting relatives of the British Queen psychically channeling the Spirit of Stalin to bring down the plane to start WW III.

However there are no indications so far of foul play, just an ironic demise of many of the top wigs in Polish politics, which of course will cause some serious internal Polish problems and probably won’t do any good for the financial markets when they open on Monday. Another story like this during the weekend adding to the Greeks getting sucked into a black hole of despair and we’ll see a market crash next week.

I’ll be watching this closely with popcorn and some polish vodka…

Ready for a reality check?

For those of you who can handle a goodly dose of reality, you might be interested in what Alan Watt has to say:

6th April:

7th April:

8th April:

Visit Alan Watt's site for the documentation that backs up his arguments. You might want to purchase his wares once you're there. What I've seen so far is excellent.

The death of Greece – the Euro to follow?

Anyone following the news ticking in about our olive-oiled friends down by the Aegean are either laughing or crying today. I am, of course, laughing. Remember, today is Friday, this is significant for market manipulators. I wonder what they will say during the weekend…

I will let the people over at ZeroHedge explain:
If this information is correct, it is all over. Bloomberg calculates the yield on the Greek 3 Month as determined by the bid, or where investors are willing to buy it, based on BVAL sources at 21.3%. In all honesty the bid/offer market in the 3 Month are all over the place. HDAT gives it as 99.650x99.840, BVAL is at 99.470x99.773. The HDAT bid implies a yield of 14.049%, which is still game over for Greece.

Greece plans to sell €600 million in 6 Month and €600 million in 12 Month Bills on April 13. Sorry, if the 3M is anywhere close to 14% bid (let alone 21%), this is not happening.

The Market Ticker thinks that:
Greece needs to pull out of the Euro now and take the hit. There is a point beyond which the spiral tightens beyond all reason, and they may already be into the vortex too far to do anything meaningful, but this much is certain – the longer they delay the worse it’s going to get.

I am not so sure about that myself. Defaulting, setting up their own currency and jumping ship may actually, at least in the short run, be much, much worse. Their best bet, from Greece’s point of view, is still to rely on the Eurozone to come and rescue them.

However, such a move is contingent on Germany actually allowing it to happen. And even IF that is the case, what about the ramifications? Can they break their own laws and bail out an entire country?

And IF they do we have Italy, Spain, Portugal and possibly Ireland waiting in the wings for their bailouts. In effect, bailing out Greece would be the coup de grâce of the Euro.

What? ‘IMF’ you say? Well, good luck with that one…

And don't come saying "no-one told you so", I did, many did. We've been saying it for years. Time to start paying attention soon?

Now put on the music and shake it baby

Internet a breeding ground for extremists?

I’ve said it before; the anti-internet campaigning is just getting started. Apparently some Swedish journalists have figured out that racists and the ‘extreme right’ is very strong and growing online.

So horrible.

On the other side of the pond this has been argued by Democrats and liberals for a long time. And since Ron Paul gather many of his supporters on the internet, the ‘conservatives’ are tagging along. Cannot have contradictory views out there now can we?

Me, I hardly notice ‘extremists’ at all, from any side, well despite myself and lots of other libertarians that are “extreme right” (in one sense) so we’re very likely to get bunched together with KKK members and skinheads. Easier to discard sensible humanists and peace loving citizens looking out for the little guy if all such individuals are labeled ‘racist’...

It is likely I’ve stumbled upon one or two blogs when checking stories, but as far as I can tell the racists and what the mainstream journalists call ‘ultra right’ are very hard to find. And those that you can find are terrible writers with low or no intellect.

Basically a ‘extreme right’ blog copy and paste a certain news story and then they write one or two sentences with amoeba-like qualities like; “If we just kill all the negroes, everything would be fine”.

According to certain journalists this makes them very dangerous and apparently they can grow their numbers this way.


If that really is the case, which I seriously doubt, people in general are even more stupid than even I thought.

The story also goes that commentator’s on papers and such online are to a large degree hiding behind pseudonyms in order to spread their hatred.

This I do, to a small extent, agree with. Visiting a commentator field you can always find one Marxist saying we should kill all directors, one racist that believes that Auschwitz is a made-up fictional tale, and some youngster hiding behind the screen writing obnoxious stuff for the fun of it.

Most of the people writing are however ordinary folks showing their anger or correcting journalists that are more than often wrong.

The problem here is that a normal guy saying that immigrants are “getting away with murder” is bunched together with the racist one. Also every time someone complains over problems with refugees or that immigrants committing too many crimes or that Shari’a laws are an abomination, are also ‘racists’.

This is of course a lie, and a deliberate one at that.

Are people getting pissed that some immigrant comes to their country, spits on the laws, lives on welfare and murders some defenseless pensioner? Nooo? How can that be?

This is the sort of ‘thinking’ that have given momentum to racism in the first place.

Our masters only have two ways of dealing with racists.

The first, and most common one, is to basically ignore them. Cut them out. Refuse to take in any publication, ideas, exhibits or lecturers that might be dangerous ‘ultra rightists’. And if any such thing appears then in step the stone throwing hippies and fascist anarchists that are just as bad, or worse, to knock the racists out. Seldom condemned by the mainstream media (with the occasional “bad little leftie” automatic response as the exception) they can take streets, destroy property and burn cars and it is all for a good cause – to get rid of ‘right-wing extremists’.

This first way isn’t working, never has and never will. This because it make people sympathetic to the racists cause, because they get bullied by the elitists and their underlings and consequently get martyrdom. But also because some of the issues raised by them are actually true, partly or fully. There are problems with immigrations, there are problems with refugees, there are crashes of cultures and there are fanatics within certain immigration groups that are just as dangerous as any racist.

Just because racists are stupid enough to think that knocking off some Jew or shooting some Muslims will solve the problem, doesn’t mean that the actual underlying problem isn’t there.

The second way of dealing with racism is probably even more stupid then the first one. This is the ‘word-game’, and this anti-internet thingy is an example of that. Anything and anyone not compliant with the mainstream politically correct view is an example of racism.

Want to enforce the law on immigrants? Racism. Want to stop immigration for a while so the ones already here can settle before we take in more? Racism. Want to celebrate in church? Racism. Wave the American/British/Swedish flag? Racism. Singing the national anthem on graduation? Racism. Say you hate Muslim fanatics? Racism. If you don’t like Jewish atrocities in Gaza? Racism.

And if you’re not racist, you’re “ultra right” and/or an extremist that makes Hitler look peaceful.

Getting Godwin’ed is a way of life for most of us, and this on a daily basis.

Under the surface ordinary, peaceful, law-abiding citizens see the problems that are ignored and the animosity grows. In affect this actually creates “racists”, not suppress them as the intention is.

The powers that be are mostly just ignorant fools; they don’t understand that they actually are the ones creating the problems. Firstly by making immigrants unemployed, forcing them to live in ghettoes and pity them along with tons of welfare checks. Secondly by this anti-racist politically correct righteous crap that fuels the problem.

But there’s also another side to it. You see immigrants are to a large degree dependent on government, so they will vote for governments that give them stuff. In essence immigrants are voting cattle, mostly for the lefties.

As a libertarian I am for open borders. I see no problem whatsoever in people moving in or out. I don’t care if people around me are blacks, Hispanic or Muslims.

Why would I?

What I do care about however is that people obey the law and shouldn’t get any preferential treatment. Move or flee wherever you want, but do it on your own accord. From me you would get no welfare checks, not a single government job, no language courses and in exchange I demand that you obey the law, do what you can to fit in and learn the language on your own.

You can dance the cha-cha, play the dreidel song or go around mumbling Allah Akbar all day if you want, just don’t expect me to change my life or adjust to your ways. If you come to my country, you’re mine and my countrymen’s guest and I aspect you to act accordingly.

I’ve lived in four countries so far and I have never expected anything else from myself and as far as I can tell most immigrants coming to a foreign country have the same state of mind. But then in steps government...

As usual government and the righteous elitists are creating and worsening the problems, if you really want to eliminate racism; eliminate those groups.

Had a job interview today…

Some people shouldn’t interview others for jobs. They should let HR people or someone that actually know what they are doing handle it. Not like this…

You are fluent in Swedish?

Yes, I am, being Swedish and all…

So you speak and write Swedish on a native level?

Uh? Yes, I am Swedish and have worked for Swedish companies and with Swedish costumers.

So you would say your Swedish is proficient to handle costumers?


Have you worked with Swedish or Nordic Costumers before?

... Happily there are no ways of strangling someone over the phone…