Sunday, March 15, 2009

Speaking of the unexplained…

Sadly the Art Student, whom pretended to be mad and got herself committed to a mental ward and tried to bite the employees at that institution, is going to be trialed. This little art experiment paid for by the taxpayers is one of the best things that ever happened in Sweden because it got people thinking about their tax money and what it actually pays for. So I’m truly, honestly, hoping she get acquitted and free to pull more of similar stunts. Maybe even run for government. There are lots of political parties that could use someone with her talents. You know someone that waste far less money than they do. She can teach them about economy and ethics. And she has already been to the parliame… I mean the asylum. She would fit right in.

I discovered a UFO*

Something very strange happen this morning when I read today’s paper from Sweden online. It cannot be explained, at least not from someone without a degree in psychology, but I do think the truth is out there. What I noticed gave me chills down my spine and I could hear the starting music from ‘the twilight zone’ playing in my head. Some journalist had started a blog about huhuhu UFO:s and the “unexplained”. He says in the first entry in the blog that he’s going to focus on the unexpected, the unknown and what we think is impossible. He also mention, in passing, that there is a lot of hoax’s out there and that we need to do our homework to know what we are talking about.

I have here some unexplained questions for you to answer:

1) Why is a chairman for the national organization of UFO-Sweden writing this? Shouldn’t it be a chemist or a physicist?

2) How come 99% of the world’s population believes that government can give them things?

3) And why are 99% of the world’s population stupid morons?

4) What is that brown stuff that seems to come out of Uranus and have that strange smell of sensationalism that seems to be a way to catch more idiotic readers to an ever declining newspaper?

*Like the nerd I am, I should point out that I love shows like Firefly, the x-files and Dark Angel. However, I also know they are fiction meant to tell a story, not documentaries.

The world is going to end

“I’m seeing the world move together at a speed and on a scale without precedent in modern times”.

/ US treasury secretary, Tim Geithner
(he said and meant this in a positive way, which makes it incredibly funny)

A bit chilly? Jump into the oven!

One working man in Sweden thought it kind of cold in February so he asked his friend he couldn’t take a ride on the transport line into one of the ovens. The friend said no, I don’t know why. But this is a persistent man and thus he jumped on top of a plank going thru the oven. In the middle of the oven however the machine stopped, couldn’t handle the extra weight. By some heroic effort from the friend, who had so strangely turned down the earlier request, he could be saved.

And now comes the fun part. The Swedish Work Environment Authority has decided that the friend should go to debriefings and have some health discussions to cope with this trauma. The company in question is also being put under scrutiny and needs to do a risk assessment as well as a complete checkup of the company’s different crawlspaces.

This person, that lived in Sweden his whole life and never understood that it sometimes get cold, should be thrown back into the oven! Let him fry and let’s pack those ‘The Swedish Work Environment Authority’ in there too.

Don’t shoot, you get shot

A spectator in Iraq thought it kind of offensive that one player in the opposite team were about to score an equalizing goal in a football game. So what to do? Well this spectator couldn’t take it and pulled out a weapon and shot the player in the head. I don’t know what kind of rules the Iraqi football association have when something like this occurs, will the score stand nor will the match need to be played again? Well, actually the news doesn’t really say if the game was finished straight away.

If you are going to steal, steal lots of steel

A thief can steal lots of things, but this one stole a big piece of a train. Together with a friend Brandon Dowdy stole a locomotive and then drove it to a tavern. Apparently this guy learned about trains from computer games and simulations. When he was later picked up by the police he still had a fire extinguisher from the locomotive with him and together with some fingerprints from the scene of the crime, he is now facing some serious jail time. This was reported in South Florida Herald on Saturday.

The scum of the universe

The worst kind of ”people” – in lack of a better word – that ever existed anywhere in the universe has been at it again. Throughout the age’s kings, emperors, warlords, elected officials and other criminal elements have done some horrifying things. Tortures, burning of women, death camps, rapes, murders, slaughtering first born children, slavery and wars. All of which is nothing compeered to the prokaryotes I’m talking about. Have you ever been out in a thick and very old forest where no man has been before? If ever you are in one of those places and you turn over a rock and watch those crawling things beneath, you might get an idea about whom I’m talking. These loathsome creatures that hardly can put together a coherent sentence are the very embodiment of xenophobia, and still they work with and give out instructions to people. The once I’m talking about is of course the so called ‘experts’.

In Sweden a couple of these patronizing infestations spoke out today regarding bonus systems and the “greed” among business executives. Their solution, although not mentioned directly how, is to stop it. According to these two amebas; Elisabeth Gerle and Hans de Geer, directors and business owners have lost touch with reality and it is all about greed and growing resentments between classes of people. And they mean everyone, not just the ones looking for tax money bailouts, no every little bonus and extra wage for people working higher up in the hierarchy. This Marxist’s and smelly notion they mention in the same breath as glorifying the 50’s and 60’s in Sweden when the country, in lack of courage, still had the industry intact by hiding from the War and therefore could sell and give things to everyone around.

And you just know that pretty much any average jealous Joe out there who read this crap will nod in agreement and think that these reeking “thinkers” are right. These sorts of things are what define you as a person. Even if you think there is a point to the ramblings from these two planktons, you are still in the clear that people should get paid for their work, you are fine. But if you listen to those non-sapiens and think they are right without any extra brain activity, then you are an idiot.
‘Experts’ are the scum of the universe and you cannot get lower in the ranking of species than throwing about stupidities like these two. Journalists however like them, they propel trouble and get headlines so you, the idiot, can buy their paper and feel horrified by the ‘greed’ of executives.

Peter Schiff predictions

This is so great when you have known what really happened. This was aired 8/28/2006 before the current recession. Do you know what Peter says today? Yeah… his on my side…

When is the charade over?

Someone asked me when the apocalypse I’m seeing in the horizon hits us with full force. Well, actually he first asked me how stupid I am, if am an asylum detainee and which company that has bought me, but after that. So this is my response:

I see two possible outcomes. Neither of which is very pleasant and I need to state I prefer number two, just because it is quicker, never could stand long goodbyes.

The first probability – the likely one
People and the market haven’t really figured out yet what deep shit we actually are standing in. And as long as politicians and I-know-it-all-idiots around this globe can keep people in the dark, the real panic can be postponed. And the increasing production of money (the paper/pennies that is, not the value) together with chronically borrowing can actually push the real crisis a year or several into the future. This because you, the people, are too stupid to realize what’s going on and you will keep working despite being extra taxed without you knowing it. In addition there are still those that insists on inventing stuff to increase our productivity. And as long as we keep being better, faster and cheaper in making things and servicing others, there is a buffer for those in charge to nibble on. But even this cannot last forever. And with time the increasing socialism, the higher cries for protectionism and more and more people just giving up will slowly, but surely, push us further and further to the edge. It will, in the beginning, move so slow that we hardly notice it. The papers will tell us about this organization failure and that company’s bankruptcy and more and more events around the planet seem to indicate that something is wrong, but most people have jobs and even if costs have gone up some, you don’t really see the real crisis. Sound familiar? Yeah, here we stand today. The useless weasels of elected officials will keep having meetings, assuring themselves, as much as anything, that everything is okay. But slowly it keeps coming, the prices start to raise without anyone (accept those of us with brains) realizing why, more and more businesses going out, unemployment goes up, demonstrations and elections gets more and more common. Some people get killed in a small town defiling a public building and fighting with police. And so it goes on until we reach a point when people are so starved and unemployment so high that hysteria throws us in the hands of that wonderful man with oh so fantastic solutions. And what a great speaker he will be. And before you know it we are tattooing numbers on arms of people from another religion and starting wars. And with most countries having nuclear power or having the ability to get it, what fun it will be. This can take everything between 1 year to 15 years. It all depends on how many new inventions we come up with and how stupid you really are.

The second probability – the preferred one
In this scenario everything is about the same as in the first one, the difference being some events will trigger a faster decline. Let’s say Microsoft goes out of business, a war starts between India and Pakistan, protectionism increases all over the world, and famine brakes out in Brazil and the Chinese get a civil war. If things like this happen during a shorter amount of time, things will move much quicker than in the first ending above. The outcome will be the same, but it will take less time.

But can’t we do anything about it?
Yes of course we can, but you don’t want to know about it, so Im not going to tell you. Idiot.

Just legalize it

Finally the drogwars in Mexico is getting deserved attention in European media. Drugs being outlawed means higher costs which means higher revenue because people will not stop taking drugs. The illegality also means that supermarkets and convenient stores that normally would sell drugs to cheaper prices and under the scrutiny of the market cant. So the only ones giving people want they want is druglords and mafia which in turn means that drugs comes with an higher risk and you cannot really know what you are buying. As consequents of this people will commit more crimes to found their habits and the mafia who earns bundles of cash will do anything to keep their profits. So people getting murdered, severed heads found here and there is a natural consequent of the laws. Nothing strange about it, that’s how it works and still people becomes upset and don’t know why this is happening. Morons.

If you outlaw something people want, the only things you do is create more criminals and staggering costs for law enforcement as well as for homeowners getting brake ins all the time. Even the communist regime under our good friend Stalin figured this out when they tried to ban alcohol and failed miserably. If a totalitarian society with death camps as punishment cannot stop people from getting drugs, who can? The answer is easy, you can’t. So just legalize it already so people at least have some painkillers to buy at their local store when the worlds stubbles into darkness and despair the coming years.

The crisis hits prostitutes

Around the world prostitutes are feeling the waves of recession with lower demands of their services. And many clients also want to lower the price or try to get fewer minutes in order to cut the cost. One hooker told an American journalist that there are more and more of her clients that want 5min handjobs instead of the hour she usually charge for. It has been said that the world’s oldest profession is a recession-proof businesses so when the profitmargins decline rapidly among brothels you should take it seriously. In Prague were prostitution is big business hotel managers are urging politicians to legalize their trade to save their jobs. In Reno, Nevada, the Mustang Ranch laid off 30 percent of its staff before the turn of the year, referring to a drop in clients with money. And with fewer bucks to be spent on vacation and air tickets several Asian brothels are literary shaking in their boots.

This is something that is almost unheard of in history. Prostitution is a trade always in demand and drops with 20%-30% and sometimes 40% cannot be compared with anything on record. Together with the drop of 45% in worlds commodity export , in November 2008, compared to the year before, this might be the surest signs that the recession we are in is about to explode into a full financial crisis in the near future.

Meanwhile the printing presses are keeping the warmth up, throbbing those plates together in ecstatic rate to print money at a speed the Weimar republic would have been delighted with. Don’t kid yourself people, the fun is just getting started. Have you bought those candles and bags of popcorn yet? As I said before and are going to tell you again, you are going to need them. The lunacy is just about to go over in the next stage and now it is just a matter of time.