Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The mildest flu-year in decades?

Our loveable and sooo well educated journalists that only want what’s best for all of us keep spreading lies about the Swine Flu. There are so many facts out there that tells us that this flu is pretty much harmless, and unless a mutation happens soon we can already now, today, discard this “pandemic” and this year as one of the lest deadly flu-years ever recorded.

Again I need you all to visit Junkfood Science – a place of facts, not scaremongering.

“In reality, the pandemic H1N1 variant has proven to remain far less virulent (milder) than the seasonal flu, as evidenced in Australia and the United States. As of last week, the total number of influenza-related deaths in the United States — including from the H1N1 pandemic — have remained below epidemic levels and resulted in 2009 being the mildest flu year in more than a decade.”

Junkfood Science

The Great Leader’s mumbo jumbo

Yesterday the American president stood before congress and held a speech that was among his worst ever. Reading and watching European media one immediately realized that hardly anyone actually watched it. The whole smoke- and mirror speech can be found on YouTube, maybe our journalists should go watch it before they report? (New York Times transcript of the speech)

The president avoided making concrete commitments on some of the most contentious issues, reflecting a guiding principle of his legislative strategy: to put off the most controversial decisions until the very last moment. This is something that has been one of Obama’s betrayals of his voters since he promised that not only would every bill be fully visible on the net long before any votes been casted, everyone were to get lots of time to debate and read through every legislation. Instead the complete opposite has happen. A couple of the most controversial and important bills ever past in the US congress have not been available until the very last second, apparently the president will do the same with his health-care reform. I wonder how many parliaments and governing bodies around the world that would accept that?

One congressman, Joe Wilson from South Carolina, shouted “you lie” during Obama’s speech, which I find very mellow and kind of him. Not only is the president lying over and over again, he is willfully destroying the economy, wasting tax money by the trillions and have already indebted every child and grandchild in America for the rest of their lives. Without a doubt this Obamination is the worst president in American history, and that one can say today not even a year into his presidency.

Before the speech, a poll conducted by Associated Press and GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media found that just 42% of Americans approve of the way Obama is handling healthcare, while 52% disapprove. His approval rating is going to continue downwards since he is lying, not taking a clear stand and continues to refuse to outline the details.

The chamber, which initially backed efforts to reshape the nation's healthcare system, has become a leading critic of bills being advanced by congressional Democrats, running ads in 21 states opposing the plans.

In Europe, where all countries have some sort of universal coverage in regards to healthcare, the discussion becomes a bit strange. Firstly the media and lefties want us to believe that those 45 million or so uninsured US citizens are dying on the streets, which is just ridiculous. Out of those uninsured many don’t want it, they can pay, but don’t want to or need to. And it’s not that they don’t get public founded help when really needed, they do. So any scary exceptions and those few people that have fallen between the cracks are hardly a reason to change things for those 300 million people that is very happy with their healthcare.

Looking at Europe we have waiting lines, some countries cannot, or will not, perform certain operations, and the same scary examples can be found over here with grandmas dying waiting for the doctor or people not getting the right diagnose. I have myself several examples how horribly the Swedish and UK system works. No system is perfect in this regard, but if I haft to choose between being sick and injured in Sweden/UK or in the US, I would chose US 10 times out of 10.

We have been fed lies in Europe and the horrid president is trying to sell the same lies to the American people. The tax- and healthcare revolt will continue and hopefully people will take to arms before it’s too late.

Getting censured

Anyone else noticed that critical voices very often get censured on the most common media-sites? This goes in general, not for one country or one paper.

Just laughable.

No wonder they want to restrict and control blogs and such...


On this afternoon some reporters are writing that the Swedish currency, Kronan (SEK) has reached a new high for the year against the USD. The Swedish currency dropped against the Euro, for example, but that is largely ignored. Also, today, the dollar dropped to the weakest level in almost a year against the currencies of the six major US trading partners.

Here is a newsflash for you idiots at the media; it was the dollar that weakened! Not the SEK that got stronger. And that is what you should write. In fact, with this in mind, the Krona actually got weaker! Not stronger. Morons.

I am not the only one that has been predicting the shortcomings of the USD and how it will continue to lose value the more time that passes. And people have been saying that for years, so this is not news, it’s just another reference point. As long as the Chinese, Japanese and some others still need the USD, it will keep a decent level. But as soon as other currencies or other things with value have been purchased to replace the dollar, the real fall will happen. And we are not taking about 20%-30% lower levels against today, we are taking total annihilation. In two years from now the USD will exist no longer. What this does to equities, commodities and other things that have a strong relationship with the dollar, a child can figure that out. Say bye bye to cheap oil, these low levels of Gold and Silver values, and hello to another world.

I wonder when any of those spin-doctors at the media are going to work for a living? There are plenty of stories to “break” for the one who does…

A true American

One American that's not going to take it. I think I wanna marry her...

Our enemies put on a showcase

Apparently the power elitists are trying to sell us a notion of their differences before next year’s election in Sweden. And out comes all the troops supporting one side or the other, and journalist jump on the bandwagon helping out spreading the lies.

It appears that the opposition wants to increase taxes, no surprise there, lefties usual answer to all problems. The current mish mash of parties ruling Sweden, having lowered taxes with a couple of percent, is out meeting this “revelation” with their propaganda machine. All in all it seems like there is a difference here and this supposed dissimilarity between our “choices” is being drummed out constantly from all directions.

What is really the difference between the two sides?

They all want you to vote, they all want you to pay your taxes, they all want you to obey the law and, from above tickling down, decrees. They all want surveillance and control of citizens, albeit in different degrees. They all argue for how they are going to use the almighty power of the state to fix all problems. And none of them can do anything without your money. It’s your money that pays for their lavish lifestyle, the airplanes, and the taxi-recites. You are the one paying for every meeting, every living expense, and every campaign they have to get your vote is also on your bill. So what’s the difference again?

In addition, every things that is being done for the people, is paid by the people. Every welfare program, every subsidized company, every bail-out, all the schools, hospitals and so forth that they “give to you” you have paid for. In every election in any country at any time throughout history, the politician wanting to be elected has promised things he firstly need to steal from the people in order to give some of it back to the same people. There is no Santa or money-tree our elected frauds get gifts from, it’s you they take it from and it is to you they give some of it back. From the very second you realize this and what it truly means you will stop listening to the lies and deceit. Sadly a very few number of people understand this basic concept.

They try to persuade us that there is a difference in a couple of percentage in taxes, or that there is a huge distinction from throwing money on that project instead of the other one. Really? Is it? And even if there is a slim variation that may make you give away that vote, how about the whole power structure? Does that change? Journalists cannot be elected, company owners can’t, and the banking elite that keep stealing the little money we have left after politicians have been robbing us, remains in power even when their banks have gone “bankrupt” several times over. Economists working for the überlords say the same thing no matter who get elected. Thousands of interest-groups will continue their campaigning no matter what, and thousands of lobbyists will continue to have more power than any of us voters.

But even if you get past all mentioned above with some degree of voting-feeling, how about the fact that the European Union dictates most of what goes on today? Or how about the fact that most propositions, laws and investigations is not done by those we elect but instead is carried out by hired administrators and bureaucrats? How about the fact that the political parties are the ones choosing who will be on the ballot? And to end up on that ballot you need to cheat, steal, sleep, defraud, lie, and kiss so many asses your lips will turn blue. Or what about the fact that not a single government in Swedish history (maybe with the exception during WW II) have had a majority of the people behind them? They don’t tell you that in school, but it’s true, check the numbers for yourself.

And if we look at the current administration they have a SEK 200 billion deficit, slightly lower taxes then before and have imposed the worst fascist laws ever seen in Swedish history. And the “alternative” wants to increase taxes slightly, run a similar deficit and continue (some minor changes) with the fascist laws. So what’s the difference again? Some slightly higher social welfare check versus a slightly lower tax? Please.

It’s all a scam, it’s a theatre and no matter who ends up as “winners” you, the ordinary man, is the loser. It’s like going around chairs and when that music stops the power elite finds plenty of seats while you are tied down in the corner not being allowed to play.

It’s a showcase that will gain momentum the closer to election we get. And by then we will hear that utter stupidity of “he, who does not vote, should not complain”. Trying to make you feel quilt because some fuzzy wuzzies in other countries have even worse rulers and cannot elect other rulers. There are different degrees of hell, that much is true, but if you get tortured with electric appliances or by someone pouring water over your face isn’t really a choice.

So I urge you all to not vote, and if you absolutely need to, pick some outsider that at least, temporarily, can shake things up a bit. Those pirates are kind of fun for instance and at least the pirates oppose the pure fascism the current government loves so much.

Again very bad news becomes positive

With the headline “New orders for Swedish industry up in July” our enemies continues to spread crap around. We are being told that New orders for the last three months (May-July) increased by 4.4 percent compared to the preceding three months (February-April).

Let’s ignore the fact that New orders for July 2009 decreased by 16.5 percent compared to July 2008, which they actually mention. Instead let’s look at another fun little side-note they also mention in the report, but I have yet to see it in Newspapers: “The increase of 4.4 percent for the last three months compared to the preceding three months reflected a 0.7 percent decrease in the domestic market and a 9.1 percent increase in the export market.” How interesting, and what does this tell you about the state of the Swedish economy?

But this little excursion into facts does not really say that much, orders goes up and down. To really get a full grip of the situation we need to look at other things going on simultaneously.

The same institute, Statistics Sweden, realized the Activity Index today 2009-09-09, which measures the activity in the Swedish economy, and it decreased in July 2009. The trend decreased 0.4 percent compared to June, which corresponds to an annual rate of almost -4.6 percent.

And yesterday they said that the Swedish service production decreased by 5.0 percent in volume and working day adjusted figures in July 2009 compared with July 2008.
At the same time unemployment is going up, interest rates are kept very low so despite much less purchasing power, idiots still are buying stuff, mainly housing which has seen an increase in prices, further getting into debt.

If you put all this together with the state deficit of SEK 200 billion, a very shaky world comes to economics, and several key factors like the possibility of a defaulting USD, what picture do you get in your head? Are things looking better? Are we seeing “green shoots”?

There is enough information out there; he who doesn’t prepare deserves whatever he gets.