Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The very essence of government

When it comes to the topic of government there are only three sorts of people. The ones that understand who make up a small minority, the ones that have decent suspicion against government but have no problem using government to fulfill some Napoleonic or Hitleresque dream, and finally the ones that understand nothing and make up a majority of people on this planet.

Do you know what entity is the only one capable to start and wage wars? It is the same entity that always, alone, has had this ability. No collection of merchants, no families, and no organisation has ever had this power. Only government. That alone should get you thinking.

However this isn’t about the big stuff. War, pestilence, famine and other fun things can all be traced back to government, but this isn’t about that.

Ever wanted government to save you? Maybe use government to impose some restriction? Or maybe you have a religious or moral idea you like others to follow?

If you don’t like smokers, you’re getting a fistful of anti-policies aren’t you? Remember how that got started?

The voodoo priesthood gathered “facts” that told us that smoking kills and after a bunch of information campaigns, several parent groups rallying and a large portion of righteous propaganda we started to impose taxation, age restrictions and so on.

So far, so good. Smoking isn’t good for you, so maybe this was a nice way to go.

But those groups that got started didn’t die out, in fact they grew and before we knew it more showed up. And when this happened the righteous elite picked up the scent. There was money to collect, votes to win, and a moral high ground to occupy. Suddenly politicians started to compete to be numbero uno anti-smoker. The few that started to warn that things were getting to get out of hand and that privacy shouldn’t be overstepped got labeled as horrible pro-cancer thugs that wanted to hurt chiiildreeeen. If you’re against smoking bans obviously a tobacco company has bought you, or you’re just outright evil.

Perhaps you could also excuse this step. Politian’s are opportunists, parents only want to look after their young, and tobacco can be bad for you…

Next they started to talk about banning smoking at bars. Only talking at first. Most people probably didn’t notice or thought that that cannot happen. But smoking is bad for you. And second hand smoking kills faster than any gun can. And did I mention the Children? I am not sure how children fit into the smoking-in-bars scenario but they did, somehow. No-smoking signs can today be found everywhere. If you happen to be a smoker you are really hunted today and you are regarded as that gooey stuff that sometimes get stuck under the shoe.

I probably don’t need to go on, but I will.

Because now I will tell you what comes next.

This is what comes next. Maybe you think they won’t pass such laws, but they will. And after those comes prison sentences, maybe even the death penalty. Wouldn’t surprise me. Look what they did to drugs over the years. Same thing, same procedure, same end result.

And take a look around you. Have you seen the rhetoric, taxation and groups gathering against fat people? Or how about all the hatred pouring over anorexic models? You conform, or they punish you. You become normal or you’ll be extra taxed.

See how it works?

How about taxation. Ever wondered why taxes never seem to go away once imposed? No matter what government you have, once a tax is in place it will never go away. They might lower it, increase it or change it, but they won’t abolish it. In my life, and having lived in four different countries (soon five) I have never even heard of any tax being eliminated. Have you? As said, they may change its name, lower it or increase it, but throwing it out completely? Never.

You need to understand that government is like a leech or a tick, it attaches itself to the body of freedom and feeds on the life-giving blood of that body and it won’t let go until you burn it or scrape it away with a very sharp knife.

If you hand politicians the power to do one thing, they will automatically do a second, a third, a fourth and so on. If you accept one law, thirty-two more will follow. Worse still they will adjust, change, fickle and fiddle with the original law until the law you once accepted isn’t there anymore. Don’t believe me? Check the history of any law; you’ll see that its evolution follows the exact same pattern as smoking.

That’s government. That’s how it works.

It isn’t hard to find anything dangerous or find people in need of assistance. There are a trillion and two ways to get hurt or killed. Face it, at any moment, no matter where you are, you can die. And who doesn’t need help? The poor, the old, the young, black people, immigrants, the fat, the thin, teenagers, women, North Koreans, people on welfare, drug addicts, the mentally ill, people with a broken heart, they all need help. They need support. They need laws to protect them. They need government.

This is how it works.

As long as the righteous feel that there is unfair dealings, inequality and out of the norm people roaming around in this world government will always be there to hand you the solution. And it’s a simple solution. Hand over your life, your money and your very soul and government will fix it. Government is a universal fix-it machine.

You haft to understand this; if you offer government your left hand, they will gnaw off the entire arm and then they will take the right arm. There really is a cross-road, and there really is a deal to make, but unlike the legend the demon will not give you something good in exchange for your soul, it will only hand you bad healthcare, horrible schools and more wars, and then, then it will devour your soul.

That’s government.

It doesn’t matter what virtuous idea is behind it, it doesn’t matter how morally superior you think you are, the end result, whenever you turn to government to fix it, will always, without exception, be much, much worse than if you just let the thing be.