Friday, December 28, 2012

Predictions for 2013

As a self-pronounced oracle, justifiably so if you read my previous ramblings, I hereby announce a few prediction for 2013.

2013 will be a “wow”-year, and what I mean with that is that this coming year will be the year when the realization of how deep the financial chasm really is becomes more of public knowledge. It is already underway somewhat and one or two journalists have started to mention that our troubles may just have started – but 2013 will be different in the way that this year will be the first one since the crisis started back in 2007/2008 that the mainstream view will be really negative. Also coupled with more revelations about insolvent banks, defaulting governments and crashing markets it may very well bring forth the next step of The Greatest Depression.

Not sure exactly how this will manifest itself, but it is very likely that when this crisis mentality sets in that THAT will be IT for the world economy since ´trust´ is a key factor holding this house of cards together.

I once said that the real crash would happen around spring of 2010, and stuck to that prediction because all the signs and math pointed towards such an event. However thanks to a massive increase in the death-inflation-debt-bond-derivatives-scam and thanks to bought and paid for media, it didn’t happen. Sadly so since such a crisis would already be in the finishing stages – now, today, it’s much, much worse.

It is very likely that a major event will tip over the dominos this year instead, but I am still afraid that our Great and magnificent leaders will come up with a few new schemes to keep the ball rolling for another year. Hence a slower build-up and a much more painful demise awaits.

Shootings and terrorism will continue and keep government with a constant “reason” to increase surveillance and their own power. This is, in part, the only prediction I missed last year since I was absolutely convinced that a major terrorist attack would occur. Since it did not 2013 will see such an event instead. Also the mad shootings will continue and since I managed to see both the Brevik idiot and more school shootings in my crystal ball, you might want to pay attention this time. Another couple of such big events will happen, not only in the U.S. but I definitely see something happening in UK or in Sweden for example.

Of course such events are not because of already harsh gun laws or too much government and big banks running amok while psychiatric care is underfunded and we basically throw pills at all our teens for the tiniest little ill-feeling. No, it’s the complete opposite. The argument will be that we need to ban guns even more, and we of course need more government, more banks, less money to crazies and more pills to keep people happy. More surveillance and more super computers to stalk internet users will also be key responses.

Extremists will continue to grow in numbers and power exponentially. Both communists and National socialist have seen a huge upswing lately and this will not in any way halter or stop during 2013. On the contrary extremists and anti-democratic powers will gain more and more ground and this is especially true in Europe where the EU and ECB are hell-bent on destroying the entire western world. There will not be long before the echo of huge combat boots again is heard on the streets of European capitals. Nationalism will be a big thing during 2013 and the more our leaders try the worst they will make it. Succession movements, excudus of intelligentsia, and even a build up towards civil war are things you should be aware is coming.

Communists, having the bloodlust automatically built into their deranged minds, will start to hoard weaponry and I believe it to be very likely that police will discover one or two such weapon stashes, but it is also likely that new Red terrorist organizations will be born, if they haven´t started forming already.

Of course the “feeling” and stupendously moronic notion that the so called “austerity measures” was a failed policy will fester and grow as well, and with that even more arguments and power given over to extemists who always have more to give and always can blame some elusive force such as “the rich” or “immigrants”.

The tiny minute steps in the right direction taken by a few government, such as the Swedish one, will come to a screeching halt and do a 180 towards much more of the very same that created our mess in the first place. In essence Robert Mugabe will during 2013 become our new economic hero.

Complete idiots such as Krugman and Bernanke will, despite utter failure every step of the way, be looked at more and more as saviors. At least from media and our elected frauds who will be analyzing speeches and words from such evildoers carefully.  In reality its Zimbabwe and the Great Leader Mugabe they will follow, but that is not popular to say…

The search for an easy fix will really kick off. This can manifest itself in several ways. One way is what I´ve already mentioned; finding a scape goat. It was the Jews or the Muslims or the terrorists or the hackers or the rich or those darn immigrants. If we just get rid of such people, prosperity will come back.

Another one, which I am quite happy over, will be to blame larger international entities such as the World Bank and the European Union. Of course our leaders will go the other way - ignoring the cries from the people and driving them further into the warm bloody hands of totalitarians - and talk about how much we need a bigger UN, more international agreements, more Tobin taxes, and whatever else they can conjure up to create new cushy jobs to further their careers.

A third option will of course to continue down the lunatic road and demand bigger and stronger government while taxes increase and surveillance goes into overdrive. Not helping one bit with the crisis, but giving a temporary calm and false sense of security.

Probably all of the above and more will occur and one smug salesman after the other will proclaim to have the elixir to get us out with minimal damage.

They are all lying, malevolent bastards and nothing those above say or do will fix anything, but people, desperate to believe in something, will listen and follow until they realize it didn’t change anything AND THEN; all that remains will be those funny men with long dark shadows promising bliss through nationalism, socialism and unity.

Banks and finance gurus will proclaim the death of cash and argue that credit cards and a cash-free society is the way to go and work is already on the way to make this happen. Of course this is just another step by Fractional Reserve demons to gain more profits and a lovely suggestion in the eyes of politicians that will have more power while people lose even more insight into inflationary policies and hidden taxation.

Another war is coming. It’s really a tossup between Syria and Iran at the moment, but any other country or countries can be next. Venezuela and Columbia has been rattling their swords more and more, and in Africa there are so many ongoing or bubbling conflicts it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Israel is always fun, and Pakistan and India has lots of unresolved issues.

There will be more war, not less. The U.S. especially cannot stop waging wars since the only thing keeping U.S. GDP numbers above drowning levels is military spending.

My money is still on Iran. The build up towards such a conflict has been ridiculously similar to that of before both Iraq wars and all that is needed is a tiny little excuse and millions of Iranians will die. Obama has a big penis, and he need to show it by throwing lots of phallus shaped rockets at Persian children. He need to keep his kill ratio of kids and families way above that of any amateurish shooting spree maniac, how else will he be able to win a second Nobel Peace Prize?

Oh, and finally, things will start to get more and more expensive. Those inflationary policies are now starting to get felt in many countries and things like coffee, sugar, gasoline etc will become even more expensive.  

Well, there you have a few things to look forward to; have a happy 2013!