Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No, she cannot stay

I’ve seen several bloggers and a couple of news reporters saying that the Swedish Justice Minister can stay at her post if she only retracted her statements, show a bit of shame and remorse. (Uppdate: And now she has...)

I don’t agree. She’s toast and cannot stay on her post after this, and no proclamation of repent can change that.

Throughout the years ministers have been forced out of office for not paying their TV license, having black labor force at home, and using state credit cards to pay for porno club visits. Nothing of that comes even close to this debacle.

We need to go back as far as, well… to the last Justice Minister that allowed CIA to kidnap people in Sweden and fly them to Egypt for some funny torture, to find something of similar magnitude. And even that event wasn’t pretended to be right or in accordance to the law, they tried to muzzle it away, in this case, today, we have a Justice Minister that openly and defiantly is against laws, against declarations and spits on the very fundament of western justice practice.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Swedish politician, no matter what color or ideology they belong to (communists, racists, whatever) saying that individuals who are suspected of a crime are guilty before they’ve been proven innocent. Sure some laws and action taken by authorities may have such consequences, but no-one has ever said it, and I honestly don’t think such consequences are meant to be, they come with good intentions.

The road towards hell may be paved with good intentions, but the one driving the car and pushing the pedal down to the floor while going Mwa ha-ha ha-ha has never emerged on the scene. Before now that is.

How can we say we live in a democratic society and have an impartial justice system when the head cheese herself say that a SUSPECT should be hanged out as a (guilty) pervert to his family, friends and neighbors? She has still not understood what she actually said, as far as the retraction reads. How can we ever put our trust in the fairness of the law when authorities regard us sinful and culpable before a trial-date has been set?

Do we even have a democracy anymore if we let our ministers, a justice minister in particular; openly declare that they are against everything our entire legal system is based upon?

We cannot have a Justice Minister that think in this way, say it without hesitation and seemingly still stick by it despite her recent public letter.

Maybe, in light of the imposed control-grid and how they want to bleed and forcibly restraint kids, a shift has taken place. Have we gone so far that the innocent are automatically guilty?

It would seem so since the old media is still very reluctant to bring this up and how the opposition isn’t saying much. The leftie parties should of course go out and demand a resignation, it is an open and shut case, but they don’t. And where are the lawyers, the judges and the students? Shouldn’t they take the forefront and demand that the fundament of law and justice is upheld?

Somehow the lack of reactions is even scarier than an openly autocratic Justice Minister.

The depression continues

Just like when aristocrats in France 1792 heard “off with their heads” and couldn’t believe it, our current leaders are not really up to speed.

Likewise are economists, pundits and journalists oblivious to what is going on.

You see in the world of Keynesianism and mainstream thinking two wrongs are regarded as truths.

First it is the GDP scam whereas all that matters is to keep GDP numbers up and climbing or, in the worst case scenario, laying still. This is wrong on so many levels, but maybe worst is how they think that borrowing and printing money in order to consume services and goods is always good for the economy, it keeps GDP up, surely that’s great? Nope.

Secondly they think that government intervention, control and regulations can fix problems that were created by government intervention, control and regulations.

Hardly a single politician thinks that the market (you) can handle things on its own. If banks fail, it was too few or the wrong regulations. If businesses crumble government need to step in and help. If people riot government need more control over our lives.

And so when things now look as bad as they have ever in the history of mankind, they have no answer other than the usual borrowing, printing, regulating, intervening and control. Nothing else exists.

Also they don’t really see the danger. I’ve used the Tsunami likeness several times and it is very accurate. At sea you may hardly notice a Tsunami, but comes the shoreline and whopidoda… In the same way our elected suits don’t see it, or pretend it isn’t there.

In other words it isn’t surprising to read that The People’s Party in Latvia, the largest group in a five-party coalition, walked out amid disputes over how to cope with the country’s severe problems. And the Greek debacle, that anyone with half a brain could see coming a mile away, is only another thingy that could have been avoided.

Tim Geithner, the US treasury secretary, told the House Financial Services Committee yesterday (2010-03-23) that taxpayers are likely to face "very substantial" losses from the government's takeover of home mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Who would have thought eh?

Japan issued another stimulus the other day (I don’t even count ‘em anymore) probably thinking that this time it will work. That it didn’t work the other 75 (or so) times is ignored.

The UK government with the one-eyed Scotsman at the helm is now spending over 50% of GDP, which may not sound so bad for a Swede if it wasn’t for the fact that the deficit is 12.6% and rising.

Meanwhile Portugal is starting to pull on the brake, and in Ireland all public service salaries will be cut by an average of 13.5 per cent, a fine try, but hardly enough. Spain is facing eminent danger and I would like to argue that Italy is about to collapse but somehow the Italians seem to coop as usual, at least for the time being.

In Germany 4 elderly people, the ringleader was 74y old, have been convicted to years of imprisonment for kidnapping an investor that squandered their money. This sort of thing are about to be common occurrences, just as shootings from gone postal workers.

Remember the boss-nappings in France? How about the demonstrations in Iceland, riots in Greece or that police officer in UK that knocked out a woman for carrying a orange carton during the protest last year? Well, they killed a guy too, will see much more of that as well.

Maybe all this seem a bit unreal for most of you, and I get it, you’ve been living on borrowed time for so long that you hardly understand why now would be any different than before. I referred to this post the other day, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, do so, that post from another blogger really tells you all you need to know.

And what you need to know is; the game is up.

No amount of government borrowing will save us now. They cannot print their way out of this. No regulation, intervention or fascist control-grid can save the day.

I want you to keep an eye open because when one of the big ones, it doesn’t really matter which one, really starts to fall they will all fall. The derivatives scam is global, the toxic assets are overwhelming pretty much every bank on the planet, the printing have been massive all over, and everyone is borrowing from each other and from themselves on unprecedented levels. So when one crashes it will create a domino effect and a very long depression.

Well, the depression is already here, it started over a year ago, the mainstream morons haven’t figured that out yet.

And don’t kid yourself; this will be really, really bad.

Just as before and still today, we will hear about ‘green shoots’ or they will cable out some news about new stimulus packages, or lower interest rates down even further, maybe even pay for borrowing. They will use the spin-doctors and the pundits to argue that it will be a tough a year or two, but they will fix it. China will save us. The US is the strongest nation on the planet and will make it.

It is all lies.

Until we face the music, get rid of all the toxic assets floating around and do the complete opposite of what we’re doing today, nothing will change.

The way out is to let the collapse happens and welcome it. We need a couple of years of despair wherein we can flush out the system, cut taxes, eliminate government intervention, raise interest rates and let our economies contract 10-15% for a while. We need prices to plummet down and the big banks to burn and crash.

Wouldn’t this be bad? Yes it would, but we would manage. Sure we would suffer for a while and the riots will scare the living daylights out of most of us, but that’s what needs to be done. People are resilient; they will find a way to survive, if we let them.

Our masters don’t want to hear this, they still think they can avoid such calamities, but they can’t. It is better to acknowledge our dilemma and act responsibly rather than to increase the problems while whistling a jaunty tone, but the masters of our faith will not hear about it. They are all-knowing and with just another regulation they will fix it…

Some countries, like my own birth nation Sweden, are in better shape. They can manage a year or so because they haven’t been as reckless, but that’s only temporarily. As said, this will go global and when trade becomes non-existent and all the big players are defaulting, no-one will be spared.

8 kids dead

At least eight children were slain by a man brandishing a knife outside an elementary school in the southeastern Chinese province of Fujian. The suspect, who apparently hates kids more than the Swedish government, was identified as Zheng Mingsheng, a 41-year-old unemployed doctor who was said to be depressed over personal and professional failings.

The rampage began at 7.20 a.m. as the children were waiting to go to school. According to unconfirmed reports by bloggers, the suspect was stopped by a gym teacher, a jogger and a security guard, one of whom knocked the knife out of his hand with a mop.

No-one could kill the bastard before he killed that many kids? Nope, China has strict gun-laws. I wonder if any of them, or perhaps all, could have been saved if people were carrying guns...

The victims were reported to be mostly first-graders, and at least five other children were injured.

Maybe the survivors can take some comfort in the fact that they at least don’t have Swedish Justice Minister’s laws in place? That would probably lead to accusation towards the kids of doing drugs later when they display weird behavior and so would make the police to prod the kid’s cavities and force them to leave blood to test them.

However, this is the sort of events when you like having a totalitarian regime at the helm because the Chinese authorities will deal with him quickly. He'll be executed within months, if not weeks. Although that seem to be a too easy way to go.

Someone asked me today why I didn’t like criminals to be outed; this in reference to the debacle in Sweden with a Minister that wants SUSPECTS to be revealed to their neighborhood as perverts long before any trial even has begun. And the same person implied I was being lenient towards hardened criminals and I was also a socialist…

Well, I am not, not either of those claims. A real criminal i.e. someone that has attacked, robbed, raped or in any other way forced or threatened another human shouldn’t be cuddled with. I am all for harsher punishment and some should be locked up forever. Even though I do oppose the death penalty I will not in any way cry over this Chinese murderer. In fact, I hope they take time in killing the idiot.

But there’s a difference between a real criminal with victims and a SUSPECT in a sex offence with no victim. Buying and selling sex should of course be completely legal, but even if it isn’t legal we cannot judge a person before he/she has been found guilty. And to have a Justice Minister that thinks in those terms should be relinquished from her post.

This shouldn’t even be a question for debate. Sweden’s Justice Minister should resign or get sacked. Period.

Yeah, maybe it is bad taste mixing a Minister’s fascist ideas with a murderer of kids in China, but the point has to be clear. As long as there are people out there that don’t get the most basic fundamental of a modern and democratic Justice System, this is necessary.

And the comparison with traumatic kids getting forced into investigations isn’t farfetched, that is something that will soon be a reality in Sweden. If you love your kids, get this into your head and start with the egg-throwing now.

Of course she should resign

The Swedish Prime Minister was out defending his soul-sucking Justice Minister today. Apparently her statement the other day was a mistake, just a small little wrong, could have happened to anyone…


It was a seminar, she had prepared, read up on the issue and she had a lot of time to think on what to say and don’t say. This wasn’t a drunken ramble or a toad-licking experience, she planned this carefully and she knew full well what she said and didn’t say.

And afterwards, when asked about it, the only two things she said was that she regretted the purple color on the envelops she wants to send out about innocent people and deem them as perverts for all eternity, and that it would be a good thing if the daughter of a SUSPECTED sex offender got to know what kind of father she has...

This isn’t a fluke, she had several days before the seminar to plan and when this debacle came out she had several days to retract it, or say she had the sun in her eye or something, but she didn’t.

She’s lost it, big time.

And the normally very savvy Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, the arch-politician that he is should know that going out trying to sweep this away will not and cannot work. He, as several bloggers from the same party, are trying to make this into a cat-fight since the Social Democrat shadow Minister has demanded that she resign.

They are trying to turn this around saying that Social democrats are worse, but that is a game the lefties know like experts. Socialists invented the blame game. Highly stupid playing a game you’re going to lose before it even starts.

And I can hardly see how blaming the opposition will save a Justice Minister totally out of her mind. Especially since the lefties actually are correct in their demand, and they hardly stand alone. With the exception for some ass-licking people in the same party and a very, suspiciously, quiet media it seems that most are in unison – she has to go.

It doesn’t matter if she has single-handedly cured cancer, can leap tall buildings and is in all other aspects the best person in the history of mankind.


It goes against Swedish law, against the European rights declaration and common sense. She apparently think in this way, as evidence shows - so she cannot stay. It is an affront to the entire Justice system each day she stays on her post.

She must resign - no retraction now much later and no cloak of invisibility thrown over her by the Prime Minister can change this.

But frankly, although this issue proves that the Justice Minister doesn’t believe in western justice philosophy and probably should be tested for drugs herself, I actually think that the torture-of-adolescents policy is worse.

That she wants to expose innocent and SUSPECTED individuals is horrific, but as far as I know, she was talking about adult people; although their lives would be ruined and some innocent people probably would commit suicide, they could at least fight back, sue the government, get torches and burn down the parliament or some such.

Drug testing of a minor however targets the weak, those that cannot fight back.

How can a 11y old petite girl say no to a couple of police officers forcing her to pee in a coup?

What will a 14y old boy think when he’s in restraint getting tapped for blood and has a gloved hand shoved up his ass?

And we all know that many, if not a majority of adolescents SUSPECTED for taking drugs, will be innocent.

What kind of message is that sending? What kind of future citizens will that create? And why the hell aren’t you parents out there finding a grassy knoll?

As I’ve said before, I am glad I don’t have any children because if someone, no matter who did something like this to my child I would kill him/her/them. And No, I am not kidding, and if you’re a parent and don’t feel the same I can say with absolute certainty that you DO-NOT-LOVE-YOUR-CHILD.

A two-year-old has the same IQ as me?

I’ve always done well on those IQ tests. Not really reaching over the limit to become member of Mensa, but not far off either. The last time I took an official IQ test, which was many years ago, I scored 136. Coincidently this is the same as Beatrix Townsend, 2y old from London…

With some preparations and training (yes, you can study to get a better score) I could probably get over the threshold to be a member of Mensa, but I’ve never understood the point. Besides I regard IQ tests to be as informative and as good a measure as Hitler was tall, blond and blue eyed.

Far more important is what you do with the intellect you have, no matter what the level. And people, who according to those IQ test are pretty ‘dumb’, can do marvelous things. I hardly see how a car mechanic would score high, but if your car breaks down, who would you rather have on the job, the mechanic or a 3 times Phd and member of Mensa? Could be the same person, but not very likely.

You don’t need a high IQ to paint a fantastic painting that can bring joy to thousands of people. You don’t need to score 136 or higher to throw a ball into a basket. And as we all know you can have the intellect of a post and the righteousness of an Ebola virus and still become Justice Minister in Sweden.

It never stops to amaze me how newspapers revel in these kinds of stories but still argue for mediocrity. Every day we can read headlines how socialist style ‘equality’ is the best there is, but somehow high IQ draws their attention. Why?

I get fascinated myself when some very young kid scores those kinds of marks, and what would we do without the Stephen Hawking’s of this world? But I don’t get it why lefties are so fascinated.

Is it because such high-scoring types are the ones that always bail out defaulting countries and bring in some sense after the socialist experiments have failed? Or are they only put on hit-lists for future extermination? Pol-Pot thought that intellectuals i.e. those with glasses was his enemies hence killed them all, so that hit-list scenario isn’t as farfetched as one might think.

Beatrix Townsend and The youngest ever member of Mensa in the UK, Elise Tan-Roberts should be kind of glad they don’t live in Sweden. If our current Justice Minister got her way she would test them for drugs. How else did they get so smart? And aren’t they a bit shifty or too inquisitive? Need that blood and urine from such kids. And since Miss Townsend seemingly can operate a computer as well as any teen, she’s probably liable for sharing ones and zeroes hence jailable.

Just imagine a very smart 2y old operating a computer that has been used to download the latest Winnie the Poe movie and that girl happen to stumble upon an escort service site. She would then be outed as a sex buyer to her entire neighborhood, get drug tested against her and her parents will, and get a huge fine for sharing information online.

That’s Sweden 2010.

Not that UK is much better, I’m just saying…

I know this last scenario isn’t very likely to happen, not even if Bea of Sweden got her way, but it isn’t very far off either, and that should scare you.

Swedish students are having fun

A Swedish student?

Umeå University in northern Sweden has a student union that is now fighting accusations of sexism after a raucous dinner party organized by business students last weekend.

Girls posing in their underwear, a student licking chocolate sauce from a a girl's body and pole dancing were just some of the vivid images that have emerged from a dinner party organized for male students.

Well, I’ve seen worse things in my student days and the only thing I haft to say about it is that I hope that the females organize something similar with male strippers etc. That is actually how it usually goes, something media refuse to write about. ‘Quid pro quo’ - usually one part of the union or a certain collection of students hire or bring in girls/boys from another and then they switch.

However, I hope Sweden’s Justice Mentalist isn’t reading about this. Lots of letters to be sent out, lots of suspects to be outed by name, age, address and phone number in this mess. And maybe there were drugs involved? She needs to send in the cops to do proper anal cavity searches and after that she can lock them all up. Oh, and she don’t have a degree herself, need to punish those smarter than her. Can get messy(ier).

Google tells China to stick it

The socialist dictatorship in China cannot win them all. After forced labor, currency manipulations and unbelievable lying about their GDP have propelled China into some kind of leadership status they seemingly can get away with most things.

The Tibetan issue is non-existent, Falu Gong people are still getting killed and labor camps are still erected alongside big Ghost towns no-one lives in.

China is still a very poor country with a hundred million people living on the edge to starvation. But somehow this leftie totalitarian state nowadays is lifted up. Their GDP is growing, wow; let’s forget about the dictatorship, the murders and all the lying. GDP is going up, glory halleluiah!

That most of that GDP is air, a scam, a big hoax and that the rest of that growth is based on slavery, currency manipulation and massive stimuli from countries (and China itself) in order to buy crap from China, is ignored.

Google have said they are not going to censur their search engine anymore, which makes the Chinese lefties a tad upset.

But wait, can’t you hear it? Governments all over the world are upset too. Their dreamy fascist future with FRA, IPRED and other nightmares may be in jeopardy if Google and others can say no. How horrible. I wonder if they have some idea how to bring privateers like Google under control?

Well, in Sweden all we need is to keep our current Justice Mentalist. She has no problem accusing innocent people for crimes, locking up people for sharing information or forcing needles into very young kids. Google poses no challenge for such a fascist.