Friday, January 22, 2010

Buy one politician, get two thousand for free

A lot of people have been rattled in Sweden because apparently the opposition leader and the Prime Mentalist have both been shopping expensive accessories. Oh, and so because of this the world is coming to an end.

You might think I would jump all over such lavish spending - isn’t this a sign on how detached the elitists are? Aren’t they living on tax payer money? But I actually don’t care that much. Most of the stuff people are arguing about was ugly tasteless things, which is how far my concern goes. The elitists have bad taste, what else is new?

Instead I do care about the rittle-rattle of the printing press, the hundreds of billions they’ve handed over to the banks, the deficit, the housing bubble and unemployment numbers.

If you want to hang our officials over their personal taste in jewelry or because someone bought a handbag that could have feed a hundred hungry Haitians, by all means, go ahead. I think it is good that people are spitting at our elitists scums, no matter what the reason. But if you really want something to be concerned about this is not really it. It’s rather a distraction – ‘look at what I bought with my left hand while I steal two hundred billion from you with my right hand and hand it over to the rich and powerful’.

These people are murdering people daily, they are stealing you money while they tell you what to think, eat, drink, drive, and smoke. While they are out saying they want to help the common man, they pick his pockets and send his money to banksters and other elitists. And don’t get me started with the internet regulatory fascist crap they love so much.

This are the things you should be worried about.

But hey as mentioned - if a handbag and some trinkets get you to lay down on that grassy knoll, by all means, I applaud you.

110 000+ unnecessary deaths

Haitian officials have confirmed that the death toll from the January 12 earthquake now stands at over 110,000, with 193,000 more people wounded and another 609,000 forced into temporary shelters.

What if the same earthquake would have hit a developed less socialist country like the US or Sweden? How many dead would it then have been? Some hundreds, a couple of thousands maybe? And looking at that alternate reality there would be very little need for catastrophe help, hospitals would have been able to take care of and save many more, more houses would have managed to make it through the quake and there would be food and water to help most without outside help.

And if Haiti would have embraced true capitalism and real freedom, they would more than likely been able to help themselves in addition to sending blankets to a million homeless people in America and send money to a defaulting Greece.

You see this is the real problem, not the earthquake. Haiti is a very poor, underdeveloped third world country because they’ve been living with fascist rulers imposing socialist’s ways of living.

If we really wanted to help these people, we would send a package consisting of a Gun with lots of amo, a couple of instruction manuals, a fishing rod, a bag of seeds, some tools, introduction to what capitalism is and a sign that reads ‘this is the last time you’re getting our help’.

Oh, protect us thou magnificent Gorgon you

UK's terror threat level has been raised from substantial to severe they have told us.

Oh this could be bad.

Well, not this semi- made-up threat, oh no, I’m talking about the one-eyed scot who runs the country and his army of twits. They’ve just been waiting for something like this. Talking about making mo’V’ies come to life... All they need now is to ‘catch’ some Allah worshiper walking down the street with too squeaky shoes and the stage is set.

The Prime Mentalist in question said earlier this week that:

“The first and most important duty of government is the protection and security of the British people”

Oh oh, huhu… And now this level of ‘severe’. Spooky isn’t it? Almost as if the Gorgon knew something was coming.

He also hissed;

“I would urge the public to remain vigilant and carry on reporting suspicious events to the appropriate authorities and to support the police and security services in their continuing efforts to discover, track and disrupt terrorist activity.”

Nice little way of turning the whole country into tattletales, don’t you think? Turn in your grandma and win a £15 voucher from Tesco.

I’m not saying they don’t have a valid reason for this, they probably do, murdering tens of thousands of Muslims will sooner or later lead to some kind of negativity. However, declining opinion polls and the evilness in the Gorgons one good eye shouldn’t be ignored either.

And as I’ve said before, as soon as this scare reaches higher levels with the new airport security thingies, total surveillance of all traffic, flight-bans for certain undesirables and so on, we’ll see a decline in travels which means a decline in trade and communication and that in turn leads to a worsening situation comes to the economy. All the empires and countries that have fallen throughout history have gone through the about same design and loosing traffic and travel is always one of the first really bad signs.

The terrorists are winning, and they don’t even need to do anything.

So will there be a terrorist attack in Britain? Probably, I’ve already predicted as much, but I find it more likely that some other seemingly harmless country will be struck first. If we listen to the conspiracists London is a prime target with Big Ben blowing up, but who listen to conspiracists?

The Chinese scam

I’ve gone through GDP calculations many times in this blog but I think it is time to do that once more. Why? Because of China. China is, together with the insane spending-spree of all nations, the main driving force behind the supposed recovery. Partly thanks to the Chinese buying stuff Japanese GDP and German GDP went into plus.

Although true that China is doing better than many other countries, but how much of it is really real?

Let’s resume some of the facts.

China is a totalitarian country albeit so, so free comes to the economy and certain expects of everyday life, the government still completely resides over economic data and make most of the planning. The government also owns several large corporations within the building and banking sectors, which are the main sectors within any GDP calculation. In other words the Chinese have the means to fiddle with the numbers pretty much as they please.

Yes, there are outside firms, other governments, the IMF and many others keeping a close eye on things so any manipulations cannot be over the hill - that would be exposed. Assuming of course that there’s no conspiracy or other factors making any outside observers complacent.

They could, with this in mind, add or subtract a couple of percentage but not much more.

But why would they?

Well, why would any government hide real growth numbers? They all do you know, all of them. And when I say ‘all of them’, I really do mean that.

There’s power in showing good numbers. More investments will likely follow, people (even the poorer ones) feel more secure and get a sense of a bright future and we cannot overlook the psychological power of positive thinking. A government showing improvement in the economy is far less likely to be replaced, or in the Chinese case, overrun by upheavals. And lastly they can point fingers at others saying how good they are which all in all gives them leverage in any negotiations. Economic power is just as good as any standing army.

So there are many good reasons for the elite to show good GDP numbers.

But as said, the couple of percentage they could manipulate will not really do it. In order to reach real heights and really slap the fingers of others around the globe more is needed.

Believe it or not, but here comes the easy part.

Any economist or really anyone with the slightest understanding of GDP calculations can increase the growth at any given time with tens of percent. The problem is that such action would only be very temporary so in order to keep it low-key you cannot go that far, but a couple, maybe four fem percent wouldn’t be a problem, at least not until several years or even a decade have passed. And if you attract new investments and achieve some real growth during that time you can expand the scam for many more years.

This is what the Chinese have been doing. Well, your government does it too, but probably at a lower rate or in another way.

Let me shortly explain.

If a Typhoon hits the Chinese cost it will most likely be beneficial for GDP. They need clean-up crews picking up debris; they need hospitals working harder, new buildings need to be built, new cars to be bought, insurance companies will pay out lots of money, banks lend to clients who have lost their homes, and so on and so on. The same goes for snowstorms, tornadoes etc. All in all, most, of not all, natural disasters are good for GDP.

But government cannot sit around waiting for such events, they need to go out and create their own growth. This they can do in a million different ways. They can tear up roads and build new ones, they can expand the military and build more nuclear weapons, and they can have people digging holes in the ground or collecting pinecones. Any activity within the economy CAN be used to increase GDP.

How many hundreds of billions don’t you think this town costs?

You haft to realize that the Chinese government is not only governing a large country with a very diverse populace, they are also facing huge wage dissimilarities (not good in the socialist world) where a large portion of the populace is still in deep poverty. In addition to this China has a problem with fresh water supplies and has very little oil. They are facing overpopulation problems in some areas and the complete opposite on others. They also have conflicts within and then not only the Tibetan situation. Independent surveyors have calculated that there were as much as 70 000 larger disturbances and riots during 2009 alone. Generally speaking, if it wasn’t for the economy growing, the problems may very well lead to civil unrest or even worse.

So when we are hearing about the Chinese miracle or our journalists tell us how great china is, take that news with a large shipment filled with salt. I’m not saying China is in big trouble, they are still moving alone despite the continuing fraud with GDP, but they do have their problems and sooner or later the bill for all this over excessive spending will be up for payment.

Many pundits argue that China will continue to grow and become the world’s leading power very soon, and although that may be true, I hardly see how it can last. Up like a sun, and down like a drunken Gordon Brown.

So is it a giant Chinese bubble? Oh hell yeah, but not any worse than much of the rest of the crap that is going on. They will crash and burn with the rest of us.

How Obama rule

Is it a coincidence that the warmongering super spending Pick-Pocket in chief announces harsher rules comes to banks and financial firms at the same time as Goldman Sachs shows one of the biggest profits ever seen on Wall Street?

Well, let’s look at some of the facts shall we.

Timothy Geithner, the US treasury secretary, is one of those behind the plot to save the bank of AIG, and one of those behind letting Lehman Brothers go out of business. This wasn’t strange or had anything to do making tough choices; it was pure greed-calculations, nothing else. Look at the people in the Obama administration, its pure Wall Street and do you know from what firm these lobbyists mainly come? Goldman Sachs. How about that?

Henry Paulsen, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, was the one that decided to let Bern Stearns fail, a major competitor of Goldman Sachs. Lloyd Blankfein, Chief executive of Goldman Sachs, together with Henry Paulsen then decided to bail-out AIG for $85bn, the biggest payout of $12.9bn from AIG after this bail-out went to… *drum roll*… Goldman Sachs! And this just a couple of days after the same people deciding to not bail-out Lehman Brothers, the biggest competitor of Goldman Sachs…

Steven Friedman, former chairman Goldman Sachs, now at Federal Reserve, had the task of overseeing Goldman Sachs. And do you know what Friedman did during his “overseeing”? He bought 52000 shares in this company he was elected to oversee, and earned $3 million in the process. Mark Paterson, Goldman Sachs lobbyist, is chief of staff of Timothy Geithner.

And the list just goes on and on!

But this scheme does not stop there, Goldman Sachs got a huge bail-out from the Government they paid back just months later, because suddenly, with less competitors and tunneled money from AIG they were making money again.

And this is just one example, there are many more and no journalists are writing or talking about it. This is theft, robbery, and systematic fraud. It’s the biggest bank-heist of all time and it makes a criminal like Bernard Madoff looking like a shoplifter.

You cannot make this stuff up, it goes beyond cartoonish. No arch-enemy of any superhero could have come up with a more sinister plan.

You might think this is bad, and it is, but the worst thing about this whole scheme isn’t the frauds or the thievery, it’s not even the fact that American taxpayers are writing the checks. The worst thing about this whole mess is that the basic faults, the very foundation of this crisis still remains.

There are still different swaps going on. Financial institutes are still buying troubled assets, exchanging defaulting housing loans and propping up each other’s stock values and this time around it’s much worse since all that money comes from the government and it’s only consistent of air. And this is why the stock market is going up! The American government has used the printing machine to bail-out their banking buddies and the banksters in turn are creating massive amounts of fictive values while the main problems still lurks behind the scene.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the US banks that have failed so far, over 140 of them by now. Every single one of those banks have been written down (sometimes with over 60%!) because there is no real value. A common practice is that people who are defaulting on their loans are still living in their homes for years because the bank will not evict them. Why? Because then they would need to write those losses down on the books!

And how many of these tricksters and fraudulent thieves are incarcerated? None of them! In the meanwhile the government is overcrowding jails with harden criminals like pot-smokers and file-sharers. To me it’s a wonder that the American people isn’t shooting officials, storming the capital and stringing up banksters on lamp-posts all along Wall Street.

So how will this next scheme work? Well, you can be sure it will benefit some banks and companies, but not others because that's the name of the game.