Thursday, March 5, 2009

buy some guns, buy some ammo, find the like-minded

Music to my ears… You just got to love this beautiful thing. Let’s do the same people and also remember to buy that popcorn. Even if you are not in the mayhem, you can still watch it and what does it better then popcorn?

Fantastically funny

A socialistic newspaper in Sweden are giving the government some pointers how to decrease unemployment. This is the list:

- More people in government founded educations.
Yeah, we can spend hundreds of millions of the tax payer’s money on the tax payers so they become more aware of what’s going on. I’m guessing that these educational things are about learning how the rich live on the poor and how government spending can save us from government spending.

- Extra money (or subsidiaries) for buying environmentally friendly cars.
Yes! A great idea, let’s spend tax money on making useless cars more affordable to those idiots that believes that man are the cause of global warming.

- Extra money to trash old cars.
Oh yeah, this will bring in lots of new jobs destroying old things. Why didn’t anyone else think of this? There are lots of old things out there like retired people and socialism. Let’s get rid of those to make Sweden wealthier…

- Lower the taxes for retired people.
Actually not so stupid, people that already have payed taxes their whole life will pay less tax on the money they are getting back that they already payed tax for? Oh… almost doable…

- Increase the welfare program for housing for retired people
Sounds like a theme to help the elderly don’t it?

- Higher unemployment payouts
All right, can tax money be better spent then on people who are too stupid to get job so they can sit at home watching TV? People not working getting more free stuff so we can stop the financial crisis? Great idea.

- More government spending on housing
Yeah, let’s throw some more money on those houses no one wants to live in and repair those socialist housing programs so we can get more ghettos.

- Spend billions on roads and railroads
Because no one else but politicians know how to build roads and infrastructure!

This is pretty much the most stupid list you can think of. Well maybe we can throw in some anti refugee laws and heighten taxes for small businesses, but otherwise, great suggestions! These are all excellent things to decide whether or not you are a stupid person. If you buy this crap, you are an idiot. Maybe we can add a “stupidity clause” so more tax money can go out to those who believe in fairytales?

People still don’t want to pay?

Okay, if you idiots still don’t want to pay for a marriage between idiots living on your money, how about this; Put CSN to rest! CSN (freely translated into: Central student nutjobs) which is a government plot to let students borrow money from the tax payers in order to get fine educations like being a Doctor in feminism or getting pretty titles like “governmental stooge” is a terrible machine of idiocy. If you call them you need to wait for hrs, if you need their help they will refer you around until you go crazy and they cost billions upon billions. All in the name of stupidity. So if we cut this foolishness down we can pay for hundreds of royal weddings and still have money over to get drunk. I think this is a great idea. Every person in Sweden can get drunk and we can pay for the princess wedding, at the same time! I mean, does it get any better?

New bears to be snuffed

Well apparently some new little cute cuddly baby bears have been born in Sweden. I don’t know what the positivism is about, more things that can kill us out there? We should be massacring them, not “ahhh..” ing them. I suggest we issue a standing killing order for everything that moves and have teeth. Things that can harm us are things that are in the way. I hear that the gas chamber is pretty nice way to go, let’s put these adorable little things in one of those and turn on the mayhem.