Tuesday, September 11, 2012

United psychosis federation of Europeans


The former Maoist José Manuel Barroso said today that Europe needs a true political and financial union – a federation. This, he claimed, is the solution to defaulting economies and a final solution to pesky inhabitants seeing problems.

We need more bureaucracy, more unity through strength, more faith to unite and above all; we need more central planning.

A shock to hear, isn´t it?

The only surprising part of his apparent Übermensch perspective, was that he didn’t take it further. But then again, European totalitarians working their magic can be found everywhere. Conform, listen, obey, move ahead with your eyes looking down and all will be well.

Our rapid decline is getting worse by the minute but all of that causing our problems will surely also fix them, don´t you think?

If Europe is not bogged down in civil wars and wars between countries a couple of years from now I will eat my laptop, and if those in charge don´t continue to argue that we need more centralization and more politics - even when people are dying by the tens of thousands - I will eat my microwave as a desert. And if those of us opposing and fighting the system aren´t labeled “terrorists extremists” I will pour crushed glass over my appliances while eating… 

Obomney leads over Mittbama while U.S. is crashing

Apparently Goldman Sachs puppet #1, the Obamination, is in a pretty good lead over Goldman Sacks puppet #2, Mittens-ney.

Not very surprising since a large portion of voters poured all their heart and hope into the only real politician left, Ron Paul, and when he and his followers were bullied, cheated and shoveled aside by the elitist sphere they refuse to vote for any of the two remaining comrades.

For Mittbama this means a loss of several percentages and consequently a lift for Oduma.

Furthermore there is a big portion of neutral and undecided voters and among them looking at the two cloned candidates were one is a rich warmongering Mormon who flip-flopp at every turn, it is not hard to see why they rather keep the current Kenyan flip-flopping warmonger. 
We don´t really know who the banksters want as President yet, presumably they want to keep their current puppet – its slightly easier than to break in a new one – but regardless grading institutes are starting to, once again, look at downgrading the land of the serfs and home of the foreclosed.

Consequently we´re looking at QE3 very soon - Look at this market levitate! All hail the Bernak!

Also the Great Leaders of the police State will be looking to conjure up a new distraction – war with Iran coming soon?

For you Americans out there, this is your last x-mas of decent pleasure. Try to enjoy it as much as possible because there will be no happy endings after 2012, its all downhill from here. 

Bankster paradise – we steal from you

Correct me if i'm wrong, but these people almost sound human, are they drunk?

And remember;  total debt +interest rates > money supply 

I.e. the debts can never be repaid!!!

And Remember; inflation is created by these banks via political decisions. That’s the only way inflation can be created – there is no other way. 

In other words; As long as the system is not changed, inflation can never be stopped and debts will continue to rise until they implode.

 This truly is a bankster paradise and it’s all curtsey of government and packaged and sold by journalists and pundits. 

Good luck you slave you, you sure gonna need it.