Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How the world ends

As 2011 comes to an end I cannot help looking back to the past decade that saw a convergence of events leading up to our current predicament. The Greatest Depression - no longer just assured, it also increases in strength and length for each day that passes.

Although we´ve seen a rude awakening lately whereas media have started to sound a bit sceptical about our future, and politicians have started to warn slightly about another recession, banksters are again calling for more cheap credits, and pundits say its correct to lower interest rates and print money to curve the downward spiral, it’s not nearly enough and the real crisis mentality has yet to set in.

Even our friendly neighbourhood tin-foil hats and most of the ones who did predict this shit storm are way too optimistic.

To see where this is going you haft to remember history and realise that never before have the human world been in this much trouble.

Remember history you should because think about it; what has happen before in times of great upheaval? Think about how the conquistadors and colonization changed the Americas, think about how the Mongols swept Asia and Eastern Europe. Think about the black death, the fall of Rome, the minor depression in the 30´s and what that led up to. Think about the American and French revolutions. Consider what these events brought forth and how they changed the world.

And when you have given those events a thought; bunch them all together and add nukes to the equation and then you basically have the coming years laid out for you.

You need to understand that it’s not only a financial collapse of massive proportions, it’s not just hyperinflation, it’s not only the Orwellian surveillance society, it’s not only Al Gore, the wars, famine or terrorism. Its all of it, and its everywhere. There´s no country to run to, there is nowhere to hide. And what used to be a shining beacon of hope, the U.S of A, is about to crash down into successions, fascist dictatorship and very possibly civil war.

I cannot tell you the exact details or who, what or when but I can tell you this:

Will there be more wars? YES

Will there be more terrorist attacks? YES

Will there be more mad shooting sprees? YES

Will we enter The Greatest economic depression of all time? YES

Will we see hyperinflation? YES

Will the World change forever? YES

Will tens of millions die from starvation? YES

Above I see as absolute certainties now. How long this will drag on, if it will roll over into WW III and what the end result will be is actually up to you. If you don´t realise what happen, why it happen and how to fix it I cannot see the end of it. The sheople has to wake up, otherwise we´re talking decades of totalitarianism, war and famine. And since most seem to be idiots and being all too happy with living in serfdom...

The most optimistic future is also a very bleak one. In the scenario whereas our great leaders actually slightly change their ways, people slightly wake up and we take a turn for the better, in that scenario things still haven´t really changed.

Can we assume that the banks will stand back and accept the process of parliaments reducing budgets and if economics improve, will suddenly become honest about their reserves and resolve never again to return to risk-taking and the manipulation of fiat money and sovereigns? No.

Can we assume that politicians, eager to get re-elected, will stop promising gold and luscious fields for everyone? No.

Can we assume that people, stupefied by reality shows and decaying schools, will suddenly see the light and reject progressive movements? No.

Can we assume that central banks will stop printing money? No

Can we assume that media suddenly becomes honest and earnest about their reporting and never lie about anything? No

So, even in the best of scenarios we will sooner rather than later, end up in the exact same situation again. For the elitist sphere this is hardly a problem since they can manipulate, steal and cheat their way into more riches and more power, but for the common man...

Happy 2012 everybody, enjoy life as long as you can.

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