Friday, September 23, 2011

Very late the sinners are awakening

No? Can it happen? Please don´t tell me so...

Sorry to be absent of late. Binge drinking, whoring, smuggling tobacco and erotic webcam sessions have occupied my time. Also there are no new news to tell really. The world is still heading off a cliff and our benevolent leaders are still lying. However there is one thing I have noticed more and more of and that is what this post is about.

Because finally the depth of our dilemma and the crisis mentality is starting to sink in.

Journalists are starting to write about our impending financial Armageddon, and the very same pundits that couldn´t predict anything and are highly responsible for the mess we´re in race to be first out on the field handing out new malicious advice, and when even politicians are warning about our near future well that´s when you know we´re in trouble.

Of course all this is way too little and waaaaaaay too late. If only these übermench would have listened years ago we would have avoided all of this, but it was far more important to lie and create artificial bubbles to get re-elected and spread the lies in order to sell papers than to think of the future.

My birth nation Sweden is actually (well, almost, they are still semi-fascist idiots) the exception that confirm the rule. My countrymen´s (I refuse to live in that horrible country) current left-leaning government is almost doing the right thing by pulling the break and arguing we have dark clouds up ahead. They get hammered for it. Actual fascist, communists, tree hugging freaks, cornflake economists and other moronic fools want to spend! Spend! And borrow and print and, of course, Spend! Even so called “right-wing” pundits are saying that the government is saving too much and need to throw money to throw on this or that.
Comes the greatest depression the current Swedish government will be vindicated and probably stand out as one of the most prudent and best governments on the planet (and remember; they are idiots!). So even if the crisis will be full blown and the world will be going up in flames during the next election, I think they will get re-elected.

But even though a slight revelation has occurred, there is still a couple of things that totally elude those deemed better. Or at least they want you to ignore it.

a) Things are a lot worse then they say. Even the worst doomsayers of the press and even the most apocalyptical know-it-all´s are way of the mark. Our economic fundamentals have never before been this bad. And you need to understand my true meaning of this word; NEVER. Not before the ´great depression´, not during the black death, not during the oil crisis of the 70´s, not during Mongol invasions, not after the fall of Rome, not during any of the world wars. NEVER. We have never been this much in debt, we have never had so many trillions of useless derivatives, we have never had the entire world collective going in the wrong direction. This time it’s truly is a global crisis and the problems are so many, and so big that my English isn´t sufficient enough. I cannot find the adjectives to describe how deeply screwed we are.

b) Since most idiots of the press, pundits and politicians alike either ignore “A” or don´t understand it, they still seem to think we can borrow, print and spend our way out of this mess. We can´t. Not only is that a faulty premise to start with (and the main reason for the collapse), but the fact is that we have already reached the end of the line. Our Masters of despair have no outs anymore. There are no remedies or magical illusions that can stop the decline. The borrowing and printing has already peaked. Interest rates are already at zero. The only thing left is to either do the right thing or wait for divine intervention, and I hardly see any God(s) coming to the rescue.

Finally, and most important; we need markets to crash; we need a depression. And we need it now. The only thing pundits on TV, cornflake economists and very scared politicians are doing is everything they can to avoid taking bad tasting medicine. That´s why they came up with the bail-outs, the stimulus packages and all the other schemes. We should have entered a depression already back in 2007/2008, but they “saved us”.

What you need to understand is that there is no avoiding it. The Greatest Depression will happen. If we had let it happen a couple of years ago we would already be out on the other side – now, today, we´re not talking about a few years of depression anymore, now we´re talking decades and it is all thanks to them “saving us”. They made things worse, not better.

This is actually the only thing sort of true mentioned in media. If we don´t keep propping up the system, if we don´t keep borrowing, printing and coming up with new schemes undreamed of, then the system will collapse. So in a sense the Keynesians, the lefties and moronic conservatives have it correct, if they don´t do those things we will enter a depression.

But you see, all they can do is postpone it, not hinder it. All they can do is worsen it, not stop it.

And the further down this darkened hellish road we go, the worse it’s going to get. We´re already looking down the abyss of absolute despair and if you let them go further life as we know it will not only change forever, it may even size to be.
They will of course do more. A few countries still have a little juice left and they will soon spit it out. But for most countries there´s only two things left; protectionism and the printing press. And so currency wars and trade wars will ensue, all while the world keep slipping into madness.

Hyperinflation in many countries is not only possible anymore, its assured.

And when it is all said and done, when total upheaval have reached our streets, unemployment continues to skyrocket, and when all seem lost; then people will lose it. As before in history most of you will listen to a smug salesman saying that the Jews, the rich, Muslims or whoever, is to blame.

Totalitarianism is fun, isn’t it?

And when all that as failed, they will pull that final rabbit out of their hat; WAR!

All because YOU refused to recognize reality and because the righteous elite continue to lie.

We are about to enter the most changeable period of time in human history and only a small handful of people, who did see this coming miles away, acknowledge it. You see, you can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality

In other words; suck it up! You deserve it!

If you want to know why this happened, what to do about it and how to never end up in this situation again (presuming that we can come out on the other side decently intact) well then you can go back and read my older posts or listen to any number of other people who have been warning about this for years. I have documentation from the late 90´s and early 00´s where I predicted EXACTLY what is going on now. So anyone saying that “no one saw this coming” is lying to you because I was in no means alone...

Now you can go back to your little pathetic life until you´ll be very angry and disillusioned and so will join up with the brown- black- red- or blue shirts to kill others just like you.


  1. Det är bögarnas fel; de har shoppat sönder allt. Sokrates var grek, minsann, och han var också homosexuell.

  2. I think I just found a new blog to follow.


    There is one silver lining: this collapse needed to happen. It was inevitable; the very DNA of Western Democracy demanded it.

    The coming storm represents an opportunity to rewrite the past few hundred years of idiocy, and learn our lessons. The question is: will we have another Dark Age, and only to rediscover History's great thinkers during a second Renaissance? Or will we be able to organize through computers and the Internet - a game changer - and rise like a Phoenix?