Friday, April 8, 2011

How they fool you – part I

we fool you

The budget stalemate that semingly gripped the U.S. ended just before a midnight deadline Friday 8th of April as four-winged congressional leaders and the Pick-Pocket in Chief agreed to a package of spending reductions to avert a federal government shutdown. Sitting in comfy chairs eating and dining on the people’s money and working soooo hard around the clock, Republican and Democratic negotiators emerged from a tense day of behind closed-door champagne and biscuits talks with a deal that would cut about $38 billion from domestic programs across America for the remaining six months of the 2011 fiscal year. The cuts are said to be $500 billion over a ten year period.

"When we say we're serious about cutting spending, we're damn serious about it," Said House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) in a comment.

For you reading this and seeing comments in newspapers or hearing what is stressed from knowitall ‘experts’ on TV-programs, this may seem like much. It may also seem like this entails draconian cuts on woman shelters and, of course, republicans got a proposition through that means that abortion clinics get less or no founding in the U.S. capital. The Obamination said that this was “painful cuts”, and pretty much everywhere you look the focus is on either the huuuuge cuts or the horrible republicans getting their way in certain areas.

The entire thing is ridiculous and is a clear and obvious illusion they are trying to sell you. And be honest with yourself, you bought this entire spectacle didn´t you?

The actual facts are kept behind the curtain, peaking out – but you don´t see them do you?

You see $500 billion over a ten year period is NOTHING. It’s a drop in the ocean, a fart in a Hurricane, its one tiny grain of sand in the Sahara’s. IF they had said $500 billion this year, $500 billion next year and/or $500 billion each year for 5-6 years to come, then we would come close to what is necessary. $500 billion over a ten year period is a joke, and a really bad one at that.

The U.S. has a debt of $14 000 billion, and it increases with about $1500 billion each year. A cut of $38 billion will not even cover the losses of April!

The actual debate between Democrats and republicans were if the public debt - excluding future promises - would increase to $15620 billion or to $15580 billion. Never seen that in the news have you?

They have fooled you again.

And did you really think that these smug tricksters would let the federal government to shut down? Pffff… if you believe that, you´re beyond help, please kill yourself now.

Media would like you to think this was a hard discussion and that the country was close to shutting down, and the soul-suckers in suits definitely wants you to believe that. That’s so stupid it’s mind-blowing. There´s no way two political entities looking for power and being totally dependent on the state would let that happen. No fuckin’ way.

It’s a show, a fantastically choreographed show with only one true purpose; to show a difference between parties and, as a consequence, show political will to do something. Media is of course eating it up and selling it to you with no other reflection than a focus on how certain people are “losers” in this budget.

The DemoPublican party wins, as always.

Even worse than not making a single cut to the budget – which they didn´t do, no matter what media is feeding you – is that they didn´t tackle the regulations and totally mad situation on the housing market, they didn´t overlook or cut in any military expenditure, they didn´t change any rules or regulations comes to the financial market, they didn´t do anything to curve inflation and the looming hyperinflationary situation. Basically the only thing they did was to come to an agreement. Nothing else.

It is imperative that you start seeing these lies for what they are, because if not we´ll not only face history’s worst economic disaster with no public knowledge, we will also when, or rather ‘if’ the situation can be resolved, you will not understand what actually needs to be done. And if you don´t understand the problem or the solution to the problem there will be only one other alternative in most peoples’ eyes: a totalitarian government.

Of course most of you are asylum refugees so I don´t expect an understanding, but do you really want to be a fool? Do you really what The Powers That Be to treat you like a retarded child? If not, at least try to see through the scam.

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