Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Madness, complete and utter madness

JPMorgan got a bail-out of $25 billion from the government despite showing huge profits before and after that additional money and then they pay those $25 billion back just a couple months later. In March JPMorgan announced plans to spend $138 million for swank corporate jets and a new hangar. Unt now JPMorgan is lending the bankrupt state of California $1.5 billion. Does anyone else smell a rotten and decapitated fish?

On a similar note General Motors (GM), near bankruptcy just months ago, saved by hundreds of billions of indebt money, announced yesterday that they plan to boost production at several of its factories because of higher sales from the government's ``cash for clunkers'' programme – you know, that temporary thingy that destroys useful cars and increase US debt.

US citizens are moving along on that high-way towards fascist hell in a car they paid for 3 times over and indebted themselves for both personally and through government. This while cities along the road are closing down to save money and other urban areas are turning into ghost towns because no work exists. The prophetic books of Ayn Rand have never shined with such clarity.

This is complete madness and it’s hard to know if one is supposed to cry or buy vodka. US is no more, only lefties hell remains.

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