Monday, May 4, 2009

Epilogue I (the end) – economic crisis summary

What about the future? What does it look like? As I have written before I can only see this ending in one out of two ways. Either the fast depression hitting us very soon or the one slowly creeping upon us. Just like ripping of a band-aid I would probably prefer the fast-hitting depression and that will probably not be as severe either since the amount of time to build all the stupidities even further becomes miniscule. I think it will be something in between, starting out slow but than gaining speed and hitting us with full force during 2010.

During all these predictions further down in this text, please remember that there are increasing protectionism and growing concerns and voices from the left side of politics demanding more and more socialism to stop the crisis those policies created. Dictators in South America together with revisionists and openly violent left groups will blame the “market” and the “rich” demanding power to the people (= dictatorship)

This will happen:

During this year another big crash/es will happen. I do not really think its going to be the stock markets. Those will come down during 2010. Instead I’m predicting a couple of more bubbles will burst. The low interest rates and the increase of money on the market suggest to me that one or several countries will follow in US steps and have a housing and real-estate crash. I’m a bit questioning about the dollar. Sure it should drop and collapse but will that really happen? Many economists thinks so, I’m not that convinced myself. I have no real rational explanation for it, more of a feeling. In either case I think the dollar also will survive 2009, during 2010 however…

We will continue to see things going up and going down. Sometimes a journalist or some evil politician will declare that the crisis is diverted. (take notice that this already have happened and that those people are almost always the ones representing a company that have done the most stupid things. SwedBank in Sweden have “experts” in papers today). Not even left-wing people will buy that crap and this summer and autumn will be a continuous downwards spiral of violence and massive demonstrations. More people will die and several of these will become martyrs of several violent action groups that will use the names as a way to fuel their anger. And keep a close eye on Hungary and Ukraine, fun things will most likely happen there. Also UK is in big trouble and this is also the most likely place were those first signs of hyperinflation will start to show.

During the end of summer and the fall many countries is going to throw even more gasoline on the fire and forms of more stimulus which also means more borrowing and more printing of money. During the same time one or two bubbles will burst which will “force” more governments/countries to follow and put together more “rescue packages”. Here we also see the first signs that those “ups” on the markets lessens and the “down” will get the upper hand.

Somewhere during this time one or several terrorist acts will come to be. I would guess some Muslim idiots will blow up a station in London and some right-wing extremists in the US will bomb some federal building. Maybe we will see even more than that. Several conspiracy buffs will as usual claim that governments are behind it and they might be right as lesser forms of marshal laws and curfews starts growing in size and become more frequent. And it wouldn’t surprise me if the new American president sees it fit to start yet another war in the Middle East. Actually I would bet money on it and with those oil prices going up and even more inflation from paying for yet another stupid war, the depression will hit even earlier and harder.

The Christmas will be pretty quiet and some of the last signs of normality will be shown. We will however se a 150-200% increase in suicides and many families will ignore buying presents which will be a sob-story in some newspapers and be a horrifying thing for mainstream idiotic economists still claiming we should spend, spend and spend. Please if you find any of these mainstream economic as-holes on your walks to find food in the future, please let a sign clearly point out were to stop and piss for the rest of us.

Somewhere around end of January or starting of February another crash will happen and from here it is really only downhill. This far I’m very sure about my predictions, but after this anything goes. Most likely several extremists and many funny parties around the world will rise to power enslaving people even further. More civil unrest and I wouldn’t rule out civil war in the US, if the dollar collapses during this time all those millions of US-soldiers all over the world will be more or less stranded. And in the mist of all this madness hyperinflation will struck and then… oh my….

Is there any hope left?

Basically no. Of course there are those who know how to fix the problems and sure there are some thousands of people in each country that understands fundamental math. Will someone listen? No, of course not. People never have before and it is hard to see why large masses suddenly should have an epiphany. Journalists will do what they always do, tell the story of the government. Business owners and entrepreneurs are in most cases in league with the power elite and those who aren’t are too few and have too little power to make a difference. Politicians are only interested in their power and even if they won’t be re-elected, nothing will change. I would argue that there is only two ways this might have a happy ending for the big majority, either that magical epiphany happens or some Aliens lands and show us the way. Both scenarios have about the same 0-percentage of happening. So the only realistic thing remaining is to do a ‘John Galt’ and/or move somewhere in order to start new and fresh.

I truly hope my worst fears are unfounded and that this somehow can be turned around in the future, at least before someone starts throwing nukes around. But if not, I know I’m going to have a lot of fun, nibbling on popcorn and watching all you headless chickens running around wondering what the hell happened and I will sit there with my sign stating those oh so funny words: “I told you so”.

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