Monday, May 4, 2009

Thatcher 30 Years After

I know most libertarians with a true approach to freedom regard this lady as a mistake and a disaster, but for me, as an UK-outsider, I cannot help remembering the Thatcher-Reagan years with some joy. In a world were despair is the norm and there is only different degrees of hell, it is easy to regard a conservative that in some cases actually reduced freedom as something good. That’s how starved on liberty and equality many of us have become. Thatcher and, in greater regard, Reagan, is two of the “greatest” leaders the western world have had, this does not make them good or something to follow. It does however say a lot of the others and about most people living in this world.

I’m keeping my thumbs crossed for a couple of revolutions. Hopefully we will get some true freedom fighters that really are great, until that time one still needs to have a half a good eye on Thatcher and her accomplishments even if she was a leftie in many regards.

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