Monday, May 4, 2009

The right of self-defense

It should be every human’s absolute right to own the right to self-defense. Governments do not allow this though and very few complain about it and for me this is very strange. Don’t you girls out there want to hold something in your hands at night which makes you much stronger than any man?
If I was you, I buy a gun no matter what the government says. If your husband, your boyfriend or a complete stranger seemingly wants to rape and/or kill you, shoot the bastard.

It is time we start claiming what’s rightfully ours; our body and our right to protect to protect it. Get protected, and screw anyone who claims you don’t have the right to protect yourself. And if any feminist comes up and says to you that this is a man’s world and you are oppressed as a woman, ask her/him about your right to protect yourself. If this feminist says it is wrong to carry guns, slap the idiot and walk away. No one who really are on your side would deny you your rights as human.

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