Monday, May 4, 2009

The story continues II – economic crisis summary

When several journalists and politicians starting to say that a minor, almost totally harmless virus, might cause the economic recuperation slowing down and hurting the worlds economy, then you know things are really really bad. These sorts of things might show decline on certain countries tourist numbers, otherwise hardly even making a dent, but now it “came at the worst time”. Another sure sign on how bad things are is that prostitution all over the world is feeling a slope never seen before (well outside Madam spanks-a-lot’s dungeon anyways..). Regarded as a pretty recession safe industry, the sex trade is facing the worst figures ever seen. Some feminists might rejoice but prostitutes need to eat too and economically speaking this is a warning you should take seriously.

Several American and British cities/communes are using their own local money instead of the national currency. Some US citizens are even using the Canadian dollar, which is unheard of before.

In the US there is a growing movements talking about secession, refusing to take governmental money and in some cases people even talk about rebellion.

Countries all over is increasing the laws, the restrictions and imposing more regulations. Most noticeable are a growing control over one of the things that might take us out of the crisis, the Internet. Apparently it is more important to control information and the populace than economic recovery.

Also government are increasing their debts; many are drastically heighten taxes or will be forced to do so in the near future. Many countries already have or are at least planning to socializing companies and/or banks, very few seemingly knowing what to do next. In other words collectivists are having the best time ever. Since the fall of the Berlin wall totalitarian forces have been waiting for something new and now it is here and it is growing exponentially. Even before the crisis it was bad (which also coused the crisis in the first place) but this economic crisis seems to have managed what the Soviet Empire never could, collectivizing the world.

All the numbers are still falling, grated they are slowing down, but they are still falling and now from a much lower position. The only thing showing some improvements now and again are the financial markets. No surprise there since they get the extra loaned and printed governmental money first.

All this might sound bad, but a couple of fun things are missing in this equation. Firstly and most funny; hyperinflation! This is a risk at the moment, and it is growing for every time any of the central banks are conjuring up more money. Still not enough to create a Zimbabwe situation, but it is not far off and if all these stimuli don’t work (which they wont) politicians will not say they have failed, oh no, they will of course do the same again and again, building and building that risk, just as Japan have done for nearly 2 decades. This money-bubble is already great but the further down this road we go, the bigger it is going to get and the bigger the bang when it bursts.
The second thing to remember is all the personal debts most of us have accumulated. During and after the great depression most common people actually didn’t have debts. There were no such thing as credit cards and mortgages were hardly an issue. So today we have not only gargantuan governmental loans, we are all personally guilty of the same reckless spending.

Can you see all the funnies piling up in a nice little dung heap? And the really hilarious thing about all this is that this is in no way the last piece of this doomsday puzzle. Things are still going in the same direction, money supply keeps growing, financial bubbles are being created during the time you read this. The only answer the enemies of us all have left is to keep doing what they have been doing, but at a higher rate and with higher speeds. This is of course complete madness and it cannot last. The only question is when this is going to burst? And then the follow up: how bad will it be and how long will this depression last?

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