Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why the world is going to end

As should be pretty obvious by this page and what I have written before, I’m completely certain that people in this world is incredibly stupid. Once upon a time I actually thought people could be convinced, talked to and reasoned with so they would start using their brains and start looking around rationally. I also thought that some political parties might help out in teaching and informing people. Both these notions were pretty idiotic, sad to say. But hey, I was young. But worst of all I actually believed that people sought to know the truth and wanted to be good to others, they were just confused, indoctrinated and tricked into believing in what governments and different socialists tells them. This is wrong. People do not want to act in regard to others and they certainly do not want others to be happy. And the truth, that’s just something that can be changed and interpret according to convenience. If it means that someone can get higher welfare with the bill going next door to the neighbor, it’s great! Fuck the neighbors. Death, carnage and massacre sound bad and most people will frown upon those sorts of things, but in reality they are busy voting for people that imposes those kinds of policies. And the ones that are “enlightened” and have a direct line to the powers that be do not want people to own guns to defend themselves against an attacker, but they have no problems using the governments death squads (Police, IRS and so on) to, if necessary, hurt, jail or even kill people that are unarmed and consequently defenseless. Every successful businessman that has created value, jobs and new products to the populace is evil. But if you have a small little woman that likes pain, takes money from dictators and robs the poor she will be made a hero and even get sainthood from the Catholic Church. Tell people the truth and they shrub and look at you like you are the idiot. Tell people fairytales about how the government can get them jobs, and they smile and think you are the bearer of great wisdom.

But I need to rectify the topic a bit, the world will not end. Our little blue planet has been around for a lot longer than us and will still be here when we are gone. The universe will not stop moving because some insignificant puny insects in the corner of one galaxy among billions of galaxies kill themselves. The world will never end, but people will. Humans will go extinct. It’s our nature. We truly hate each other. Blacks don’t like white people, Muslims don’t like Jews, Christians don’t like Muslims, feminists don’t like men, the poor hate the rich and the rich loath the poor. Japanese don’t like the Chinese, Greeks have problems with the Turks and everyone hates the French. But it does not stop with nationality or religion or even with status/class. We also hate that bitch next door, that politician that lower taxes and the politician that raises taxes. We hate people that drive to slow and too fast and if he/she also has a nicer car, we could kill them. This sizzling hatred goes around to pretty much everyone, including relatives, ex boyfriends and friends.

Overspending, more and bigger financial crises, a growing world population and the increasing socialism will lead to more wars. If the people are starving despite having a big government, they will get a bit testy, which means the government need to “bring order” hence uprisings and civil wars. And if there is nothing more to steal from the own population, governments need to look elsewhere, to other countries. There is only two ways to get rich, either you work for it or you steal it. And stealing is what the government does best. So when there is nothing more to take from their own, they will start stealing (starting wars) to claim others riches. You might think that in our day and age this will not happen, but that’s because you are an idiot.

This never ending circle of socialism, stealing, opportunism and jealousy will sooner or later lead to nuclear holocaust. We have the means to really do damage today, former rules did not. Terrorists and journalists will fuel this fire until we reach the end and really, will anyone care about it? People are stupid and these stupidities will cause our demise, sooner or later. I’m just hoping I’m alive to see it. Fun fun fun.

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