Thursday, February 12, 2009

You are going to die! – Part IIX

Smoking is a favorite past time for many people on this planet. Tobacco in all its forms causes cancer (of various kinds), it makes your health weaker and your immunesystem along with your lungs might lose some of its healthiness. The smell might offend people, your teeth might get a bit yellow and secondary smoking is a nuisance to many people, even among smokers themselves. It is one of the main causes of death in the world and if it were discovered today, you can bet all your savings on that it would be outlawed faster than anything in history. Tobacco contains some of nature’s most deadly substances’ and the health costs for societies all over the world are staggering.

Me, I hate smoking, it’s a terrible irritant and sitting in a car that someone has smoked in is one of the worse things I know of. I actually ended a relationship once because the girl in question smoked.

So what should we do about this? Nothing! Nothing what so ever. Let people smoke and do whatever they want with their own bodies. We are all going to die anyways, so why do not throw some enjoyment in the mix? And so what if you cut a couple of years of your life by smoking? You can be the healthiest person alive and you can still drop dead tomorrow. Instead the government and some healthfreeks together with those who always knows what’s best for you, are pointing their fingers, creating laws and, of course, putting tax’s on it! Moral preaching a-holes and government officials need to let you know who is really in charge of your life, body and soul. It’s not you. You cannot drive without a seat belt, you need to be in age to drink, and you cannot get buried wherever you want to, you cannot choice what curriculum your school should have and you cannot smoke without paying humongous taxes and getting warning labels all around. And still they have not outlawed the most dangerous place/thing known to man, our own homes.

So what if people want to have some relaxation and enjoy a cigarette? Why not? I’m guessing that this is just one area that government can put a tax on and have some “morality” on their side, bringing in more money to found their stupidities. If there only were one tax – not hundreds - we were paying and we did see that bill, oh, even the Swedish people might go berserk then.

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