Thursday, February 12, 2009

Breaking the law – a summary

As mentioned I went for a drive today, among other things trying to find a post office in order to send some snuff to a friend in the US – with no luck I might add. Along the way I just happen to break some laws and here is a summary of those:

1) Driving too fast. Several times over the speed limit
2) Driving without a seat belt for a short period of time
3) Didn’t let a couple of pedestrians over the road
4) Parking without a permit on two occasions
5) Stole a piece of an newspaper from the public library
6) Walked against red light several times
7) Raised the middle finger against a police car – they did not see me…
8) Defiled a public statue
9) Ignored turning on blinkers on one occasion, by accident
10) I also did throw out some stuff out of the car while it was moving

I probably broke some more laws that I do not keep track of, but these are some which in combination almost certainly makes me a jailbird. At least there is hefty fines well above my pay grade.

Yeah, I’m bad (or immature, whatever)

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