Sunday, August 23, 2009

Eating a none Israeli orange

It has been a very long time since one could have a sense of pride in regards to a Swedish government, but honor those that deserve it.

The current Swedish administration has been imposing fascist laws regarding the free media, heighten taxes on gasoline and tobacco, they have not cut expenditures enough and that stupid central bank is keeping interest rates so low it will ruin the economy, but still, I need to praise the Swedish government when they actually deserve it and now they do. Apparently those Israeli idiots keep quarrelling for a condemnation and apology from Sweden for what one journalist wrote in one leftie paper. Both the Swedish foreign minister and the prime minister have told the Jewish idiots that they are not the publisher of that paper and that there is such a thing as freedom of speech. Halləluya.

And it is very hard to figure out why Sweden, the Swedish populace or the government should apologize. It was one journalist in one newspaper, what have the rest done? Bought the paper? Not rooted enough for new settlements in occupied territories? Those Israeli idiots need to get real and smell their own stupidity. And what about those allegations? Surly they can be disproven? We all know that things happens in a war and it is likely that one or the other soldier have raped, shoot a kid or stolen some organs, it happens. Nothing really strange about it so say that if that’s the case, otherwise just disprove those claims and we can start ridiculing the paper and the journalist.

What the Israelis should do is to call for a boycott of that paper that, most likely, is spreading lies. That is also something people can do in a democracy, refuse to buy crap. But no, Israeli politicians are still posturing and arguing for a case they cannot win. It doesn’t matter even if the Swedish government eventually caves in; the only looser in this debacle is Israel. The winner? Of course leftie morons of the red, brown and black color that gets a real argument for a change.

But I need to admit, this is entertainment. So while am nibbling on a orange that is of the none-Israeli variety I’m hoping some Swedish politician lose it and start with the same name-calling as the Israeli idiots does. Or, better yet, puts a stretched and thin Challah on the middle finger and wave it up in the air in the Israeli faces. Fun fun fun…

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