Sunday, January 24, 2010

How Nancy Sinatra saved my libido

I usually wake up kind of horny. Not necessarily with a tent in the midsection, but still in the mood for some loving. Not this morning though. I touched my wormlike apparatus, no real movement and a slight shill went down my spine. Have I finally gotten so old? Time for those blue pills? And seeing the Swedish Social democrats leader in the headlines didn’t help either, talking about a mood-killer…

However, in order to wake up I turned on an American radio station and by accident it was an oldies station, Nancy was on. ‘Bang bang’ streamed out from my PC and I started to check for the woman in question online and oh boy was she hot.

Then I watched the flick further down and hellooo, there he was, my great companion awoke again.

Just goes to tell ya, don’t need hardcore gangbangs to fill those inches with blood, all it takes is a 60’s beauty skipping around in the forest wearing white boots and a cute outfit.

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